A Pirate's Tale

~*~Hello everyone! This is my first ever fanfic post, so please bare with me am still learnin' the ropes

After watching the POC trilogy I was really bummed that the main trio, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan and Jack Sparrow hadn't appeared together in the later movies, so I decided to concoct a continuation of my own.

In this story Will and Elizabeth had a daughter..in search for herself she soon learned the dark secrets of the past.~*~


"Mother what's that?" came a sweet soft spoken voice from under the table. The toddler had been fiddling with her mother's closet once again only to find an old box glazed with dust at the far corner of the lowest drawer. Looking up from her reading, the elegant fae drew a slight frown as her daughter started rummaging through her old things. It had been five years since last she'd seen her beloved William, and as often as she thought of him, she didn't want her daughter to fall in with the life of an outcast. In her attempt to protect Marie she had rendered all the stories of her adventures with Jack, the Black Pearl and the others a mere fairytale. Walking up to the little girl with soft chestnut curls and a pastel blue night dress she raised her from the ground with a snug embrace" Oh what have you gotten there?" Walking over to the elegantly engraved mahogany queen sized bed she sat at its side cross-legged; Marie in the nest formed in her lap.

The key was long lost, its contents but a mere memory, oh how she longed for adventure once again..the sweet scent of the sea, its melodious liquid voice splashing about the hull of the Black Pearl..Yes she longed for life on the open sea..If only things had been different.

Soulful eyes fell upon the young girl who traced delicate fingertips across the woven vine engravings along the edges before poking the indent where the key was supposed to be. "Where's the key?"

With a sad smile Elizabeth Turner just hugged the child, orbs glinting with mischief "The pirate's stole it!" she then blew a raspberry on the girl's stomach ringing out a sweet comical high pitch squeal of a laugh. Quickly squeezing her way out of her mother's grasp Marie dove into the fluffy blankets appearing on the opposite end holding out her right arm as if it were a sword. " On-ga!" she squealed as she folded her left arm at her waist. With a bitter sweet feeling within her heavy chest she charged.

"...Something's will never changeā€¦"