Opening credits feature Jons yard and house, followed by song "Hola" by Baha Men. It's about 8:30 am. We slowly fade into interior, featuring living room. Garfield is sleeping in his box bed on carpet near the coutch, covered with his blue blanket, with Pooky inside the bed and his green ball near by. Odie is sleeping on armchair near by. There's a big broom near the coutch We hear ringing of alarm bell in the background. That awakes Garfield, who is obiously mispleased. He hold a broom with his foot and throws it in the air. Broom handle punches roof, wich causes cupboard in the room upstairs, on wich alarm clock is, to schake, and alarm clock to fall of it. Jon is sleeping on the bed near by, wearing blue pidjama. Alarm clock falls on his chests. He suddenly awakes and jumps into his bed, frightend. That causes alarm clock to be thrown from him in front of him, and hits book shelf on the wall in front of the bed. All books fall on writing desk under it, and shelf itself falls behind the desk. Alarm clock falls on the floor and crushes in hundreds of pieces, and finaly stops ringing.

Downstairs, Garfield takes his foots of his ears and starts taking a nap.

Garfield: "That's what pets are for."

Jon is downstairs, in the kitchen. He opens the fridge and tooks out three big triplecheese frosen lasagnas. He puts them in microvail oven near by and turns it on. He then tooks package of eggs, olive oil and some ham from the fridge and closes the fridge behind. He comes to cupboard near by and puts food on it, then tooks pan from it, puts it on the oven and turns it on. He tooks oil from cupboard and spills some on the pan, accidently spilling some on the flour. He tooks old towel from the flour and tries to wipe it away, but only smudges it more. Oil starts boiling and he runs to cupboard, opens package of eggs and tooks six eggs. He accidently drops one on his left bunny slipper. He crushes egg shels on edge of the pan, then puts egg to lick in, throwing egg shels behind him. He then runs back, tooks clean kitchen knife and cuts about ten pieces of ham the fastes he cans. During sixth piece, he accidently cuts his right index finger. He dumps all ten pieces on the pan, then runs to kitchen sink near cupboard and opens up the water, in order to clean the wound. He opens water too fast and too strong, so water spills him. Some of it comes into his eyes, partialy blinding him for few moments, and causing him to scream silently in pain again. He manages to slow down the water and wash the wound. He turns of water and starts searching cupboard snove for bendage. He founds one and puts it on, but he also causes A vitamine bottle to fall in sink and broke. He then closes the cupboard, runs to pan and turns eggs and ham on other side, then runs to bread box on kitchen table, opens it, tooks knife from cupboard, cuts two big slices of bread and puts them in toster on cupboard, then turns it on. He then tooks clean plates from kitchen dwar and puts them on kitchen table. Caffe is over. He tooks it from caffe machine. He spills cup in one of cups, yelling silently in process, because he didn't put kitchen glowes. He quickly puts away, on the cupboard. He tooks chocolate milk and real milk from fridge. He adds real in caffe and chocolate in another cup. He runs to cupboard, tooks yellow kitchen glowes from it, puts them on, tooks big spoon, runs to oven, almost falling due to oil on the flour, turns oven off, tooks the pan, walks to plates and uses spoon to put four eggs on plate near cup with chocolate milk and two in other plate. He puts five slices of ham on every plate, puts pan and spoon back on the cupboard. Tosts are done. He tooks them and puts one on every plate. Lasagnas are over. He tooks them out and puts them in Garfield's food bowl on the floor. He dumps egg shels in trash can near by. He takes of glowes and dumps them back on the cupboard. He fills Garfield and Odies water bowl with water from kitchen sink, then puts some dogs food in Odie's food bowl from opened dog food bag near by. He washes his hands in kitchen sink and wipes them with white towel, wich he dumps in trash can near by. He then sits on chair near cup of caffe and yells:


Garfield suddenly wakes up and runs to kitchen. Odie almost run into kitchen before him, but Garfield slows him down by steping on his head.

Jon is olready eating his breakfast and drinks caffe. Garfield starts eating his lasagna's, and Odie starts eating his dog food. Liz walks downstairs and sits near other side of a table and starts eating. She wears pink pidjama. She's obiously pregnat for at least eight months.

-What the doctor said?-he asks.

-Three to four weeks-she says.

-Thirtyfour weeks?

-No, three to four weeks.


-I don't know why people are so excited about baby being born-Garfield said.-They should be frightened. They should hope that baby will stay inside the longest it's possible.

Odie looks at him in confusion.

-What?-Garfield asks.-Baby makes your life miserable for at least eighteen years. You spend less time in prison for armed robery, drug posetion and manslaughter. Together! That's like prison sentence without possibility of parole. I don't know why they even get maried. they traveled on other continent just to get engaged. At least weding past without any troubles.

We fade into flashback. Restaurant is burning. Fire fighters are tryng to control the fire. All people are outside, including Jon in black tuxedo and Liz in white weding dress. Garfield hids bag of fire works in bushes in yard in restaurant and walks off.

We fade back.

-OK, almost without any troubles-Garfield says.

-Don't you need to pick up that reward for drawing this night.

-Yes, I'll go-he says.

He will later regrat that.