Chapter 3 - The Jones

Laurie looks over her neck in her bathroom mirror; it's still showing a few black and blue marks that her mother left. Laurie takes out the body makeup tube from the cabinet and applies it on her, covering up the bruises. She stops when she hears her mother's crying in the guest room. Laurie puts the tube back, dries her hands on the face towel, and throws the towel in the hamper when she walks out.

As she walks closer to the guest room the crying get louder, Laurie feels her stomach twinge, but she's getting use to the feeling for the past week; Laurie has been checking on her at nights to make sure she doesn't go back to her fans in the middle of the night or is doing research on doctors for a face lift.

Laurie walks in and sees her mother, sitting down in front of a mirror, and blowing into a tissue as her hands shakes uncontrollable. Laurie's heart sinks as her mother watches herself sadly in the mirror, counting the wrinkles that are slowly reappearing on her pale skin. A sad reminder that they all have a timetable to face, every hero is replaceable.

Laurie walks closer as her mother touches the white hairs on her head. "Mother, are you ok?"

When her mother starts pulling the hairs out, Laurie walks to her and holds her mother's trembling hands. Laurie puts her head on her mother's shoulder as her mother continues crying.

"Mother, don't!"

"Leave me alone!"

"Mother, stop it!"

Laurie feels her mother's hands stop shaking, they may still argue but her mother at least respects her authority.

"I…I…felt like a hero again."

Laurie sighs and kisses her on the cheek. People looked to her mother whose popularity and symbol of power was based on how glamorous she was, but Laurie is happy that losing that aspect of her life makes her a more balanced person if she can handle the process.

Laurie whispers, "I know what you gave up…again, but I'm here for you now. You're not alone this time mom."

She hugs her mother tightly, smiling when her mother holds her arms with a mother's gentle touch.