ATTENTION NEW READERS: This is a sequel to 'The 44th Annual Hunger Games', however, to not alienate any new readers, I've uploaded a brief summary of the it on the last page of that story. Just give it a quick read to know what happened. It's not hugely relevant to this story, but it gives you an idea as to why Connor is in the situation he is :)

Now, this is just an introduction chapter, so it's very short, but I'll post the next chapter with it :) So, enjoy and I love reviews - they really help me to improve and to know what you like and dislike. Enjoy!

Following the rebellion, the District was left a wreck. Many factories and houses had been reduced to rubble, and now as our team searches through the broken slabs of brick and concrete, it is impossible to tell the original use of the building.

The roof is still pretty much intact, but the inside is scattered with collapsed walls, and I'm forced into stepping carefully as I make my way through the rubble. At the end of the room, there is a door, which still remains strong, and I have to shove at it several times with my shoulder before it eventually gives in, creaking open. I step in, surveying the room.

It's coated in dust, but the majority of the items in it are undamaged – a rarity in a building of this state. Cautiously, I make my way to the other side of the room, where a desk stands. It is coated with all kinds of junk – papers, books, gadgets, wires. I wonder if, during the rebellion, someone made this their hideout. After rummaging through the assortment of objects, I'm just about to leave when something catches my eye. A tiny little blue light is periodically flashing from a metal device. Picking it up, the shape seems familiar. The peacekeepers used to use devices like this when we were under the rule of the Capitol. If I remember correctly, it's a hologram projector.

I flip it onto its back, revealing a button labelled 'play'. I press it and a light at the end of the device creates a hologram of a man, from his shoulders up. The second I see the face, I gasp, recognising the man instantly. But my reaction is cut short when the man starts speaking.

'I am recording this in case anyone ever finds it. In case the rebellion fails. If it does fail and the Capitol continues its reign over the Districts, the history books will tell you the blame lies on the Victors. People who've killed to survive. People like Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. But it doesn't.

I've heard people say that from the moment your name is drawn from that Reaping bowl, you never really leave the Games. I didn't understand this when I was younger. I thought the moment you left the arena, you were showered with riches and left to lead whatever life you choose, free of any of the shackles that the rest of the population has to deal with. I was wrong.

The Capitol has taken everything from me. Everything I've ever loved is gone. They don't tell you this. They let you believe that, if you can survive the Games, you'll never have to worry about anything ever again. But now it's time you know the truth.

My name is Connor Jedd, Victor of the 44th Hunger Games. And this is the story of how I died.'