-April 1st, Year of the 46th Hunger Games-

We left it as long as we could before moving to Room 1, but eventually Tyga and I had to go and join the District 1 and 2 mentors. Which means I'm now sat in the same room as Miami, Green, Brutus and the District 2 female Victor whose name I have yet to be told as she made no effort to introduce herself. As part of the Career mentors, we have a lot more of a job to do. In fact, it seems every fifteen minutes one of the six of us is sending a parachute down to our group.

I've learnt the other Career tributes' names. The District 2 pair are called Hermes and Lena. As per usual, the District 1 names provided entertainment for me – Lux and Symphony. Lux is the boy. I think. However, that's the only entertainment I've received as conversation is hardly flowing. The room seems fairly reluctant to accept either Tyga or me and, when I realise that cold-hearted Miami is actually the friendliest person here, I know it's not going to be a fun experience.

Tyga appears even less comfortable than me, possibly because Miami takes multiple cheap shots at her throughout the day. But, this is still a new experience for her too – she stopped being my mentor a long time ago.

'Quite a pair of fighters you've got there.' Miami says. Her face seems to bare a constant smirk.

'I guess so to get into your lot.' I reply.

'Well, we only accept the best.' It's said playfully, but there's an air of caution to it. 'But, really – a 9 and an 8 are nothing to joke about.'

'Perhaps not for you.' Brutus interjects from the bar. I remember how both of District 2 got training scores of 10 this year.

'Yes, no one asked you, Brutus.' Miami snaps back. He returns to his drink. 'He likes to remind us of that every now and then. Particularly when he remembers that I've produced a Victor, where he has not.' She gestures to Green, who just shrugs and frowns.

'Oi, I've definitely got a Victor this year. Have you seen those kids?' Brutus replies.

'Tell me, Brutus. How does it feel to know that even Tyga here has produced a Victor, and you haven't?' The venom on the word 'Tyga' is positively dripping. I see her recoil.

'Yes, I'd appreciate if you leave me out this, Miami.'

'As you wish.'

'Thank you.'

These exchanges are very cold. Miami and Tyga really cannot deal with each other. Tyga wants nothing to do with her. In fact, in this moment, it becomes apparent that Miami, Brutus and I have basically been the only speakers in the last hour. The District 2 woman has said a word or two, but Green and Tyga have contributed basically nothing. It's a sour atmosphere to say the least. In fact, I know it's horrible, but I'm almost relieved when some action breaks out on our screens.

The Career pack (which of course includes Circe and Vice) is hunting the other tributes and they've come across the pair from District 11. They are both fairly young – maybe fourteen, with dark skin – a regular trait in their District. The second the Careers come into view, fear coats their faces and they bolt away through the jungle. It's scary enough to see the Careers bound after the weaponless tributes, but it's just downright terrifying to see Circe and Vice as two of them.

A rogue root betrays the girl and she stumbles to the ground, which immediately earns her Lux's sword in her back. A guttural sound escapes my throat as my body rejects the horrific act I've just witnessed. I feel several sets of eyes turn on me in the room, so I try to maintain my composure and keep my eyes locked on the screens. I feel Tyga move a little closer to me. Not touching me, but close enough to feel her supporting presence and remind me that I'm not alone in this room.

Vice is leading the pack chasing the boy, and Circe's trailing it. A close shot of her face shows me that she's not okay with what's happening. Her eyes are like a window revealing the pain she's feeling inside. But, she knows what she has to do. Vice however seems right at home chasing this boy. It's sickening.

In fact, it's his knife that flies into the boy's rib, causing him to collapse, where he gets killed by Hermes' spear. And in a matter of seconds, District 11 have lost their place in these Games. My mind floats to where Seeder must have just seen her tributes die. And Chaff. His first year, and life didn't even let his tributes live past the first day. I'd imagine something like that could tear you apart. I move back to my seat, shaking ever so slightly.

'Well, that was a bit anticlimactic.' Green says.

I explode. 'What the hell is wrong with you, Green?!' I shout. 'They died. What more did you want?!'

He shrugs. 'They could've at least put up a bit of a fight – given us something to watch.'

I decide to leave the room at this point as I think it'd be frowned upon if I brutally murdered Green in front of the other Victors. I consider returning upstairs, but instead I move back to Room 3. Like before, Surge, Woof and Glynn are present, but Vira is not.

'We thought we might be seeing you soon,' Surge says, 'Y'know, after the whole what the hell is wrong with you shouting spree'

I sink into one of the chairs. 'I dunno, maybe I'm just naive. I just didn't think people could be like that.'

'It's unlikely we'll ever understand the mind of a Career,' Glynn says, 'Although I'd be happy to dissect one to try and find out. Maybe Brutus?'

Surge snorts, and I muster a smile.

'I dunno. I guess we're all just a bit damaged,' Surge sighs, 'Maybe that's just how they deal with it.'

I don't want the silence to come because when it's quiet I am forced to dwell on the events of the day, so I shift the subject to the only obvious topic – the Games.

'So, how are your guys doing?'

Surge goes a little pale, but thankfully Glynn answers.

'Okay – we've both got one left. No alliances. Limited sponsors. But alive.' She sighs, before attempting to perk up slightly. 'There's a sponsor rally tomorrow. You coming?'

'What's a sponsor rally?'

'It's basically where we meet a bunch of the Capitol people and try and get some more sponsors. You're good on-camera – I think you'd be of use to your team. Surge and I are going.'

'Well, I guess it sounds good enough. I'll see what Decimus has to say about.'

'Is he your escort?' I nod. 'He'll be going anyway I'd imagine.'

A lull in conversation emerges as it so regularly does in these control rooms. This is the first time I've really spoken to Glynn, aside from our brief introduction in District 8 a year and a half ago. She seems calm and controlled – not as openly friendly as Surge or Vira, but still pleasant. This leads me to thinking when I last saw Surge, and I quickly remember.

'Oh god, Surge! I'm so sorry!' He looks confused. 'Last year!'

I remember how I'd freaked out after Daley's death. Decimus had told me that Surge had been left with scratches and bruises all over.

'Oh, that!' He chuckles. 'I'd forgotten about that. You should've have seen me my first year! And unlike you, I was not a size that could be pinned down by just one Victor. You did no damage. It was just heartbreaking to watch. But don't worry, I've dealt with far worse than a few scratches.'

'But I'm sure he could have beaten you up if he wanted to!' Glynn says with a wink and playful grin.

'Well, obviously.' Surge replies. He then walks over to me and lifts up the chair with me still in it. 'Yeah, he could totally take me.'

I flail slightly, feeling like a little kid again, but it makes me laugh. Surge puts me down and chuckles with me. It feels good to laugh. It's not something I experience a lot nowadays. And knowing my luck, it's probably not something I'll experience again for quite some time.

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