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Moments after I changed into my opening ceremonies outfit, Brietta arrives to take me down to the bottom level of the remake centre. Daton is already there, standing by four magnificent jet black horses. I see he has been forced to wear the same clothes as me although his has sleeves that make him look worst than I do.

Brietta and my stylists walk away to talk to who I think is Candice, the new District 2 stylist. Looking past them I see the tributes. My prep team wasn't lying when they talked about them looking dangerous. Just by looking I can see the boy, Cato I think he is called, is not a force to be reckoned with.

I continue to look around. Taking in the sight of my competitors, I try to discover a little more about the people who will soon be trying to kill me. Obviously I will avoid District 2 and 1 since they are most likely to form an alliance. 3 doesn't seem to be a threat, either is 10 with the tribute who has a bad leg.

District 11 catches my eye, the boy is large and intimidating, the girl is his complete opposite. She is small and slightly bird like, sitting with a gentle air around her. The boy stands in a protective stance beside her.

My eyes are drawn to the tributes at the back, District 12. They both wear matching black clothes and they are talking to their stylists who hold a flaming torch in their hands. Although they are completely concentrated on the conversation, I notice that the boys eyes keep flickering back to look at the girl. She is completely oblivious. He likes her! What other explanation is there. I laugh silently to myself, the poor boy is in love and she doesn't even notice. He will be vulnerable in the games, which is good news for me.

"Marrisa where do you think our mentors are?" I'm brought back down to earth by Daton.

"I don't know, I didn't see them on the train. They're probably too busy spending all their money, drinking or sleeping. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't turn up."

" But don't they have to help us? We need them to help us win"

You can't win... I need to win

The music starts, blaring the capitol anthem as District 1 climb onto their chariots, preparing for their reveal to all of Panem. Gently the horses pull them forward, signalling the start of the parade.

I pull myself up on to the chariot and with Daton at my side, the horse starts to walk. We head towards an open gate that has already given passage to the first two districts.

I can feel the constant thumping of my heart against my chest as the the horse gains pace.

District three and four leave and we grow closer to the towering gates. The music amplifies, combining with the thousand screams of the Capitol citizens. 5...4...3...2...1

We suddenly emerge onto a long paved road that is surrounded by stands that are packed with crazed Capitol people, waving and crying at the tributes, shouting out their names.

I summon any ounce of courage in me and lift my hand up to wave at the crowd. Darion repeats my actions but with a grim smile on his face. He looks as overwhelmed as I feel.

The lights reflect off my dress impressively but as I look up at a giant screen showing my face I realise that people won't see my dazzling dress. Instead they will see my tortured face... A face that is utterly terrified , and surrounded in an ugly headdress.

Out of the blue, the crowd erupts in to a flurry of noise. I'm so startled that I start to duck down to hide from the sound, but I recover enough to stop myself from embarrassing myself any further.

" Look at them!" Whispers Daton, facing away from me. I turn and immediately spot what has caught their attention in the near distance.

Two magnificent flames appear, as they grow closer I see the boy and girl from District twelve lighting up the sky. The black suits I noticed earlier have been set alight, with flames streaming behind them. They're the stars of the show, shining brighter than all of us, shining brighter than me...

All around me I can hear Capitol citizens screaming as they throw roses towards their chariot.

"Katniss!" They call out and she turns to them blowing a kiss, initiating the arrival of more excited screams. Together, hand in hand they wave to the audience and smile. I have to admit they are impressive, all other districts have been forgotten, District 12 has made an entrance that no one could beat.

Finally their journey ends as they join the rest of the districts in a circle around the presidents mansion, we all turn away and look up at the balcony which is decorated with red and white roses. With a blast of trumpets, fanfares and cheers, President Snow steps up to address his country.

"Welcome, welcome. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!" He looks down upon us with a regal tilt of his head.

"Once again we are here to celebrate another year of glorious celebration - the 74th annual hunger games!" Yet again the crowd goes wild. He drones on about how proud he is of how far we have come from the dark days.

Soon the horses take us back where we are greeted by our prep team, Brietta and two unfamiliar faces- our mentors. Both wear sad and drawn out faces as if they have not slept for days. I find myself wondering whether my original thoughts about our mentors was wrong.

With a forced smile on her face, Brietta leads us towards an elevator.

"We are on level 5 and we have the whole floor" she explains " it's easy to remember- District 5, level 5" I have never been in an elevator, or a building this big before. Ridding up, growing higher in the elevator is thrilling but the journey is short and the excitement is over too soon.

We step out of the elevator into an apartment that covers the large space of one floor of the building. It is decorated similarly to the train cabins.

Suddenly, smile vanishing from her face, Briettas kind image disappears.

"I cannot believe it. It's an outrage, allowing that district to make such a spectacle of themselves. They think that they are better than us do they? Nobody's from nowhere trying to make out that they are more important than me. No! They don't deserve to win!" Her hands shake with fury and anger. " You know that Effie Trinket wants my job. She is desperate to be rid of that coal mining district only to bumped up to a better place. Well I won't let her. District 12 has always been no good, insignificant even, but I never, never believed they would be so attention seeking." She is rambling, talking to no one in particular. Expressing her frustration, she paces the room.

"I thought they were quite good" whispers Daton. Briettas piercing eyes dart back, sealing them on her target.

"What?" She questions in disgust.

Gaining confidence he speaks a little louder "I thought they were quite good."

Quickly, she turns and stalks across the room to meet Daton. In her high heals she towers over him, an intimidating shadow is cast over us as she stares him hard in the face.

"They are the enemy. Do you hear me? They are weak, we are superior and if I ever hear you say otherwise I will make sure that your short life in that arena as painful and difficult as possible." She turns and leaves the room her high pitched mumbles echoing down the hall.

As soon as she has left, Daton let's out a huge breath of air. "I didn't expect her to be that angry, I thought all Capitol people were harmless- guess I was wrong."

" She has always been like that" says one of our mentors. He is tall with dark black hair and blue eyes. I recognise him from the 68th annual hunger games, he won at the age of 17. I think i remember his first name...Terrence. The female mentor is slightly older than him so I guess she is the victor from the 60th games, Clarrise Jones. She also has light blue eyes but her hair is a soft brown colour that she wears tied up on her head. Her face has a kind but intelligent expression unlike his which is fierce and concerned.

"Don't be fooled, not every Capitol citizen is a mindless slave of the president."

" No, but most of them are" I comment. Terrence turns to face me "maybe that is true, but for now just try to stay on her good side"

"Why does she care if we win or not? It's not like she cares about our district." Daton says.

"She just takes these things personally, she always has" replies Terrence.

"It's been a long day, you two need your rest. Tomorrow we start training. Get some sleep" Clarrise commands.

She shows us to our rooms and leaves us to get settled in.

After finally meeting our mentors I'm starting to feel a little hope. They didn't seem so bad and after all they have won before. I need to be smart, think this out carefully. They can help me and I know that I will do anything to get out of there alive, even accept the help from these strangers. Strangers that didn't think about showing up until after the tributes parade. They were in my position once and and I will make sure they help me win this thing.

I change into night clothes that I find in a large wardrobe and get ready to sleep and earn my rest after such an exhausting and disappointing day. As I turn to my side in my bed and close my eyes and think of District 5, my father and that small room of mine in the community house with my draw of secret treasures. Sleep comes to me quickly and I hope to have good dreams tonight

But the odds have not been in my favour.

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