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::::[I'm coming Vegeta..]::::

The proud prince could no longer stand the cold chill that ran down his spine.. He ran away from the taunting voice. He ran and ran, and not once dared to look back..

::::[You can't escape me.. there's no way you'll live..]::::

Vegeta clenched his fists in simmering anger and kept running. Despite his stubborn pride, he knew deep within himself that he couldn't stand and wait for.. Whoever is was to get him. Something about that voice.. Was somewhat familiar..

A cold, high pitched laugh filled the hot humid air. ::::[What's wrong? You know that you'll die, or you know who I am?]::::

A gold aura sparkled around Vegeta. What was wrong with him? The royal super saiyan had no thoughts of dying.. and he didn't know who the hell the voice was. Then, why was he running away?

::::[Aww, it pains me to know you don't remember me.. you know perfectly well who I am.]:::: The degree of the coldness of the voice was frightening now. Vegeta kept running; didn't look back. His legs subconsciously kept moving foward.. though his burning desire to stop. Sweat poured down his face, and yet, some other liquid was running down his cheeks as well... blood?.. He ran his gloved hand down his face to see what it was..the results somewhat startled him. It wasn't red. It was, in fact, colorless. It was.. tears?! But why? Why was he crying? He never ever cried before.. except, of coarse, all those distant years on Planet Namek.

::::[I've had fun Vegeta.. but now I'm afraid I'll have to finish you..]::::

"No!!" Vegeta's aura now was enormous. Static ran up and down his body; signifying that he was now super saiyan level two.

::::[I must admit, you've definitely improved.. but, it's nothing I can't handle.. now, to die..]::::

Vegeta felt hot breath on the back of his neck..he turned around only to see- absolutely nothing. He cursed at himself from his disability of not seeing his pursuer.

::::[Die...]:::: The taunting voice said for the last and final time.

A ki blast ripped through the black nothingness and hit the prince who was off-guard. The blast's heat burned Vegeta's flesh. A coursing singe of pain ran up and down his back. His stomach exploded with ache, and his head erupted with nausea. He let out a blood-curdling scream and quickly everything went black...::::



Vegeta woke up abruptly, and sat up immediately. He clenched his fists and slammed them down on the bed sheet.. how many times in one week can you have the same nightmare? Vegeta looked over at his mate, who apparently for some bizarre reason, hadn't woken up from Vegeta's shouting. The prince sighed, totally exhausted. Hell, he hadn't slept much in days.. the result of the nightmare waking him up every single night. How much more could he take? Bulma had noticed the dark circles around his eyes, and didn't like it one bit. She was worried about him; concerned even. Everyone had been cautious around Vegeta.. knowing that since he hadn't been very patient lately, (when has he ever been patient?), not to anger him the best they could.

Vegeta slowly got up from the bed and cringed angrily when a slight noise interrupted the silence that the room held. It sounded like an evil, taunting laugh... His eyes darted from across the room to the hallway.. nothing. Vegeta cursed angrily to himself. He must've been hearing things. After all, it was midnight, and the prince's fatigue didn't make matters any better. Vegeta walked across the room silently, ignoring the noises of the carpet crunching beneath him. Damn! Goku's instant transmission technique would've been helpful right then, but Vegeta quickly discarded the thought and found himself out of the room. He opened the front door carefully and ascended out into the cold night. As soon as he stepped outside, he shivered. Vegeta grunted to himself at how seemingly weak he was getting. He paid no mind though, because he had a destination, and he was going to follow it.


Every night now the saiyan prince would go to a distant cliff and just sit there for hours on end. Thinking about life, about Goku, and especially about the nightmare. It was somewhat peaceful in the quiet haven--too peaceful in fact. He was used to the threat of the dream, the cries of the enraged onna, and all the pressures of everything that was happening in his life. In less than two weeks, a fighting tournament would take place, and all the Z fighters had wanted to participate. Vegeta knew what this meant.. intense training, and a chance to beat 'Kakarot'. Kakarot...the name that had cursed his existence and damaged his pride. Although the memories of the low-class warrior defeating Frieza and beating himself remained in his mind, Vegeta couldn't help but feel something for his rival.. a weird sense of.. friendship. The type of friendship and bond that only the two last survivors of a warrior race could feel.. but nothing beyond the ordinary. Of coarse, with his die-hard pride, he would never reveal any source of emotion to Goku; besides hatred. Vegeta sighed, as he looked onto the stars. How peaceful it was.. the stars twinkling above him, and all that mattered was himself, and nothing else. A slight shudder in the bushes, awakened him from his thoughts. Vegeta's eyes darted across the bush, knowing that whatever was in there, he'd have to fight.. maybe he was being paranoid, but he could thank his damned childhood for that.

"Who's there?" His voice ruptured the quiet night. Now he definitely knew he was being paranoid.. for all he knew, it could've been some weak animal trotting through the bush. But what could produce that sound? Vegeta stroke a fighting pose, extending both hands into fists. A foot reached out of the thick leaves, and so did a hand--


Goku's familiar orange gi stuck out from the darkness. "Oh.. hey Vegeta!"

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Startled by Vegeta's tone of voice, Goku smiled his famous 'Son Grin' and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, ChiChi threw me out of the house.. and I sensed you here, so I decided to come.." Vegeta grunted in reply, and looked away when Goku sat down beside him.

"Why'd she throw you out?"


"Why did the onna throw you out?"

"Oh,.. I went to get a midnight snack, and I woke ChiChi up, and she got mad at me.."

"Is that all?" Vegeta replied, slightly disappointed that there hadn't been any more action.




"What do you want?"

"Can I ask you something?.." Goku's face was filled with concern. His eyes looked serious, one of the only rare times he was serious.

"As long as it doesn't waste my time.." Vegeta gritted his teeth in anger. Why did it have to be Goku who had sprang from the bush? He would've taken anyone else.. heck, he would've rather talked with Captain Ginyu..

"Well, we're all worried about you.."

"Why?" Vegeta practically mumbled, not caring whether or not his question had come out very withdrawn.

"You've been really angry lately.. is something wrong? Something you're not telling anyone?"

Hatred spilled into Vegeta's eyes. "You wouldn't understand Kakarot...YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!" Vegeta stood up abruptly; walking away from the scene as quick as possible. Goku followed intently, and using his instant transmission, cut off the prince before he could take to the air. "What's wrong Vegeta? Is something troubling you? Can anybody help?" "No! Nobody can help! Just leave me alone!" Vegeta took off to the air, turning super saiyan to gather more speed. He would've succeeded in his get-away, but an arm grabbed his leg before he could've gotten any farther. "What did I just tell you? Leave me be!!" Angst filled his voice and he struggled hard to get out of Goku's grasp. "No Vegeta! I have to find out what's wrong with you!" Goku's stare softened, and so did his ki, as he dropped out of his super saiyan form. "You can tell me.. I won't laugh or tease you.." Vegeta shook his head, but as non-stubbornly as he could, returned to normal, and returned to the ground beneath him. "Will you tell me now?" Goku asked softly, but kindly. How Goku could get him to tell anything was something to be rivaled with. Another thing Goku beat him at..

"Fine Kakarot, 'if I must tell you..'" Vegeta crossed his arms, looking away, and not wanting to keep eye contact with the other saiyan at all. He sighed, not ever having to explain this to anyone before.

"Over the past few days, I've been having this stupid nightmare.."

"A nightmare?"

"Let me explain baka!," he continued, "There's this unmistakably cold voice.. I don't know to who it belongs to, but.. the voice says I know who it is, and that it wants to kill me.. and at the end of my 'dream', it actually does kill me.."

"Whoa.. it says you know who it is?"

Vegeta nodded furiously, hating the idea he had just told his rival what had been bothering him. Goku nodded, rubbing his chin in thought. "Well, I'm sure that nightmare doesn't mean anything-"

"No Kakarot! It does mean something! Don't you see? I've been having that damn nightmare for weeks!"

Goku immediately stopped talking, and once again he was deep in thought. "Well Vegeta, I think that the dream is trying to tell you something.. pay close attention to it, okay?" Vegeta nodded, and looked away.

"I have to go,.. ChiChi probably wants me back.." Goku smiled one last time and ascended off into the air.

"Bye Vegeta!" With those last words, the younger saiyan flew off into the tainted horizon. Vegeta dusted off some dirt that had stained his gi while he had sat on the ground.

"Bye.. Kakarot.." He whispered, and for some strange reason, it felt like it was final.


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