A/N Okay, let me explain. Yes Eric was shot in the chest but not in the heart, he survived and if you read you'll soon find out briefly what happened. Yes the whole idea might by slightly farfetched but it is a fanfiction. Now that's cleared up I'll let you get on with the story:-)

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"So Mrs Six" Christina winked "How does it feel to be officially taken off the market?"
I was with Christina at bar near the chasm, she had finished her shift in the infirmary about an hour ago so we decided to have a little catch up over a drink. I laughed and shrugged to her question
"No different than before" I replied taking a swig from my drink. Christina sat analysing me in a way only a Candor could.
"You know Tris" she said smiling "something about you has changed" she sat forwards "is it because you lost your V plates?"
"V plates?" I chuckled "oh lord Chris, if you mean my virginity then no, I have not lost that yet". Christina's eye brows rose,
"You mean you haven't even done it yet?!" I shook my head, smiling at her shock.
"Look Chris, as much as I love Four I've just never been sure if I'm ready, besides I don't reckon I'd know what to do" I lowered my gaze, blushing furiously. To my surprise Christina didn't laugh.
"Look Tris, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the same way when me and Will did it for the first time, but because I loved him I pushed all the negative thoughts away and tried to make it work. Its more of a mental thing then a physical thing. That's what makes it so beautiful" I looked at Chris contemplating what she had just said, maybe she was right.
Our little gossip carried on for two more rounds until I decided to go back to my apartment, Chris walked me all the way before going to get her nails done at the parlour. I really didn't have the patience to sit around watching paint dry so I decided to clean my apartment and get ready for my dinner date with Tobias later on.

I paced anxiously. Tobias was half an hour late from work and I had a feeling something bad had happened. I was about to call Christina for some reassurance when the door clicked opened. I looked and saw Tobias, his face was emotionless, his eyebrow cut and his knuckles split and bloody.
"What happened?" I barely whispered, paralysed from shock. Tobias closed the door and swiftly pulled me into an embrace.
"Tris" he sighed "Eric's still alive". I gasped, he couldn't be alive he should be dead! Before I could stop myself sobs were escaping my throat. I felt weak. Tobias pulled me closer to him, stroking my hair and brushing my face.
"I...'told' him that if he ever tried to hurt you again I'd kill him and I'd be positive to make sure it hurt" I nodded, I knew Tobias would protect me but what would happen when he was at work and the more vulnerable side of me that Eric recently exposed came out? I took a deep breath in, I could defend myself against Eric, he had weak points that I knew I could focus on. I wouldn't let him hurt me again. Tobias scooped me up in his arms and carried me toward the bed. All thoughts of dinner were pushed to the back of our minds as he held me close.

Tobias- I don't know what Eric thought I'd do but he sure as hell weren't expecting the beating he got. I'll admit he got a good swipe in but other than that he was no match for me. Especially an angry me. I shouldn't of took the risk of shooting him in his chest, of course Max would of found him soon enough and the best Erudite doctors would of been working on him in no time. No Erudite wanted to risk loosing the best divergent hunter there was and who also so happened to be Janine's plaything. Going back to see the state Tris was in only made me more angry. He had not made her any weaker, that would be almost impossible, but he had exposed her vulnerable side. I knew Tris was strong enough to fight this, but she was still in shock from that dirt bag touching her. He wasn't going to touch her again any time soon.

I opened my eyes to Tris leaning over me. Her eyes were still sore from her crying session last night but a smile was playing at the corners of my mouth. I kissed her, pulling her on top of me. I loved it when she woke me up like this.
"Good morning beautiful"
She laughed tucking one side of her long blonde hair behind her ear.
"Good morning handsome" I gently pulled her lips to mine.
Leaning back she whispered
"Urm sorry about last night" she giggled and the blood crept into her cheeks,
"You have nothing to be sorry for" I whispered back, looking into my eyes she kissed the end of my nose.
"Okay up and at 'em, busy day ahead of us" she said louder, winking she slid off me and hobbled into the bathroom. That's my girl.

Tris- Fuck Eric. He wasn't going to keep me down. If a fight was what he wanted a fight is what he'd get. Of course I'd need to get back into practice and learn how to use my broken leg as an advantage (if there was any), so today I decided I'd head down to the piercing parlour and see if they were up to training me, visit Tori at the tattoo shop then go into some advanced training once Tobias had finished his shift at the control room. I was not weak. I was dauntless.