Chapter 1

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"Demon/Dragon speech"

'Demon/Dragon thought'

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The Village Hidden in the Leaves is a very large, very powerful village residing in one of the five great nations, The Land of Fire. Most consider this land to be the most powerful of the Five Great Nations, and the Hidden Leaf Village being the strongest village of shinobi. However, like every village, the Hidden Leaf, or Konoha as it is also known as, has its dark secrets. One such secret is five years ago, during the reign of the Yondaime Hokage, the Fourth Fire Shadow, Minato Namikaze, when a tragedy happened. An enormous foxlike creature with nine tails, known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, suddenly appeared and attacked the village. However the Yondaime Hokage summoned the Shinigami and sealed the Kyuubi into a small child. However as a result of the sealing, the Shinigami took the Yondaime's soul as payment for the sealing. This led to the reinstatement of the Sandaime, the Third, Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, who had made the announcement of the defeat of the Kyuubi and how the child, named Naruto Uzumaki, held it away from the village. Though the plan Hiruzen had didn't go quite as planned. Naruto was treated rather as the Kyuubi itself, instead of the Hero like the Yondaime wished. Now we come to the dark secret of Konoha, the villagers began to frequently attack the poor child who could not defend himself. The boy was attacked over a thousand times before his 5th birthday, and Konoha believes they are doing a good thing with these attacks.

[Present day]

Panting was heard as a six year old boy ran. He had spiky blonde hair, a torn, ragged white shirt, blue shorts that were tied with a rope to keep them on, and worn out blue sandals. He turned around and saw the mob of angry villagers chasing him. He turned down an alley not paying attention and he ran into the end which was a wall. He turned and looked around for a hiding place but there was nowhere and he curled into a ball in a corner to make himself a smaller target when he saw the villagers enter the alley way. The villagers smirked and started beating him and stabbing him. As they did so a young girl, who looked about six as well came across this scene and saw a bloody Naruto and she gasped before shouting,

"Hey! Leave that boy alone!" The villagers turned around and saw a girl who looked like she'd be related to Kurenai Yuuhi. She had pale white skin, charcoal black hair that shone in the moonlight and piercing red eyes. She was wearing a white dress with a belt at the waist and a leather bag hanging on the back of the belt. She was glaring at them in a similar way to Kurenai only her glare was the opposite of hers, instead of ice cold it was as hot as fire. One villager stepped forward and shouted at her,

"Boy? Hah, this is no boy. This is a demon in human flesh. We're gonna cleanse our village of this abomination, in the name of our fallen Yondaime!" The girl grew angry and she began to breathe deeply like she was going to scream in anger, instead, something happened that surprised the villagers,

"FUS!" The Villagers were all thrown back a little ways and the girl ran forward, grabbed Naruto and picked him up, shocked by how light he was. She then ran off and got away from the villagers. After running for a good five minutes the girl set down Naruto and pulled out bandages from a leather bag hanging around her waist and some ointment before trying her best to heal him. She then noticed some of his smaller injuries already healing at a high pace and her eyes widened at that but she kept tending to him. When she was done she put his head in her lap and waited for him to wake up. She soon fell asleep with Naruto's head in her lap which she had been holding gently. She felt a shift on her lap and woke up and saw Naruto looking up at her, slightly scared. She blushed a bit at how beautiful his ocean blue eyes were. She then smiled gently since Naruto looked scared,

"It's ok, I won't hurt you. I saved you from those awful villagers. It's terrible that they hurt you so much, do you know why they do it?" Naruto had a sad look in his eyes and he shook his head, tears forming slowly. He didn't know what came over him but he felt this girl was someone he could trust, someone he could open up to more than even his Oji-san, Hiruzen. He then started crying as the girl hugged him. After a while of crying, Naruto finally stopped and he spoke slowly,

"Um, who are you?" The girl giggled a bit and smiled, making Naruto smile involuntarily, and the girl spoke,

"I'm Aldura. It's nice to meet you…" Naruto smiled a foxy smile, making Aldura blush again and he said,

"Naruto Uzumaki, the next Hokage!" Aldura giggled as she could tell he truly wanted his dream to come true,

"Well mister Future Hokage, I'll help you accomplish those goals. Is that okay with you?" Naruto looked surprised before smiling and hugging Aldura, who blushed for the third time, and saying,

"Thank you, with your help I'm sure I'll be Hokage in no time." Aldura nodded and smiled brightly before they walked to Naruto's house. Well Aldura walked, Naruto was half carried.

[Six years later]

Naruto and Aldura were walking to the Shinobi Academy, it was the last day and the graduation exams were taking place. Naruto was nervous as he couldn't do a simple Clone Jutsu, all the while Aldura was comforting him saying to just give it his best shot. Aldura had joined with Naruto soon after did when he was six and was quickly popular because of her beauty and talent. However the other students wondered why she chose to hang out with the dead last and loser of the class. She simply told them that Naruto was nicer than the last Uchiha and she liked him for that. This made the other boys jealous of Naruto, particularly Kiba, who believed that he can have any girl he wanted. They arrived at the school and walked in and Naruto waved at his favorite sensei, the only one who treated him like he was an actual student who needed help. Iruka waved back and waved to Aldura as well, not surprised at seeing the two together since they were practically attached to the hip.

Mizuki was glaring at Naruto and Aldura as well because she hung out with the 'demon'. Aldura noticed the glare and sent one back and mouthed a few words to him which made his spine chill. A few weeks after Aldura joined the class, mysterious things began to happen. Certain teachers would be found injured and unconscious. The instructors only had one thing in common that Iruka and a few others didn't know about, they all hated Naruto. When Mizuki read Aldura's lips, he froze and realized it was her who was injuring the instructors that hated Naruto. What she told him was: Don't look at Naruto-kun that way, or you can join the others. Iruka didn't notice the exchange between Mizuki and Aldura since he was writing on the blackboard behind Mizuki.

A few minutes passed and Naruto snuck out of the classroom to go pull the biggest prank of his pranking career, Painting the Hokage Monument. Naruto then began clanging the paint cans together getting everyone's attention and they were all shocked at the vandalized faces on the monument and several Jonin and an Anbu or two began chasing the orange clad boy around for two hours, before Naruto gave them the slip. Aldura was watching, and laughing, from the roof of the academy with several other students and Iruka who had a tick mark on his head and he went off to collect Naruto. A few minutes later they returned and Iruka announced they were taking the graduation exam. They had 4 tests, a written test, a shuriken and kunai accuracy test, a taijutsu test, and finally the ninjutsu test. The written test was tough, especially because of the Genjutsu Mizuki placed on Naruto's test.

Once that test was completed the class went outside and they did the shuriken and kunai accuracy test. Sasuke and Kiba got first and second while Naruto was somewhere in the middle due to practicing with Aldura whenever he can and Aldura was third because she simply wanted to be. The class then moved on to Taijutsu and when Mizuki faced Aldura, he was shocked at how skilled she was at the academy taijutsu style, but she constantly claimed to have a style suited for her already but she'd use the academy style since it was needed. Naruto fought Mizuki, who went rougher on him than the other students and then the Taijutsu exams were finished when Ino Yamanaka, a blonde from the mind walker clan, was done with the fight. They moved indoors for the ninjutsu portion and Iruka looked at his clipboard and spoke out,

"Ok, for this test, you will all need to show the use of the Substitution Jutsu, the Transformation Jutsu, and the Clone Jutsu. When I call your name come into the back room and preform the three jutsu in front of us." Everyone nodded and soon Aldura was called back. She came out a few minutes later with a headband and told Naruto she'd wait for him at Ichiraku's. Naruto smiled and nodded and waited for his name to be called. When it was he went back and stood in front of Iruka and Mizuki. Iruka looked at Naruto and smiled a bit,

"Alright Naruto, now give us the Substitution Jutsu." Naruto nodded and substituted himself with a log, which confused the two as they wondered where the hell the log came from. Then the log disappeared in a puff of smoke and was replaced with Naruto who smirked. Iruka just shook his head,

"Alright, now use the transformation jutsu Naruto." Naruto nodded and began channeling chakra before a smirk came to his face and a cloud of smoke appeared and from within came a sexy young girl with DD breasts which were covered in smoke along with the area between her legs covered in smoke as well. She had perky pink lips and flawless skin. Her hair was blonde and tied up into twin pony tails and she had whisker marks along her cheeks like Naruto and had ocean blue eyes. She winked and cooed Iruka's name, making Iruka and Mizuki fly back with a nosebleed and the girl transformed back into Naruto who was laughing and rolling on the floor. Iruka hit Naruto on the head and berated him for using that jutsu, which Naruto called the Sexy Jutsu. Naruto chuckled and transformed again, turning into a rough version of Hiruzen and changed back. Iruka sighed and looked at Naruto and grimaced since this was Naruto's worse jutsu, he just hoped the boy had managed to master it,

"Ok Naruto, now for the Clone Jutsu." Naruto nodded slightly nervous and channeled chakra,

"Clone Jutsu!" There was a poof of smoke and a dead looking clone appeared making Naruto frown along with Iruka, who sighed sadly,

"I'm sorry Naruto, but I'm afraid I can't pass you." Mizuki chose this moment to speak up,

"Now Iruka, why not give the kid a break? After all you saw how hard he tried." Naruto looked up in hope only to have that hope shot down when Iruka spoke,

"I'm sorry Mizuki, but I can't pass him, Naruto could only make one, and look at it… its pitiful. I'm sorry Naruto but I cannot pass you." Naruto looked sad and walked out of the room. He walked outside and sat on the swing and he had a sad gaze as he watched the others celebrate passing. He heard two women muttering as they glared at him. He couldn't hear what they were saying as he sat there, forgetting that Aldura was waiting for him at Ichiraku's. Naruto then heard a voice behind him,

"Hey Naruto." it was Mizuki. Naruto looked at him,

"Hey Mizuki-sensei" Mizuki had a look of sadness on his face,

"Look Naruto, don't take what Iruka said so seriously. He didn't mean to be harsh, he just wants you to be prepared for the life as a shinobi." Naruto nodded,

"I know, but I really wanted to pass this time." Mizuki smirked as Naruto looked down and he looked around before whispering to Naruto,

"What if I told you about a way you could still become a genin?" Naruto perked up at that and he looked at Mizuki,

"Really? Is there a way I can become a genin?" Mizuki nodded smiling,

"Yes, but it's a secret test, so you can't tell anyone, not even your friend Aldura." Naruto tilted his head but smiled and nodded anyways since he could now pass the academy and become a genin. Mizuki smirked and told him what he had to do.

[A few hours later]

Naruto jumped through the forest towards the shack Mizuki told him about with the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing on his back. He made it to the shack quickly and sat down to wait for Mizuki. He looked at the scroll and smiled,

"Well I'm sure Mizuki won't mind if I took a quick peek, I was supposed to learn one technique from the scroll anyways." Naruto opened the scroll and read the first section,

"Hmm, let's see… the Shadow Clone Jutsu? Aw man, that's my worst jutsu! Oh well I guess it can't hurt to give it a try, it seems like it is different from the Clone Jutsu." An hour passed and Iruka appeared before Naruto in anger,

"Naruto, what on earth do you think you're doing?" Naruto looked sheepish and rubbed the back of his head,

"Hehe, looks like you found me Iruka-sensei, I only had time to master one of the jutsu in the scroll." This made Iruka look closely at Naruto and saw that he had indeed been training, and pretty hard at that,

"So does this mean that I pass the secret test Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked with a bright smile, though Iruka was now confused,

"What're you talking about? What secret test?" Naruto tilted his head and looked confused,

"The secret test, I was supposed to sneak into the Hokage's office, take the Forbidden scroll and learn one jutsu from it." Iruka was now confused and a bit shocked,

"Naruto, there is no secret exam, who told you that there was a-?" Iruka heard the sound of shuriken and pushed Naruto out of the way but he got hit by a few. He looked up into a tree and saw Mizuki with a vicious snarl on his face,

"Oh, looks like Iruka found you first, Naruto give me the scroll, I've got your headband for you in my pouch for passing."

"Mizuki! What are you doing? Why did you tell Naruto to steal the forbidden scroll?" Naruto looked confused,

'Whats going on, why did Mizuki-sensei attack Iruka-sensei? And what did Iruka mean by there was no secret exam? Did Mizuki lie to me?'

"Naruto, take the scroll and run, Mizuki was just tricking you so he could get the scroll for himself!" Mizuki laughed and looked between Iruka and Naruto,

"Oh please Iruka, I hate this little demon and I know you do too. Tell me Naruto, would you like to know why you're hated so much?" Naruto was in shock as he looked up at Mizuki and Iruka realized Mizuki's intentions,

"No Mizuki, its forbidden!" Mizuki smirked as Naruto spoke softly,

"Wh-why am I hated? Please tell me!" Mizuki had an evil smirk on his face,

"You know of the Kyuubi no Kitsune I presume, well there was a law that hides the truth from you. The Yondaime did beat the Kyuubi but he couldn't kill it, instead he sealed it into a baby, the Kyuubi then took over that child and began playing the innocent fool for the last twelve years. That boy was you, YOU ARE THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE!" Mizuki threw one of the giant shuriken on his back at Naruto and time seemed to slow down for Naruto. It all made sense to him now, the glares and the beatings, but something happened that surprised him. First Iruka shouted how he wasn't the Kyuubi and was about to move to save Naruto and second, a very familiar voice was heard, shouting Mizuki's name, only it was different, louder and more powerful, and finally, Naruto stretched out his hands on instinct and bright orange lightning shot out and disintegrated the shuriken. Everyone looked between the two, Aldura who was in the trees and Naruto who was looking at his hands in amazement when Aldura took a deep breath and shouted,

"FUS!" Suddenly a powerful blast came across the clearing and hit Mizuki was blown away into a tree. Aldura jumped down from the tree and she growled a deep, inhuman growl. Mizuki looked shocked at the power exhibited by the girl as she stomped forward, her eyes shifting from red to a pale yellow with a slit pupil. Mizuki pulled out a beaker with a glowing purple liquid inside and drank it before marks like tiger stripes appeared on his body,

"So you're a demon too, well I'll do this village a favor and take you both out and be praised as a hero before going to join Lord Orochimaru!" Mizuki then transformed even more, tiger-like fur growing on his skin and his muscles bulking up to a massive size. Aldura smirked and her body glowed before she suddenly was covered in smoke and a black ancient looking dragon was seen in her place,

"You pitiful insect, you believe you can kill me? I am Aldura! The former Devourer of Worlds! I will not allow you to lay a hand on me or Naruto-kun or anyone else. Now prepare to die you pitiful fool!" Mizuki was scared but believed he was stronger and he charged forth only for Aldura to swipe her tail and knock him back into a tree and into unconsciousness,

"Hmm, not much of a fight, whatever, at least you're safe Naruto-kun. And you awakened your bloodline as well, congratulations." Aldura transformed back into her human form and saw Naruto was slightly shaken and she frowned cutely,

"Naruto, it's still me. You know I'd never hurt you, you're my best friend after all, I don't care if you have the Kyuubi inside of you, you are still you." Naruto blinked and smiled slightly as Aldura hugged him and he hugged her. Iruka went over to Mizuki and saw that he had aged rapidly. He picked up his former comrade and walked back to the two. He was shocked to find out that Aldura was really a dragon, and even more shocked that Naruto had a blood line. He smiled softly and dropped Mizuki,

"Naruto, come here for a moment." Naruto ran up to Iruka and looked confused,

"Yes Iruka-sensei?"

"Close your eyes for a moment." Naruto did so and he felt his goggles being taken off his head and replaced with something else, something heavier.

"Ok open them." Naruto did so and saw Iruka holding his goggles and wearing no headband and Aldura was smiling in happiness at him. Naruto looked up and saw Iruka's headband around his forehead and looked at his former teacher,

"Congratulations Naruto, you graduate." Naruto smiled and hugged Iruka and then Aldura.

[Meanwhile in the Hokage tower…]

Hiruzen watched the events and smiled at Naruto's happiness, but he was concerned with Aldura. He thought Dragons were only a legend and yet one had been living in Konoha for six years. He also noted that she spent a lot of time with Naruto. This made him hope she would not seek out the villagers for revenge for what they have done to Naruto. Speaking of the blonde, Hiruzen was very surprised at the bloodline Naruto exhibited. It seemed like lightning but enhanced with some unknown power that turned it orange, and as far as he knew, neither of the child's parents had a bloodline. He also noted that when the attack was released he felt three chakra elements rather than just two. His eyes widened as a possibility and a possible explanation arrived in his mind,

'Could Naruto-kun have a Kekkei Touta?'

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