Chapter 27


"It's Ja-" Alice started, obviously forgetting that Rosalie and Jasper were siblings.

"It's Jacob!" I shouted, cutting her off and giving her a warning look.

Alice looked shocked for a second before regaining herself and bobbing her head along with what I was saying, I turned to a gaping Rosalie, "What?!" She boomed, her voice echoing throughout my new ginormous home.

"I know, we were drunk." Alice explained, fiddling with her fingers. I'd never heard Alice lie before and she wasn't that convincing, but maybe that what due to her lack of communication skills she had developed when she had first fallen pregnant.

Rosalie turned towards me, a skeptical look on her face and her eyebrows furrowed, "But aren't you going to the movies with Jacob now, Bella? Is this some sort of joke?! It's really not funny!"

"It's not a joke, Rose. I'm just over a month pregnant." Alice whispered in a barely audible voice. I missed the old, bubbly, Alice so much...

"Then why are you going, Bella? Do you not understand how that's going to make Alice feel? Their not even dating for goodness sakes!" She threw her arms up in exasperation.

I guiltily ignored her accusations and was about to reply when the doorbell saved me.

I leapt up from the couch and dashed towards the door, leaving Alice to come up with her own explanations. I felt unbelievably guilty but Jacob wasn't even the father and he didn't deserve Rosalie to bombard him with false accusations.

Jacob began to greet me but before he could form a word, I hauled him to his car and quickly fastened myself in as Jacob looked down at me- yes, I was unbelievably small compared to his stature- with a thoughtful, yet confused, look in his chocolate brown eyes.

"Step on it." I ordered him and without even questioning why I had the sudden urge to flee, he started the engine and raced down the street.

Gazing out of the window, my heart beating rapidly, my eyes fell upon the angered form of Rosalie, her hands balled into fists at her sides and her eyes glaring daggers as she stared intently at Jacobs retreating car.

I sighed in relief as we rounded a corner and she disappeared out of my field of vision. I was definitely in for a telling off once we returned.

"So, are you going to tell me what all of that was about?" Jacob asked me

I groaned, "No." I wasn't going to involve Jacob anymore than I already had. If Rosalie got her hands on him, she'd pulverise him into a million pieces before burning the remains. I shivered at the thought of poor, harmless, inoffensive, Jacob in a hospital because of Rosalie's actions and my false allegations. If anything happened to him, I would always blame myself but Jacob was the first name that had popped into my mind with the first two letters being a 'J' and an 'A'.

As I thought about it now, I could have just made up a name, like James or something. I cursed myself for my stupidity just as we pulled up at the local cinemas.

"Why won't you tell me?" He pouted, his eyes shimmering in the lights from the cinemas.

"It's a secret." I winked, a playful smile forming on my lips.

Jacob smiled down at me before climbing out of the car and appearing at my window in a flash. He opened the door and pulled me up gently from my seat before handing me my crutches.

"Thanks." I blushed as I hobbled towards the entrance, Jacob trailing at my feet.

Ever since Tanya had knocked me over in school earlier on that day, my leg and ribs had been throbbing like crazy.

Jacob had insisted that I choose the movie, but of course, I had no idea what films were out nowadays. Jacob chuckled at my lack of know-how before deciding what movie we should watch.

I didn't catch the name but I knew it was a horror movie and I was petrified of watching it on a huge screen, in a pitch-black room...

Jacob had much more depth to him than his popular status let on; he was affectionate, comfortable to be around and was actually quite emotional. He was most definitely a suck-up but I loved being around him. He was genuine and authentic and wasn't like anything I expected him to be like. He was rapidly becoming a close friend and I knew that if I wasn't with Edward, I would most definitely end up with Jacob. We would have been together in an alternate universe, but I was with Edward and I wouldn't change a thing about our relationship.

After ordering some popcorn and a drink, we made our way into the movie theatre and waited for the movie to start. The trailers were over fairly quickly and before we knew it, the gory film begun along with my squeals of fear. During the movie, Jacob held my hand as I snuggled up next to him and hid my face in his arm at the gory parts of the movie.

"No! Don't go in there! He's behind you! Quick, run!" I shouted at the screen, leaning forward in my seat in anticipation. When the killer stroke, I buried my face in Jacobs arm and hummed to myself to block out the woman's cries of agony.

"Your not scared are you?" Jacob guffawed at my terrified expression, earning a scowl from me.

He smiled, a cheeky little grin before poking his tongue out at me. I did the same before returning my attention to the screen were there was now a beheaded woman laying on the ground.

On the way home, Jacob went on about how lame the movie was and how fake everything seemed. I just sat in silence, it all seemed real enough to me...

"Did you see the blood squirting out of that mans neck? It was like water! How did that scare you, Bella? It was boring, the only thing keeping me from leaping out of that theatre was the fact that you were there." He admitted, turning to face me completely.

I tugged on my bottom lip with my teeth as Jacobs face inched closer to mine, his eyes darting from my eyes to my lips and back again.

I sighed to let him know that I didn't want him to kiss me, he pulled back and awkwardly cleared his throat, "I'm sorry, Jake. I'm in love with Edward, we're engaged and I couldn't be happier." I whispered.

He shook his head, "I just thought... Never mind."

He climbed out of the car, slamming the door behind him as he came around to usher me to the front door. I didn't even realise we had stopped...

Without a word, I knocked on the door, just wanting to be in the comfort of my own room.

Within seconds, the door was pulled open with force, resulting in the door slamming into the wall.

Rosalie stood on the other side of it, an outraged look in her eyes.

She grabbed Jacob by the scruff of his collar a dragged him into the living room, throwing him onto the couch and pacing calculatingly in front of him.

I ran in after them, shouting profanities at Rosalie before noticing a crying Alice on the opposite couch.

I returned my eyes to Jacob who was gazing at each of our faces in wonder. If I had blinked, I would have missed Rosalie pouncing on top of Jacob, slapping him forcefully on the head and yanking at his hair.

"Stop it!" I yelled, trying with all of my might to remove Rosalie from Jacob. She was strong. Much stronger than my weak and broken body.

"Why should I?" Rosalie snarled, still throwing punches.

I froze, what could I say without involving Jasper even though he was to blame for all of this mess? Rosalie would be heartbroken and would probably never speak to Alice again, I didn't want to be the one who ruined their friendship but I also didn't want Jacob to be beaten when he had done nothing of the sort wrong.

Before I could utter a word, Alice's low voice could be heard through all of the chaos, "You should stop attacking Jacob because he isn't the one who has gotten me pregnant," Rosalie froze at Alice's words as Jacob slipped out of Rosalie's grasp and ran to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me towards him to protect him from Rosalie, "Jasper is."

Rosalie's mouth fell to the floor as she gaped at Alice, it took her a her a minute to gather her thoughts and burst out laughing mechanically. She did this for a few minutes before I finally spoke up.

"It's true." I whispered, earning a scowl from Rosalie. She stalked towards me and poked my chest.

"Do you actually believe her, Bella? Do you actually think for one minute that Jasper would do that to Maria? Alice is depressed, Bella, but she's taken it too far by involving my brother. She is a liar, a fake and a phoney. Don't believe a word she says, she's deluding herself into believing Jasper would actually go out with her, never mind have sex with her!" Rosalie defended her older brother. I could actually see smoke billowing out of her ears as her face went red and blotchy with anger.

"Jasper did have sex with her, he promised her that he would end things with Maria but then he broke that promise and left Alice pregnant." I ranted, as Jacob whispered in my ear, trying unsuccessfully, to calm me down.

"Jasper would never be unfaithful to Maria! He loves her, not Alice. She's lying, Bella, you can't believe a word she says anymore. She just wants attention." Rosalie retorted, pointing her perfectly manicured nails in Alice's direction.

"I. Do. Not. Want. Attention." Alice fumed, taking deep breaths to steady herself.

"Sure you don't, Alice." Rosalie said sarcastically, pouting her lips and rolling her eyes.

"I better go," Jacob whispered in my ear, "Will you be okay here?"

I nodded my head and quickly guided him to the door, unlocking it, I gasped when I realised Jasper was pacing on the other side. A thoughtful, yet pained, look in his sparkling eyes.

"What are you doing here?" I spat as he stood, frozen on the other side of the door.

"I need to talk to Alice. Rosalie phoned me and demanded that I come around and answer a few questions of hers. She sounded pissed. Does she know?" He asked as Jacobs car retreated down the street, I waved stupidly after it before turning back to Jasper.

"Yes, but she doesn't believe us. She thinks Alice is lying about..." I froze on the spot as Jasper raised his eyebrows at me.

"About?" He gestured for me to continue with his hands.

I shook my head and grabbed his arm, dragging him into the living room.

Alice gasped at the sight of him and Rosalie strode towards him with a determined look on her face.

"Is it true?" She questioned him, her face inches from his.

He gulped before nodding his head.

Rosalie gasped and near fell backwards with shock, "What were you thinking?!" She shouted once she had regained herself, "You had sex with her behind Maria's back?! Are you kidding me?! I trusted you, I looked up to you and now your nothing but a failure who's got some girl knocked up behind your girlfriends back! What sort of love is that?! I thought you loved Maria?" By the end of her rant, she was crying with her hand glued over her mouth, muffling her words.

"I do love her, it's just... Wait, what?" He said, running a hand through his hair.

"What?" Rosalie cried into her hands. She obviously didn't know about Jasper not knowing...

Jasper stalked towards Alice with a fierce look in his baby blue eyes, "What did she just say Alice?"

Alice just stared blankly at him, shaking at his touch.

I stood silently in the corner throughout their debate, I shouldn't get involved. It didn't really have anything to do with me. I mean, it was Alice's and Jaspers child and Rosalie's niece or nephew that they were 'discussing'. They needed to work things out and there was no need in me making things even more complicated than things already were.

"Answer me!" Jasper ordered, shaking her shoulders, resulting in her small frame to jump in alarm and tears to form, once again, in her eyes.

"I'm s-sorry, J-Jasper. I d-d-didn't mean t-to g-get p-pregnant." She cried, as hiccups began to rack her body. In that instant, a wave of guilt and anguish flooded my body. Alice didn't deserve this sort of treatment; she was too frail. I couldn't imagine her with a huge baby bump protruding out of her flat stomach. It just didn't suit her boney body. But what made matters worse was the fact that she was going to go through this alone. Or would she? Now that Jasper knew, would he help Alice through the pregnancy or would he shut her -and his child- out of his world and condemn his child to a fatherless life?

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