Isabella let her black cloak swish about her, her back pressing into the cold stone pillar.

It felt large and empty, not a prison like the tomb she had tried to create for Hood.

She wanted this to be his tomb, to be Guy's tomb.

What he ever done for her, Off of his own back?

What had he ever done for her because he wanted to help her?


She heard his spurs on the floor, his sword outstretched before him, and heard him walked through the dripping water that was collecting on the floor to pass her pillar.

"Come and get me." She breathed and cast dark eyes on him.

He spun, not retracting his sword so the blade slammed into the stone a foot above her head.

"You." He sneered and grabbed her, pulling her by the arm to glare down at her.

"Hello brother." She breathed, her eyes dark and empty, her voice was almost childlike and haunting.

He felt a prod in his stomach, and looked down to see her hand reaching out from the waves of her dark black cloak, topress her small dagger into his stomach.

He lifted his eyes to stare at her and she raised one eyebrow coyly.

"You are an outlaw now." Guy sneered at her, "I suppose you have heard, that that is why you are here."

"Why did you think I could come back into this castle just to say goodbye to you Guy?" She hissed, "To try and rekindle our sibling loyalty that you buried all those years ago."

He said nothing, and they glared at one another.

"He plans to burn me like I witch I hear… Vaisey… you are loyal to him aren't you, more loyal to him than your ownsister…" She hissed.

Guy slammed his sword against the hilt of her knife, swinging it between them.

It was send skidding along the floor, glinting in the light that streamed through a few dripping cracks.

He grabbed her by the throat, pushing his hand against her voice box, and slamming her back against the stone pillar.

"You will get what you deserve." He snapped.

She stared at him, his sword pointing to her chest.

Her eyes were narrow and cold, just like his.

"Then do it, you did as much to me when I was a child." She hissed.

He snarled, "I will be rid of you…"
"Join with me."

Isabella's overriding instinct was always to protect herself above all others.

She would do anything to spare her life.

For as cold and angry as she felt towards her brother, she wanted his blood, not him to have hers.

She would have the blood of all the men who had wronged her.

"What?" Guy snapped.

He would have her blood.

Isabella was filled with the emotion to mention about Archer, their half-brother the Guisborne.

But he was with Hood now, and she was sure that Guy would not believe her, or that his anger over it would end her life immediately.

"The Sheriff uses you like a puppet Guy; together we could be so much more… have lands in the family name once more, not looking after someone else's." She was begging him darkly, placing bait almost in front of him.

"We could leave Nottingham together, and rule lands in the Guisborne name… Guy…"

"No." He moved his sword so it rested over her neck, the blade pushing into her throat.

"Locksley will be mine… I would rather die than leave Nottingham like a coward with you." He shouted in her face, "You are a traitor, a common outlaw."

She glared at him.

She had expected nothing else.

She knew the only person she could trust and rely on now was herself.

If she was honest with herself, she had known that for a long time.

"So you chose The Sheriff over me, your sister?" She raised one cold dark eyebrow.

"I chose power and position, and I have no need of you." He snapped, and it was true.

There was only one woman Guy wasted any thought over.

His conquest was to have her.

His conquest was to take everything that was Hoods.

Anything he had ever thought of, ever touched, ever owned…

Anything or anyone he had ever loved.

She sneered.

She had to get out of Nottingham.

To protect herself.

She knew there was nothing left for her here.

As long as she lived, Isabella would never give her brother a backward glance.

One day though, she would have her revenge.

"Then stay here." She hissed, locking eyes with him, "This place can be your tomb."

IN the blink of an eye she reached between them and yanked his dagger from his belt before slashing it across his side

Guy roared in pain and she used the distraction to push him away with her foot.

Once his sword was clear of her throat she took off at a sprint across the room and towards the tunnel that led outside.

With a roar of pain and rage Guy pushed himself upright and slammed his sword dangerously close to her head against a pillar.

She spun and carried on Running.

Guy held his sword tightly.

He could feel the wound slowly seeping blood inside his leather jacket.

"Guards!" He yelled as he ran after her.


He skidded to a stop outside of the tunnel in time to see Isabella swing herself atop his horse that he had left there.

With a superior glance, Isabella smirked at him and took off towards the forest and the road.

Her horse galloped through the trees along the road, pounding the dirt as she raced away from Nottingham.

She had her destination locked in her mind.

Somewhere far away.

Where no one knew her.

She could set herself up as the wife of a wealthy merchant, lie and double deal to find herself property and servants.

She knew of only one person she loved, and it was herself.

She would live forever alone if it meant that she survived.

Without a backwards glance, Isabella rode away.