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For the second time this week, I hugged my father. But surprisingly, this time I pushed away.

"How could you be so stupid" I whisper, well aware of any listening ears.

"You told me we would never see each other again" I think back to my dream a few nights ago.

I realise the reason why he is here, why he is being punished.

"If you just stayed away, didn't visit me, you wouldn't be here." He takes a moment to think and shrugs, collecting the pile of clothes he prepares to leave.

"The Capitol is not stupid. When you visited me they realised didn't they. We lied to them! That's a crime!" I hiss as quietly as possible. He looks confused, not understanding what I am trying to say.

"I told the community house that I was an orphan, then one day a man looking exactly like me turns up, and in a Capitol building as well! They know that my father is not dead and They are punishing me by hurting you!" His mouth forms the word no but sound does not escape.

"Look at you!" I am disappointed in him, I have spent all my life trying to be clever, to make the smartest decisions and my father comes along and makes a stupid mistake. He has ruined everything. Even if I get home, who will I go to. I have no friends, no other family.

The initial hurt of seeing my father so vulnerable has gone and now I only feel anger.

He has been here too long and I don't want him to get into any more trouble than he is most likely already in. If he stays any longer everyone in the apartment will get suspicious.

I quickly whisper to him "I'm going to shout and I need you to get out of here. I'm going to

win for us, I will fix this... I promise"

"The job is finished get out of my room! Make sure you get those clothes clean, I don't exactly have time to wait for them!" I shout, pushing him out of the room, slamming the door for good measure. Hopefully I have convinced any listeners that I was only ordering around a simple Avox servant.


It took me a little while to recover but after a quick shower I promptly arrived back in the living room ready for the training scores.

"I heard you having a problem with an Avox earlier," comments Brietta. "You should of called for me, I could of sorted it out"

"I wouldn't worry about it, it isn't worth the effort." She nods and turns back to the screen where they show the first pictures of the tributes. The careers, District 1, 2 and 4 get within an eight-to-ten score, pretty high, I will be sure to keep out of their way. The last career is shown and Datons face flashes up on the screen. We wait, and all of a sudden the number six appears.

Brietta leaps up "Only a six? I expected better than this!" She huffs, adjusting her wig that has moved slightly to the left. Clarrisa tries to shush her before she can continue.

"Marissa your up next." Says Clarrisa interrupting a fuming Brietta. Sure enough. My red haired, freckled face is shown on the screen. I get the average score of five.

Brietta looks close to collapsing in shock. She obviously wasn't expecting such low scores.

"This is a complete and utter travesty!"

"Not bad, you won't get any sponsors but it should be enough to show your not a threat." Interrupts Terrance.

"Just like we hoped, good work."

I allow a small smile to form on my face and I turn to my team and see Daton sitting with a rather sad expression. I'm guessing Brietta wasn't the only one disappointed with his training scores.

"We'll done Foxface" he whispers, face hard with hatred. I roll my eyes at him, he obviously was expecting a bit more attention than he is getting at this present moment.

I turn back to the screen, time has passed and most of the tributes have already been announced, no matter, I saw enough of them in training, I know they won't get very high scores. Up pops the image of the large boy from District 11. He looks as intimidating as he did when I saw him at the parade but without the presence of his younger companion his face has hardened. As expected he gets a high score, a ten, I assume it is the result of his strength and large size.

Rue, District 11's smaller tribute surprises us all wining a reasonable score of seven. I'm surprised that such a young and vulnerable girl could get a higher score than the boy sitting next to me - he probably isn't all too pleased either. I remember seeing her follow Katniss around during training. She stood invisible, just like me.

Next appears District 12, Peeta gets a high score of 8. It turns out that bread boy is a lot more talented than I originally assumed, he didn't get that score by kneading dough. Maybe he showed the Gamemakers some of his camouflage designs, but being a baker I guess he may of done something with those bakers muscles of his, looking at him he is very strong.

Finally Katniss's scowling face comes up on the screen with her dark hair hanging down in a braid, her signature look that she often displayed in the training centre. The number eleven materialises beneath her picture. Somehow this girl has been given the highest score out of all the tributes. The worst thing is I have no idea how.

"Eleven? Eleven! How did some girl from District 12 get a higher score than both of you!"

Before she can respond any worst she gets up and storms out of the room

"You two get your sleep we will talk to Brietta ready for tomorrow- you'll need your energy"


I wake up to the sight of a face with heavy make-up and a curling green wig. At first I am alarmed but Briettas chirpy voice quickly wakes me up making me more aware of her In my room.

"Get up today is very important it is vital we stay on schedule!" I groan and close my eyes before springing out of bed, I don't want Brietta to go crazy at me for staying in bed longer than I have to.

"Meet everyone in the dinning room in ten minutes to start training, don't be late!"

As instructed I shower, change and arrive at the dinning room within ten minutes. Daton arrives a few minutes late with red rimmed eyes. He must of been crying again last night, ashamed of the score he got in training.

"Today you will have equal time with me and your mentors" explains Brietta.

"I will instruct you on the proper manners of an interview, how to behave, how to answer questions, what is appropriate to say and so on," she brushes down the skirt of a dress and nods towards my mentors for them to continue.

"We will take Daton first and we will be focusing on how we will present you."

"As soon as you finish breakfast we shall start."

I quickly eat, eager to start my training, even if it is with the annoying Brietta.

"Follow me Marissa" I get up and go with her to another room which is bare apart from a seat and to my horror a daunting pair of high heals.

"Put those on, we shall see how you walk in heals, we can't have you tripping over in front of the whole of Panem!"

I remove my slip on shoes and replace them with the heels, I have never had any reason to wear heels and I can't help noticing how much taller I feel.

"Walk up and down the length of the room." I do as asked, proud that I only manage to stumble once.

"Don't slouch, head high, don't forget to smile!" I try again and again for nearly and hour until she is satisfied by my walking technique.

"Okay good now when you walk down you need to sit and cross your legs - no not like that! Okay that's better- head up, don't slouch, good." I did not realise how much it took to walk up to a seat and sit down but according to Brietta it takes time and finesse to do these acts gracefully in front of a camera. She insists that I am learning things quickly (her temper must of improved from yesterday) and that I am improving.

"Don't fold your arms a lady must place her hands delicately on her lap," she demonstrates the positioning and I copy her. I run through the routine a few more times until she dismisses me

"I have done my magic, Daton should be done by now with your mentors" she guides me out of the room telling me to keep on the heels to practice, I can tell me feet will be sore by the end of the day, and we find my district partner walking up to meet us.

"Good, right on time, proceed to the room down the hall Marissa, Daton come with me" he brushes past without acknowledging me and I find my mentors down the hall. Entering the room I'm greeted by Terrence.

"So I see you survived your session with Brietta"

"She wasn't too bad, sometimes she is just a soft Capitol citizen but other times she is just like the workers at my community house," I joke, remembering the dragon lady I tried to avoid every morning I woke up in that hell hole. Every time I see Brietta I can't help but compare the two women.

"We know you wish to remain unseen by the other tributes like Johanna mason but we think that you need to use the interviews to get you sponsors."

"I agree, we have no idea what the arena will be like and the number of sponsors could mean the difference between life and death" says Clarrisa.

"We have thought it through and we think you should express how clever you are to the audience, sponsors like that." I think this over, it could work. They ask me questions and I answer with a sly smile and a witty or clever statement. It takes practice but I get the hang of it and its not long before the day of training is over.


"Should we curl her hair?"

"What about highlights, they would really make her hair stand out, you know, more than it already does."

"Our instructions are not to do much, you heard him."

Brietta and my mentors told my stylist that I only wanted a simple look for the interviews and my prep team have been upset about it ever since.

"What about the nails? I can't just leave her like this." She grabs my hand and gets out a nail file and starts to shape them.

"It couldn't hurt to use a bit of nail polish," one member of my prep who I remember as called Violet says and the woman holding my nails quickly dives for a pale pink pot and immediately starts to paint my nails.

Another person tugs at my hair,twisting it and shaping it on top of my head. They let some of my hair down and curl it lightly into soft waves.

"That should be enough, I will go and call Trinitus," she gets up and walks out the room only to appear a few minutes later behind my obnoxious stylist.

"Get up and turn around." I tighten my robe and slowly turn.

"Hmmmm good. As requested I have made your outfit to fit your mentors intentions for you," he goes to collect a black garment holder and reveals a light blue dress.(a/n in the book it's not mentioned the colour of her dress but its blue in the film so I just went with that). Its layered and it flows down to my knees.

I lift my arms and my stylist lifts the dress over my head and its it onto me. As expected it fits perfectly and it perfectly complements my features. Its perfect and its just what I need to fool the capitol audience.

I'm ready.

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