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Chapter 1: Enter the Former Companion

It was early morning at Asahi Orphanage, the light finally shining through the clouds to signal the start of the new day. Yuki Sakurai, a teenage boy sat against the pillows of his makeshift chair-turned-bed, writing in a diary. He had a proper bed, but he felt it was easier to fall asleep in the resting place he had made himself, as it brought comfort to him many times before. He thought for a while before writing in a rather large and worn leather journal.

Dear Time Loge,

As per usual, I have finished my usual morning routine. I finished my paper route, practiced Martial Arts with the Headmaster, and now I'm contemplating the weird dream that I had last night.

Yes, you heard me right, I've finally had a dream that I consider weird, given everything that we have been through. I wish I could write them down, but when I wake up, I've just gone and almost completely forgotten about them…. even though I can't shake the feeling that whatever it was that I forgot was really important.

All I can remember is that there is this man. I can't really say I have met anyone like him. All I remember is his eyes… well, he's completely covered up by a cloak so of course that's all I can remember… like the molten metal of a dwarf star…

Anyway, all I can remember him saying something about always being there for me… it's like a far off memory or a distant dream. I hope to see this man one day, if he exists.

Knowing what I do and considering what I've been through, I think that I just might.

The screaming of an alarm clock's second warning abruptly stopped any writing the teen was working on. The boy reached his foot across the arm of the chair-turned-bed and tapped a button on atop the clock with his big toe, silencing it.

"Time to start another day."

He took off his reading glasses and sighed. He stood up and made his way to the bathroom, shielding his eyes the whole way there. Upon reaching the bathroom, he unscrewed a rather small, two welled container. Two dim red lenses seemed to glare back at Yuki, which made him narrow his eyes. "Thank you for making me contacts to help with the photo-phobia, Mom, but really, did they have to be red?"

Yuki turned to the mirror in his small room. He couldn't complain about the size of the room, there were other children who all shared the larger rooms. He was happy that he just had a small corner of the universe to call his own to escape the harsh realities of life on Earth and beyond.

Yuki paused in buttoning up his shirt to trace the thin lines that rose on his skin, forming a rather grim and jagged Y that ended just below his belly button. He shook his head. "Don't freak out now. They can't hurt you or anyone ever again. You're a normal high school student now. You're going to go off to college, get a job as a writer or doing science, and keep in touch with everyone new and old."

Yuki hung his head for a few seconds before lifting it and completing his morning ritual. "I wish that my life would get… exciting again, I suppose." With that said, he finished looping his tie for the day. "Not that I don't like my life the way it is, but I do miss all my adventures. I learned so much, and now when I go to that learning institute they call a school. Then again, who am I to complain? I mean, I was brought back for a very good reason and it's not like I won't ever see you again, my-"

"Yuki, when you are done getting ready, could you check the mail for me and get the newspaper?" Came the voice of the Headmaster.

"Oh, yes sir!"

Yuki frowned as he stared at the letter. Glued onto the paper were cut-outs of different letters and characters, spelling out 'Die, Yuki Sakurai, You FREAK!' in a rather neat fashion.

"This is the second one." Yuki recalled getting the first of the letter his shoe locker at school. Crumpling up the letter, Yuki quickly put in in the garbage can next to the mail box. Though he didn't show it, the 'freak' remark hurt deeply. Ever since he could remember, Yuki could hear and see things others could not, could see memories and feel emotions if he touched people, and after certain adventures, he was crazy prepared for almost anything. "Maybe that's why I was left at the orphanage steps by my parents. They didn't need a freak like me, or just me in general."

"Yuki!" The mentioned boy leaned over the wall the mail box was situated on and smiled when he saw a familiar face coming into view.

"Kanata-ni-san! It's been a while. How are you?"

The man smiled and held out a plastic bag containing a book that read 'Wild Frogs' on the cover. "I've been good. I bought this the other day and thought that the kids would like it."

Yuki took the book smiling. "Thanks, I'm sure they would like it. Besides, I have a feeling that they are getting bored with stories about the Doctor and his adventures."

Kanata gave a thin smile. When Yuki was thirteen, he had disappeared without a trace. When he was found in the front yard in the early hours of the morning after about a week, he was changed. His hair went from an almost ginger color to being splattered with rather thick streaks of white and he couldn't stand bright lights as easily anymore. His speech had changed too, mixing in words from foreign languages, most of them sounded like complete gibberish and made up, and it had taken on an airy tone whenever he would speak, as if talking about a fond memory or dream. The Headmaster had found him sitting on a rather large chest that Yuki refused to open. When asked where he was, Yuki would tell them tales about a man called 'The Doctor' and how he had gone on marvelous adventures with this man. The police and real doctors had brushed it off as a coping mechanism to cover up what really happened. Yuki would often have panic attacks and nightmares, sometimes to the point where he would curl up into a ball and start muttering nonsense and phrases that greatly disturbed everyone, such as 'exterminate' and other things along those lines.

Now, most of the white had grown out over the past two years and Yuki rarely had his panic attacks, but he still insisted that his Doctor was real.

Kanata never truly forgave the police for not taking Yuki's disappearance seriously, the doctors for giving up on Yuki so soon, and this so-called 'Doctor' for filling Yuki's head with nonsense.

"Kanata-ni-san? Are you okay?" Kanata was shaken from his thoughts by a rather worried Yuki.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking about work." It was a lie, but it was better than saying that he was thinking about Yuki's 'madman' days, no matter how he could word it. "Anyways, I hear you are looking around for apartments. An acquaintance of mine from work knows of a few if you are interested."

"That would be fantastic-oops!" Yuki covered his mouth as he slipped into English for the last word, causing him to flush red. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, it's a habit, habit!"

"Yuki, calm down. It's okay, besides, I need to practice English if I want to get a promotion at my job. We're starting to branch out."

"Okay." Yuki squeaked out, still embarrassed.

Yuki peeked his head into the Headmasters office. "I'm going to school now Sensei!"

The Headmaster looked up from polishing the various Martial Arts trophies that decorated the room. The one he was holding read 'Yuki Sakurai- Third Place' on a ribbon attached to it. "Alright, you be careful now, okay? I can't have my star student just disappear into thin air again."

Yuki smiled. "I'm always careful!"

The Headmaster put the trophy down. "Yuki, I heard that you have been looking for another job and even an apartment. You know you have until you graduate high school, and you are still a first year. There is still time."

The teen was flustered now. "I-I understand, really I do! It's just… I want to be as prepared as possible."

"Yuki, this will always be your home, alright?" The Headmaster placated.

"I understand." Yuki was calmer now. "I'm sorry, but I need to go. Kanata-ni-san is here by the way. He brought some more books for the kids as well."

"That is truly nice of him. I will have to go and great him then."

Two people, a boy and a girl in high school uniforms, sat near a bus stop. The girl was examining a photograph while the boy was snaking on a box of acorn-shaped sweets.

"It should be here soon." The boy intoned.

The girl looked at him. "The Sparrow Express, right?"

The boy nodded, smiling as a small bird landed on a branch and twittered to him. "He's close now."

The girl turned back to the photo. "Yuki-chan is still cute as a button, even in this life."

Her talking was silenced by a yell from the bus stop. She and the boy turned their heads to see that their target, Yuki, had a teenager kneeling on the ground and was holding the kneeling teens arm behind his back.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, but the Martial Arts is a reflex… that and I do not appreciate it when people hurt others for no apparent reason, especially old men. I suggest that you apologize to him before you find out what a broken arm feels like."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just let me go already you brat!"

Yuki froze at the dark aura the other teen was giving off. It was dark and full of hatred.

Please no, please don't make me see anything! Yuki inwardly pleaded.

I'll never forgive my good-for-nothing father.

He betrayed us, his family.

Ran off with another woman!

I will never forgive him!

Yuki let go and reeled back as if he had been burned, clutching his head.

"Are you okay young man?" The older man he had been defending came up to his defense.

"I-I'm okay. Just a headache, that's all." Yuki reassured the man. Great, it happened again.

The teen stood up and turned to the now vulnerable Yuki. "I'm going to make you pay for that brat!"

As the teen lifted his fist, a chocolate acorn collided with his forehead, stopping his tirade. Confused, he looked down at the sweet that had just hit him.

"Give it a rest already. I already called the cops." Yuki turned to see a boy and girl wearing unfamiliar uniforms. The girl had her cellphone out while the boy was munching on chocolate acorns.

The teen and his two friends ran off. Yuki could barely hear that the girl had lied about calling the police. His thoughts had floated off somewhere else.

"Yuki-chan, you need to be careful. Not everyone is a Good Samaritan like you. You could have gotten hurt! Yuki-chan, are you listening to me?"

Yuki was snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh, sorry, I guess I spaced out for a bit."

The girl smiled and hugged the confused boy. "You really are too kind for your own good. I think we'll get along just fine." The girl then let Yuki go and left the scene with the snack eating boy.

"Huh?" Yuki was even more baffled by this point. "Never mind, just get to school."

Yuki started walking towards his school again when something clicked. "I never told her my name…"

Yuki went to the roof for his lunch period, reading a book while he ate from his bento box, which was filled with more Western foods than those commonly found at his school. It was a good break from being constantly hounded by the girls at school. He had no idea why, but they always squealed when he said something in English. By the time he had reached the school, everyone knew what went down at the bus stop. He even ran into his childhood friend Uzuki, the only one who had believed his stories about the Doctor, but something was off about him. He had some sort of red mark on his neck.

"That red mark definitely was not some wound or rash. The pattern was too distinct." Yuki murmured as he looked through some books he always kept on hand.

The roof was filled with mutters of 'No', 'Not exactly', 'Extinct', and 'Maybe' for the next half hour.

After school was quiet for Yuki. He had gone by to visit Kanata during the older man's break. Yuki was grateful for the apartment ads, but he noticed something very off about Kanata. The graphic designer started talking about his book, The Key of Raziel, and about how he could reset the world. It wasn't until sunset, when barely anyone was around, did Yuki leave.

Yuki shivered when he remembered the look in Kanata's eyes. He had seen it all too many times before. Stopping in his tracks, Yuki shook his head. "Stress, Kanata-ni-san is under a lot of stress at work right now. That's all, that's all."

Yuki whispered the mantra to himself all the way home, only for it to be interrupted by a loud scream. Turning around, Yuki saw an out of control car swerving right and left. He attempted to run out of the car's path, but it was as if something was holding him in place.

Looking down at his feet, Yuki saw two pairs of sickly black hands holding onto his legs.

"That's definitely no Silence." He whispered in awe. He started rummaging through his bag. "Where is that sonic-"

"Look out!"

Yuki stopped looking through his bag to see the car no more than ten feet away from him. He paled when he saw that there was no driver.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Yuki was then tackled out of the way by a blur of black.

The black blur turned out to be a man with pale skin. After the car had crashed into the light post behind Yuki, he had ushered the boy to a park to get away from the inevitable crowd.

"Maybe you should go to a hospital." Yuki panicked as he tied up the strangers hand with a handkerchief in an attempt to at least stop the bleeding.

The man shook his head, smiling. "I'm fine. I heal a bit quicker than others."

Yuki looked up in surprise. "I do as well." Yuki then leaned back on the park bench. "The Doc- a very good friend of mine used to say the same thing. It amazed him really."

"You looked like you were worried about something. Is that why you were stuck in place?"

Yuki blinked. "It's not that I was stuck. It felt like something had grabbed my legs and wouldn't let go. Probably a vengeful spirit or something otherworldly."

The man raised an eyebrow. "Otherworldly?"

Yuki nodded. "Ever since I could remember, I could hear, see, things other could not. People's thoughts, their memories, even their emotions. It scared me a lot as a kid, and lost me friends. I can't control it either. It just happens out of nowhere, and it makes it hard when I touch people since that's how it 'activates' I guess. I used to upset a lot of people with it and burdened my friends, like Uzuki-kun. I touched him once on the shoulder, and I saw pieces of his life that he never wanted anyone to see. I blurted out how I felt about and I hurt him in the end." Yuki's fists clenched. "I hurt a close friend because I couldn't keep my bloody mouth shut for once!"

"… Don't blame yourself." Yuki looked to the stranger. "Nobody can control everything in their lives. Your… friend isn't ready to face what has happened in his life and is quick to put the blame on others and runs away. Even though failing to fight one's fate means life is no more than a living death." He noticed how Yuki shivered at the last few words. The stranger sighed. "Because of his weakness, you're getting hurt too. Don't worry too much about it, or you'll just worry yourself sick."

The dark stranger helped Yuki up. "You should head home. It's getting dark, and who knows what might be lurking in the shadows."

Yuki's eyes developed a distant look, which surprised the man. "Are… are you okay?"

"I know what lurks in the darkness. The men and the monsters, wearing faces of friends and allies at times, never knowing when they might strike." Yuki adjusted his shoulder bag. "Sorry about that, it's another one of my habits. The Doc-my friend always said I saw too much too young."

The man blinked in surprise. "This friend of yours sounds very… odd."

Yuki gave him a deadpan look. "You don't know the half of it."


"Ever met a man who could start a fire with an orange and a rock?"

The stranger blinked, causing Yuki to shrug. "I've been around the block a few times. It doesn't sound that weird once you really see it."

"I see… well, I must be off to continue my investigation. I suggest that you be careful getting home."

Yuki smiled as the man turned and walked away. "You're not from here, are you?"

"No, I'm not." The stranger did not stop walking.

"No, I mean that you're not human, are you?" The stranger whipped around to see Yuki smiling.

"How did you-"

"I can tell a human from a non-human." Yuki gestured to himself. "It takes one to know one."

This time Yuki turned around and started walking off, leaving a stunned non-human in his wake. Two phrases were carried between them by the wind.

You're the most human-like being I know.

Thank you.

Halfway home was when something else, something very important, clicked for the second time that day.

The man had silver eyes, like the molten metal of a dwarf star.

I finally found you. Whispered a voice happily in his head.

AI: So here is the end of chapter one! Don't worry, the Doctor will appear in later chapters. As to when his appearance takes place in the Whovian universe, it's after The Waters of Mars but before The End of Time. To clear things up, after the events of Planet of the Dead, Yuki was dropped back off in his time. The Doctor most likely had some more adventures prior to and in between the last two episodes of the Tenth Doctor's run and time isn't linear... I won't give away all of the details just yet, so please be patient with me! Until next time everyone!