Chapter 1 – The Hunt

Laurie creeps along a dark corridor under the abandoned warehouse that took her a week to find after bribing a few streetwalkers. Dan's throwaway spare glasses help to find her way around easier than the dim ceiling lights can.

Although it's strange, she's glad that the smells of vomit and piss have been replaced by beer and popcorn as she approaches a bright light at the end of the hallway, hearing loud murmuring of a crowd of people.

She turns off the night vision affect off the glasses but suddenly a large, firm hand on her right soldier makes her body tense.

"Hey! Who the hell are you?" After she's spun around, she sees a large but fat security guard looking her up and down lustfully at the obvious features being shown from wearing her Silk Spectre costume. "Hey baby, what's your name," he asks with a grin.

She kicks the guard's pudgy stomach, grabs and twists his right arm, and slams him into the wall. "Sandra Hollis."

As she drags his unconscious body into the shadows, she laughs at the situation. Sandra Hollis is a name she uses for pushy guys along with her favorite restaurant's telephone number.

An announcer's voice get's Laurie's attention when he yells, "Gentlemen! Here's is the fight you've been waiting for! Are you ready for the final fight?"

The echo of the crowd's roar makes Laurie's heart's jump. She slowly hugs the wall, quickly making her way to the end of the hallway, and peaks out. She sees a large center stage on the lower level, surrounded by a stadium of men in business suits being served food and drinks by women in skimpier outfits than hers. She looks up briefly and sees large vents are keeping the area cool and ventilated.

She sees that she's on the last level of the stadium seats and on the same level as the announcer; he's a young man with a receding hairline with an amazing entertaining and likable voice.

She watches as the announcer yells on his microphone, "Our challenger…the unstoppable bull…Olga the Amazon!"

Laurie sees a large, blonde, muscular woman in a leopard outfit and leather boots walk out a hallway from the fighting ring floor. She's is mostly booed and hated by the crowd, Olga welcomes it. Olga curses at the crowd and flips them the bird.

"What the hell is going on," Laurie asks herself.

Before she could try to put any ideas together, booming music is played and a multi-colored light show starts. Laurie takes a step back as the crowd gets to their feet and clap excitedly with a sudden burst of enthusiasm.

The announcer yells smiling, "And now…our champion!"

The middle of the ring opens and Laurie sees some men in the crowd start to whistle.

The announcer continues, "Lady Justice herself…you love her and she loves you back…the original…Silk Spectre!"

"What?" Laurie walks into the light, not caring if she's spotted. She has to get a clear look.

Laurie's jaw drops as her mother plays to the cheering crowd as she's being raised on a metal stand, spinning around in a perfect copy of her original Silk Spectre costume.

As Laurie makes her way through the crowd, she takes off the glasses. Her vision has to be completely clear, because what she sees next she doesn't believe. As her mother raises her hands in the air with welcome, her smile wide and electric, she's also twenty-seven-years-old. Her body is slim and firm, Laurie is guessing her mother is around one hundred and twenty-five pounds.

And her mother's red hair is without a grey hair and it's perfectly pinned and rolled in the classic bombshell hairstyle Laurie's ever seen in newspaper clippings and magazines about her mother. Although it is a little off putting, Laurie hasn't seen her mother so happy in a long time.

"Hello boys," Sally yells with glee as the stand stops.

Laurie drops the glasses, runs past the announcer, flips over the announcer, and jumps down unto the fighting ring.

The announcer says, "What the…"

Laurie has to find out for sure, maybe they did something to her or maybe it's someone else. But she has to know for sure. As she approaches, her mother flips off the stand with ease before it lowers back down and the floor closes up. Her mother continues to play to the crowd. Laurie grins impressed.

"Hey!" Olga stands in front of Laurie like a wall of muscle and stops her in her tracks. Then she gets in Laurie's face, yelling, "This is my fight!"

"Shut up." Laurie knocks her out easily with one punch to the face; wall of muscle, glass jaw.

"Laurie!" Laurie turns around and is immediately hugged tightly by her mother as she whispers angrily, "What the hell are you doing here? I told you in my letter not to look for me. You never listen."

Laurie hugs her back, she's sure it's her. If it wasn't for the indignation in her mother's voice it would have been the brand perfume that only her mother and older women still buys.

"Mother, what the hell is going on?"

Sally pulls away. "I hate it when you call me that."

As the light show and the music are turned off, the announcer asks, "Sally is everything ok?"

Sally raises her hand and yells, "We're good, give me a minute!"

Laurie isn't surprised that her mother is on a first name basis with everyone. "How is this possible?" Laurie briefly touches Sally's face with amazement, especially when she grins widely with a perfect set of white teeth.

Sally models, spinning around. "Va-va-voom." Sally laughs lightly.

"I can't get over it." Laurie resumes touching her mother's young and firm face.

Sally pulls Laure's hand off and holds it as bay. "Don't be disappointed in me…but I had to…"


"There's a new serum that reverses aging, but it costs millions to make per dose. But my fans from the old days picked up the bill, just…"

"To see you fight other women at their leisure? You're better than this!"

Sally throws Laurie's hand away dismissively, nothing that Laurie hasn't experienced before. "I knew you wouldn't understand…I need this! I deserve this!"

"Listen yourself! You sound like a child!" Laurie stops herself from thinking that she sounds more like her mother right now. "You need to leave me with me right-now."

"And do what? I don't want to live in a retirement community with only memories to keep me company! I love it here! They keep me alive in more ways one!"

"I'm sure."

"Don't you judge me…I earn my own money, lots of it. I own an apartment just three blocks away, and I have the love and respect of my fans."

"And did you earn all that in the ring mother?"

Laurie is immediately slapped hard in the face and the crowd cheers. Laurie covers her face, it actually hurt.

"You will respect me."

"Yes mother." Laurie punches her hard in the face and watches with some satisfaction as her mother falls to her feet. But Laurie feels anxious as the crowd gasps and falls silent all at once; as if they've never seen her mother get hurt before.

Her mother looks at her angrily. And as she slowly stands up, the crowd claps with anticipation.

"That's enough mother, we're leaving!" Laurie points at her, trying to gain dominance. But instead she watches her mother slowly go into a fighting stance with a grin, flexing the muscles on her arms and chest.

The announcer yells, "Are we looking at a Silk versus Silk battle?"

"Fine." Laurie goes into her fighting stance. If she needs to beat some sense into her mother, she will.

"That's my girl."

The announcer yells, "Whoa! Yes we are!"

As the crowd cheers loudly, Laurie's leather gloves stretches as her fists tenses.

The announcer yells, "Ok…is everyone ready? 3…"

The audience stands up and claps their hands.


The audience stomp their feet, the noise rattles in Laurie's ears.


As she exchanges long concentrated looks with her mother, she knows it's confirming only one thing: this fight will get bloody.