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Saving Your Life

Hermione Granger sat with her parents in the living room enjoying their time together since their daughter was returning to the wizarding world. Hermione wasn't an ordinary young woman. She was a witch and was entering her last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But unknown to those around her knew nothing that the wizarding world was at war with a very dark and powerful wizard known as Lord Voldemort and his death eaters were ordered to strike fear into wizard and muggle kind alike. But her parents, John and Jane knew of the war because of Hermione's warning. If they saw an image of a skull with a snake coming out its mouth in sky they knew to run for safety. Because she wanted her parents safe.

The Granger family's evening was interrupted by pops into the house. Hermione jumped from the couch with her wand drawn ready to protect her parents. But she lost it before she could cast a spell. She noticed that the death eaters didn't have their sliver skull masks on covering their faces that meant one thing, they had been sent to kill them.

"Luicus." hissed Hermione narrowing her brown eyes at the long blonde headed man.

"Silence the house. I don't want any unwelcome visitors." ordered Malfoy, and they did as ordered. He roughly grabbed Hermione by the chin. "You have turned into a pretty young lady for a Mudblood."

Hermione's once unruly brown curls were smooth ringlets that stopped at her shoulders. She had lightly toned skin, bright brown eyes, pink plump lips and slender womanly curves.

"You disgust me." said Hermione and spit it his face.

Luicus struck Hermione across the face for her insult. She fell to the ground from the force of the slap. She looked up with stinging tears in her eyes. She heard her mother screaming to leave her alone.

"You will soon learn were you belong Mudblood." He raised his wand, "Crucio."

Hermione felt her body burn and prick like a thousand knives were cutting her. She curled up into a tight ball willing herself not to scream. He lifted the curse when he didn't get a scream.

"Perhaps your mother would like to feel the pain?" hissed Notts, who stood next to Jane. She had tears running down her face, tied to a chair next to her husband.

"Leave them alone. You can do what you wish to me. But leave them alone." cried Hermione

Bellatix Lestrange stepped forward, "You hear that Luicus. We can do what we wish to the Mudblood." She said with a high pitched mad cackle. She pulled out a dagger from her robes. "Oh the fun I can have."

Hermione struggled against the two men that held her in her place. "You murder."

"Boys lay her down. I want to have my fun." said the deranged woman.

They forced her on the floor, and Lestrange stepped forward. She laid above Hermione. She held Hermione's arm tightly. She slowly carved the word, "Mudblood," deep into her right arm.

"Stop it. What are you doing to her!" yelled John pulling at the ropes. He screamed when he was hit with crucio curse.

Bellatix stepped back with an evil smile. "My best work yet." She watched Hermione's arm bleed on the floor. "Boys have your fun."

They yanked her up off of the floor and began whipping her across the back. Hermione flinched with each strike but didn't scream. She wasn't going to give them the pleasure. She could hear in the back ground the painful screams of her parents.

"Enough." said a slick voice from the darken corner of the room.

Hermione sighed slightly. She knew that voice anywhere. It was her potions master. He walked over to the young woman and stood in front of her. She looked up into his black eyes and saw them cold and hard.

Severus had chin length jet black hair, fare skin, black eyes, slightly crooked nose, thin mouth and had muscular chest that showed by his black robes.

He traced her jaw with a long index finger. He leaned forward and whispered, "I'm saving your life." He pulled out dagger and ran it down the front of her clothes. They fell to the floor leaving her nude in front of all the men and her parents. "I'm sorry." he whispered. He held onto her waist and dug the knife into her stomach deep enough and engraved SS. "This Mudblood is mine. She carries my mark." hissed to other men. "If any other man touches her you will die swiftly.

"Let my daughter go. Please I'm begging you!" cried Jane tears rolling down face.

He cut her down off the ropes that held her in place. He roughly threw her onto her floor. He magically pinned her down onto the floor. He ran his hands up and down her nude body. He squeezed her breasts hard making her scream. He lowered his head leaving bite marks all over her body. He knew he had no choice. He had to save her. He lowered his pants freeing his member. He magically made himself hard making the others believe that the pain made him hard. But it truth it made him physically sick.

"Gods I'm sorry." he whispered her slammed deep inside her dry womanhood breaking her virginity. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He kept whispering with each painful thrust.

Hermione screamed at the pain that ran throughout her body. She struggled against the ropes that held her in place. She stopped struggling and screaming when she felt tears hit her chest.

He thrust one last time hard sending his seed deep inside her womb. "Please forgive me. Forgive me." he whispered his voice cracked with sorrow. He gently captured her lips with his own.

Hermione saw his eyes full of pain. He pulled out his eyes turned cold and hard. He rose from the floor and straighten his robes. He looked down at the woman on floor. He smirked evilly at her.

"Kill them." ordered Luicus.

"No!" yelled Hermione. She cried when two flashes of green light shined across the room. The death eaters disappeared leaving the dark mark above the Granger home.

Severus slowly knelt down next to Hermione's beaten body. He removed his black travel cloak and carefully covered her body just as the Order of Phoenix entered the room. He grabbed his bloody danger and cut the ropes from her wrists.

Severus quickly found himself pinned to the wall by a furious Arthur Weasely. He saw Hermione as a second daughter. "What did you do to her?!" He yelled and slammed him against the wall hard.

Arthur had a bolding red hair, fare skin, freckled face, brown eyes and lean frame. He had seven children six boys and one girl. He worked at Ministry's Muggle Artifacts Department.

"I saved her life Weasely." he hissed back dangerously.

"Mr. Weasely pleaseā€¦stop." whispered Hermione.

He slowly let go of the dark man. He stepped back from the death eater. He walked over to young woman and knelt down next to her. He reached for her hand, but she pulled away. Hermione gripped the cloak tightly when her body spasm from the effect of being tortured.

Severus stepped forward and knelt down next to the beaten woman. "Miss Granger I need attend to wounds before they become infected." She slowly nodded her head. "Do you want someone else in the room with you when I treat you?"

"Gin-Ginny." whispered Hermione.

Severus nodded and he carefully lifted her up into his arms. She screamed out of pain that ran through her body. He felt her body shake. He knew from her injuries and fear. He couldn't blame her.

The Order members stayed behind to take care of Mr. and Mrs. Granger before the police arrived. They had to make it look like they had packed up and moved. They had much to do and in so little time to do it in.


Severus swept into Order headquarters with Hermione in his arms. He called for Ginny Weasely to follow him. She quickly jumped up from the couch in the sitting room and followed her potions professor up the stairs. He quickly and explained what she would see. She only nodded.

Ginny had long flaming red hair, fare freckled skin, brown eyes and growing womanly figure. She was youngest out of the Weasely family and only girl.

Severus entered his bedroom and carefully laid Hermione down her stomach to attend to whip lashes. She cried out of pain. He swept into the next room and sat a bowl of water down on the bedside table along with his potions bag.

Ginny sat down in a chair next to best friend and took hold of her hand whispering words of comfort. Severus carefully lowered the cloak down below her waist without showing her butt. He gently removed the blood from her back showing bloody deep red marks all over her back. He knew immediately they used a magical whip that would leave large deep scars.

"I'm sorry Miss Granger." he whispered as he slowly healed each slash with his wand. "Marking you was the only way I could save you."

Hermione cried into her pillow her body shook with sobs. She had seen her parents murdered. She had been beaten and raped by the man that was healing her. She didn't know if she could full forgive him. But she knew he wouldn't have done it if his life or his spying would be in jeopardy.

Hermione turned her head and looked over at her potions master. "You had no choice. I knew that. You saved me the only way you knew how."

He carefully rolled her rover on her back revealing her bitten body. He sighed heavily at the damage he caused her beautiful body. He had left deep bite marks all over her chest and stomach.

"What have I done to you?" He whispered and slowly healed each bite mark leaving small scares on chest. He covered her breasts and looked down at her stomach. He saw SS craved deep into her flesh. He slowly cleaned the cut and healed it.

"Who carved into her arm?" whispered Ginny finally breaking her silence.

"Lestrange." whispered Hermione.

Severus finished healing Hermione's body. He gave her a pain reliever and sleeping draught. He covered her up and left the bedroom leaving Ginny with her friend.


Severus fell to the floor and his body shook with sobs. He couldn't believe what he had done. He destroyed Hermione Granger's life. He was so distraught that he didn't hear Albus Dumbledore step onto the roof. The elderly man sat down quietly on the bench. Severus pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his forehead on his knees. He rocked back and forth his arms wrapped around his body hoping to stop his body from shaking.

Severus slowly moved to his knees and pulled his wand from his robes. He had done something he could never forgive himself for. He had done many horrible things but this one he couldn't live with himself.

Albus pulled out his wand and quickly disarmed the young man before he took his own life. Severus looked up and saw the headmaster with his wand. Albus had long gray hair and beard, fare wrinkled skin, crooked nose. He wore half moon shape glasses.

"Give me back my wand." hissed Severus as he slowly rose to his full elegant height.

"I'll not let you take your own life Severus." said the elderly wizard.

Severus held out his hand. "Give it to me now!"

"You had no choice Severus. It was do what you done or you would have both died." said Albus gently.

"Then I should have done the right thing and spared her the pain! I should have killed her and then myself! I can't live with myself. I've broken her." Severus sank down to his knees. "Hermione's nothing but a broken woman. I've made her terrified of a man. I've taken what should have been given. Let me end it."

Albus rose to full height and knelt down in front of the man that given so much to their cause and rested his hands on Severus shoulder. "The pain will heal just give yourself some time." He swept from the roof taking Severus's wand with him.


Hermione sat right up breathing heavily her gown drenched in sweat. It had been nearly three months since the attack on her and her family. She had gotten to were she placed charms around her bed not to wake Ginny from her screams in the night. She got up grabbed her robe and made her way down the stairs to the kitchen.

She entered the kitchen in search for some tea. She quietly moved about the kitchen. She quickly moved to sink and emptied the contented of stomach. She spit the rest of the vomit out of her mouth. She grabbed onto the sink and closed her eyes and took several deep breathes.

Severus quietly sat in the shadows. He had been watching over her since she had woken from her potion induced sleep nearly three months ago. He saw her hold her gown down forming slightly to bump. She rubbed it gently.

"Don't worry I'll think of something. I'll take care of you." whispered Hermione. She let a sob.

Severus had seen enough. He went to leave but stopped when Albus entered the kitchen. He sat still waiting to hear what he said. Albus pulled Hermione into his arms. She grabbed the front of his robes and body shook with sobs.

"Everything will be all right." whispered Albus. "I'll help the best I can my dear. The last year of your education will be paid for, and Minnie and I will help you raise the child."

Hermione let out a loud sob. "I want to tell him. He has a right to know. But I'm so scared. I'm terrified. I know he did it all to save me, but I'm still scared. I can't be in same room with him. My nightmares won't leave me."

Albus gently rubbed Hermione's back and rocked her side to side. She turned to the sink and emptied her stomach. Albus held back her hair and gently rubbed her back. Minerva walked into the room and walked over to husband. She had long brown that was pulled back in a low braid out of its usual strict bun. She had toned skin, brown eyes and a slender wanly figures.

"I can take it from here dear." whispered Minerva.

Albus nodded and left the women alone. He knew he could only do so much to help the young broken woman. Minerva moved from the sink and fixed two cups of hot tea and fixed Hermione some dry toast. She slowly helped her to the small table.

"Here sweetheart it will help." said Minerva handing her the toast and tea.

Hermione gave her quiet thank you and took a small bite of toast. "I don't know what I'd do without you, Minnie."

"Hush now dear. You've always been like a granddaughter to me. I've always watched over you." said Minerva and gently squeezed her hand.

Hermione nodded her head and took a bite of her dried toast and a sip of her tea. She felt her stomach settle a small amount. Once she was done she rose from the chair and Minerva helped Hermione up the stairs and into her bedroom. She gave her a kiss on the cheek and Hermione crawled back into the bed.


Severus sat down on his bed and rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands. He took several deep breathes. He couldn't believe he had forgotten to give her a morning after potion that would stop her from becoming pregnant. He was so distraught that it completely left his mind. Now Hermione Granger was carrying her attacker's baby. She was carrying his child. He wouldn't dare try to take the baby from her. He wasn't that heartless. He sighed heavily and lay down on his bed and looked up at ceiling. He knew sleep wouldn't come for him tonight.

"If can't be in they're lives I can at lest protect them." he whispered and rolled over onto his side.


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