Harry waved goodbye to the agent and promptly apparated all the way to Stark Tower in NY. He landed on what he suspected was a helicopter pad or maybe it was a landing pad for Tony himself in the suit. It was dark out when he arrived, 11pm when he cast a tempus charm.

"Hello, sir. It's good to see you."

"Hi Jarvis, is Tony here?"

"Yes, he is. Pepper is here too."

Harry walked into the penthouse suite and shifted into his lion form in mid walk. Harry followed the tracking charm that he had placed on Tony and padded into the bedroom that he was asleep in. He curled up at the foot of the bed, and promptly fell asleep. Long distance apparition always left him exhausted.

He woke up at around 9:45am Friday morning and went to go shower in the guest bedroom. He had been all tired and dirty when he had arrived in New York last night and he had been too tired to do anything but fall asleep. He wandered out to the kitchen, where Pepper was already sitting down at the table.

"Hi Harry!" Pepper exclaimed.

"Hi!" Harry then went over and grabbed a mug and poured some the leftover coffee. He set his magic to making a couple of eggs and toast for breakfast.

"Jarvis said you got in late last night." Pepper commented.

"Yep, I just came back from New Mexico, so I was really tired." Harry replied.

"Yes, that's where Tony said you had gone. Did your trip go okay?" Pepper asked.

"Mostly. I met a god of thunder, and died once. No big deal." Harry said in a nonchalant manner.

"You died?!" Pepper shrieked.

"I kind of did? I mean, it wasn't a big deal. But I guess it's a big deal to non-magic folk." Harry assured her, "I'm fine, though."

"How did that happen?" Pepper asked.

"I took a beam of fiery destruction meant for one of the scientists back in New Mexico." More of my people saving thing really." Harry added and then went to scoop up the eggs and toast and put them on a plate and walked back to the table.

"A beam of fiery destruction?"

"Oh, there was this big kind of robot looking thing that was very big that destroyed the town and attempted to kill us, but Thor took it out while I was 'dead'" Harry said. The wizard started to eat his breakfast while they continued to talk.

After catching up with Pepper, Harry asked her where Tony was and was told that he was in the workshop a couple of floors down. Harry walked and got into the elevator and took it to the R & D part of Stark Tower, which he had never been in before. When the elevator door opened, Harry just stood there in awe of the size of the floor.

"Harry, good to see you again!" Tony said.

Harry started and then got out of the elevator. The Research and Development floor was really huge. It looked like the workshop at the mansion in Malibu, but was five times bigger. It had the usual computers and machinery around and then a big area for all of Tony's suits, which were arrayed in a semi-circle.

"Hey Tony! It's good to see you again!" Harry replied.

"Yep, it is. Could you give me a hand? I need to lift this metal tubing, but I don't want to get into my suit just now." Tony asked.

"Sure." Harry commented.

Harry cast a levitation spell on the metal tubing Tony was pointing at and proceeded to raise it a couple of feet.

"Or magic... that works too." Tony chuckled.

"What are you working on now?" Harry asked.

"I'm going to get this tower to be arc reactor know, be all clean energy and all..."

"That sounds good." Harry commented, "Well, I have to get going. I have to meet Coulson at SHIELD HQ in a couple of hours."

"Oh, you're going to be an agent, huh?" Tony asked.

"No, I think Fury wants me as an Avenge,r but you still have permission to piss Fury off whenever possible. I know you like to do that." Harry replied.

"Good. That's one of my hobbies." Tony said.

Harry apparated back up to the penthouse, said goodbye to Pepper and then went out to the balcony and shifted to his hawk form. He took off and flew, following the directions that Coulson gave him, to SHIELD HQ.

When he finally arrived, it was a normal looking building that took up a whole city block. He landed on the sidewalk in front of it and shifted back, having done a notice-me-not spell right before. Then having taken the spell off, he walked into the secret agent lair.

"We would like you to join the Avengers Initiative, Harry" Fury said eyeing him, "The Avengers will maintain order. The world is growing and it needs a team to protect it. As I told you, it helped Captain America to defeat Hydra back in World War 2." Fury had described SHIELD earlier and Harry had taken a tour of the facility. Harry had explained his past, but kept out a few secrets that he wanted to keep, like the immortality. Harry had thought about becoming an Avenger this morning. He would be able to keep an eye on everyone. Plus, he had figured that his skills would be put to better use, he would be like an auror, but not in secret anymore.

"I am not taking anyone's orders, though, but yes, I'll be on your team. I'll work with the other Avengers as a team. Who are the other people that you had in mind for this team?" Harry pointed out.

"We had in mind, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, Bruce Banner and we had just found Captain Steve Rogers in the arctic, so him, too. And that's fine, you won't answer to SHIELD. As an Avenger, though, you will have use of our resources." Fury replied.

"Oh, you found Captain America?! He's alive?" Harry exclaimed.

"Yes, we did, just a couple of days ago. He's being thawed out now, since he was encased in a block of ice." Fury said.

"I can help with thawing him out. I might be able to do it more gentler than your people can do it." Harry commented.

"Coulson, would you show him to the lab where the Captain?" Nick asked. Harry started at that and then turned and looked at the door, where Coulson had just entered.

"Yes, sir."

As the two of them started to walk out the door and walk down to the lab, Harry contemplated his life now. He was now the third official member of the Avengers and had met a god of thunder(who had hopefully been successful with his brother), gotten a deep connection with a god of mischief, met Dr. Banner and Tony Stark, met Natasha Romanoff and seen a master archer in action. He was just about to see and help thaw out one Captain America. Life was again going in a whole different direction than he had planned.