Christina- I woke up in the infirmary. It felt weird to see Marlene looking after me, doing my job. Its not like I could even look at her properly anyway, not after me and Uriah-
I shuddered and the sobs started up once again, Marlene tried to comfort me but I asked for some time alone, I didn't want anyone's sympathy and I wasn't too sure they'd still want to give it to me after they'd found out what I'd done. I cried until the darkness overcame me once more.

"Oh Tris" was all Christina could manage to say before tears streaked down her face. I went and sat next to her bed, taking her hand in my own.
"What happened Chris?" She was my best friend but she clearly wasn't in the right frame of mind, she needed support and Will wasn't even here.
"Tris, I- I'm so so sorry" her body contorted from the force of her sobs.
"Why would you be sorry Chris?" This wasn't making any sense whatsoever
"Just promise to hear me out?" I nodded, allowing her to go on without any interruptions.
"For the last few weeks I was in a bad place, Will was either at work or the bar getting drunk and I just didn't know what to do. He never showed me any affection, any inclination that he still loved me. Then one night, about four weeks ago, me and Uriah were talking and he was really supportive and before we knew it we had slept together. I had already told Will about it as soon as the guilt had hit me and well after a while he forgave me, but last night when he found out I was pregnant and it could have been Uriah's, he told me he was disgusted in me. I got angry once he'd gone and then once I'd come around Marlene told me it was a false alarm, they checked to find the baby's heart beat to find I hadn't been pregnant at all".
Her free hand moved subconsciously to her stomach, her fragile fingers tracing the outlines where her baby should have been. She brought her gaze up to my eyes.
"Please say something Tris" it was barely a whisper but I could hear the strain in behind her words.
"Chris, I'm here for you" my words escaped as whisper but were full of meaning. Her eyes filled with tears of gratitude, I stroked her hand before giving her a small smile.
"I should probably get back and you could do with some rest but Chris, please promise me you won't do anything stupid again" she nodded her head "I'm always going to be here if you need someone to talk to"
"I know Tris, you'll always be there for me". I gave her another smile before standing up and leaving.

Tobias was lying on the settee of our apartment when I got in. Sensing something was wrong he flipped the TV off and opened his arms. I climbed into them and pressed my cheek against his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.
"Want to talk about it?" He asked, his warm breath sending shivers down my spine. I wasn't up to going into full detail.
"Will stopped paying attention to Christina, she wanted some support, Uriah was there for her, they slept together, Christina told Will, he forgave her but then when he found out she was pregnant he said she was a disgrace, Christina got angry then and drank her self unconscious and was then told that she wasn't actually pregnant it was a false alarm"
I edged backwards to look into his eyes.
"Tobias, everything's changing, nothing feels normal any more"
"I know Tris, really I know, but as corny as it may sound we still have each other and I promise you that will never change"
I really did love Tobias he was everything I needed and more.

That night me Tobias decided to have a quiet night in with a film, pizza and cake. A night together to forget about reality. We were snuggled together on the settee when something Christina had said before sprung to mind.
Its more of a mental thing than a physical thing. That's what makes it so beautiful.
She was right. I wasn't scared to be with
Tobias, I wasn't scared to be myself around him. I was scared of giving the part of me that was still Abnegation up. I realised how pathetic that was and turned to face Tobias. His face was clouded with his own thoughts that seemed to vanish as I moved my lips across his chest, up to his neck travelling to his lips.
I was ready.
I hitched myself on top of him, his hands found my waist pulling at the t-shirt I was wearing. I sat up, pulling him up with me. Still sitting on his lap he lifted the top lightly over my head. His hands skimmed down my arms as they made their way back down to my waist. We fell back onto the settee, skin pressed against skin, breaths colliding in this moment of heat, together we let ourselves get lost in this moment of passion.

A/N- I'm sorry if you wanted Will and Christina to have the perfect little family but I wanted to do something different to the norm. I have an idea of where I'm going with this I understand some of you won't like it but like I said its different to the normal:-)

love you all for reading up until now.