Chapter 30


Taking a long and deep breath through my nose, I steadied myself. Closing my eyes firmly shut and clutching to the steering wheel of my car.

Why was I doing this to myself? Wasn't it bad enough that he'd continuously park his car outside my home

everyday after school, waiting for me to come out and talk? Did I really want to give him hope that he was forgiven?

Letting out an audible groan, I peeled my fingers from the steering wheel and hauled myself towards the bane of my existence; Forks high school, for which I hadn't attended since the breakup that had transpired between myself and Edward. It was hard grasping this after everything we'd been through, but I guess I should have seen it coming. After all, he was just your average teenager with raging hormones and a deep desire to corrupt my life. He'd been benevolent and generous at our first meeting, sharing a first kiss with me and staying with me through my torturous days. He'd saved me without realising it and, somehow, throughout all of the lies, the mess and the abuse, he'd lodged himself into my heart and made a home for himself. Only now did I realise that and only now did I cut the cord and set myself free.

With a heavy weight lifted off of my shoulders, I hopped out if the car and made my way to first period where all eyes seemed to bore into me. But I didn't care. In fact, I welcomed my classmates hate towards me, I revelled in it. Finally, I'd found something that felt right, with Edward people would be polite and generous towards me, finally accepting me into their social circle. And without him, my old life had finally arrived minus Rosalie.

She was still upset about the whole Alice and Jasper thing and wouldn't leave the past alone. Even after Jasper had admitted everything.

Maria had found out, of course, and had immediately ended things with him. After that, he'd regularly come over to my house and talk about how his life was and that he was coping with the breakup and Alice's pregnancy.

I'd tell him how she wasn't in school anymore either, probably due to her morning sickness, how I'd seen her with Esme shopping a couple of weeks ago and the development of there ever growing baby. He had smiled at this point, something I hadn't seen in a long time from Jasper.

The day rolled on quickly and as I sat smiling to myself and continuing on with my work until the bell rang, signalling the ending of period two and the beginning of break, I remembered how at least someone cared for me. My mother had left the house and all of the possessions in it to me with a small stash of money. It was endearing and I couldn't help the tears that brimmed in my ears for the sacrifices she had made for me throughout her short-lived life.

With my head held high and a smirk of carefreeness playing on my lips, I made my way to the cafeteria in my combat boots, army jacket, black skinny jeans and white tank top. To top it off, I'd applied a light shade of smoky black eyeshadow and clear lipgloss.

A few of unbeknownst boys stared at me in shock at my recent makeover. I was far from girly but I'd changed over the passing weeks, I'd grown more confident in myself and learnt to depend upon myself and nobody else. Most importantly, I'd learnt to defend myself.

If Charlie had began abusing me at this moment in time, I'd stick up for myself and fight back. It wasn't my fault for my mothers tragic death and I shouldn't waste my life dwelling on it. Sure, I missed her and all, but there was nothing I could do to help that matter. She was gone. I'd accepted that.

"Watch were your going, bitch." The overly squeaky remark came from no other than the devil herself; Tanya Denali as I had accidentally bumped into her whilst daydreaming.

Taking a deep breath and spinning on my heel, I replied overly cheerfully, "Say what you wish, Tanya. I don't care what you think of me because I know, just as much as you do, that I'm not the bitch in this situation. You may think that you've won, but, believe me, you haven't. Your a self-centred cow with no respect for anybody's feelings. Well, let me tell you something, I'm not going to let you have that advantage over me because, frankly, nobody likes a slut and I, for one, hate them."

Tanya scowled at me for a second, her mouth hanging open as she thought of a comeback.

"Close your mouth, Tanya. Your going to catch flys." I smirked at her, my arms folded across my chest menacingly and my brow raised, waiting for her retort.

"We'll, I-I... Umm..." She mumbled weakly, her brow furrowed in concentration.

"That's what I thought." I guffawed, walking away with a sway in my hips and a carefree nature about me.

Entering the cafeteria was comical, all eyes reverted to me as I strode to an empty table and took a seat, removing my book from my rucksack and turning to the page I was on.

The sound of the chair besides me squeaking made my squeal in fright and drop my book to the floor.

Retrieving it, I let out a low groan, "Thanks for that, you made me loose my page."

"I'm sorry." Edward apologised, a low huff of annoyance escaping his lips as he dragged his hand through his clustered hair.

He looked absolutely perfect, my brain hadn't done him justice and it was startling to be in his presence after such a long period of time.

"So, your back then." He said, a small smile playing on his lips as he considered seeing me everyday.

"Yes," I replied sternly, not bothering to look up to see his facial expression, "For now." I muttered under my breath.

I hadn't made a definite decision yet, but hopefully, I'd be attending a school in La Push sooner or later. We were breaking up for the summer holidays in just over a week and why not wait until school was over before making my decision. That way, I'd have more time to think over my plans...

He sent a scowl my way, obviously hearing my little comment. After a moment, his face softened, "We all know about Alice, Bella. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it wasn't my secret to tell." I answered in a deadpan voice. He grimaced at my comment and I rolled my eyes, already tired of this conversation, "What do you want, Edward?" I asked, returning my attention to my book and flicking through the pages.

"Bella, we need to talk." Edward winced, obviously not used to the way I was trying, unsuccessfully, to ignore him.

I shook my head forcefully, resulting in locks of my hair to conceal my face and prevent him from seeing me, "No. We don't."

"Yes, we do, Bella." He said rather sweetly, reaching out a shaky finger to tuck it away from my face.

"Don't." I fumed, hastily gathering up my belongings and lunging them into my bag, just as the bell sounded.

"Bella, please." He pleaded, a pained look flew across his face and my heart sank.

"No, Edward. You've already done enough to hurt me, don't you think?" I snarled.

He ran a hand through his halo of bronze hair, resulting in a huff to escape my lips, "Yeah, that's what I thought." I muttered before sauntering out of the cafeteria, my destination being my truck.

Weaving through the gathering throngs of students, I finally made it to my truck, allowing myself to finally exhale a breath I didn't know I had been holding and rest my head on the steering wheel.

Why did everything in my life have to be so difficult and complicated? Couldn't one little thing be normal?

Why couldn't I have been given another human life? Like Rosalie's, or Emmett's, or even Mr Banners for goodness sakes!

Anything was better than my own!

A loud and consistent knock on the window of my truck brought me out of my revelry.

Scowling, I turned my head towards the intruder to find Edward staring at me with a tortured expression.

"Bella, open the window." He ordered me exasperatedly.

I shook my head, "Why should I?" I sneered, refusing to meet his gaze and focusing my eyes on the window shield and the relentless downpour that was drenching Edward.

"Just leave, Edward. Your going to get wet." I sighed, turning the key in the ignition and checking my rear view mirror.

"No, Bella, I don't care if I get wet. I'd do anything for you, just listen to me, please." He whispered, a pained expression on his glorious face.

"Edward, please, don't do this. Just let me go, please. I'm so much better off without you right now. I don't need this." I pleaded, an aching feeling taking over me.

He clenched his jaw before stalking away, his eyes never leaving the floor.

I had to get away, it was all too much to handle. I couldn't deal with this at the moment, so I went to the only place I could think of in that particular moment.

La Push.

- - - -K&T- - - -

Pulling up at First Beach, I climbed out of my truck and stalked towards my sanctuary, yanking off my combat boots and socks and letting my toes sink into the damp sand.

It was so peaceful and relaxing and after walking along the edge of the sea a couple of times, admiring the glistening waves and the setting sun, I flopped down onto the sand and sighed in admiration as a man chased after a dog as his two daughters giggled behind him in ecstasy, an old couple walked along the edges of the shore, hand-in-hand and kissing each others cheeks in turn. Finally, my eyes landed on the form of a someone climbing out of the water, there dripping hair being shook to rid it of clumps of seaweed and the murky brown water.

Exhaling a breath I didn't know I was holding, I realised too late that the goddess of a boy was heading towards me, a sexy look in his slanted big, besotting, blue eyes.

Glancing up, my heart did a little skip of interest. Wow, talk about impressive. He was around my own age, maybe a little older, tall and lean with longish black hair and long, tanned legs.

"Excuse me?" He smiled lopsidedly, coming to a halt in front of me.

"Yes." I breathed, astounded by his confidence.

"Your kind of sitting on my towel." He said awkwardly, rubbing the nape of his neck.

I gazed down and sure enough there was a children's pirate towel underneath me. With sudden realisation, I scrambled to my feet, resulting in sand to spray out onto his towel.

"Gosh, I'm so sorry!" I blurted out, "Ugh, I'm such a klutz."

"Don't worry about it." He chuckled, leaning down to retrieve his towel and remove the grains of sand from it.

"Here let me do it." I said, snatching the towel from him and shaking it continuously.

Sighing, he flopped down onto the sand and relaxed, allowing the sun to dry him off.

"Here," I said, passing the towel to him, "Sorry about your towel."

"It's not mine, it's my little brothers." He informed me, squinting up at me due to the sun.

"Right," I muttered, nodding my head, "Well, it was nice meeting you."

He chuckled and patted the sand beside him, "Hey, don't go."

"No, I think I'm betters off leaving." I sighed, giving him a regretful glance.

"Please." He pleaded, pouting out his lower lip. How could anyone resist such a tantalising angel such as the one in front of me?

"Fine," I mumbled, collapsing on the ground beside him, "But not for long."

"Fine by me, so, what's your name, princess?" He asked me, a glint of lust in his eyes.

"Bella," I whispered, feeling awfully star-struck, "What's yours?"

"Embry, and might I say, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He waggled his eyebrows playfully and began to quietly laugh to himself.

"You may say that." I blushed, smiling without warning.

He smiled in return, "Your not from here, are you?"

"No, how did you know?" I asked, bewildered.

"A face like yours would be hard to miss and, plus, your so pale." He held out his arm besides mine, comparing them to one another, resulting in his arm to brush up against my own and tingles to evaporate inside me.

They were not as overpowering as the ones Edward and I had shared but they were strong enough for me to melt into a pile of goo at his feet.

I shook my head to clear it because there was never going to be an Edward and I, there was just going to be an I. An extremely lonely I.

"So, do you go to school here or...?" I gestured with my hand to say are you older, resulting in a chuckle to escape his lips.

"As much as I'm flattered that you would think I was older, but, unfortunately, I'm not." He flashed me his pearly white teeth before continuing, "I go to school here on the reservation."

"Oh, really? Any good?" I questioned, biting my lip sceptically.

"Yeah, it's as good as any school really. Why, thinking of joining?" He playfully nudged me.

"Umm, actually, yeah, I was." I replied, feeling unbelievably awkward.

"Really? That's great!" He exclaimed before noticing my raised eyebrow and quickly corrected himself, "Umm, because we'll get to know each other some more."

"I have a funny feeling that's going to happen regardless." I trilled, feeling much chirpier than I had since Edward.

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