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Chapter 3: Decisions, Decisions

Yuki took a couple of deep breaths. "Takashirou-san… I…"

The older man gave a gentle smile. "I know it's a lot to take in right now but-"

"I'm sorry, but I need some time to think about it right now. Am I allowed that at least?"

Takashiro nodded. "Of course. It is an important matter."

Toko took a step forward. "But that means…"

"What will you do about your powers?" Tsukumo finished.

"I'm sure I can manage. I've had many people supporting me for a long time now, so I'll be alright. It takes a lot to knock me off my block!" Yuki smiled. "But I was wondering… Tsukumo-kun and Toko-san-"

"Why are you only treating me like a stranger?!" Yuki flinched as Touko appeared to teleport right in front of him. "You call him 'Tsukumo-kun' but you call me 'Touko-san'! That's so mean, Yuki-chan!"

Note to self, girls REALLY like cute things, including honorifics. "Um, Touko-chan then…"

"Yes, Yuki-chan?" Yuki inwardly sighed at how quickly Touko's mood changed. It reminded him of a certain blonde woman he had come to love as family, even a mother. "So you two, well… I guess you're my relatives, right?"

Touko turned to her younger brother. "Our surname is Murasame, but since we have the same ancestry we are related, I guess."

"That's good." Touko turned back to Yuki. "To tell you the truth, I didn't think that there was anybody related to me. Knowing I'm not alone anymore, it makes me really happy."

"Yuki-chan! From now on, we'll always be with you!" Touko was about to glomp the dual-haired boy, but the latter panicked and side-stepped out of the way. "Yuki-chan?"

"I'm sorry; it seems that I'm still on edge." And I don't like being touched by people I really don't know…

Touko gave a sad smile. "It's understandable."

Yuki clapped his hands together. "Well, now that we have that out of the way…" He turned to the large hole in the road that was made during the beginning of the fight. "…Now how are we going to deal with this?" The tone used was as if he was talking about a homework assignment rather than addressing his audience.

"Don't worry about it. Takashiro will just abuse his authority as always and make it go away." Zess replied.

"Oh, now, it hurts when you say it like that."

Yuki crouched down next to the hole, faintly aware of the chatter coming from his apparent extended family. "Okay, it's about three feet deep, about 5 cubic feet in diameter…" Yuki started to count off on his fingers. "A good portion of the cement and such is still here, so about one… two… two and a half should do it."

"Yuki, what are you thinking about?" Yuki turned his head to the right to see Zess crouched right next to him.

"Oh, Zess-san, I'm fixing the hole." Yuki started to dig through his sling bag and pulled out a gray container that contained powder of the same color, a measuring spoon, and a box of matches. As he carefully measured two and a half spoonful's of powder and threw them in the hole, he tried to make light conversation, not looking at the man. "You know, you remind me of someone. I don't see Zess to be your real name, just like how I couldn't see the alias he used as his real name. Do you think I will ever find out what it is? You look more like a 'Luka' to me."

The dark-haired man gave Yuki a look of shock. Striking a match, Yuki tossed it into the hole with the powder, watching as the heat from the flame caused the powder to grow and fill in the gaping space in the road.

"Yuki, what was that?"

"Oh, that would be science, or more specifically, heat-induced instant cement. I picked it up, er, acquired some of this while I was traveling." The teen stood up and brushed of any dust that was on his clothes. "Well, I guess that solves everything."

Zess stood up as well. "Yuki, this friend of yours… was he a human or something else?"

Yuki blinked at the urgency that was thick in his savior's voice. "No, actually, he wasn't human… but he wasn't a Duras either! I'm sorry, but if you're planning on going after him I won't allow it!"

"…I will not harm your friend, Yuki. I just wanted to make sure he wasn't a threat."

"He has been nothing but the greatest friend and dad to me… why does everyone want to hurt my Dad?" Yuki whispered.

Zess' mouth became a fine line. "I'm sorry. I did not mean to hurt you."

Yuki shook his head. "You asked out of worry, others ask because they think that he kidnapped me and want to put him in jail. I should be sorry for getting mad at you."

The pale man gave Yuki a few pats on the head. "You should get home. There are some people waiting for you there."

"Right, thank you."

Zess waited for Yuki to round the corner before addressing the man behind him. "He's not what you expected, is he Takashiro? That means your calculations are off. He will never become what you envision him being."

Takashiro smirked. "Nope. It's just as I expected."

Zess turned to the man with a hard stare. Takashiro continued. "Anyone who bolts to us after hearing such sugarcoated words is useless to the cause. What we need is someone who can sacrifice himself for others, no matter who they may be, and also is strong enough to withstand the pain that comes with those actions. In the end, Yuki will definitely come to us."

"So there's no other way? You can't just leave him be?" Zess questioned.

Takashiro snorted, leaning against a tree. "What an unreasonable request. Without Yuki, the Zweilt cannot fight. Even you know that."

A small 'tch' was heard as dark one turned and began walking the same way Yuki had left. "Yuki will never become what you envision him to be."

"Oh, and Zess, I need you to break contact with Yuki for a while." The bespectacled man called out to the pale one.

Zess didn't even falter in his stride. "He's being targeted. He needs protection."

"That's exactly why I need you to stay away for a while. We have to incite his awakening, no matter what it takes."

Zess stopped dead in his tracks. He turned to the glasses wearing man with a blank look on his face, but his eyes were storming with fury. "Hey… Takashiro…"

With a quick raise of an arm, Zess sent a wave of energy toward Takashiro, who did not move. The energy blast hit the tree the man was leaning against, blowing off the long haired man's glasses and causing a thin cut to appear on his face.

"Takashiro-sama!" Tsukumo checked on their leader.

"Zess, what are you thinking?" Touko cried out.

"So you approve of your beloved leader putting the one you're supposed to protect in danger?"

Touko looked away in shame. Body crackling with raw power, Zess hissed out one final warning before teleporting away. "Takashiro, I don't trust you in the slightest, so if you, your clan, or anyone else hurt Yuki, it won't matter which side I'm on. I will kill whoever is responsible, especially if it's you."

I will fulfill my promise.

Yuki mulled over what had just happened as he walked back to Asahi Orphanage. True, he had wished for his life to get exciting again, but he was thinking something small, like reuniting with an old friend, finding out he saved enough money to go back to the United Kingdom, or going on his class trip. No, he was stuck in the middle of a war between humanity and demons!

"I invoked some sort of law. I said I wanted something the other day and now I am getting it in the most… wibbly-wobbly way. Seriously though, I don't think that going with Takashirou is the only choice. It may be a good choice, but it's not the only one I can choose. It's the one that everyone is giving me, but everything has millions of choices, right?"

Looking up to the sky and possibly beyond, Yuki sighed. "I really wish that you were here Dad. I miss you so much. I miss you, Mom, my uncles and aunts, my cousins that we met on our travels… I just miss everybody…" Yuki hung his head. "…And here I am waiting for someone to correct me and say that I forgot to say timey-wimey."

Continuing on his way, Yuki spotted a pair of women who were gossiping in front of bus stop. Usually Yuki would just keep walking, but he was frozen. On the shoulder of one of the women was a reptilian creature with the same aura was the wolves that attacked earlier. Slowly, Yuki reached into a side pocket attached to his bag, pulling out a thin brassy object. With a press of a button the light at the top sparked into life, and the object started making a high-pitched noise.

The creature jerked around upon hearing the noise. Yuki gave it a look of determination, as if daring it to attack him. The Duras bared it fangs and leapt off the woman, skittering towards Yuki at a break-neck speed. Raising his device, Yuki pressed another button, causing a thin yellow laser to shoot out and hit the demon head on, killing it.

Yuki disabled his machine and put it away, shaking. He had killed before, never humans of course, but taking away the life of another never sat well with him.

A new weight rested itself onto Yuki's shoulder. The teen reached up with his now free hand and gently let it curl around the fingers that gripped his shoulder in a soft grasp, as if he had done it thousands of times before that day. Looking over his shoulder, Yuki saw that the hand belonged to the pale man that had become his second shadow.

"I'll take you home, Yuki." The silver eyed man was a strange comfort. Yuki had not known him for even two days, yet he didn't want to go another day without the man who had saved him multiple times.

"Thanks." Yuki was still shaking, causing Zess' gaze to soften.

"On the way, you can tell me what you just used on that Duras."

Touko huffed from her seat in the car. She was sitting in the back with Takashirou, her younger brother sitting in the front passenger seat.

"I can't believe that Zess sometimes! He just lashes out like a cornered cat; after all we've been through!"

"We need him." Takashiro interjected. "At his skill level, he can efficiently fight battles without using spells. When he has a need for them, he rarely has to recite the incantation. In order to fulfill our objectives, we need to operate at full strength." He smiled. "Now that Yuki has appeared onto the battlefield, he will be fighting at full force."

"So you're saying that there is no need to understand Zess at all?" Tsukumo questioned.

"Right. We just need him to cooperate."

Zess and Yuki were sitting on a familiar bench, Yuki's shaking almost gone.

"Have you calmed down now?"

"Yes, thank you." Yuki watched as Zess examined the machine he had used to kill the Duras earlier, a faint smile on his lips. "It's called a Sonic Screwdriver. I repaired and customized it myself using Dad's old one, along with components from a Sonic Pen, and using the Master's stolen Laser Screwdriver."

"I see." Yuki was handed back his screwdriver. "This father of yours thinks that you should have a weapon like that?"

Yuki shook his head. "He doesn't like to fight. He prefers logic and knowledge than actual weapons. Most of the stuff I have was actually things that we stole from forces who wanted to bring harm to others. Push comes to shove though, he could get really scary."

Zess raised an eyebrow. "I can see that he took good care of you and that he loved you."

Yuki nodded. "He saved me from a fate worse than death."

Zess gave the teen a sharp look. "What do you mean?"

Yuki stood up and gave the dark clothed man a tired smile. "I know what lurks in the shadows of this world and the ones beyond remember?"

Zess returned Yuki's smile with a sad look. Yuki spoke up again. "I need to be extra wary though. Tomorrow is Walpurgisnacht."

"You know about Walpurgis Night?"

"Walpurgisnacht is the term used for the feast held around the first day of spring, about six months before All Hallows' Eve or Halloween. It's pretty big in mostly European countries. Traditionally, it's a pagan holiday that was canonized by the Catholic Church to make it easier to convert more members of the Church. In some countries, such as Germany, it's regarded as the night that witches hold a large celebration. Usually plays based on horror stories such as Faustus and Dracula are performed. It's like Halloween with all the pranking and connection to the occult, just without the candy.

"Whenever I would visit that area around this time of year, something strange always happened. The moon was always red eventhough an eclipse was not supposed to happen for one thing. Also, there would always be creatures running around the place, ones that were supposedly sealed away or extinct... I've learned to just stay indoors for the most part."

Takashirou looked up from his book when he heard his cellphone ring. The number was one he recognized immediately.


"Oh yes, Takashirou-san? It's Yuki. I'm sorry for calling so early."

"Oh, hello Yuki. It's no problem."

"Um, I've been thinking about your offer and I've decided. I'm sorry, but I need to stay here. I can't go to Tokyo with you."

"Are you sure that's what you want?"

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry, but this is my home. I've lived my whole life here. There are still things that I can do here."

"Are you sure that's the conclusion that you have reached?"


"I understand. Should you need anything, do not hesitate to give me a call, alright?"

"I understand. Thank you. Good-bye." Takashirou closed his phone, his face a perfect visage of pure frustration. The words that Luka had said to him the day before rang in his head.

Yuki will never become what you envision him to be.

Gritting his teeth, Takashirou went to his closet and picked out some clothes for the day. After dressing himself, he grabbed a large, red book. "Ibuki, bring the car around."


"I'm done here for now. We'll be back shortly."

Grimacing, Ibuki ran off. "Yes sir!"

This is why I hate dealing with kids. Takashirou mused as he headed to the front of the hotel.

Yuki sighed as he leaned against a tree. "I probably won't see them anymore. Even Zess-san."

The teen sank to the ground, pulling his knees up to his chest. "Why do I feel so alone? Why Dad? How can I feel so alone when I've only known someone for a little more than two days?"

Uzuki chuckled to himself, his room shrouded in darkness. "Soon, very soon the moon will bleed red." His grin widened. "All I have to do is get the perfect bait."

"Yuki-kun, have you seen Rina-chan or Mami-chan?" One of the Orphanage helpers asked as the boy finished cleaning some dishes.

"No I haven't. Did something happen?"

Yuki's instincts went on high alert as the aid answered him. "Rina-chan and Mami-chan haven't come back yet and it's getting late. Will you help us look around?"

"Yes! I'll let some school friends know too!" Yuki ran to his room and retrieved his shoulder bag, quickly putting on a pair of cheap sandals as he ran out of the Orphanage and stopped the gate. He promised to stay put, but right now two girls he had practically raised were most likely in danger.

A ring brought him out of his thoughts. Taking out his cellphone, he saw that he had a message from Uzuki, which surprised him greatly.

I found two little girls that might be Rina and Mami. Please come to the school's roof.

"School roof, huh? Sounds pretty fishy but…" Running a hand over the brand on the nape of his neck, Yuki's resolved steeled even more. "I'm sorry Zess-san, but I have to find them. I don't want them to end up like me."

The dual-haired teen then tore off into the night.

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