This is the last chapter - I hope you liked this story x I know a couple of people have asked for this, so here it is x


Jarvis wouldn't normally leave Tony on his own, but still - his employer has enforced a holiday on him, whether he'd wanted to go or not, and he'd enjoyed it so much that he'd stayed rather a lot longer than he'd first anticipated, though he checked in with Tony regularly.

He also knew of the AI that had been named after him, and he was quite honestly flattered - not many had the same honour.

But when that AI stole your name...

Jarvis was visiting Stark Tower for the first time, using the private entrance that Tony had told him about and using the intercom to get there.

And the amount of people that called him by name before he even said it...

When he got into the elevator itself it was scary enough - like hearing your own voice talk to you, like he was going mad (which he wasn't, he was old, not senile).

But the look on Tony's new team's faces were worth it.

They had looked so surprised by this elderly man that had known everything about them and spoke with the voice of their esteemed AI, only this time it wasn't a trick. In the meantime a variety of way had been tried and tested to make sure that he wasn't just pretending, including some suggestions which Jarvis was rather impressed with.

Tony and Jarvis spent the day holed up in Tony's workshop, watching the tapes, and shaking with laughter.

It was almost worth being confused with the AI for this.