Prompt Fill - During the Thunder Battle, Fili and Kili are not separated, but instead clinging to each other.

Summary (In short) - Kili is an idiot, an adorable one, but nevertheless a fool.

Disclaimer: I do not own the hobbit nor will I ever. I am just a fan who wonders about what could've happened and is inspired by the genius that is the cast and crew of the movies. (and the author who started it all)

Pairing: None. Can be seen as Durincest if you squint ish, but it has the general tag of brotherly love.

Warning: Fluff. Lots and lots and lots of fluff. Also - Suspension of Canon, as mentioned below.

AN (1) : This is an AU, so as you can expect there are some differences. First off, in the story Kili jumps the gap - since that is not possible, I am telling you that Kili had faster reactions and that the giant was sleeping in getting up. Just roll with it. :)

AN (2) : This is my first time writing Kili and Fili as characters, so please correct me if there are inconsistencies. Also, I can't do accents for the life of me, so the few spoken lines in this are normal, no specific language used. I love constructive criticism so please tell me. Reviews are love and flames are used for marshmallows!

AN (3 and last!) : The POVs switch off between Fili and Kili, with a dash of Thorin. You should be able to tell, but I will tell you at the beginning of every section. This first chapter is all Fili, the gold lion himself!

Onwards! ( And apologies for the short chapter)

It's at this moment when he wishes he was not a dwarf, or at least not of the line of Durin. Then he would not be squinting against the fury of the storm, struggling to see even though his vision is near perfect.

He would be at home, the hearth warm and his mother's smile bright as day melted into night. The steam coming off of the simple, but hearty food would warm his bones and erase the chills that seem almost permanent. There would be laughter, mostly from his brother who would kicking him underneath the table with a sly smile on his face. He would do the same, basking in the glow while waiting on their Uncle, who he and Kili would tease later for being late to the table...


The words seem almost constant now, a repetitive warning coming from the King under the Mountain; his Uncle's words having been in his ears from the start of this journey through the mountains. If he was not a dwarf, or a Durin heir, he would not be here listening to those words, not here in the soaking cold and watery air. If he was not...but he is.

He is a dwarf, one that was cast out like the others before his time on earth, and he is of Durin heritage, the ones to lead their race, so he does what he always has. He bears the weight; of princehood, of battle, and now, of the storm. Shoulders bowed, but back straight, he takes the attacks of rain and slicing wind. Much worse than an orc attack, at lease then he could see his enemy. He continues on the path towards their home, trudging behind the others with complaint, trying to forget about the wishes for home and warmth.

"Did you hear what he said brother? I had a bit of water in my ears between now and the last time, so I'm not sure"

He barely hears the words over the storm, but it's the unmistakable voice that breaks him from his facade. Looking up, he sees the dwarf in front of him turned and grinning over his shoulder. Kili, even with wet hair in his face, is the happier of the two of them, as he always is. Even now, as he is soaked through and through, he feels a bit of warmth at the wide smile.

"Aye brother, he said to focus on where you're going!" It's a light thing, hardly a slap compared to other things he done, that he delivers to the back of his brother's head. It's playful and raises both their spirits despite the bloody rain that Durin has decided to bring down on them. It reminds him what he is doing here in the first place.

When his Uncle had decided on this quest, thought was given to leaving him at home. He was the son of Durin, prince to the throne; it would be smart to leave a heir behind just incase the quest failed and the unthinkable occurred. Though a harrowing thought, it was still possible that the King, his Uncle, may fall; the idea of barring him from the trip had weighed heavily on many minds and had been debated many days as he had heard. IN the end, he had been the one to make the decision, due to his brother's involvement. Kili, though he was younger, had already been slated to go and with that fact in mind he had told his Uncle that he was going. As he had been told later, the firmness in his voice and challenge in his eyes had left no room for argument, not even from the king.

If there was a chance that the King may pass, then he was not going to idle at home while his brother was possibly in danger. He had to be there, plain and simple. It was is sworn position to protect his brother, a duty he placed before his princehood, even though he would never say such aloud. Kili would always be behind him, away from the danger, protected; he had decided such when the mess of brown hair had been born. Two big bright, dark brown eyes had looked up at him later and they never stopped, not even to this day. He had dealt with the scrapes, the bullies, and the messes his brother had gotten into; it had started in his fifth year and it wasn't going to end now. He would be there, with no regret.

So here he was, being turned into a dripping mess of fur and braids, happy in such a position. He could see his brother's back, bowed such as his to bear the rain, and that was all that mattered. On heir of Durin would be guaranteed to survive if he had anything to say about it; over his cold, mangled body.

In that moment, the deep rumble of both the storm and the King came to his ears once more, the ground moving beneath his carefully placed feet. Some shouts, telling of rocks and panic, followed; he found the nearest hold he could and anchored himself to it. He would not fall, nor slip, even if the grip was held by sure will alone; the other arm wound around his brother's waist. Not that he did not trust the other's footfalls, but he would not leave it to chance. Not now, when something could go wrong.

The body he held did not resist his hold, instead relaxing into the touch; he used that to his advantage, tucking the taller dwarf inwards. He alone would take the force of the falling rock, no harm would come to his little brother;he clutched the younger closer as the rock face shook and thunder rolled all around.

When it was over, a pause in the attack, he loosened his grip on Kili, not the mountain. He knew his brother would raise a fuss later about not being a youngling anymore, lying and saying he was not needed anymore. He would roll his eyes and shrug it off, a content look on his face, a peace due to the safety of the other. That look was on his face now, as Kili stood and shook off his hold with a look of slight irritation, complemented with an underlying smile.

It was almost a routine for them; one saving the other, then irritation, before finally banter that drew laughter to all including them. Oh yes, Kili would complain later, but now he was humbled.

Everything was alright.

The mountain, seeming to read his mind, rumbled deeper than ever before. There were more yells, of something more than thunder and rock. Giants? All it registered as was danger, and he was back on guard. He reached toward his brother, eyes searching the falling water for the other's gaze.

"Kili, grab my hand!"

But they were already moving apart, inches every moment, the awakened stone beast accomplishing something not even orcs or their mother could do, seperating them. There was no presence by his side and in that moment, he knew his face was something in the company of pure panic. It was too far to jump safely, but his arm was still out reached, embrace still open to protect and calm. His body was still readied for the other's body, to shield. Only his mind knew the truth.

He stood there, everything forgotten (even the damned rain) as he stared at the other. It had only been moments, if only he had been faster or had longer legs, his brother would be safe.

If only, it was killing him. He could do nothing.


The call only worsened the pain, but then he looked up and gaped. His brain stopped, the images processing driving it haywire; the instinct to protect and hold took over as he moved to the edge. He found a hand hold, blindly, fingers scraped and torn as he ran them over the rough surface, and leaned over the edge to catch the most precious thing in his world.

His brother...who was in mid air coming towards him.

OH NO! What is Kili thinking? (Obviously he's not...)

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