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Her arms and limbs pumped as she raced over the uneven ground.

Occasionally her foot would snag on a root or slip on an uneven pebble, but she regained almost seamlessly, and with no alteration to her stride except her hands moving slightly out at her side, she kept running.

She pushed herself harder, hair flying around her in the wind.

As she leapt over the small stream that fed from the Trent she dove to the right.

Her back moulded to the rough bark through her thin shirt above the leather bodice she wore.

The new arm guards were also made from leather, and were welcome addition as they protected her wrists further from the near constant use of a bow or sword.

As her palm stretched on the bark by her hip as she rested her head back on the tree.

She tried to quieten her heavy breathing.

Marian closed her eyes briefly, letting her mind focus slowly on the sounds around her, rather than her hammering heart and small shooting pains in her lower legs and arms.

The wind seemed to still, and it made the forest seem silent, completely unmoving.

A small crack of wood a few meters behind her gave him away.

It cracked loudly under his foot and he fought the urge to curse.

She stiffened back against the tree, her hand curving around the hilt of her dagger.

He took another step and she drew in a breath.

They both knew where the other was.

Predator and prey seemed to switch roles seamlessly.

He spun around the tree as she leapt around the back.

She landed behind him and he spun, seeing her dagger glint in the light.

He caught her wrists and made to spin her but she pressed one foot to his thigh and pushed herself backwards.

She flipped over him in no time at all as he made a grab for her wrist holding the dagger.

She grabbed his other wrist and with a strength he had never felt before from her, spun him so his hands, although around the hilt of the dagger, were under hers.

Her chest pressed into his back and the dagger, held between their hands, rested lightly on his chest over his heart.

Slowly, as both of their breathing slowed, they grinned.

She pressed a small kiss under his ear, his neck for once free of his hair, for he had cut it upon her request.

He felt her lips smile against his throat.

"Got you." She whispered.

As quick as lightning he spun out of her grip, the dagger now in his hand. He grabbed her hand, and her shock prevented her momentarily form dodging him.

He pulled her back against his chest.

They switched rolled once more.

Robin held the dagger against her chest, which was hammering up and down against her tight green shirt he noticed.

He kissed her neck hard and she reached behind her with one hand to grab at his hair.

Both their breathing was ragged.

"That's a very dirty trick Marian of Locksley." He scolded her.

He grinned at seeing her smile and flush at her reaction to her name and title.

She pushed away from him and spun to face him, knocking his hands out of her way so they fell on her hips.

"You taught it to me." She was gasping for breath.

Both of them stared at one another for a moment before bursting into free laughter.

Robin bent his neck to kiss her, and her palm travelled up his cheeks to rest on his jaw, as a she marvelled at the way his face moved beneath her palms as they kissed.

They pulled apart and he grinned at her, his forehead resting on hers.

She kissed the end of his nose quickly and flushed, completely and utterly in love with him.

"I love you." She whispered.

He grinned, leaning his face closer to hers.

"I love you to."

There were several more cracks of twigs on the ground and Robin and Marians heads snapped up.

They were met by several pairs of raised eyebrows.

Djac and Will were almost flushing, Much was flustered, Alan was grinning and John was shaking his head.

Marian's face flushed and Robin clung to her tighter.

"What?" He raised both his eyebrows at his gang.

He was not embarrassed of his love for Marian.

Much's frustration, but not surprise, boiled over.

"Run, that's what you said!" He cried.

"Getting ourselves healthy, training, that's what you said this morning!" Much was practically shouting, "So we are prepared for dealing with the Sheriffs men… and you to… disgusting."

"It is not disgusting Much." Robin said. "Plenty of people do it…."

"Not in the forest!" Much screamed.

Marian raised her eyebrows at Will and Djac, who looked at one another, blushed deep, and then looked at the floor.

Robin pulled Marian closer to him again.

"I personally have no problem with it!" Alan cried and folded his arms, making a show of standing still and staring at Robin and Marian as though he was watching them.

John sighed, Much was still babbling to himself.

"Honey… gallivanting… honestly…"

Robin chuckled and let go of Marian, before walking with her at his side to the gang.

"But Much is right," Marian was speaking now.

"I am?" Much was shocked.


Robin nodded and spoke over her, "we do need to be ready to fight the sheriff, we need to go to the castle and find out exactly what is going on… what the sheriff's next move will be."

Alan groaned, "All work and no play."

Robin loved adventure and had his hands on his hips now, grinning as Much too started to speak.

"Master, the castle… really…"

"Oh yes." Robin winked.

There was the loud sound of neighing on the road and all the gang spun, weapons ready to look at the small dark shape on the horizon.

A mounted rider.

"A messenger." Much drew his sword.

Robin grinned and winked at Marian.

"Right lads, let's go."