The Lost Mate

Summary: When Harvey gets hired to find a missing person he had no idea he would be finding more than he ever thought possible.

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Mike Vampire Harvey Human

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Chapter 5


It had been two week since I had saved Mike Ross, since I had been released from the hospital and I was being to miss him.

Of course Tommy gave me all the updates on Mike when he came into work or picked Donna up for date, Tommy couldn't stop thanking me for the office and I had to tell him off a few times because he keep blaming himself for me getting hurt.

It was good having Tommy around, with me being laid up and out of commission for until I'm fully healed, I needed someone to pick up the slack and Tommy jumped at the chance.

"I'm leaving now Harvey but you have a visitor" Donna smiled

"Send them in" I said not looking up from my book

"So this is where you live?"

I looked up from my book to find Mike looking at me with a smile; he looked better, healthier, which was a good thing.

"Yep. Like it?" I smiled

"Love it. but I think you have watched Angel a few too many times" Mike joked

"How are you" I asked sitting up

"I'm better, mum didn't wanna let out but I have to see you, needed to see you" Mike replied coming to sit down next to on the bed.

"I missed you as well" I smiled

"I never really said thank you did I?" Mike asked

"I don't recall you saying thank you" I smirked

Mike leaned in and softly kissed my lips before I placed my hand on the back of his neck and pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.

"Harvey I need to know if you … understand what a mate is." Mike said slowly

"Of course, Donna has kept me well informed" I nodded

"Oh?" Mike asked

"Yes, I'm it for you and your it for me. I won't live forever so that means either I'm to be turned or we both die when I grow old and pass away. It almost means that you will do whatever it takes to keep me safe and out of harm's way, which won't work seeing as I'm the PI people come to when no one else can help" I laughed

"Well I'll just have to come with you then" Mike smiled

"It means you love me more than life itself" I finished

"I never want to be without you Harvey. But I fear one day your be too far gone to save" Mike worried running his fingers over my cast

"Then turn me, and together we can catch the bad guys and make love in the night" I replied leaning his face up so I could look into his eyes.

"Harvey…" I silent him with my lips

"I want this Mike; I want to be with you. I want you to be my partner in ever sense of the word" I whispered against his lips

"I love you Harvey" He whispered as his lips moved from mine and over to my neck

"I love you too Mike" I whispered as I felt his teeth pierces my skin

Soon I started to feel dizzy, weak and I could feel my heart slowing down, Mike had pulled away and bite into his wrists and placed it in front of me.

"Drink now or forever be lost to me" Mike helped me lower my head as I held his wrist to my mouth slowly drinking his blood.

Mike's POV

When I heard Harvey's heart stop I laid him down on his bed and held him close for a few seconds before I got up and ventured outside, I knew Harvey would be hungry when he woke up and it was best not to let him wait for his first meal, I found a pretty blond outside a bar, He was a few drinks away from passing out and would do perfectly.

It was easy getting the drunken man back to Harvey's without anyone seeing and once we were in his apartment it was just a matter of waiting.

By the time I had gotten off the phone with my parents letting them know that both Harvey and Donna would become members of our family I heard Harvey take his first breath of this new life.

"Harvey? Baby?" I asked moving quickly over to his side.

"Mike?" Harvey blinked a few times, his eyes getting use to the light.

"I brought you something to eat baby. Remember not too much okay" I kissed his lips before grabbing the passed out young man.

I showed Harvey how to feed, the best place to take blood from and then sat back and watch him for a few moments.

He was completely healed my blood had fixed his wrist and healed his wounds leaving no scars expect the ones that were already there and could not be removed by vampire blood, once I was sure he had, had enough I got his to stop and then called for a cab to take the young man back to his home.

"It feels so unreal, dream like if you will" Harvey told me as he sat up smiling

"I love you" I replied smiling

"And I love you. Thank you for this, for wanting me" Harvey smiled and kissed my shoulder

I wanted nothing more than to complete the mating with him but I had to first get rid of the human, didn't want him to wake up now, Vampire mating can be a bit messy.

Soon the cab called telling me he was right out front and I managed to pull away from Harvey and picked up the drunken man and carried him outside and into the waiting cab.

Once I was sure he would get home safe I walked back inside and down the stairs that lead to Harvey's little cave and found him wait naked on the bed for me.

"Shall we" Harvey smirked

I was undressed and on the bed in seconds, my lips capturing his as my hands roamed his body, soon he had us turned round his lips on my neck and I felt the mating bite as I throw my head back before claiming his neck with my own bite.


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