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Chapter 1


His lips crushed to mine once more, sucking gently on my bottom lip as my hands latched onto the tangled mess that was his hair.

The boy pulled back quickly and gazed into my eyes with such intensity, I swooned at the sight of him, my heart soaring in my tight chest to never achieved before levels.

Embarrassed by the feelings he was emitting from within me, I averted my eyes to the floor, fiddling with the hem of my shirt as his fingers glided over the skin of my tight jaw.

I swallowed loudly as he lifted my chin up slowly to meet his eyes, caressing my face whilst doing so as a small whimper of pleasure escaped my swollen lips.

He waited patiently whilst I searched for the confidence to gaze up at him and see his glorious face once more.

Why should I deprive myself of seeing his angels face once more before it was too late? I thought to myself with much unwanted doubt.

This thought striked me with a sudden yearning for my demise, for surely, without this angel at my side, I was going to die.

Sighing, I hefted my eyes up to his before freezing in my tracks as the familiar blush spread across my cheeks.

His eyes were the most dazzling and unheard of shade of sparkling green, shimmering in the slight sun that Seattle had presented for such a special occasion.

I gasped at the depth of them that I seemed to get lost in but quickly shook my head to clear my undesired and clustered mind.

"What's your name?" He questioned, breathing his sweet breath onto my astounded face. It smelled like the sweetest of honeys collected from the nectar of a mindblowingly beautiful flower.

How ironic, I thought absentmindedly.

"B-Be…" I stuttered, just as my phone rang, making me jump in the process as the familiar tune floated to my ears.

He laughed lightly and it sounded like a choir of angels singing in their bell-like voices.

I felt the familiar and slightly annoying blush return to my pale cheeks, once again.

"H-hello." I stuttered after accepting the call, not having enough time to view the caller ID. For obviously, I was too caught up in the moment to care about unnecessary thoughts as such.

"Bella? Bella! You've got yourself a lot of explaining to do, missy! Where are you?!" Charlie, my dad, shouted down the phone, resulting in my ears to ring due to the deafening pitch of his authoritative voice.

"Who is it?" The boy asked me, in-between peppering my neck in small and sweet kisses, leaving my skin tingling were his lips had parted from my skin, which was most definitely wanting more. Needing more.

"Who was that?" Charlie demanded down the phone, anger present in his voice. I could imagine his moustache twitching as his face turned a beetroot red. I had, unfortunately, inherited that from him.

"No-one, no-one!" I repeated in terror, realising I was answering them both.

I frowned. If Charlie knew that a boy had there tongue down my throat he would shoot me after shooting them. He was the chief of police and an angry one at that!

The boy leaned back onto the palms of his hands and pulled a hand through his perfectly tousled bronze hair that shimmered slightly were the sunrays bounced off of it. He seemed to be looking deeply into my eyes, probably trying to figure out the emotions within them, I guessed.

I gushed, never being able to experience the emotions of having someone look at me as affectionately as he was, apart from my family, of course, which consisted of myself, my mother, Renee, and my father, Charlie. Everybody else had passed on to the afterlife.

"I sure hope not young lady," He warned me and I could imagine the all too familiar swag of his finger in my face followed by a lecture of being safe and not associating myself with boys, "Get home immediately, I want a word with you."

"I'm on my way." I said dejectedly before ending the call and placing it into the back pocket of my jeans.

I somehow got up after untangling myself from the boy and turned around to leave, an unrecognised feeling settling within the pit of my stomach.

"Where are you going?" He questioned after catching my wrist in his soft but firm grip, his eyes filled with dred and yearning.

At that moment I wanted to reach out and comfort him and vow that I would never leave his side. That it wasn't possible for me to do so.

But, unfortunately, Charlie wanted me home and I didn't want to be late for him, the punishment would be much worse. He, along with my mother, could ground me and I most definitely did not want that. After all, I'd never been grounded in my life! In fact, I'd never been punished in any way, shape or form. I guess you could call me a goody two-shoes, most kids in my school called me one and it had sort of grown on me over the years...

"I have to go." I shouted over the blaring music from the concert stage.

I, along with my best friend, Rosalie Hale, had gotten tickets to a muse concert in Seattle, Washington. My parents would never allow me to go, so, of course I, being the rebel I am, ended up going anyway.

Neutron star collision was playing by Muse, my favourite band.

I smiled to myself before turning around and trying to squeeze past all of the dancing people around me, all drunk and stumbling over whilst trying to dance to the music that was blaring from the stage.

"B! B!" The boy called after me.

I had to laugh at that, that's what I had told him my name was a few minutes ago, not having the chance to proceed since Charlie had rudely interrupted me.

I turned around to find him there, his arms already wrapping themsleves around my waist and kissed me with so much passion, I felt like I was going to pass out! I'd only just met the boy, for goodness sakes! What was happening to me?

Our love would be forever

And if we die, we die together

And I, I said never

Cause our love would be forever

We continued to kiss as sparks circulated throughout my whole body. I shivered involuntarily. How did this happen?

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