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One Year After

Romano 'tch'ed' angrily as the German seated across from him highlighted yet another island in bright red ink.

"Not that one either…" Germany mumbled, the words coming out more like he was talking to himself, rather than to Romano. He rand a hand though his hair, more strands falling out of the gel, joining the other locks in his face.

"Look dumbass," The Italian grumbles irritably. "If he had wanted to be found, we would have fucking found him already." He shoved in his chair, letting the legs scrap angrily on the stone tiles. Romano made his way to the door before looking back. Germany held his head in his hands, his fists clenched in his short, blond hair. His shoulders were shaking and he was muttering in his native tongue feverously. Romano almost even felt bad for the pain he must be going thought right now. Almost. You know, if this totally wasn't his goddamn fault this happened in the first place.

"See you next week, bastard." The southern part of Italy called behind him as he walked out the door. It had been almost a year since the night of on the cruise. About twelve months since anyone had seen the cheerful, northern half of their shared county. Just about three hundred and sixty five days since Romano had become slightly nauseous with his brother's heart ache. Romano's glair only deepened a he continued to walk back to his home, where Spain awaited him.

As he walked in, warm arms wrapped around his body, pulling him into a tight, long awaited embrace. There, he let go of the wall of anger that the tears were held behind.

"Shhhhh." The elder murmured, stroking his hair. "He's going to come home, I promise."

"I want my brother back, damn it!" Romano cried, clutching at Spain's shirt. The Spaniard held his lover, lading him to the living Room. He held him for what felt like hours, a common thing that had been occurring since the search for Italy had begun. After he finally calmed down enough, Spain helped him ups so they could eat the dinner he had prepared for him. Smiling sadly to himself, Spain brought out the dinner from the over, where he had been keeping it warm, just for his little Roma. As he always had when he got back, he make always made one of his lover's favorite dishes. When he placed everything on the table, he glanced up to make sure the younger man was alright. The concern that hit him was sharper than any knife and hurt more than any bullet ever had.

Romano wasn't even looking up as food was placed in front of him. Not good, not good at all.

His concern only deepened as Romano only picked up his fork and pushed the pasta around on his plate, not even spearing up the tomatoes onto his fork, like he would in the beginning. At lest then he was eating a little. Sadly, Spain sighed to himself. It was just going to one of those nights again, wasn't it?

"H-hey, bastard….!" He tried to shout, but all the anger had seemed to have been drain out of him at the moment. "I-I was st-still eating that!" Eyes narrowed in concern, Antonio placed the dishes back down, before looking down on the table at his former charge, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Lovi….." He murmured guiltily, walking and hugging him from behind and pressed his face into the young's hair. He hated when his lover look this sad, and he hated when it was partially his fault. "You weren't eating. You haven't been eating…" He whined in concern, the accusation filled with worry as he tried to explain himself. "Please don't do this to me, amor. It scares me." The Italian shuttered, letting out a breath.

"Sorry." He muttered. "I….I just want Veneziano to be ok…. I miss him. Damn it." He leaned back into his lover. The Spaniard wrapped one arm around him, the other going up to pet his hair, occasionally going down and whipping away the younger's tears.

"Don't worry Roma." He said, kissing his cheek. "I'm sure he's fine. Besides-" there was a knock at the door, very quiet, and slightly timid.

"Don't worry, you finish eating." Spain murmured into his ear, letting him go., and pecked him for a second. "I'll go see who it is." He straightened his back, walking from the kitchen to the entryway where the door was.

"¡Hola!" He said cheerfully, a wide (fake) smile on his lips, his eyes closed, hiding in the pain he felt for his lover.

"V-ve? Big brother Spain, what are you doing here?"

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