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"What lovely hair you have! Why isn't it the most delightful colour!" The first member of my prep team skips over to me and starts to brush my hair.

"Violet, come have a look" She waves over a woman, who promptly comes up to where I sit. Looking at me through layers of fake eyelashes her face contorts to a look of pure horror.

"How am I ever going to shape these eyebrows!" Violet takes my face in her hand, moving me to have a closer look.

"It will take me at least an hour, and I still have to do her nails!"

"It's not that bad Violet, remember that tribute a few years ago..." I fade out of their conversation as they start talking about past tributes that they hated working on. I cant remember them. Besides; they died in that arena, not that these Capitol citizens cared.

Violet drags a stool with nail files and other equipment up to my chair and grabs my hand. She places my hand in a soapy liquid and tells me to keep it in there until she tells me to take it out. I obey, even though I do not trust this stranger. I have always been told that I have had an issue with trusting people – it is my greatest weakness. Luckily I am smart enough to know that these people, naïve as they may be, are only trying to help me.

"Where is Candice? Shouldn't she be here helping us get the tribute ready?" The sudden change of conversation, breaks me out of my day dream. My instincts tell me that I should pay attention to what they are about to say.

"Didn't you hear? She got a promotion, imagine that! District 2 stylist, who would of thought!" Exclaims the other member of my prep team, turning toward Violet.

"Candice? A stylist? She can only just do a tributes hair let alone their clothes! What were the game makers thinking?" Violet laughs, tugging my hair into a bowl ready to wash it.

"Well I heard she has been secretly dating a games maker. He asked Seneca to giver her a stylist job, and the District 2 stylist retired so..." The second member of my prep team has turned her voice to a whisper by now, becoming afraid that someone will hear her.

"She told me that the tributes from that district, Cato and Clove I think their called, are dangerous. She hears them talking about plans. According to her they will set up camp by the cornucopia, no matter what the arena is like. They have already found allies in district-," Suddenly she stops. She has caught me listening, I need to be more careful. They were so caught up in gossip that they forgot I cannot know the other tributes plans, I cant have any advantage in the Games.

"Anyway," her voice returns to normal as she clears her throat

"I'm sure this year will be just fabulous! Marissa dear, lay your head back, there's a good girl" I follow her instructions as she pours various liquids into my hair. Violet returns to my nails.

Slowly, they fall back into their usual chatter and I return to reality. I find a soft smirk finding its way onto my face as I realise how important this information I to me. Already I know so much about my competitors. If these two are as deadly as my prep team have been told, they will obviously be part of the career pack. And now I know how to avoid them. My first step in the games will be to run as far as possible from the cornucopia, if I plan to survive.


"Hello Marissa, I am your stylist" He doesn't even say his name, just turns me around taking in my height, look, hair colour – anything to help him decide what my look is going to be for the games.

My stylist is the stereotypical image of what a Capitol stylish should be. He has been so altered by surgery that I cannot imagine him ever looking normal. Bright yellow hair is brushed back out of the way of a face that is plastered with make up. He wears a black shirt and strait yellow trousers, matching with his hair colour.

I could never understand the lengths the Capitol people go to to change themselves, but maybe, like me, they are just trying to blend in. With everyone looking so outrageous, who wouldn't change to be the same.

" As you know District 5 is known for supplying Panem with power, and as a stylist, I must show this in your parade outfit." Obviously I knew this already but instead of pointing this out I stay quiet.

"You and Daton will be fitted with similar costumes, that I have designed myself." Hearing this I put on an astonished expression. I need this man to support me during the games, if the audience doesn't like my clothes, they wont like me. If that happens I will get no sponsors and I will be alone out in the arena. If pretending to be in awe of my stylist gets me sponsors, I will gladly do this.

Seeing my expression, he smiles,looking very smug. "Yes, yes, I have taken my time to design every one of your clothes, including tonight's outfit for the parade, which I'm sure will be a huge hit!" He walks over to a table at the far end of the room and lift s up a pile of cloth, letting it unravel.

At first I see the dress. It is far more glamorous than any of the jewellery I had left behind in the community house. Bright light is reflected from the thousands of sparkling beads that have been sewn onto the dress. With the crazy light that will be constantly shining on us in the parade, no doubt the dress will make a statement.

Suddenly, my heart stops. I see what the dress comes with. A round headdress that encircles my face – I'm going to look like a human solar panel.

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