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Chapter 13:

~Jack Frost~

"So it looks like it's my turn." I mused as I stood in the vast empty space. It was a lot like Hiccup's nightmare, actually which was odd because I found myself not afraid.

"Yes. It is your turn, Jack." I turned my head to the side to be met with darkness himself, Pitch Black. His mouth was opened slightly showing off his sharp teeth and a crooked smirk. He walked closer to me and cupped my cheek. I tensed up. "Your turn with me." His eyes speckled red but changed back to their original bright yellow color.

"Oh yay." I gave him a cheeky smile and took that time to break eye contact and glance around. Now that I notice it... Where is everyone?

"They're gone." Pitch said simply. I turned to him quickly.

"Excuse me?" I asked cautiously.

"They're. Gone." He repeated and seemed to relish in the thought. He chuckled even. He turned around and began walking away, getting smaller and smaller. My heart skipped a beat.

"Where are you going?" I asked, I didn't mean to sound so quiet.

"Oh I'm leaving." He said briskly. He turned to face me one last time. "But you're a big boy." His tone was condescending. And for the first time, he frightened me. "You expect me to stay here? Jack. Sweet Jack. Your biggest fear is to not be believed in. To have no one there for you. If I'm here, I'm subconsciously there for you in your mind. You won't live in true terror unless..." He vanished. "Everyone is gone."

"Pitch?" I looked around frantically. "Come back here you coward!" I started to tremble. "You said I was going to be yours! How the hell can you win when you aren't even here?!"

My reply was nothing. It was so quiet, it hurt my ears. They were ringing. It was so loud but deafly silent.

I began walking in a direction. Any direction. But as I walked, I realized that everything started to fade. The floor looked like nothing. It looked like I was going to walk onto nothing and I stopped because it frightened me. I couldn't see anything. It wasn't like a big empty room. It was just a void.

I caught my breath in my throat and stumbled back as the darkness crawled closer to where I was. I watched as the black ground ceased to appear and it grew closer and closer. My heart was racing and suddenly I couldn't see underneath me. I was floating. My heart was in my throat. I was trembling.

It got worse. Just as I saw the floor everywhere vanish... I started to fade into the abyss. I scrambled backwards quickly hoping it would help but my legs started to disappear. I jumped up and ran in the opposite direction but it was no use.

I fell over and I was so afraid I wouldn't stop falling and not know where I was. I started to sweat. I could handle Eugene's dream, Merida's dream, Rapunzel's and even Hiccup's which I wasn't even believed in. But I couldn't survive this. I felt worthless. I couldn't get up. I couldn't find a way out. No one was here to save me.

I saved everyone else and they said they'd do the same. But I'm alone. I'm alone and that's all I'll ever be.

I lain there. It may have been hours. Possibly days. I just stared at the nothingness. It terrified me. I found myself unable to move in fear. I couldn't see anything. I didn't know what was out there. But it's sad to know the most dangerous thing to me is myself. I'm like a toxic poison that I didn't know about.

I'm not good for myself. When I'm alone I over think. I get anxious. I'm not good alone, I can't be alone. I need someone there. I wish somebody, anybody would save me.

"But that won't happen." I whispered to myself. My eyes were heavy. Like I was tired. I guess it could be a possibility. I'm physically in this dream. I'm tired and hungry and scared. I just wanted North or Tooth. Most of all I wanted Hiccup. I needed my best friend.

I absently put my hand to my neck, I often do that when I'm uncomfortable. It started when I was a kid and watched a Vampire movie. I thought if I covered my neck the Vampires couldn't get me. It's now just a habit I have.

I felt it.

My eyes popped open and I looked down. It was my necklace. And it was so bright, I could almost hear it. It was blue. I'm in danger. I wonder how the others are taking it.

I looked ahead of me and for the first time, I saw something.

I rubbed my eyes and pushed myself forwards and began to crawl to keep the light source closer to the ground so I could see better. I could finally see the floor.

I didn't know where I was going but seeing the light flash blue, made me feel like a loser. I never wanted anyone to think I needed help. I wanted to be the one to help them. I was always there for them and now it's like a cry for help because I'm so useless I can't get myself out of the darkness.

"I'm going to beat you." I muttered under my breath, glaring at the dark that wasn't illuminated with the blue light. "I'm going to kick your ass. You can bet on it."

My stomach growled. I was a lot hungrier than I thought I was. And after all the dreams I've been through, I believe I deserved something to eat. I deserved to get out of this place.

"I'm just a prisoner in my own mind."I stopped crawling and looked up. I pushed myself up and closed my eyes. "I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU, PITCH!" I angrily moved my hair around, finding myself uncomfortable with myself. "I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU AND I NEVER WILL BE! THIS IS MY DREAM. WHICH MEANS I CALL THE SHOTS!" I just had to remember that Hiccup was able to fabricate me from his mind, so why couldn't I do the same? I'm sure my head wasn't impenetrable. I could do this.

My mind began to hear voices. I could hear them. I heard them all. I heard Merida, Rapunzel, Eugene and Hiccup. I didn't know what they were saying, but I knew they were there. I wasn't alone. They believed in me.

"IT WAS ME!" I screamed spitefully. "THEY BELIEVE IN ME, BOOGEYMAN!"

"I know." I jumped and Pitch stood directly in front of me. "They do, Jack. It just so happens that the problem is you. You don't believe in yourself. And that's what's keeping you here."

"I believe in myself just fine." I retorted and I knew that it was a lie. I didn't believe in myself. How did I expect others to?

"Jaaaack! Jack!" I looked around quickly and my heart began racing. They were here?

"Where are they?" I glared at Pitch and he just smirked.

"Are you ready for the second part of your nightmare, Frost?" Second part?

Before I knew it I was gone.

Oh my god my eyes. They hurt so bad. Everything was bright white. Why was this room so bright? I rubbed my eyes frantically as though it would help and waited for them to adjust and when they did, I honestly didn't know what to do.

"RAPUNZEL! HICCUP! EUGENE! MERIDA!" Everyone was about 200 feet in the air, dangling in small glass boxes.

"Jack!" I couldn't believe that he did this to them! I scowled. How the hell was I to get all the way up in the sky?

"Jack!" I looked up, I tried to distinguish faces but they all looked the same from down here. Everyone was a blurred mess.

"I'll get you guys! I promise!"

"Oh Jack, don't make promises you can't keep." Pitch teased. "How are you to get to them?"

He was right. I had no idea how to save them. They're probably hungry and tired just like me and I couldn't save them at all. They would stay there forever because I couldn't control my nightmare. I had to get them back. I just didn't know how I would do it yet.

"Jack!" I didn't know why they kept calling my name like it would make a difference what happened if they did.

"How are you going to get them?" Pitch asked with faux coyness. I gave him a glare, hoping he would shut up. No such luck. "Oh dear, Jack. You should really help them. They look like they need it." He looked like he was trying to hide a huge grin with the way his mouth curved up and I just didn't want to pay attention to him.

"Shut up!" I snapped and he stroked my hair absently.

"I don't think I will if it's causing you this must distress, Frost." He said softly and that enraged me.

"Why the hell are you like this, to me especially?" I finally snapped at him and he turned to face me, his eyebrows furrowed together.

"Excuse me?" It seems I caught him with an off-guard question.

"Why me?" I repeated a different version of the question and he pursed his lips.

"Frost, why would you assume I'm giving you special treatment?" He asked with a scornful scowl.

"Because you are." I deadpanned. "Ever since I saw you that one day in my room, you've been seeking me out personally." That wasn't 100% true but my sentiment was still behind it.

"You.. saw me?" He seemed confused. "You saw me outside of your nightmares?"

"Yes?" It was my turn to be confused. "I also saw the purple dust you used." He looked impressed and angry.

"How on earth did you manage?" He growled and grabbed me roughly by my shirt. He pulled me in close to his face and I saw his face contort in anger. "How did you see those things, Frost!?"

"I don't know!" I shoved him off of me. "I thought you knew! I don't know then! I thought you did it on purpose!"

"Why would I show a child my gifts? Why should I give him the time to warn others? Frost, what else have you seen?" He inched closer to my face and I shrunk away from him.

"Nothing. I've seen nothing else. I thought you were toying with me!" I yelled and he shook his head.

With that he vanished.

I was so engulfed in the situation that I momentarily forgot the situation and looked back up. But then I realized something. I looked back down to my necklace. It wasn't flashing purple, red or green. It was still blue. But that didn't make sense if they were all the way up... there.

"Those aren't my friends." I mumbled to myself.

"Jaaack!" I heard the same yell. "Jack!"

"You aren't them!" I shouted to the air with my fists balled up. Anger contorted my face. "You're not my friends. Where are they!?"

Deep down, I knew where they were. They were home. Safe. I saved them. But I was still angry. I was angry that they left me in my dream. A part of me hoped they would be in here but it looks like my biggest nightmare really is being all alone.

I had to hand it to the Boogeyman. He knew what he was doing. He knew people's fears. But the funny thing is, I'm pretty sure I found his fear today. He seemed pretty scared. Maybe it'll help me defeat him. But not now. Later. When we're on even ground. I can't defeat Pitch Black in his own game. And I'm not necessarily sure what my own game is. I knew I just needed to defeat him in the real world. Not in dreams. He's stronger here.

I know he can survive in the real world. And he was shocked to discover I was able to see him. Maybe not everyone can. How was he invisible? Did he plan that? Or did no one else have the ability just like no one besides me could see the sand?

I sat down. I was tired of being strained. My stress level was way up and I knew I was only in a dream. I just had to wake up. I needed to find a way to wake up.

"Jack! Jaaack!" I looked up. I realized... That voice wasn't coming from above me. It was farther away. I squinted my eyes and saw a sparkle. What on earth...? I got up and walked closer to it. As I got nearer I noticed what it was. A frozen over pond. What's that doing here?

"It wouldn't be here for no reason..." I reasoned with myself and slowly eased my way onto the ice. I walked farther into the pond.

"Jaaack!" It's louder now. I looked down and that's when the ice shattered. It was so cold. I was flailing. I needed to get out of here! I could die! "Jack!" Leave me alone! The voice is so loud!

As I struggled I realized I wasted most of my oxygen quicker. I let my hands relax and I looked up at the shattered ice.

I felt like I was being suctioned out of something. I was thrown out of a frozen pond and started hacking up a lung.

"Jack!" I looked up and there was the smiling face of Hiccup.



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