AN: So this is just a little recount of what happened after the group escaped the goblins, except with the whole Fili/Kili/Bilbo deal from last chapter. Things haven't changed much, but I wanted to end the story with a sweet little fluff part like I usually do.

"I'll tell you what happened! Master Baggins saw his chance and he took it! He's thought of nothing but his bed and warm hearth ever since he stepped out his door. We will not be seeing him again; our Hobbit is long gone." Faces fell and anger rose as Thorin finished this declaration. Nobody noticed the Hobbit standing behind the tree right next to their little group.

Bilbo was flabbergasted, hurt and crest-fallen. Did…did they really think so little of him? Did they really think he would abandon them that easily, go back to his spoiled life when they had nothing left of their own home? He wasn't like that; how could they misjudge him so much?

The Hobbit peaked around the trunk of the tree to see the two faces he loved the most: Fili and Kili. But his happiness at seeing they were all right quickly vanished when they looked at each other, tears starting to form in their eyes. That was when he decided this wasn't how it was going to end. Thorin didn't decide his future, he did.

Looking down at his middle finger, he ripped the mysterious ring off before stepping out from behind his shelter.

"No. He isn't." All faces looked to him in shock, surprise and happiness. Bofur laughed and clapped his hands, thankful his small friend was there. Fili and Kili were staring wide-eyed at him, for once totally speechless.

"Bilbo Baggins, I have never been so happy to see anyone in my life!" Gandalf cheered before walking over to him and clapping his shoulder.

"We'd given you up…" Kili muttered, staring at him in wonder.

"How on earth did you get past the goblins?" Fili asked, the same amazement in his voice and expression. Bilbo tried not to let his face fall at the reminder of the strange experience he just had, so he laughed and brushed off his lover's question, slipping the ring into his pocket.

"Well, what does it matter. He's back."

"It matters. I want to know," Thorin spoke. "Why did you come back?"

"I know you doubt me; I know you always have. And you're right; I often think of Bag End. I miss my books; and my arm chair and my garden. See that's where I belong; that's home. And that's why I came back. Because you don't have one; a home." Everybody looked at him shocked at his little speech. It seemed they had all doubted him, or most of them had, from the very beginning. Maybe now their skepticisms would finally be put to rest.

And to his great amusement and satisfaction, Thorin looked down at his sword, humility and regret shadowing his face.

But the moment was ruined when a loud howl echoed down the hill. Everybody looked around for the source of the sound, and upon realizing it was coming from the mountain, started to panic.

"Out of the frying pan…"

"And into the fire. Run. RUN!" Gandalf yelled. They streaked down the mountainside, hoping they would outrun the Wargs that had somehow caught their scent again. As they were running, Fili and Kili stayed by his side, reaching out to grasp his hand with loving looks in their eyes. Despite the situation and adrenaline rushing through his veins, Bilbo couldn't repress the blush rising to his cheeks, or the look of affection he gave the two.

The sounds of Wargs lopping through the trees and snarling got closer until suddenly a big brown creature with long fangs and yellow eyes jumped in front of him. He froze and stopped, looking on to the others who kept running ahead, not noticing his absence. The beast charged and on instinct Bilbo pulled out his sword and held it in front of him, wincing at the sickening sound of it slicing through the Warg's skull. It didn't move again.

The Hobbit looked around and noticed that everybody was gone. Kili waved to him from a tree, urging him to join them, when he heard the sound of more Wargs following the dead one at his feet. He attempted to pull his sword out of the beast's flesh and run at the same time, but he was a Halfling, which didn't mean a lot of strength. When he finally did get it out , the Wargs were in sight.

Just as he got a safe distance from the ground, and up into the Fili and Kili's tree, a Warg jumped up and almost bit his foot right off. By the time he joined his lovers up in the safety of the branches, he was shuddering from fear and adrenaline.

Suddenly there were arms around him, and he looked to see Fili holding him close, a fierce, protective look on his face. Kili stepped onto a closer branch and held his hand tightly; both of the brothers gave him looks of love and a tear streaked down to his chin at the gestures. Even though they were up in a tree trying not to get their guts ripped out, he had never felt safer or more at home then he did in their arms.

A pale Orc on a white Warg stepped up to the front of the group and started speaking in the language of the Orcs. Nobody knew what he was saying, but when the words Thorin and Thrain were heard, a grim understanding reached them all. They were above the Azog the Defiler, who could see them clear as day. The Durin brothers tightened their hold on Bilbo at the sight; he had nearly killed their uncle and his minion had nearly killed their Hobbit.

The beasts below them started jumping and snapping at the trees. The pines were not strong or very thick, and they were forced to jump in between them as they fell, all of the company ending up in the tree on the very edge of the cliff were Gandalf was.

But all the added weight was not good for their perch, because the pine uprooted and started leaning over the edge. Ori fell out of the tree and grabbed onto his brother's ankle, dangled above the abyss of the canyon below. But Dori could not hold his weight and slipped; if not for Gandalf's staff reaching down to them, they would have lost two of their dwarves in that moment. The Pale Orc laughed at their fear, and Bilbo saw as Thorin's head whipped around and glared at his enemy. His expression changed from one of anger to one of determination and hatred.

The dwarf king stood on the trunk, Ocrist in one hand and a broken tree branch as a shield in the other. He charged toward Azog, who lifted his arms in a menacing greeting, as all of his company looked on in horror. Thorin was hurt and Azog was strong; this would not turn out well.

And they were right; Thorin was knocked over before he even got one swing in. Bilbo cringed and another tear fell down his face as he watched his leader be chewed on by the albino Warg.

Then, memories surfaced. Not of Thorin doubting him, leaving him behind or trying to get him to turn back. No, he thought of all the times he saw Thorin smile. And at that moment he was looking at the two faces responsible.

Fili and Kili were the only two dwarves who could always manage to make Thorin angry or make him smile. It was because of them this journey, and their leader, was made more sufferable. Thorin dying would kill his nephews and when Bilbo stood and pulled out his sword, he was thinking of them and nobody else. Not Thorin, not Gandalf, not the others and certainly not himself.

Before he knew it, he had tackled and repeated stabbed the Orc trying to behead their leader, whose head fell back to the ground as he lost all the strength to stay awake. Bilbo ripped his sword out of the lifeless corpse and stood before Azog, a fierce look of determination on his face. But the situation dawned on him as the Pale Orc merely smirked and started advancing on him. In a pathetic attempt to look skillful, he uselessly swung his sword out in front of him, as if it would fend the enemy off.

Right as Bilbo was about to say goodbye to his life, Kili and Fili were there, slashing and killing Wargs and Orcs alike. Dwalin and the two others followed, beating back the enemy through the fire they had created. Bilbo heard the yell of terror as Dori slipped from Gandalf's staff, and the scream as they fell into the space below. A tear ran down his face for his lost comrades as Azog slowly advanced toward him with a look of sheer hatred on his face.

But then, against all odds, a look of fear overcame the Orcs face and what looked like a giant eagle swooped over them, carrying off two Wargs and dropping them over the side of the cliff. Bilbo's mouth stood agape in shock and he watched at the eagles tipped over trees and carried off his comrades to safety. One came and picked up Thorin and Ocrist before one started heading suspiciously in his direction. When he realized what was about to happen, he waved out his hand in refusal before being picked up and dropped like a stone onto another bird's back.

The feathers were soft and his mind was put to rest when he saw that Fili and Kili were riding on the eagle next to him. They smiled in relief when they saw him and he held out his hand to him, as if he were reaching for them. Kili returned the gesture as Fili wrapped his brother in an embrace.

They flew a great distance, watching as night turned to day. Nobody knew where they were headed, but hopefully it was in the right direction.

"Thorin!" Fili called, seeing the pale and lifeless form of his uncle.

All were set down on a rocky pillar as Gandalf hovered over their still leader, muttering some spell with his hand over the dwarf king's face. To their great relief his eyes opened. Kili and Dwalin helped the king up before he faced Bilbo. All traces of relief left the Hobbit's face as their leader looked at him angrily.

"You! What were you doing! You nearly got yourself killed!" Kili and Fili stepped forward to defend their burglar, but Balin held them back. Bilbo's head fell at the king's scolding. "Did I not say you would be a burden? That you would not survive in the wild? That you had no place amongst us!" The Halfling stood there in shame, hanging his head and repressing more tears. How much would he cry on this day?

"I have never been so wrong, in all my life!" Suddenly he was in the arms of the king, who squeezed him tight and apologized in his ear for all the stress he had caused. The shoulders of the others relaxed as Thorin hugged him. "I am sorry for doubting you," the dwarf said as they parted.

"No, no, I would have doubted me too. I'm not a hero. Or a warrior. Not even a burglar." Everyone laughed at his light-hearted joke. He looked to his two lovers, who were staring at him like they both wanted to take him right then and there, in front of everybody. He was so relieved they had made it out safely that he probably wouldn't have minded.

The group looked on the sight of the Lonely Mountain, and against his better judgment, Bilbo said that the worst was behind them. They all stared at the peak as a thrush flew past and disappeared into the sun.

The descent down the pillar wasn't hard; apparently it used to be an outpost for the dwarves, so there were stairs carved into the side. They made it down swiftly and easily, setting up camp to rest. There were long days ahead of them, and Thorin needed to treat his wounds before they could continue.

Bilbo was gathering firewood to get dinner cooking when he was yanked up from the ground, pressed against a tree and kissed fiercely by Kili. Immediately he dropped all the timber he was carrying and reciprocated, wrapping his arms around his lover's neck. Fili stood behind his brother, arms wrapped around his waist and head in the crook of his neck.

"We thought we'd lost you. Thank you for saving him Bilbo. Thank you so much," Kili murmured before pecking him sweetly once more. Then he was harshly pulled out of Kili's grasp and was held before Fili, who looked at him with an indecipherable expression before being pulled into a surprising lip-lock. The black-haired brother laughed at his sibling's eagerness; he had only pleasured the Hobbit before, not kissed him intimately like his brother.

The contact switched from a kiss to a hug, and suddenly there was a brother on each side of Bilbo, holding him between them. All he could do was smile contentedly; if he died right now at least he would be happy.

They went back to camp, each brother with an arm around Bilbo's waist until they came into sight of the others. Everybody was setting up their bedrolls as Bofur tiredly made some stew with their leftover provisions, ones that hadn't been lost when they fell down the trap-hole into the mountain.

After a satisfying dinner, all the dwarves laid around lazily, content with knowing they were alive and close to achieving their mission's goal. Bilbo cozied up to his blanket and didn't move when he felt two others lay next to him, one on either side. His lovers had taken to sleeping next to him every night. He was sure the others noticed and were suspicious of something more than friendship going on, but the three couldn't care less. Especially now.

It was unexpected, however, when he was pulled close to Fili and his head was laid down in the dwarf's shoulder as a pillow. He looked up to see Fili smiling at him, then his eyes shifting behind them when Bilbo felt an arm snake around his waist. He was laying against Fili while Kili spooned him from behind. It was strange because they hadn't done this so openly before, where the rest of the company could see, but once again, he couldn't care less.

He just prayed to whatever god there was that he would never have to choose between them.

Well, there you have it; the last chapter of my first ever threesome/incest story. I hope you liked it as much as I did while writing it. I was debating having Thorin talk to Bilbo about his nephews, and telling him something along the lines of 'they love each other but now they love you too, you may have to choose between them' but I thought that was too much of a downer.

So let me know what you think! I'm pretty nervous about this one…