Bella spent the first three days back from Spring break working frantically on a paper she had thought she'd get done in Denali but didn't, and Christy spent that time on a more personal research project. Richard 'Dick' Begay was nearly dropped out of college, but needed the last failing grades from this quarter to drop out completely. Dick lived in an apartment off campus, because he wasn't accepted into the frats he continued to go to the parties of. He was a large man with a tendency towards going to sports games, parties, and bars, based on his bank records, and experience told Christy it was probably with a wealth of drugs in his pockets. He had five classes and he rarely attended any given class more than 50 percent of the time. When skipping class he liked to hang out at a particular bar or if he was actually on campus he would be in the cafeteria checking out the 'pieces of ass' he wanted to make sure knew about the latest parties. He wasn't going to be around campus next year as a student, but Christy would bet money he'd doctor his current student id just enough to be able to hang out and continue to go to the parties while getting a lack luster job in Fairbanks that just made him angrier at the world and probably more brutal. He might even graduate to not drugging women at some point for the excuse to hurt them more if he felt safe enough in not getting caught.

This was the man that thought it would be great fun to try and drug a human drinking vampire and have his way with her. He was seriously outclasses and Christy's spy skills were not rusty at all even after a few years, because she knew everything she'd ever need to know about him for a hit.

"What's that?" Bella asked as she came into the kitchen and looked at the documents Christy had on the table.

"This is how I commit a murder." Christy said casually. "If I'm targeting someone specific and not just running into slime in the streets, this is the homework I do before a hit." Bella let out a small gasp as Christy pulled the file closer. "This is all the information on Mr. 69." She flipped it opened so that his student id picture was the first thing Bella saw. "He looks like an escalating rapist, give him a few years and we'll be looking at a murderer as well, probably in an effort to up the thrill."

"Oh my god. You can tell all of that from this file?" Bella reached out and touched the file, flipping a few pages over to see what Christy had. "How?"

"Mystique had me trained as a profiler of sorts, it's part of what you do when you take over someone else's life, you have to be able to project what they'd do in any situation. It's guesswork, but educated guesswork." Christy looked at Bella and ignored the sudden ringing of the house phone. "Do you still want your final exam now, or do you want to wait until you graduate? I'm going after him while he's still in school and easier to track. There is a big party next weekend and I want him gone before it. He's going to drop out in a few weeks and not be able to continue, he's on financial aid probation and, oddly, it's my job as a college professor that led me to know what he'd end up doing after this quarter."

"Now you're just showing off." Bella muttered and flipped the file open again to look at his face, the face she'd punched hard enough to make him bleed. It was good she'd been drunk, or the blood would have bothered her more.

The phone started ringing again and Christy shared a look with Bella. "You know who it is."

"This is the final step in becoming a vampire? This?" Alice's voice was shrill as Bella answered the phone. "Bella, you're going to hunt a human?"

"Actually in this house we call these things human monsters." Bella said slowly, and moved to sit down.

"I can't go home." Alice said with a huff of shock. "I can't go home now. Oh my god Bella. Why? Why would you agree to do this? You want golden eyes, you've said that, so why this?"

"Because this is my backup diet if animals are scarce." Bella said quietly, looking incredibly pale. "This is my plan B for the future, if humans destroy all the wild lands and the only animals are locked up safe in zoos." Christy reassembled her file and listened in as Bella defended this decision, realizing that it meant Bella was all in for this hunt. "If I ever have to resort to that diet, you'll be there with me Alice."

"Oh my god." Alice let out a long slow breath. "The vision caught me on the way to the mall, and not at the house thankfully, or we'd have had to," Her words trailed off. Christy knew this was about how Edward would respond to knowing this. "Dammit Bella, I really didn't want this for you. Vampire yes, I wanted that, but this,"

"If I can't see myself ever doing this I need to re-evaluate if I can be turned Alice. If the world continues as it has been, the golden eyed ones will have to convert and if I can't do this I really need to think about this." Bella knew why they did this, but she sounded a bit broken and Christy felt bad that Bella had to do this, still she had to think ahead. "I'm going to want this bastard dead, it'll be easier to take. I know he's guilty, he tried to drug Christy, and she has all this intel on him. He's dangerous and she'll be killing him whether I'm there or not, but this is one man I know is guilty and I won't have to see what he does like I would if this was a typical hunt. She'll control everything and it'll be safe."

"Ask Alice if she needs a place to stay while we do this. We don't need a 'rescue' party for that asshole. She won't be able to keep this a secret." Christy said as she stood up and moved to put the file on the counter and opened up the fridge to find Bella some juice or something. Her coloring wasn't looking too good.

"Answer my phone calls faster when you're doing this. I'll watch out for you." Alice said with a heavy sigh. "I'm going to go to New York, spontaneous shopping trip. I'll call the house with it after we hang up. Good luck."

"Thank you Alice." Bella said, her voice tight and Christy moved behind her to hold her in a hug.

Alice was going to be in trouble after this, her coven might have the largest fight its ever had when she gets home. "If she needs a place to stay, ever, she's welcome here or in Denali." Christy offered quietly just into Bella's ear.

Bella nodded, and took a deep breath. "We'll do this, but please, please, don't let him bleed all over you like the deer did. I might actually pass out if that happens."

"We'll bring you a sick bag this time."

It went like clockwork. Wherever Alice was, watching this, she had no job to do. Bella was no where near her pick up point, where Christy tricked 'Dick' into following her outside where without ever even talking to him, no one would connect the two of them. She let him 'stalk her' into an alley and then turned it around and the attacker became the attacked. He was unconscious and in her arms as she ran over a few rooftops and into the woods in mere minutes.

Tanya carried Bella to the meeting point and they watched Christy bite the man and kill him. They also watched her disguise the wounds and that was when Bella threw up. Tanya had dark eyes and wasn't breathing as Christy fed. Bella held onto Tanya tight as they made their way to the car kept a couple miles away and left.

"How did you get him?" Bella asked quietly after they'd driven a few blocks.

"He thought he drugged me and was tracking me to grab me and rape me once I was away from the busy streets." Christy said and watched some color and anger return to Bella's features at that.

That was the first night Bella asked Christy to brush her teeth after a hunt, and it was disgusting and the toothbrush fell apart on her sharp teeth, but Christy did it without complaining. Tanya made sure to complain for her, telling Bella how gross that would taste to them and that the venom took care of any contaminants.

She made her way back downstairs to the others after spitting out as much of the taste of toothpaste as she could and she had to carefully pick bristles out of her mouth. "My teeth are too sharp to brush." Christy said with a hint of a smile and held up the pieces of the toothbrush for Bella to see. "I managed, but I might be picking plastic out of my mouth for a while."

It wasn't that funny, but Bella burst into nervous laughter and Christy shared a concerned look with Tanya as the laughter started up tears. "Oh my god, I can't believe we did that."

"You saw a man die today, you didn't do anything to cause it or to help it, and what you didn't see was that he has been to at least a party a month since he started at this college, and there are probably at least six girls on the campus, or that have dropped out, that were raped by that man. It might even be someone in one of our classes. Women that woke up not knowing more about what happened to them than they were raped, at least once, but they have no idea who did it. Women who probably look around their classes at the men in there, hoping not to see a leer, or some hint that he was the one to do it. If I'd taken you on a regular hunt you would have gotten to see the victim and it would be easier to take, but I am asking you to trust me, there were victims."

"I know you're right, I do." Bella hugged her and held her tight. Christy wrapped her arms around Bella and looked over her shoulder at Tanya, who was watching this quietly.

"Are you okay?" Christy asked Tanya and Bella turned quickly to hold a hand out to the blonde vampire. It was the oddest after 'hit' thing she'd ever done, Christy found herself as part of a group hug.


Bella looked very comfortable laying on the couch watching some documentary about the evolution of humans. The human was in her night shirt already, and it fell to her knees, so her legs looked a little cold. Christy went back down the hall and pulled a throw blanket out of the hall closet, before heading back to Bella. "I come bearing gifts." Christy said and held up the soft blanket.

"Well then, if you have gifts I guess I could let you sit on the couch." Bella teased, and started to sit up, but Christy quickly covered her human with the blanket as she was laying down, and then swiftly lifted Bella's feet and slipped in under them on the couch, letting Bella rest them on her lap.

"Okay, thanks." Bella just gave her a small smile and refocused on her show.

It had been a rough few days with Bella having a few nightmares, and Christy felt bad about that. Her human was starting to recover a bit from seeing that bastard die. One good thing is that Bella didn't start to shy away from Christy after seeing her in action, because that could have happened. Christy was fully aware that the risk had been there, and her trust proved well placed because Bella never pulled away from her.

As they watched the monkeys descend from trees and start to stand upright, Christy got a hint of an evil smile to her lips. Her fingers started to trace circles over Bella's calves gently, keeping her touch below the knee to start. She stopped for a moment to scoot closer to Bella, rested those knees over her lap and shared that evil smile with Bella.

Her human nibbled on her lower lip and was suppressing a smile of her own. "Tanya went to the store. She wanted to buy the latest Sliders season."

Christy smiled at that. "I am not a Slider." She'd had this conversation with Tanya before, about alternate worlds that were vastly different than her own, and her belief that there were worlds with smaller differences, but Christy didn't tend to make small changes. "Kate's idea was cute, but doing 'research' like this is wasting her time."

"I think she just likes the show now." Bella sat up and gave Christy a gentle kiss on her lips before laying back down. "But it is fascinating, what you can do. You can't blame anyone for wanting to explore that."

"Okay, fine, but if Kate calls me Quinn one more time I get to rip her arm off." Christy pretended to negotiate.

"That's fine dear." Bella gave her a distracted sounding agreement with a hint of a smile and then refocused on the TV. After a few more minutes Christy returned to her gentle circles over Bella's calves, but after a few minutes of that she moved the caresses above the knees. She was gently pushing the sleep shirt up to expose more flesh to her touch, while keeping her human covered with the blanket that was over both of them at this point.

They had a nice deep couch, one that made it easy to lay on it, and at this moment it was wonderful, because even with Bella's legs in her lap, Christy could sit back far enough on that couch to give Bella enough room to spread her legs. Christy traced the lightest of touches over the panties that covered Bella's body, the pajamas pushed up to her waist under the blanket.

Bella's breathing was coming just a little faster, yet Christy did not rush to escalate things. "You are an evil tease." Bella muttered and Christy just continued to pretend to be watching the show as she moved a finger ever so lightly over Bella's clitoris through the panties, ever to very lightly. Bella's breath caught for a moment.

"Honey, give me some handcuffs and a few hours and I could show you an evil tease, I'm just playing." Christy chuckled when that got a bit of a gasp from her human. "I just want to touch you." Christy said softer. She loved to make Bella's heart pound, to drive her a little crazy. Bella could let go completely, safely, and so Christy sometimes just needed to help her do that.

The show continued and Bella tried to pretend to watch it too, as Christy caressed her. Christy finally reached up and grabbed the panties and helped lift Bella up effortless to pull them down her legs and left them wrapped around her lover's ankles, holding them together in a loose sort of bondage, while she moved her hand back up to the exposed and wet flesh.

Bella was panting a little and moaned softly as the soft touch continued, before Christy slowly penetrated her and curved her fingers up.

"Oh god." Bella gasped.

Slowly, ever so slowly Christy to caress the inside of her lover.

"I love you. Oh god Christy, this is so good." Bella's body tensed for a moment, shaking, but Christy eased up to keep in from ending too soon.

The sound of Tanya's car had Christy frowning. This was going so very well, but they were in the living room. "Honey, can I take you in front of Tanya?" Christy asked as the car came to a park in front of the house, knowing they had moments to make up their mind about what to do.

Her words had Bella arching a bit, so Christy smiled at the proof it was an idea her lover liked. "What, oh god Baby."

"She's coming in, do we stop or keep going?" Christy asked, but she curved her fingers to make it feel better, seeing if Bella's lust would conquer her shyness.

"Don't stop, don't stop." Bella pleaded, but then Christy was hardly playing fair.

"Tanya is going to come in and see you, smell you." Christy said heatedly, but it was also a warning for the vampire she could hear was on the porch, and who had paused suddenly, probably hearing Bella's plea and realizing it wasn't from the bedroom. "She's going to want to taste you."

"Oh god." Bella's voice got louder, more out of control.

The front door opened very quietly and Christy could hear a bag being set on the table, as footsteps came closer at a very slow pace. "Bella, she'd look amazing between your legs. God, so sexy. I want to see that."

"Christy." Bella keened a little, her body tense and Christy still denied her a release, easing up when Christy could see it was close, holding Bella on the edge.

Tanya stood in the doorway, eyes darkening, as she watched Bella squirm on Christy's lap. Bella's head was thrown back and she was breathing heavily. "Tanya." Christy said it loud enough for Bella to hear and Bella tensed up a little at the word, even as Christy was easing up on the touch.

"What are you two doing?" Tanya said with a hint of a smile and then frowned as she say the TV didn't anything resembling porn on it, the cavemen were fighting wild dogs for food.

"I'm touching Bella." Christy said and noticed her human blushing painfully. "Bella?" She asked her human and stared at her until Bella finally could look her in the face. "Please?" Christy moved her fingers inside Bella again to let her know what she wanted. She moved her thumb over the apex of Bella's sex and Bella's breath caught again. Bella didn't object so she did it again. After the fifth time Bella was panting again and moaning.

Tanya was watching this all very intensely.

"I could put my mouth on you." Tanya said softly, as she moved closer to Bella, staring her in the face. Her hand moved out to caress hair out of Bella's face. "I could put my mouth on you." She repeated heatedly. They had not done more than kiss, some petting, but Bella always got shy about more. "Bella please."

"yes, yes. She's torturing me, please." Bella pleaded and took their triad relationship to the next level.

Christy expected to have Bella sit up so Tanya could get to her, she didn't expect that the long couch would fit another woman laying in her lap, as Tanya pulled the blanket up and moved to fit how Christy and Bella were already positioned. Bella's knees had been on Christy's lap, and now so were Tanya's breasts as they pressed down on Christy's thighs and Tanya leaned in gently pulled Christy's fingers away from Bella's sex, before putting her mouth there. Christy had a very front row seat to this and she watched with wide eyes as Bella jerked at the first touch of lips.

Christy did reach down and freed one of Bella's legs from her panties so her legs could spread apart more, and did the best she could to ignore her own throbbing as this went into new territory. Her hand, having nothing to do anymore, moved over Tanya's back, gently cupped Tanya through her pants and felt the way Tanya pushed back into her hand. It was an invitation to touch, and so Christy moved her slow torturous caresses to Tanya, over her pants, as they were still on. She caressed a bit firmer to make up for that.

Bella was clearly almost there and Christy watched her human's eyes widened and the way Bella tried to stare at Christy as if asking if this was okay, to come this hard with Tanya. Christy just smiled at Bella worrying about her feelings at a time like this. Christy reached out and took Bella's hand, holding it as Bella screamed out in pleasure. Tanya had some skills. Bella held onto Christy tightly as her body writhed. "No more, can't take more." Bella finally pleaded and Tanya shifted on Christy's lap to look up at Bella. "Oh god Tanya."

They kissed, and then Tanya moved to stand on her knees, pulling away from Bella and pulled Christy into a passionate, needy kiss where Christy could taste Bella on her. Christy couldn't understand the words, they were in some other old language, but the intent was clear in Tanya's body. Tanya wanted to take Christy as well, right now.

"I can buy Christy a new shirt." Bella offered helpfully, with a hint of an evil smile on her lips, just a fraction of a second before Christy heard the ripping. "She wants you to hold her down. She wants to beg." Bella continued as she sat up to watch them, but the humans legs were still tangled up in them. Bella proved to understand the tenseness of Christy's body, by pulling them free and Bella sat on the edge of the couch, her back against the couch arm as she watched. "Rough, be a little rough with her, I never can be rough enough."

"Oh God." Christy gasped out as Tanya picked her up and almost slammed her down on the living room floor, getting them a little further from the fragile human for this. "Yes, please." A mouth moved over her exposed breasts and Christy's pants ripped as Tanya grabbed the fabric at the crotch and just ripped it off, leaving Christy exposed in a strange way, as only her sex felt the air of the room. Tanya was not waiting to get anyone naked, she was claiming while she could. Christy wondered, for just a second if Tanya was in a rush because she was afraid someone might change their mind if it took too long.

"Let go, you won't hurt me." Tanya told her after Christy found herself trying to hold still. "Thrash, scream, you aren't getting away." Christy did move, she strained against the hold on her, even though she didn't want to escape, and she managed to cry as well. Bella kept her distance, but her heart pounded.

"She likes it when I bite." Bella would add at moments, participating in words. Tanya didn't bite hard, it was a token of a bite really, not breaking skin. Bella was really only able to bite Christy because she wasn't a vampire and it was something only the human would be able to do, but Tanya followed the few directions Bella gave, which got better as Bella shared how Christy was desperate to be held down and taken, desperate to let go. "Christy, you look so hot like this." Bella added as Christy's body bucked up and she just managed not to scream. Her lovers didn't understand that Christy would never scream during sex, and it had everything to do with wanting to stay with them and a portal would be the last thing they all needed now.

Bella joined them on the floor once Christy stopped moving so quickly, and Tanya relaxed her hold. Bella shared a kiss with Tanya, while gently tugging off her pajamas. The vampires were much more gentle when Bella joined them, but it was still amazing and Christy fell sated, truly sated, between them both when they were done, Tanya hooked the throw blanket and tossed it over them to keep Bella warm as they laid still for a while in each other's arms.


A few days after they had all been together for the first time things started to settle into a new, more confident and sexual relationship in the house. They were sharing Bella's bed and the living room floor often. The living room floor was more durable, but they had to bring pillows for Bella.

Alice must have returned to her house a week after the hunt, because Christy got another call from Rosalie at that time. "You took her hunting, your kind of hunting?" Rosalie asked in a shocked sounding voice.

"She had to be willing to see that to be turned, because there aren't a lot of vampires that never kill anyone." Christy said and glanced out the window. Tanya had gone to pick Bella up from work, because the human's truck was in the shop again.

"Edward had a cow, said you're turning Bella into a monster." Christy found herself wondering if Edward were just talking about the hunt, or if he'd seen visions about the three of them making love and it was upsetting him as well. She was seriously considering teaching Alice how to block telepathy now. She should have thought about it sooner, but she wasn't sure it would work. She'd overheard lessons at the school, but she never had to try and keep people out herself. Still, if Edward were getting to see Bella this way, it was time to work with Alice, and probably Tanya, to keep him from watching her lovers and her through others.

"Well actually, the idea is if she can't see that and accept it at some level she would change her mind about being turned. For someone with the idea she should say no, he doesn't really think about giving her solid reasons to say no."

"Who did you kill in front of her?" Rosalie asked quietly.

"A serial rapist operating on campus who was actually stupid enough to target me." Christy said just as quietly.


"And Bella still wants to be turned after college."

"She'll make a lovely vampire." Rosalie said distractedly after a long silence. "I mean if she can do everything you had her do," Rosalie trailed off. "She really knows what she's doing doesn't she? She is really serious about this."

"She had kept an open mind, she's learned as much as she could before making the decision. I honestly made it harder on her than was needed, as if I was trying to scare her away from this. She wants it and I know she'll be amazing. Her control will be amazing and she has a strength now that is just growing. She has all the tools needed to make this decision. I can look at her objectively, I love her and think the world of her, but I have had my eyes open the entire time and she's growing so fast right now it shocks me. I started dating a girl, and I'm with a woman now."

"Humans do grow fast." Rosalie sighed.

"In two more years she could very well be coven leader material." Christy admitted. "And we'll have to shift and change as a coven to make room for her."

"Two more years then?"

"The summer after graduation, so we can get in one more vacation. She will sparkle and our trips to the sunny places will have to end."

"Unless you borrow our island getaway." Rosalie offered gently. "We go to an island off of South America to be in the sun. You could borrow it."

"Thanks, but somehow I don't think everyone will agree to that one." Christy said while thinking about the other Cullens.

"Edward is being an ass, but it's a different level of ass. I think whatever you did this past week, he's letting go of his tiny little dream that Bella will wake up and leave you. He screamed and yelled, but Jasper wasn't in pain like the other times he's lost it. Bella being able to see a man killed has to wake him up to the fact that Bella's changed already, and that biting her will just complete that change, not start it."