This will be a series of one-shots (probably short ones), in which JARVIS is mistaken for something else. Please feel free to send in ideas.

...A Hostage

The first time that the Avengers - or at least some of them - had gone to Stark Tower had been interesting. It was the same day as the battle with the Chitauri, immediately after visiting the shawarma restaurant Tony had been so insistent upon. They had all been tense, and not particularly good with each other - not many rough edges between them.

Right after eating, a pale Clint and weary Natasha had disappeared, presumably back to the helicarrier, whilst Bruce, Steve and Thor joined Tony back to the ruins that were now Stark Tower, for lack of anywhere else to go. It didn't take long, even walking, because Tony's suit wasn't up to flight with his recent space trips and Thor was enjoying the 'scenery' on Midgard, not matter how much Bruce told him that New York didn't normally look like this.

They finally reached the tower, thankfully free of press, and started up the elevator.

"Glad to see you in one piece sir," JARVIS said as they exited into the penthouse.

Tony nodded absent-mindedly.

Bruce and Steve jumped, Bruce far more mildly than the Captain who was far less used to technology.

Thor directed his hammer at the ceiling and it began lighting up.

"Chill it, Point Break!"

The hammer continued to spark dangerously.

"What's up?" The Captain asked, looking for the new threat.

"There is someone invisible here!"

Tony laughed. "Invisible?"

"Do not mock me! Did you not to hear the voice?"

Steve, being unused to this century, began to believe that there was a sincere issue.

Tony laughed again. "That's just JARVIS!"

"And who is this JARVIS?" Thor asked suspiciously.

"An A.I. I made, first of its kind."

"An A.I." Steve repeated, rolling the letters around on his tongue like it was a foreign dish.

"It's like a computer. In the walls." Tony threw Steve a desperate look. "Please tell me you know what one of them is!"

Steve looked affronted and ready to start anoother argument so Bruce quickly interjected with, "It sounds awfully advanced for an A.I. "

"Like I said. First of its kind. It's more like having someone living in the walls."

Thor, who had still been looking around wearily in an attempt to find the source of the voice, only heard the last bit, jumping suddenly into action. "I will free you invisible man!" he boomed, as a burst of electricity went through one of Tony's non-damaged walls.

"Wait! Wait!"

Another blast of lightning struck, this time through a window.

"There is no one trapped in the walls!" Tony bellowed, looking as though he wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or tear his hair out.

Thor looked confused. "Isn't there?"

"No," Bruce replied, looking more than mildly amused.

Thor looked down at the hammer in his hands and then at the brand new holes in the wall. "Oh. Forgive me man of iron."

Tony decided laughter was best.

Steve looked horrified. Was everything in this century going to end up in destruction?