The Lost Mate

Summary: When Harvey gets hired to find a missing person he had no idea he would be finding more than he ever thought possible.

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Mike Vampire Harvey Human

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Chapter 2

Harvey's POV

It had been a few days since I had taken the job to find Mike Ross and I was beginning to believe that I was not being told the whole truth, for one I managed to track down Benny only to find out that he had been dead for 4 years so unless Jamie is a time lord and jumped in his big blue box then I don't see who he and this Tommy could have questioned him 6 months ago when Mike when missing.

And to add to the mystery I found out that a Mike Ross was shot and killed in 1998 and the freaky thing is he matched my photo of Mike Ross right down to the fuck me lips.

I had a feeling that something bigger was going on, something darker and I was failing to see it and that scared me.

The more I looked the more I began to realise I had been lied to and that angered me, here I was doing the job I was paid for yet I did not have all the answers.

"Donna I need you to get …" I started coming out of my office only to find Donna laying on the floor

"Donna" I yelled and rushed over to her

"She's find, she's be up in a few don't worry Harvey" I looked up to see a man with long dark hair and cold black eyes looking down at me.

Everything inside me told me he was dangers.

"Who are you and why are you here" I demanded

"Just popped by to tell you to stop your search for little Ross." The man replied flashing me a smile that screamed evil.

"And if I don't?" I asked

"Well I'll just have to feed you to the boy" He laughed

"What are you talking about?" I questioned

"What didn't Cassie tell you the big secret? It was Cassie wasn't it that came here asking for help?" He smirked


"Oh I know the whole family Harvey. All thanks to my little pet" He laughed

He stood up and stared down at me and I felt as if death was seconds away from me.

"Now leave the boy to me and I won't have to kill you" And with that he walked out of the office

Cassie's POV

"Do you think he found anything?" Mum asked

"He would have called if he had Mum, give him time he is after all human" I smiled


"What the hell is that?" Tammy asked looking up from her book.

"Human" Tommy hissed coming into the living room

"Harvey" Jamie growled

I got up and quickly walked over to the front door and opened it to find a red faced Harvey standing there.

"How?" I started

"That doesn't matter at the moment, what matters is that you haven't been telling me the truth" Harvey replied storming in

"Harvey I have no idea what you're talking about" I said playing dumb

"Really? Then I guess I'm looking for a died man seeing as the only record for a Mike Ross died in 1998" Harvey growled slamming a folder down on the table

"You must be mistake?" Mum said coming into the room

"I'm not, I'm very good at what I do mama" Harvey replied not taking his eyes off me

"And then there's the problem of this Benny, if you talked to him 6 months go then his family must have buried the wrong man." Harvey hissed looking towards Jamie

"Look you hired me to do a job but you're not giving me everything I need to do it and to make matters worse I'm being warned off by the vey some guy that may or may not have Mike" Harvey finished

"WHAT" the whole room seem to yell

"Some dude dressed in black came to my office and attacked Donna telling me leave the boy alone or he fill feed me to him, You need to tell me the truth or we may never be able to find your brother Cassie" Harvey replied looking back at me

"No, I knew this was a bad idea" Dad growled

"We're Vampires" Mum informed him

"What?" Harvey asked turning to face her

"Mary" Dad warned

"I want my baby home Lee" Mum growled

"Vampires? Really?" Harvey asked

"Yes, Mike has been missing for 4 years and whoever has him is hiding him well" I replied

"Alright then" Harvey nodded grabbing his bag and pulling out a sliver laptop

"Umm Harvey you're not scared or anything?" Jamie asked

"Nope, always knew there was something darker in this world" Harvey replied placing his laptop on the table.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"My job" He replied

"No it's to dangers now" I said stepping closer to him

"Look you paid to find Mike and find him I will, it no more dangers that any other case" Harvey informed us

"I won't have your death on my hands" I demanded

Harvey turning to face me again

"I've been on deaths door more time that I like to remember but it's far easier being a PI then a cop and if I do died it won't be your fault, we all have choices and I'm choosing to finish the job I'm being paid to do" Harvey said before turning back to his laptop

"Do you have a map?" Harvey asked

"A map? Why?" Dad asked

"So I can find your son" Harvey replied rolling his eyes

"So you were a cop?" I asked as Tammy handed him a map

"Yeah 6 years on the force" Harvey replied laying the map out on the table

"What made you become a PI?" Tammy asked

"No red tape" Was all Harvey said

Harvey grabbed a pen from his bag

"So Mike disappeared from here" Harvey replied marking the area Mike had disappeared "And Benny's body was found right here" Harvey said making another cross on the map

"Why does Benny matter" Tommy asked

"Did you kill him?" Harvey asked

"No! I mean yes we drink human blood but we only take what we need, we don't drain the human" Tommy replied shocked

"That's why Benny matters, because he was murdered." Harvey replied

"But how do you know he is involved in this case?" Tommy questioned

"Because it's my job and when you're been a cop for as long as I have you can see the signs. Plus all his blood was missing and his throat was cut" Harvey informed my brother

"But he could of just bleed out" Tommy augured

"I'm sorry. Tommy has always wanted to be a cop" Mum replied

"That's okay mama. And to answer your question Tommy, the throat was cut after his death" Harvey smirked.

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