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Remedial Lessons II: Draco

"Ugh...what the...?"

Draco Malfoy awoke slowly, fighting through the telltale grogginess that comes from being hit with a stupefy. For a moment he could do nothing but sit in a daze trying to figure out how he went from following Potter's mudblood on her prefect rounds to being bound to a chair in an abandoned classroom. He thought he had the perfect opportunity to get the drop on her when he saw her turn down a corridor that he knew contained none of the Headmaster's spy network of talking portraits. Creeping around the corner with wand in hand he had just enough time to gasp in shock before the bright red flash of the stunner robbed him of consciousness. Promising to make the mudblood pay for the throbbing knot on his skull from the rough landing, Draco began struggling to free himself from the ropes that bound him, unaware of the hidden eyes watching his every move.

"Hello Draco. Enjoy your kip?" His actions stilled and his gaze snapped to the dark corner of the room that the voice had come from. Out of the shadows stepped Hermione Granger with an amused smile on her face as she twirled his wand idly through her fingers. He gawked at her in shock for a moment before plastering his customary sneer firmly on his face.

"Bitch," he spat. "Release me at once! When my father hears of this he'll..." His words were cut off by a silencing spell fired from his own wand.

"Oh I'm sure he would be thrilled to hear that you were bested so easily by a 'filthy mudblood,' wouldn't he Draco? Not to mention your beloved master's reaction when he hears about it. I guess it's fortunate for both of us that they'll never learn of this conversation, isn't it?" Draco's eyes narrowed in confusion while hers narrowed in suspicion. "Now, let's just see why you felt I needed an escort on my prefect's rounds tonight. Legillimens!" Draco's limited Occlumency training was no match for the determination of his opponent and Hermione wasted no time in ripping his plans from his mind. Her face morphed into a mask of disgust and anger as his thoughts played out before her like a muggle cinema.

Hermione seemed lost in thought as she made her way down the darkened corridor. Sticking to the shadows, Draco crept silently behind her until she was within easy casting range. With a smirk of victory, he raised his wand and pointed it at the back of her head.


Hermione's eyes glassed over as the curse took effect, and Draco straightened from his crouched position, no longer worried about his presence being noticed.

"Give me your wand." She immediately withdrew her vinewood wand from her pocket and handed it to him without saying a word. "Follow me. If anyone asks, you are escorting me back to the Slytherin common room after catching me out after curfew."

Draco's cover story proved unnecessary as they reached the dungeon entrance to the Slytherin common room without seeing another soul. Draco whispered the password and waved Hermione in ahead of him. He entered behind her to find her faced with several of the 5th, 6th, and 7th year boys who were all gazing at her with various levels of violence and lust in their eyes.

"Well boys," Draco drawled, "look who decided to stop by for a visit. Let's make sure she has a good time, shall we?" As the others chuckled and nodded, he walked around her until they stood face to face, cruel grey eyes staring into her glassy brown. "The boys and I have lots of fun planned for you tonight, and you will do anything we tell you to, is that clear?" At her mechanical nod, Draco smiled darkly. "Very good, Mudblood. You can start by taking off your clothes, and then the real fun begins."

The next several hours were anything but fun for Hermione as she was repeatedly raped, tortured, and forced to do increasingly degrading and disgusting acts. As the night went on, each boy seemed determined to outdo the one before him in their cruelty and creativity, and there was a running tally of who had caused her to scream the loudest. When the last of them finally spent himself on her broken and bloody face, Draco stepped into her view with his trademark sneer firmly in place.

"It looks like you've finally learned your place, Mudblood. I can't wait to see the look on Potter's stupid face when he hears about this. He'll have his suspicions about who did it, of course, but there won't be any solid proof and the only one here who would tell the story will be dead." He leaned closer as if sharing a secret with her. "That would be you, by the way. Nott!" A burly 7th year stepped out of the crowd behind Draco. "Clean this… thing up and see that it finds its way to the Astronomy Tower without anyone else seeing. I hear it's going to be a particularly cold night tonight, so make sure you bundle up. We wouldn't want you catching your death up there, would we?"

Having seen enough, Hermione dove deeper into Draco's consciousness, curious to see what repercussions he expected from her death.

It was during breakfast the next morning when a frantic Poppy Pomfrey rushed into the great hall and up to the staff table where she said something to the Headmaster that made him drop his utensils with a clatter and brought McGonagall's hand to her mouth in horror. As the three of them began making their way out of the hall toward the hospital wing, McGonagall paused at the Gryffindor table long enough to whisper something in Harry's ear that saw him leaping from his seat and rushing out of the hall before anyone could stop him. The news of Hermione's death was announced that night at dinner, but Harry was not in attendance. He wasn't seen for almost a week, but the next time he made an appearance in the great hall for dinner it was like looking at a totally different Harry Potter. His unruly hair made messier from dirt and grime, his tear-stained eyes and sunken cheeks, his steps shuffling and clumsy; all gave him the air of a man whose whole world had ended.

Seeing her Harry reduced to a shell of the man she loved by the actions of Draco and his cronies saw Hermione's rage ignite into a white-hot inferno that drove her magic through Draco's mind with a vengeance, whipping past scene after scene of his twisted imagination like a tornado. She saw Harry, obviously broken by her death, struck down by Voldemort's killing curse without even drawing his wand. She watched the rest of the fighters for the Light scatter under the onslaught of the Dark Lord and his fearsome Death Eaters, only to be hunted to their deaths in the days and months to come. Most of what she saw she recognized as the narcissistic daydreams of a power-hungry follower, but she was stopped cold by the sight of his greatest ambition.

An older and more regal-looking Draco Malfoy strolled through the building he owned and operated, a pleased smile on his face as he observed his business thriving. Everywhere he looked he saw scantily-clad witches hanging onto the arms and words of his paying customers, many of them stroking more than just egos. With a nod of satisfaction, Draco entered a doorway reserved only for the highest paying customers, interested to see who was partaking of his 'special' entertainment this evening.

Turning the corner, Draco slowly made his way down a corridor lined on both sides with several doors, each bearing a stylized plaque with a name. As he walked he passed several that Hermione recognized, including Abbott, Weasley, Bones, and Patil. From behind each door could be heard various screams, moans, grunts, and other sounds of violent sex and torture. Draco looked up as a door ahead of him opened and revealed the scarred face of Antonin Dolohov entering the hallway. The Death Eater gave Draco a nod and a smile as the two men passed each other, Dolohov still straightening his robes from his recent session. Draco looked at the door he had just left and sighed.

"I do hope he managed to control himself this time," he muttered. "The last thing I need today is to send another girl to St. Mungo's for a month, especially one of my most popular." He pushed open the door labeled 'Lovegood' and groaned at the bloody mess covering the floor and some of the walls, wincing as he caught sight of Luna's broken form lying motionless on the bed with only the shallow rise and fall of her naked chest to show that she still lived. Shaking his head at the gold this would cost him in lost profit, he turned and made his way to the front desk to have Pansy floo over for a healer to come and collect Luna before she lost too much blood.

Hermione pulled herself out of Draco's mind and fought back the urge to vomit. Only the fact that what she had seen was no more than a figment of a disturbed imagination kept her from obliterating him then and there, but it was still several minutes before she could even look at him again. When she did finally return her attention to her silenced and bound captive, his silent laughter almost saw her decorating the room with his entrails.

"Think it's funny, do you?" she snarled. "We'll see if you're still laughing after I track down some Polyjuice Potion and send you back there in my place, you disgusting animal!" The smile immediately fell from Draco's face to be replaced by a look of horror. "Oh relax Draco," she scoffed. "Even if I had the time to find some, the last thing I'd do with it is allow a bunch of rapists to see what I look like under my robes. No, I'm afraid that your little band of knuckle-dragging mouth breathers will have to do without their sex toy tonight, although who knows? Maybe they'll get tired of waiting and settle for buggering each other instead." Hermione smirked at his look of disgust, glad to be back in control of the situation. She had every intention of taking an extra-long shower tonight after what she had seen, and she hoped Harry might join her and help her create some much more pleasant memories. With a bright smile at that thought, which unnerved Draco no end, she returned to the problem at hand.

"Now then, what am I going to do with you?" Pacing in front of her prisoner, she began ticking off a list on her fingers. "Seeing as you haven't actually done anything yet, there's no way to get Dumbledore to expel you or Fudge to arrest you. I could just obliviate you, but there's nothing stopping you from trying something like this again. No, this calls for something a little more… permanent." She stopped her pacing and turned, answering Draco's glare with a sly smile.

"No, I think it's time for another lesson on what happens when you try to curse someone when their back is turned. You remember that one from last year, don't you?" Draco's glare intensified at the memory of his humiliation at the hands of the impostor Moody. "I'll take that as a yes," Hermione said. "Now, since the first lesson obviously didn't take, I'm afraid a remedial lesson is in order. In fact, I think I'll even enlist the help of an old friend to be my teaching assistant. I think you'll find his method of teaching to be most effective." She drew her wand and leveled it between Draco's eyes. "Do try and pay attention this time," she said in her best professor voice. "After all, there will be a test over the material later. Good luck!" Without another word, Draco's world went black.


As Draco found himself waking from the second stunner that had hit him this evening, he had no idea that he was once again being watched. The room's hidden occupant had been startled awake by the pop of an elf who disappeared almost immediately, leaving behind the boy who was just now regaining consciousness. His confusion soon turned to recognition, for even though it had been several years and the boy's appearance had changed since he had last seen him, there was no mistaking that it was indeed the same boy. Eyes bright with anticipation, the watcher began creeping up on his prey, who by the looks of it had just figured out that something was very wrong. Before he could escape the predator pounced, pinning the squealing boy to the ground only to release him just as quickly. Draco was allowed to take a few panicked steps before he was mercilessly pinned to the floor again. As Draco was once more allowed to try and escape, his pursuer couldn't help but think that he was much more fun now than he was a few years ago as he lined himself up for another pounce.

In the kitchen of #12 Grimmauld Place, Remus Lupin was drawn from his perusal of the Daily Prophet by a thundering noise a few floors above him. As the noise repeated itself he sighed in resignation and began folding his paper, knowing that it was futile to attempt to read when his housemate was in a playful mood. He had just stood to leave when the kitchen door opened and Sirius Black popped his head in.

"You heading out Moony?" he asked.

Remus nodded. "Can you blame me, with all the noise around here?" Another thud drew both men's eyes to the ceiling as bits of dust and plaster were shaken loose from the impact.

"I guess it is that time," Sirius said. "What do you think, Leaky Cauldron?"

"May as well," Remus replied. "You know the routine. Once it starts it goes on for hours."

Sirius nodded and jerked his head toward the fireplace. Grabbing a pinch of floo powder, he suddenly chuckled and shook his head. At Moony's questioning glance, he gave his friend a mischievous grin.

"I guess Bucky's mum never told him not to play with his food."