Kat smiles, "Aw okay I knew I loved you for a reason." Kat sits on the bed and snuggles next to Tommy. "We can watch whatever you want."

"Okay sure, let me just pop one in." Tommy rises and walks to the DVD player. "So I will get some snacks and drinks. He walks out the room. What is wrong with her first she wants to have sex then acts as if she wanted to cheat on me? Now she is fine with a movie. Tommy pops the popcorn and calls Adam but he is not home. So he brings the snacks to his bedroom. "Kim," Tommy exclaims as he almost dropped the snacks.

Kat was standing in Tommy's room in her underwear. "I became hot." Kat shrugs as she sits on back on the bed.

Tommy bites his lip and sits on the bed. "Kim I thought we decided to watch a movie."

"Sure, sure Tommy but next time I choose the activity." Kat pats the bed.

Reluctantly, Tommy sits down on his bed and takes a minute to hold Kat's hand.

Inside the Lunar Palace Kim is holding her ground. "I demand you release me now."

Lord Zedd, Rita, and Goldar laugh.

Kim grabs her head and shakes her head. Why does it feel like I have been in here for years when it has only been hours? "How long have I been here?"

Lord Zedd walks up to the prison cell bars. "Four hours but to you it feels like four years."

Kim almost falls to the floor but holds her ground. "I will defeat you and get out of here."

Rita walks to the cell. "I would like to see you try; Goldar teach our little guest some manners."