Just wanted to clarify something, the reason I used the simile 'razor to skin' was because of what's going on in the story, I would've used knife to butter, but for one It's Cliché and two it didn't fit the somber feel of the story so far, and that's what I wanted, to make it really as sad as I could.

Enjoy! ^^ ( Reviews are greatly appreciated, I'm wandering as to whether or not carry it on.)


The One About What Happened Next.

Ross returned to his apartment with a broken heart.

He turned the key in the door, and knew that he had lost the girl of his dreams; this time forever.

He staggered to his couch, and slumped into it, he remembered the laughs, the smiles and the tears he and Rachel had on that couch. He remembered talking about their future, and that night was going to change their future.

Every dream he had, a single moment of poor judgement.

He couldn't take it, he couldn't stand what he was feeling, a monster was clawing at his throat and needed to escape.

He closed his eyes and a single crystalline pure tear ran down his cheek.

He reached for pen and paper, licked the nib and scrawled a just readable, raw insight from within him.

After he had finished he knew that it was time.

More tears came as he collected a few things from his bedroom, and looked over everything, but now with an aching heart that longed for Rachel. He saw everything she'd ever touched, and knew that it'd be the last time he touched it aswell.

He closed the door behind him, and didn't look back.

A gentle tap came upon Ross' door.

When there was no reply, she decided to call out.

'Ross! It's me Rachel, we need to talk.'

No reply came.

Against her better judgement, she decided to use her key and go in, uninvited.

But all she saw as she entered was the piece of lined dinosaur paper on the coffee table.

She smiled through teary eyes.

'Ross? Are you here?!'

She walked over to the piece of paper. And Picked it up with trembling hands.

She read:

'I've left. And I'm not coming back, there is no justification for what I've done, and although I rack my brains as I write this for an answer, there isn't one.

Tell Rachel, that when I blamed her for this, I was wrong. I was over-bearing, and she was in a high stress situation, I felt threatened by Mark, even though I had no cause to, she's perfect.

Also, tell her not to go to the planetarium for a week or two, she can't see what's there, It'd only worsen her fragility at the moment.

I just want her to know, that I love her, I love her so much that I cant live with what I've done, and I don't want to hurt her, when she's ready, and starts dating others, that I'm happy for her, that I'm watching her, and that I miss her.

Monica, as and when you find this I want you to know that, Although I don't always say it, or show it, but, I love you more than any brother could have and I hope you know that. I want you to lead, the happiest and most love filled life you can, you deserve the best, and I wasn't the best I could be; I broke your best friend.

Tell the guys that I love them, and that what I'm doing isn't because of anything any of them have ever done, it's because of what I've done.

Tell Mom and Dad that I've moved, or left, or gone abroad, and tell them what happened, when Rachel can handle it too.

What I'm doing may seem drastic over a girl, but Rachel wasn't just a girl, she was the love of my life, my best friend, and my soul mate. And knowing that I broke her heart, and after seeing the look in her eyes yesterday, I knew what I did was beyond redemption.

Goodbye, Mon, I love you..


She covered her mouth in disbelief, and immediately dropped the paper. A small gasp escaped her lips, and heavy tears immediately streamed down her face.

She reached into her bag, and withdrew the phone from within it.

She penned in Ross' number with shaking fingers and held it up to her ear.

Nothing, dead end.

She ran.

As fast as she could, with tears falling behind her, there were no words in her mouth, and everytime she tried to think straight, she felt like collapsing.

The one she loved,and she knew no matter what happened between them, she'd always love him, and she just knew it.

Rachel's arms flailed in the icy air, but she cut through them with her desperation like a razor to skin.

If she didn't do something now, nothing could ever be done, and she couldn't handle that.

People cursed her as she pushed past them, some stared, some even tried to help her.

None of that mattered right now; all that did was Ross, and she was running out of time.

Ross sat on a rickety stool looking at the soaked picture of himself and Rachel in a warm embrace on her Birthday, they were both smiling, both happy, both in Love.

He blinked. More tears fell from his eyes, covering the photo.

That was gone now, nothing was left, except a black hole where his heart used to beat, he had hurt the most important person in his life, they were beyond reconciliation, he had crushed her, and left without fighting, even though he accused her of not fighting.

He should never have left, he almost believed she'd call him back as he left; but the call never came, just the sad look in her glassy eyes as he turned back to see her for the last time ever.

He knew what he had to do as soon as he got up to leave, and it had sickened him at first, he couldn't end his life over a girl, surely? But the more the idea was in his mind as he struggled back home, became more apparent and plausible.

The walk home.

It had crushed him, he stumbled from left to right, in an almost euphoric-drunken state. But it was not one of Euphoria.

It was an air of dread, a sense of hopelessness hung around him, and other people must have sensed it because everyone he encountered avoided him.

He passed Central Perk, and saw the sofa, where he and Rachel had shared passion, laughter. Three or so years ago it was where he'd started to feel things for her again, he remembered the umbrella blunder he'd made, it made him smile through the pain, he remembered her smile, too, she was so distraught, yet seem so relieved and independent to start her life anew after leaving her 'lover' at the altar.

Why he couldn't start anew after the relationship had ended was unknown to him at the time, but as he observed a tree in the wind outside the old coffee shop he realized it.

The tree held hundreds of leaves, it was the support of the main trunk, that held the leaves as one.

Rachel was his tree, and he was the leaf that was shivering in the wind, and that was torn from it's branch, and was blown away to die alone, to never be seen again, it had left the world of the living,

Ross had to now as well, he had been torn from his branch just as the leaf had.

He concluded the walk with just a single thought in his mind.