The Lost Mate

Summary: When Harvey gets hired to find a missing person he had no idea he would be finding more than he ever thought possible.

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Mike Vampire Harvey Human

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Chapter 1

Hervey's POV

Another job well done I walked back into my office/Living space with a huge smile on my face, nothing could beat me and stop me from keeping my 100% success record and that is why they pay me the big bucks because I'm the best in the whole of the US.

"Harvey before you go down there are some people here to see you" Donna, my best friend and secretary, informed me as I passed her desk on my way to the door leading to my apartment.

"Oh and just what do these people want" I asked stepping towards my office door.

"I don't know but the guy is hot" Donna smirked.

I just rolled my eyes at her; Donna was always fanning over the male clients.

"Donna" I replied.

"It's a shame he's taken. If not I would of made a move because I don't think he is gay" Donna laughed.

Opening my office door I could see why Donna got all worked up over the guy because he was hot.

Blond hair and such dark eyes that I could get lost in, the woman beside him looked just as beautiful but being gay she didn't really do anything for me, But there was something in her eyes that I had seen hundreds of times, Pain and hopelessness, it was the same look I had seen in the eyes of people that had nowhere else to go, that had started to lose hope and begin to give up.

"I'm Harvey, Donna told me you're in need of my help" I told them as I walked over to my chair.

"Yes my brother is missing and we were informed that you have a gift for finding lost things" The female replied.

"100% successes rate, not one unhappy client" I smirked.

"Cassie this is not a good idea, we can find him without this guy's help" The male muttered.

"Jamie we have no idea where he is and if we wish to find him before it's too late we need his help" She whispered.

The male just sighed while I pretended I had not overheard their little talk.

"Your brother, what is his name?" I asked.

"Mike Ross" the male, Jamie, told me.

"And how long has he been missing?" I asked grabbing a note book from my draw.

"Six months" Jamie told me

But I had a feeling that he had been missing longer than six months and the only reason I believed that was because Cassie looked seconds away from tears and that lost look in her eyes that he had only seen with people that had been looking for far longer than six month more like years.

"And what does this Mike look like?" I asked.

"I brought I picture with me, please say you can help" Cassie asked as she handed me a photo.

As I looked down at the photo I felt myself harden, the guy was hot, hell he was dropped down on my knees sexy. His aqua eyes stared up at me calling to me while his lips begged for mine and his short brown hair I could picture my finger's running throw his hair as we have sex.

"When did he go missing?" I asked looking away from the photo.

"He went out one night in July and never came home, Mikey is not like that he wouldn't want us to worry" Cassie replied looking at the photo of her brother.

"Mike went out with a guy name Benny I think his name was, they went to some club and that was the last we saw of our brother" Cassie continued.

"Does this Benny guy have a last name?" I wondered noting it all down for later.

"No we didn't see him that much, may have met him once or twice. I found him when we started looking for Mike, me and Tommy, Mike's older brother, questioned him" Jamie informed me

"And what did he say to you and Tommy?" I asked looking over at him.

"He told us that Mike was laughing and having a blast with some guy, he said that Mike didn't look so good towards the end and they guy told him that he was going to take Mike home. Benny said he went to grab Mike but the guy back handed him before walking out the club with Mike" Jamie replied.

"Did you call the cops? To me it says like a kidnaping" I asked

It sounded like Mike was kidnapped and I couldn't for the life of me wonder if it was a kidnapping then why hadn't they paid, they sure as hell had money or they would not have come to him.

"No we like to handle things privately" Jamie replied

"Okay I think I have all I need, if I come up with anything I will let you know" I smiled

"Thank you Harvey" Cassie smiled as Jamie shook my hand.

"Just leave your contact information with Donna before you leave"

Cassie's POV

"My dear was it wise to involve the human in this matter?" Jamie asked as we walked toward our car

"Jamie we have spent 4 years trying to find him, havens knows if there will be anything to find. But we shouldn't give up till we find either his body or his ashes and then we hunt that fucker down and make him pay" I hissed

"They won't like the fact that you brought a human into this Cas" Jamie told me as he put the car into drive.

"Mum will, she wants her little boy back more than anything" I told him looking out the window.

It didn't take us long to get home, Jamie raced all the lights and stop signs wanting to get home before dawn.

Tammy was waiting for us when we pulled up.

"Did he take the job? Is he going to bring Mikey home?" Tammy asked once we were out of the car.

"Tammy go inside the suns about to come up" I hissed and I walked towards her

"The sun can't hurt us Cas" Tammy said rolling her eyes

"No but it makes us weak now in side" I growled

Mum and dad were sitting at the table when we entered the living room, dad didn't look happy but mum looked hopefully and that was all that mattered.

"He's going to find Mike I can feel it" I told them.

"And how is a human going to find our son when we can't? Have you forgotten what we are? What we do?" Dad growled

"No I haven't. Yes we're vampires. Natural hunters but it's been 4 years and we can't find him" I hissed

"Now the both of you just stop it" Tommy yelled

"Can't you all see what this is doing to mum?" Tammy yelled

"Oh now dears I'm just worried is all" Mum said trying to cover up just how scared she was.

"I'm sorry mum, Harvey will find Mike. This guy has never failed" I reassured her.

"I'm sorry to my love." Dad said kissing Mum on the cheek.

"But what if this Harvey finds out what we are?" Tommy asked

"I don't care if he does as long as he brings my baby home" Mum snapped

Mum had come across Mike when he was 4 years old, his human parents had been killed in a car crash and Mum had just about got him out of there before the car blow up, Dad was scared as hell when we saw the fire but then Mum came out of the trees holding little Mike and while we were very taken with him.

He wanted to be a lawyer and fight the bad guys but in 1998 he was shot coming home, a mugging gone wrong, mum and dad thank the heavens the twins, Tommy and Tammy, were hunting nearby and found him in time to turn him. I guess if we had known that on the summer of 2008 would have been the late time we saw him we would have held on tighter, would have asked, begged him to stay home with us, but sometimes I find myself wondering if we we're every really meant to have Mike, if he was meant to survive all those years go because if so then why is he missing.

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