Captain's log number 66. It had been over two months since we last made port, and I find myself reminiscing over the past twenty five years of my life. What a youth I had been, my rise to the post of Captain had its own rocky roads. Here I find myself sailing on the Feng Lung, under the supervision of Sao Feng's younger brother Chan Lo Feng who by royal decree humored my request. Noting that his older brother had respected me for who I was, who I was to become, as well as the fact he had bestowed upon me the control of his previous ship before he passed onto the next world, the late Feng Lo had allowed me to Captain his ship and crew as a debt to be repaid. What debt you may ask? It was the mere honor of me taking over Sao Feng's ship and taking on the British Armada who had plagued them so, while leading my own fleet against them all those years ago.

It is here I find myself sailing north, following distinct rumors of a ship with black sails, who'd picked up a set of four youthful girls. My First Officer Lo Feng had managed to pull a few strings, and we were going to make port at the Orkney Mainland, where he had a cousin who owned a good number of harbors. Marriage is such a petty thing, yet it always tends to create the strongest bonds, as in Feng Lo's case, his second cousin had married a noble's daughter, who by chance had been traveling upon a trading ship with her Uncle. It was with them that we were to stay, with their four children..Children,, what I would do to see mine once again. I only had one heir, and unfortunately wasn't able to see my only child off. Though I did leave a note, I prayed that Luvgut was able to give it to my love. Not a day passes that I wonder what you're up to. But alas the sea calls forth my name once again, as I search for my other half that seemed to have been lost. Maybe I should've waited a little longer, but it's been way too long for me to wait.

Decades pass and only once in a blue moon are we able to meet, the distance is painful. Upon the Feng Lung I find myself looking back, things were so simple then. Ol' Jack Sparrow would be up to his usual mischief going after some treasure or other, I would by by his side; oh how I yearn to see those blue eyes of his again. Crossing blades, sailing the seven seas.. it seems that every single moment of my life had been spent searching for that one moment where everything was free and full of adventure.. I keep looking back to that fateful day. Do you remember? It was naught but ten years ago, you were only eight then, almost nine if I wasn't mistaken. After the festival we were on the way home, only to be stalked half way to the coast. By what scepter we never knew, but a rain of bullets seemed to befall our carriage. You actually were hit, but you don't really remember. Luckily your little locket had caught the bullet and you escaped with but a scratch, only to awaken an hour or so later in his arms. We didn't really understand it then, nor did we ever speak to you about what had happened, but it really did seem like having a pirate for a father wasn't the best of choices as time drew on. He feared for your life, and promised to take you and me away..I can't believe I am tearing up as I write this. I decided to keep a log of my travels so I would have new stories to tell once we were reunited again.

My train of thought had just gotten interrupted again, it seems that we have reached port. Until my next report, signing off Captain Elizabeth Turner.