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She laid her head down on his lap as he stroked her pink hair. They were silent as his hands went through the soft tresses. The boy broke the silence. "I remember," he said with a chuckle, "you used to have long hair right?"

"Do you now? I always thought that you didn't notice." She stared at him with huge emerald eyes and Sasuke nodded.

"Of course…I probably didn't notice, but I knew it was there."

Sakura laughed. "I grew it out just for you and you didn't even care…"


"Yeah, back in the Academy. I had heard that you liked girls with long hair."

"You and Ino…that explains so much." Sakura laughed as she shifted her position.

"We grew it out and became rivals in love. When she found out that I was on your squad she still said that she'd beat me." Now Sasuke grinned.

"Looks like she lost."

"Only because you were just a crush to her."

"Why'd you cut it?" Sakura gasped and started reminiscing about that time. Both Sasuke and Naruto were unconscious; and she was all alone. She could understand how he wouldn't know why, he wasn't himself.

"I cut it because it was time for me to grow up. It was when I was fighting the sound ninja during the Chunin exams and when you guys were hurt. Their kunoichi had me in her grasp and the only thing I could do was cut my hair."

"First I'm hearing of this." She smiled.

"She was talking about how I wasn't a real ninja because of how I only worry about my hair and appearances. I realized that she was right. All this time I didn't want to be a burden but I was. I couldn't do anything. My only option to fight was to cut my hair.

"It took all my strength to cut it and it caught both of us by surprise. What this now meant was that I was no longer a ninja who just wanted to impress you. I had to try to be my own person and find something that I was good at."

"Good," said Sasuke as he kissed her forehead, "I hate girls who can't do anything for themselves."

"And plus," Sakura added, "I really like this look way better."

"So do I."


A/N: I wrote this a long time ago, and after rereading it I revoked my earlier decision to not upload it, and upload it. I actually think, though short it captures the essence of the two in my own honest opinion…