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Note: And so I have started another story! I think this one is going to be very fun to write; there is a huge diversity in the cast and there will be a lot of unpredictability. As always there are drawings of the characters on my Deviantart page as well as bio's for each of them. This story fuses the themes of Tween Tour and TDL; hopefully the result is a very good story. Now, let's get this story started!

And so it begins!

Total Drama Island had come to an end and against all the odds it was Owen who had triumphed. The show had been a real money maker and the producers saw potential for it to become a real cash cow franchise and a second season was quickly commissioned. However, this one was going to be different than the first one so as to keep things fresh. First of all, there would be twenty six contestants rather than just twenty two. Secondly, each would have a name beginning with a different letter so that the audience would have less trouble remembering who was who. Lastly, all of the contestants would be tweens aged ten to twelve; apparently teenagers were too emo and morbid these days and kids would make things more interesting since they would play the game differently. Either way Chris was sure that he could milk some good drama out of them…

Our story begins on Wawanakwa Island exactly one year after the premiere of the first season; the island hadn't changed much over the year. In fact, the only real difference was that the island looked ever so slightly nicer and less … 'rugged'. Even so, it was the same island as the previous season and was likely going to be as tough and tasteless as the food Chef Hatchet served.

Chris Maclean stood on a dock ready to give the intro to the season; it wasn't the Dock of Shame though, in fact it was actually on the opposite side of the island than the Dock of Shame for reasons soon to be revealed. He had high hopes for the new season; there was a lot of potential in the new cast and he had already placed a few bets, as had a lot of the interns. Chris flashed a smile for the camera and began to speak.

"Welcome back to Wawanakwa everyone! I'm your host Chris Maclean, also known as the guy with the sexiest smile according to Star Stalker Magazine, and I'm here to bring you some cheap amusement and quality entertainment. Last season it was big guy Owen who took home the prize of one hundred thousand … but this season's prize is going to make that prize look like chump change. That's because this time we're upping the prize to five hundred thousand dollars! But not only is the prize different, but so are the campers!"

Chris flashed a grin for the audience.

"This season we have twenty six brand new campers who come from all walks of life. Each has a different letter to start their name; it's not for educational reasons, instead it's because last season some people kept getting confused about who was who. Maybe you'll be able to tell them apart with this little tibit. Also, each of the campers are ten to twelve years old; we figured that it'd be interesting to see how tweens play the game as opposed to teenagers. It's all to play for and everyone has their eyes on the prize, but only one person will win the money! So grab some clean underwear, a barf bag and your favourite teddy bear because this is Total Drama Tweenabet!

(Theme song, I wanna be famous)

Chris stood on the Dock of Shame whilst looking out at the water; a number of boats were approaching the island and it was simply a matter of what order they would arrive in. An order had already been randomly selected and so the first boat approached the dock.

After the first boat docked a short eleven year old guy stepped off; his outfit was black on the right and white on the left. His hair was cut short but was shaggy at the back. Also his eyes were purple. He looked like he was of Russian descent.

"Welcome to Total Drama Ned, how do you feel?" Asked Chris.

"I feel mixed; on one hand I'm happy that I'm on the show and also the first to arrive, but at the same time I am sure of what to expect from my competition; no doubt some will be too negative and others will be too positive. Hopefully I'll end up on a strong team and avoid the first few eliminations so I can get in good with my team … but I'd prefer it if the teams won and lost equally." Stated Ned in thought. "It makes the game more unpredictable that way."

"So, what's your game plan?" Asked Chris to continue the conversation.

"I'll try hard at challenges, but I won't do it to my full strength, that way I won't be seen as a threat or too weak. A middle balance is the best thing to have in a game like this. I'd prefer to be the swing vote rather than stuck in an alliance, I like to keep my options open." Replied Ned.

"Well, you might have to pick a side at one point." Cautioned Chris. "Stand at the other side of the dock while the rest of the contestants arrive."

"Will do." Sad Ned as he did as Chris asked.

As Ned walked to the other side of the dock another boat docked and an eleven year old girl stepped off. She wore a black shirt with white polka dots, pale green pants and black shoes with blue heels. She also wore a pair of sunglasses. The most noticeable thing about her was that she was clearly albino judging by her snowy white hair and ghostly pale skin.

"Hello Edith, what's up?" Asked Chris.

"Well, it's a pretty sunny day so I'll probably have a parasol close at hand during the game. I don't suppose there will be any challenges at night will there?" Inquired Edith.

"There might be; why? Are you scared of the dark?" Asked Chris curiously.

"Not at all; on the contrary I much prefer moonlight to sunlight, it's much gentler on my skin; I'm really sensitive to bright light." Explained Edith as she walked over to Ned.

"Just so you know I won't be giving you any special treatment just because of your condition." Stated Ned.

"Don't worry, I wasn't expecting any." Assured Edith. "What's your name?"

"I am Nedduth Yozhin Volontsov … but you can call me Ned." Replied Ned. "And you are?"

"Edith Reed." Said Edith. "Boy, you sure have a fancy name."

"It's just a normal Russian name." Assured Ned. "No better or worse than any other country."

"My grandparents are from France, but I've lived in Canada all my life … does that make me French Canadian?" Asked Edith.

"Beats me." Shrugged Ned.

"Our third contestant is Total Drama's first ever blind contestant, give it up for Ub!" Announced Chris.

The third boat quickly docked and an average sized guy slowly stepped off. He wore an orange t-shirt with purple squares on it, dark green pants and olive green shoes. His hair was a sort of light ginger colour and on top of it was a pale blue beanie with an orange bobble. He also wore a pair of sunglasses.

"Welcome to Total Drama Tweenabet Ub; any idea what's going to happen in the game?" Prompted Chris.

"Well, twenty five people will lose and one will win … hopefully I will be that person." Stated Ub as he slowly walked over to Ned and Edith while breathing heavily as he did so.

"Any reason you're breathing so heavily?" Inquired Ned.

"It's how I get around; since I'm blind I can't see. Thus, I breath heavily as a form of sonar. That is way I don't even need a cane." Explained Ub. "So, I take it I'm the second to arrive?"

"Nope, you're the third." Spoke up Edith.

"Oh sorry, I didn't see you there." Joked Ub. "Well, let's hope the game will be a fun experience for all of us, and a profitable experience for the winner. Also, I heard that one of my fellow contestants was Albino, it is any of you two?"

"Yep, I'm the local albino." Nodded Edith.

"And while we're on the subject of disabilities, I won't be treating you as something special because you are blind; only that it wouldn't be fair to the others." Stated Ned.

"Sounds fair." Nodded Ub.

"Please give a warm welcome to Betilla … and whatever you do, do not mention meat around her." Cautioned Chris.

"I hope she doesn't wear sunglasses, I'm currently the only contestant without them." Mused Ned.

The fourth boat arrived and off it jumped a twelve year old girl. Her hair was put into a ponytail and was dyed a mixture of greens. Her shirt was lime green with sea green wrists and a picture of a carrot. Her pants were dark green and her shoes were slippers that resembled carrots. She looked to be of mixed white and black heritage.

"Hello everyone, I'm Betilla; I hope we all get along." Said Betilla cheerfully.

"Just try not to force your vegetarian beliefs on the others ok?" Said Chris.

"Only if they strike first." Replied Betilla as she made her way over to the other contestants. "So guys, what's your favourite vegetable? Is it carrots? They're wonderful, much better than slaughtered animal flesh."

"Yes, I love them." Said Edith to keep Betilla happy.

"I don't like them much; I'd prefer a beef and pineapple pizza." Mused Ub.

Betilla scowled in a rather unnerving way; Ned and Edith took a step back.

"I'm not getting involved." Stated Ned.

"You better have a good reason for eating beef." Growled Betilla.

"I'm an omnivore my nature. If it makes you feel better I don't eat pork, it goes against my beliefs." Stated Ub.

"Well, it's good to know you're not irredeemable." Said Betilla as she turned cheerful again. "But I've got my eye on you though."

"Please let me know when you do, only that I'm blind." Replied Ub.

"Get ready to meet the next contestant; it's Penta!" Announced Chris as a fifth boat docked and an eleven year old girl stepped off.

Penta was clearly Vietnamese. She had long black hair that went halfway down her back. Her T shirt was bright yellow with a pink P and pink wrists. She also wore yellow stockings and pink shoes and also a pink skirt. She had a few freckles on her face as well.

"Hello everyone, I'm Penta Polestar." Greeted Penta. "This is gonna be a great competition; so much sports, dirt and maybe monster trucks."

"Sorry, but I can confirm monster trucks won't be part of any challenge, only that none of you can drive." Stated Chris apologetically.

"Well, that's fine; I'm sure it's still going to be a sporty competition." Said Penta with a nod as she approached the rest of the contestants. "Hello everyone, ready to fight for immunity and victory?"

"I am, but I'm gonna play with my brain … judging my how you speak I'm assuming you're a sporty tomboy of some kind." Guessed Ub. "Sorry if I'm mistaken, but being blind does have drawbacks."

"Yes, I am a tomboy." Nodded Penta. "Sports, mud fights and roughing it … it's all part of my life. Good thing my family is a military one." Said Penta while shifting her feet a little.

"You look a little tense, you alright?" Asked Edith.

"I'm fine." Assured Penta. "I just have … a lot on my mind; it's to be expected on the first day of a competition such as Total Drama."

"I can understand that, I usually have a lot on my mind too; I often think about how to make it illegal to eat meat … then I realise that if I stopped humans doing it I'd have to stop animals doing it to make it fair and then animals like lions and crocodiles would go extinct." Agreed Betilla. "Cleansing the world it never simple."

Penta raised an eyebrow as did all of the others.

"No comment." Said Ned.

"You have to eat meat to survive; what would you do if vegetables weren't available?" Asked Penta.

"I would starve with dignity." Replied Betilla. "It'd get me some good karma anyway. Each carrot you eat is worth two karma points."

"Does that even make sense?" Whispered Edith to Ub.

"Not even a little." Sad Ub flatly. "But it's better to let her live in her ignorance then her get hostile with us."

"Hmm, you make a good point." Agreed Edith.

"Our next contestant is apparently the manliest guy of the season, give it up for Alfie!" Announced Chris as another boat docked a twelve year old guy confidently stepped off.

Alfie wore a low-cut pink shirt that had a green male gender symbol on it. He had dark black hair and a pair of red sunglasses. His pants were blood red with an orange stripe on the knee of both legs. His shoes were a medium shade of brown. He had an air of confidence and arrogance around him.

"Hey ladies and non-manly guys; the manliest guy in all of existence has arrived, please hold the applause." Bragged Alfie as he struck a pose.

Everyone was silent and exchanged glances.

"I didn't mean it literally; you were supposed to applaud very loudly." Stated Alfie.

"Who are you?" Blinked Penta.

"I'm glad you asked. I am known in the hood as super awesome incredible deluxe amazing gorgeous manly drop dead handsome super wonderful prefix thesaurus Alfie … but you guys can call me Alfie." Said Alfie as he flexed his muscles with a grin on his face.

"I'm not giving you any special treatment … and even if I wasn't neutral I still wouldn't." Said Ned flatly.

"Hey, you know how often people have complimented me on my muscles?" Asked Alfie.

"Err … no idea." Admitted Betilla.

"Twice ... two times over the past six months; therefore I'm pretty much a big deal since I'm so popular." Bragged Alfie. "Have any of you achieved that much feedback on your manliness?"

"I get A's at school." Stated Ub. "You probably get F's."

"I can cook a mean apple pie; you probably can't cook." Said Betilla flatly.

"I can do one hundred and fifty pull ups, you probably can't do ten." Frowned Penta.

"Not getting involved." Said Ned.

"Humbleness is a virtue." Said Edith.

"I see that you guys require further proof of my manliness; not to worry, by sundown your jaws will have dropped in awe." Said Alfie confidently.

"Hmm, he looks like a good ally … strong and dumb. I could take full control over him rather easily if I just compliment his ego." Thought Ub to himself.

"Something on your mind Ub?" Asked Ned.

"Nothing important." Assured Ub.

"Our next contestant is the biggest physically … but maybe he has a big heart too, give it up for Sampson!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and an overweight guy stepped off.

Sampson looked to be about twelve years old; he was overweight and had a few extra chins. He wore a light pastel purple shirt with a sideways bored face on it; his shorts were dark navy blue and his shoes were black. His hair was blond and he also wore grey rimmed glasses. He also had a rather bored expression.

"Welcome to Wawanakwa Sampson; ready to get your game on?" Asked Chris.

"Meh." Shrugged Sampson as he walked over to the other campers. "So, I take it you guys are my competition. Hopefully I'll end up on a team with the strongest of you."

"Me right?" Grinned Alfie.

"Yes; that way I can be carried to the finish without having to do anything. Effort is just … unnecessary to me; I prefer the simple approach of doing nothing." Said Sampson as he put his hands in his pockets.

"I think you need to go on a vegetable diet … no offense." Said Betilla hesitantly.

"And you need to see a psychiatrist; that hair is ridiculous." Said Samson with a shrug. "Can we hurry the introductions up? I'd quite like to eat lunch since I haven't eaten in half an hour. If any of you want me in your alliance then I am at your service; just tell me what to do and I'll do it as long as it doesn't require too much hard work."

"So basically your plan is to be a follower and do nothing?" Asked Edith.

"Precisely." Nodded Sampson.

"… That's a stupid idea." Said Penta flatly. "You can't win a game like Total Drama without effort; Owen may have been out of shape too, but he always tried his hardest in the challenges."

"Owen is beneath me." Said Sampson in a bored tone. "Are you guys done asking questions? I'd rather spend my time standing still and sizing up my competition."

"Yeah, the term 'sizing' is quite fitting." Sniggered Alfie.

"I will admit that was a good joke." Stated Ned.

"You may laugh now; but come the finals you'll be long gone and I'll be a step away from the prize. We'll see who has the last laugh." Said Sampson calmly.

"Our next contestant comes straight from his town's trailer park, it's Xadrian!" Announced Chris as the eighth yacht docked and a twelve year old jumped off.

Xadrian had a clear look of trailer trash about him; his skin was pale with a number of freckles and his blond hair was very messy. His grey shirt was ragged and had several patches in it; he also wore blue trousers that had rips in them and a brown belt with a rusty lead buckle. His shoes were brown and very worn. He had a number of scars on his body.

"Hey everyone, mighty fine day we've having huh?" Said Xadrian as he made his way to the other campers. "I bet thar will be a lot of animals out in weather like this."

"You better not be thinking of eating them." Frowned Betilla.

"Ah only do what ah have to ta survive." Assured Xadrian.

"That's good to know, I think." Said Betilla.

"So Xadrian … where did you get your scars?" Asked Edith curiously.

"Well pale g'rl, I'll tell ya. I got this one on mah left arm the time ah spiked some chickens on a stick, ah g't the one on mah other arm when ah sawed up a cow at da Farm and I got the one under mah eye when ah choked Karl's snake, it put up a mighty g'd fight b't fell in the end. Cool don't ya think?" Said Xadrian proudly. "Pappy always said ah w's a fighter."

Everyone was stunned into silence at what Xadrian had just said.

"Wait … you mean, you kill animals? Please tell me it's just a sick joke." Gagged Penta.

"Nope; ah catch em, ah kill em and ah leave em to rot. A guy's gotta have a hobbie don'cha think?" Shrugged Xadrian. "Course, some of them put up a mighty big tussle, but it ain't nothing ah can't handle; a run through in da gut does the trick. Still, sometimes I prefer a good old fashioned cook off; burning fur is a fiiiine thang y'know."

Before anybody could think of how to react to this statement Betilla ran at Xadrian and began to throttle him around his neck.

"You evil monster! How could you treat animals like that? You're gonna pay for that!" Screamed Betilla with a few tears in her eyes. "Oh those poor animals, they might have had families and hopes and dreams!"

"They don't have dreams where they've done gone." Said Xadrian while trying to fend off Betilla.

"Should we stop her?" Asked Edith.

"He deserves it." Said Ned with a shrug.

"After hearing what he said he deserves a punishment." Stated Ub before thinking. "But he could be a great ally, a human shield perhaps."

"This is great the show has barely begun and already somebody is getting strangled." Grinned Chris. "Anyway, give a warm welcome to the next contestant, Mist!"

The next boat docked and a ten year old African Canadian stepped off. She wore a royal purple coloured shirt with pink wrists and collar and a light indigo waist line cut off. Her skirt was dark purple and her shoes and socks were black and blue respectively. She was a brunette and wore a light pink beret.

"Welcome to the show Mist." Greeted Chris.

"Hello Chris … why are those two fighting?" Asked Mist in confusion.

"Basically Xadrian talked about how he likes killing animals and Betilla attacked him because she's an animal lover." Summarised Chris. "Think you can separate them?"

"I'll try." Nodded Mist as she approaching the fighting campers.

Mist put one hand on Betilla and one on Xadrian and prised them apart with ease.

"Fighting isn't the answer you two; maybe a heart to heart would be a better way to solve your differences." Suggested Mist.

"He started it." Pouted Betilla.

"Thank ya kindly girly; that girl is as bad as a chicken corpse … she's makes a lot of mess." Stated Xadrian as he walked over to join the others.

"How did you prise them apart?" Asked Penta curiously. "Even I couldn't have done that."

"Well … I'm able to lift three times my own weight; I'm just naturally strong I guess. No biggie." Said Mist as she looked up at the sky. "It's quite a nice day today; perfect sunny conditions for the competition."

"Not for me; I'm really sensitive to sunlight." Flinched Edith due to the sun.

"Hold up … you can lift three times your own weight? I so want to ally with you." Said Sampson politely.

"Sounds good, but we'll have to see what teams we end up on." Nodded Mist.

"Nice and very strong … I should take her out quickly, she'll be a threat … that or a great ally." Thought Ub.

"How come you are so strong?" Inquired Ned. "I would have thought most of us would be weak to average in strength since we're kids."

"I honestly have no idea." Admitted Mist. "But it comes in useful if something rolls under my bed; I can just pick up my bed with one hand and retrieve what I want."

"You seem like a mighty powerful gal; care ta join me for a spot of rabbit drowning?" Offered Xadrian in a gentleman voice.

Mist looked repulsed.

"That's not right." Said Mist firmly.

"We're into the double digits now; our tenth contestant is Yoko!" Announced Chris as the tenth boat docked and a ten year old girl jumped out onto the dock.

Yoko was of Chinese ethnicity and had golden eyes; she wore a green and gold kimono as well as green and gold shorts. Her shoes were red sandals and her black hair was put into two pig tails.

"Welcome to Wawanakwa Yoko; this is your first time out of your monastery right?" Inquired Chris.

"Yes it is; I have to say that your western culture is very fascinating. The plane ride was fun and MacDonald's is a nice change of pace from rice and noodles." Nodded Yoko cheerfully.

"Well hopefully you'll be able to hold your own in the game; Total Drama might be quite different than what you are used to. Naivety isn't a great asset on reality shows." Warned Chris.

"I'll be fine; I think this will be a great friend making experience." Assured Yoko as she walked over to everyone else. "Hello people of Canada, my name's Yoko. I'm from China."

"Hey Yoko, what's up?" Asked Ub.

Like with Ezekiel in the previous season Yoko looked up.

"Hmmm, well I can see a bird flying past and a cloud that looks like a crane. Oh, and I can also see the sun, but I've been told it's bad to look at it." Stated Yoko.

"Gee, another Ezekiel. Tell me Yoko, do you know who Mario is?" Asked Sampson.

"No I don't; should I?" Asked Yoko.

"And that proves to me she is indeed another Ezekiel, she won't be lasting very long." Said Sampson simply.

"We'll see about that; I live in a monastery of Kung Fu … I may not be the best at it but I've got great flexibility. Master Fong calls me his little mantis." Said Yoko cheerfully before glancing at Edith. "Excuse me, but why are you so pale?"

"Oh, I'm Albino … do you know what they means?" Inquired Edith.

"Nope; the traditional healing method classes of the monastery never mentioned Albinoness." Stated Yoko.

"Our eleventh contestant of the competition is Walter!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and a short eleven year old stepped off.

Walter was rather skinny and short in terms of his size; he had light orange hair and blue eyes. His shirt was lime green with blue spots and stripes while his shorts were a pale shade of yellow. His shoes were both dark red.

"Hey Walter, ready to try and go all the way to the million?" Asked Chris.

"I'll do my best; it's not gonna be easy with my rather small build, but I think I can do it. I hope the others are nice." Said Walter as he walked over to the other contestants. "Hello everyone, you're all gonna play fair right?"

"Sure, ah ain't gonna hurt a human, but I'ma gonna skewer me some rabbits for supper." Said Xadrian. "You can join me if you'd like."

Walter looked horrified.

"You kill innocent animals? You monster." Whispered Walter as some tears appeared in his eyes and he fought the urge to cry. "That's so sad… *sob*."

"Leave him alone Xadrian, he's a sensitive kid who doesn't need to be warped by a meanie pants murderer like you!" Scowled Betilla as she hugged Walter comfortingly. "You ok little guy?"

"I'm fine, I just *sob* feel so bad for the animals." Sniffled Walter.

"Dude, you don't need to cry, it's so unmanly. And in a game like this you need to be manly and tough." Advised Alfie.

"I'll try." Sniffled Walter. "Sorry, but I'm not really very macho like you."

"Well, I am the manliest guy around." Grinned Alfie.

As Walter joined the crowd he grinned in satisfaction to himself, though nobody noticed this due to another boat approaching the island.

"Our next contestant is one of the most notorious X-Box Live Arcade players in the western world, give it up for Larry!" Announced Chris as a twelve year old guy stepped off the boat.

Larry looked to be from around Singapore; most noticeable was that his hair was dyed blue with a green Mohawk. He wore a pale yellow shirt with the x-box logo on it and a black nave rue jacket over it. His pants were teal with red spots and his shoes were moss green. For some reason he was wearing a bandana around his face which covered his mouth.

"So this is Total Drama?" Asked Larry in a very strong Singaporean accent. "I was expecting my competition to be rugged assassins, stage magicians, elderly woman with laser cannons and baseball bat wielding psycho's … but I think this will be much more manageable."

"If we had even one of those things on the show we'd probable be sued … but they're still good ideas." Admitted Chris. "Think you can last without trolling people on X-box? Because there isn't any online access at Camp Wawanakwa."

"And here I was getting my trolling glove heated up." Mused Larry as he approached the other campers. "What up guys?"

"A cloud shaped like a duck." Stated Yoko.

"You troll on X box? Any reason why?" Asked Penta.

"It's funny and I have made it my goal to get blocked by fifty thousand people by the time I turn eighteen." Stated Larry. "I am the most notorious tea bagger in Halo."

"What's tea bagging?" Asked Ub curiously.

"Nothing important or funny." Said Penta simply.

"What's your favourite game then?" Inquired Larry. "You look sporty so I'm guessing Fifa or something."

"Well Fifa is ok, but I prefer Gears of War, it relives my stress." Lied Penta. "I'm that much of a tomboy."

"Ya, that's a good game; I love using friendly fire in online co-op and camping in multi player mode; on average I get blocked by ten people every day." Nodded Larry.

"Why are you wearing a bandana around your head?" Asked Edith curiously.

"It makes me look cooler." Stated Larry. "No real reason, it's just my style."

"What's your X-Box ID? I'll be willing to play manly games with you because I'm as many as they come." Bragged Alfie.

"I don't play with just anyone; you need to meet my standards before I deem you worthy of trolling. I mean, it's not like I troll people who are immune to getting angry." Started Larry.

"Why is your hair so colourful? Is it a sort of standout thing?" Inquired Ned.

"Again, it's just my style." Shrugged Larry. "So, when is the game going to start?"

"As soon as everyone is here, we're still waiting for fourteen more." Stated Ub.

"I thought you were blind." Blinked Betilla.

"I am, but I've counted the number of voices I have heard so far." Explained Ub.

"Our next contestant is, according to her audition, one of the friendliest people in her town. Give it up for Kelly!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and a ten year old girl jumped onto the dock.

Kelly was a brunette; her hair went down to her mid back and was in two pig tails. She wore a pink belly shirt with a sky blue jacket and a yellow skirt with many green spots on it. She wore pink leggings and cyan shoes with orange laces.

"Hi everyone!" Greeted Kelly. "It's so nice to meet you all! I bet this will be the best summer ever, not that there is much competition for that title."

"What makes ya say that?" Asked Xadrian.

"Oh, well, we're on TV." Explained Kelly quickly. "Can't get much better than that. My game plan is to be sweet, nice and honest."

"I can think of better strategies." Drawled Sampson. "It's near impossible get to the end of a reality show without making a sneaky move or doing something dishonest."

"Well, I think if you can get to the end without angering people then you deserve the win the most." Stated Kelly. "I have a sore spot for shadiness."

"Should I take my sunglasses off then?" Joked Ub.

"I have to ask, are you one of those people who goes on TV and pretends to be a saint so that people will keep them around? Forgive me for asking, but I've seen it on reality shows a lot." Stated Ned.

"I assure you I'm not putting on any type of facade; why would being nice arouse any suspicion?" Blinked Kelly.

Ned looked Kelly in the eyes for a few moments and nodded.

"Yep, she isn't faking." Said Ned confidently. "I take a neutral point of view generally, but I dislike facades."

"Exactly, it's better to be yourself ... unless you're an animal abuser in which case you should be anything but yourself." Nodded Betilla while glaring at Xadrian.

"Anything I should know about?" Asked Larry.

"It's nothing worth knowing." Assured Mist.

"Animal abusing is really bad." Frowned Kelly.

"Contestant number fourteen is gonna advertise himself as the season's winner, give it up for Flynn!"Announced Chris as another boat docked and a ten year old guy stepped off.

Flynn had spiky blond hair and beady black eyes; his shirt was blue with a yellow face on it and his pants were a light shade of moss green. His shoes were black and shiny. Flynn looked fairly cheerful.

"Hello everyone, for the next five minutes you can become my friend and possible alliance partner for the low some of $4.99!" Announced Flynn. "Answer in the next minute and I'll throw in a one hundred percent free pair of socks! Order now!"

"Err ... what?" Blinked Larry.

"I was advertising an invitation to an alliance." Stated Flynn. "Anyone interested? You can pay off the $4.99 anytime."

"Sounds good to me."Nodded Alfie as he shook hands with Flynn and passed him five dollars. "Keep the change; it takes a real man to make an alliance less than one minute into the competition."

"Pleasure doing business with you; if you experience any problems with your product then customer service will help you." Nodded Flynn as he pocketed the money. "For the next ten minutes for the sum of $8.99 you can get me to vote for whoever you want; order now, this is a limited time offer."

Everyone was silent before Kelly started laughing.

"You're funny; you sound like the announcers on the shopping channel my sister Kirsty watches." Giggled Kelly.

"But what if he takes our money and doesn't do as he says." Gulped Walter to try and turn the tables on Flynn. "I don't want to be ripped off, all of my money wasted ... *sniff*."

"I assure you that you will receive one hundred percent satisfaction or your money back." Stated Flynn as he took out a packet of biscuits. "And while we're at it, this packet of rich and creamy custard creams is currently being sold for the low, low, low price of $1.99!"

"Do you have any sleeping pills?" Asked Mist.

"Sorry, they are currently out of stock." Stated Flynn. "Why do you need them anyway?"

"I kind of have trouble sleeping." Admitted Mist.

"Well for the low price of ninety nine cents I could hit you over the head and knock you out ... is that in any way helpful?" Asked Flynn.

"Not exactly." Sighed Mist in amusement.

"Our next contestant is one of our strongest contestants this season, it's Veedle!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and a twelve year old girl stepped off.

Veedle looked to be of Austrian and Russian heritage. She wore a dark blue football jersey with a few gold stripes and a golden number one. Her pants were also dark blue and had an orange stripe on each leg. Her shoes were red with black soals. Her hair was black and cut to a short neck length. She also had prominent eyelashes.

"Hi everyone, I'm Veedle. I hope we have good time in competition; I would be big shame if everything broke out into anarchy." Said Veedle in an Austrian accent. "I moved to Canada recently, is good country da? Anyway, good to meet you all."

"Great to meet you too Veedy." Nodded Alfie.


Veedle ran up and slapped Alfie across the face.

"Don't call me Veedy!" Yelled Veedle. "I hate being called that; is only within dad's rights to call me that, understand da?"

"Geez that hurt." Muttered Alfie. "You have a strong slap ... that's very masculine."

Veedle nodded in approval.

"Why don't you like being called Veedy?" Asked Walter. "I think the name suits you."

Veedle glared at Walter, almost into his soul, and Walter pretended to shiver in fright.

"Sorry young one; is just an annoying name. I much prefer my birth name of Veedle." Stated Veedle. "... But don't say the name suits me, understand da?"

"Y-yes." Gulped Walter.

"Veedle's a nice name." Nodded Yoko. "So Veedle, where did you live before you came to Canada?"

"The great land of Austria; is beautiful and strong country. Evil men have been born there but several historical greats have been as well such as Mozart; is underrated country indeed." Stated Veedle.

"Our next contestant will do just fine in an ice challenge since she is basically the polar opposite of a pyromaniac, give a cheer for Ivy." Announced Chris as another boat docked and a twelve year old African Canadian girl stepped off.

All Ivy's cloths were in some way blue; her shirt was turquoise with light blue wrists, her pants were blue with a pattern of tiny white snowflakes. Her sandals were a darker shade of pastal blue and her hair was dyed cyan. She also wore blue rimmed glasses.

"Hello everyone, boy, it's too hot today. I'd much prefer an icy snow storm with temperatures in the negatives. I just hate warm weather." Lamented Ivy.

"Just so you know Ivy, you can't freeze anyone else unless you have their permission; we don't want anybody getting medivacked because of your cryomania." Stated Chris.

"What if they're hot? There might be some cute boys." Giggled Ivy as she approached the other contestants. "Hmmm ... some of you look hot and others are not, but I won't say who is who."

"A boy crazy cryomania ... weird." Blinked Sampson.

"Who says I was talking about boys." Teased Ivy before adding. "You're right, I was."

"What's a cryomaniac?" Asked Yoko.

"It's somebody who is fascinated and often obsessed with ice and coldness; kinda the opposite of a pyromaniac." Explained Larry. "Hey Ivy, do you have any ice cream?"

"Not exactly; but I bought an ice cream machine and plenty of ice cream mix and flavourings; if anyone's ever hot then I'll help you cool down." Smiled Ivy before adding. "But some of you are so hot I'm not sure if ice cream would be any help. Heehee!"

"I could do with some ice cream ... do you have vanilla flavour?" Asked Edith. "If so I'll take five cones."

"A bit much for one person don't you think?" Asked Ivy.

"What can I say; I get hot really easy." Stated Edith. "Besides, is there such a thing as too much ice cream?"

"Definitely not." Stated Sampson.

"You know what, you're right." Nodded Ivy. "I'll be sure to give my team mates all the ice cream they can eat."

"Do you have honeycomb flavour?" Asked Mist.

"I've got every flavour." Said Ivy.

"Our seventeenth contestant is quite a skulduggery, it's Otis!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and a twelve year old guy jumped off.

Otis wore a grey hoodie with a red hood, a stripe on each arm and a skull on the chest area. His shorts were black with a skull pattern on them and his shoes were black with red soles. His socks were dark pastel blue and his hair was black with red streaks; his hair also covered his left eye.

"What up everyone?" Asked Otis. "I'm ready to screw over my opposition and make the audience laugh. What's our first challenge Chris?"

"Hold on Otis, you're only the seventeenth the arrive, there are still others we have yet to meet." Stated Chris. "It won't be much longer before we begin though."

"Sounds good to me; I hope we have a challenge involving zombies in the dark woods; I'd be able to scare people outta their skin." Grinned Otis as he approached the others.

"He looks scary; I bet he's a bully." Gulped Walter as he stepped back.

"No, I'm no bully; I never cause any lasting damage. Usually I just screw over my principle, that guy's an idiot." Stated Otis. "But I might jump out and yell boo ... maybe."

"Early boot." Said Sampson.

"Back at you." Replied Otis. "What's your game plan?"

"Being a follower." Stated Sampson.

"I'd rather do my own thing; I'm a wild card ... because I'm wild; I'm also good at poker." Said Otis as he ran a hand through his hair. "So, any of you guys like zombies?"

"Ah like dead animals if that counts." Said Xadrian. "Did ya know that a baseball bat is an effective squirrel remover?"

"I don't like zombies; they give me a lot of nightmares." Mumbled Mist. "Aren't you a little young for zombies?"

"You're never too young for something, it's only that you're too young to be responsible ... but I'm the most irresponsible person I know so it balances out." Replied Otis.

"For $3.99 I will teach you about responsibility; Order now, this offer must end soon." Announced Flynn.

"Naw, I'm good." Assured Otis.

"Same here, if I was responsible then trolling wouldn't be as fun." Stated Larry.

"Next up we've got a mechanic, it's Ricky!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and an eleven year old guy stepped off.

Ricky wore a sleeveless yellow shirt and dark green pants, both of which were covered in oil stains/ His shoes were orange and also had a few oil stains on them. His eyes were a nice shade of dark green and his hair was light orange and had two 'spikes' at the front; he also had a wrench stuffed into his back pocket.

"Welcome to the show Ricky; how's the 'Rickster' doing?" Asked Chris.

"Don't call me that." Said Ricky flatly. "I'm doing fine; I think I'll be an asset to whatever team I end up on due to my mechanic skills, though I can build stuff with wood just as good as metal and engines."

"That'll either make you an asset or a big threat; let's hope for your sake that it will be the former." Said Chris as Ricky approached the rest of the contestants.

"Hey." Greeted Ricky. "How's it going?"

"Meh." Said Sampson.

"Please excuse Sampson; he's not exactly an optimist from what I've seen so far." Said Betilla. "We're all pretty exciting for the game to start; after all, it's a big cash prize. If I win I'm going to ban meat meals at school."

"... Any reason why?" Blinked Ricky.

"Because meat is the devil's food; eating an animal is sick and wrong." Stated Betilla. "Have you eaten meat recently?"

"Uh ... no?" Winced Ricky.

"Very good, you're off the hook." Said Betilla cheerfully.

"You look like a strong guy; I'm guessing that you play a lot of sports right?" Guessed Penta.

"I play a bit of basketball, though I have a friend called Ted who is much sportier than me. I take it you're a really sporty tomboy?" Guessed Ricky.

"Pretty much." Nodded Penta while thinking. "I wish I wasn't forced to act tough; why can't I just live like a normal girl? I bet dad would have preferred a son."

"You ok? You look tense." Noted Ricky.

"I'm fine." Assured Penta.

"Hey dude, think you could build a monster truck? I'd love to drive one of those." Grinned Otis.

"I could try ... but I don't have the proper resources and even if I did it'd take weeks." Stated Ricky. "Is the game ready to start yet?"

"Why are you guys so impatient, you're acting like kids ... oh wait, you are kids." Chuckled Chris. "Our next contestant is either going to amaze you or scare you, it's Tilly!"

Another boat arrived and a Hispanic eleven year old stepped off. Tilly wore a lime green belly shirt that had a light purple swirl on the chest area. Her pants were light pink whereas her shoes were dark pink, also her socks were yellow. Her hair was light brown and was put into six pigtails, each of which was dyed pink at the end. Tilly's skin was a copper tan colour.

"Hello Chris, I take it you're anxious to start torturing us, right?" Guessed Tilly.

"You know it." Nodded Chris. "But I'd rather wait for everyone to be here before I unleash my worst."

"In that case I hope the arrivals are slow." Stated Tilly as she approached the crowd of other contestants. "Hola amigos."

"Hi Tilly." Greeted Kelly. "You ready to have fun and make friends?"

"Sure, that's part of the reason I came here ... but I mostly came to try and win the money." Replied Tilly. "I think I'll do pretty well, I'll try to at least; I do have some useful talents."

"Like what?"Inquired Ivy.

"Erm, well." Mumbled Tilly.

"And what did Chris mean when he said you would either amaze us or scare us?" Asked Penta curiously.

"Yeah, you're doing neither." Said Larry before blinking. "Sorry, force of habit from my trolling."

"Well ... I'll show you; but if you have a weak stomach you may want to look away." Warned Tilly.

"I'm manly and fearless." Assured Alfie.

"And I'm blind so it won't bother me." Stated Ub.

Tilly assumed a standing position and then bent over backwards and through her legs; it was a position that should have snapped her spine, but it didn't. She then twisted her arms in a full rotation and bent her fingers back.

"What do you think?" Asked Tilly.

Several contestants looked impressed, others were stunned, Alfie screamed like a girl and Otis cheered.

"That was awesome!" Cheered Otis. "If only I could do that; I'd be able to really cause the teachers at school hassle."

"That's so horrible!" Wailed Walter as he covered his eyes and began to sob. "Make her stop!"

Tilly quickly untangled herself and got to her normal position.

"How on earth did you manage to do that?" Blinked Edith in amazement. "Are you double jointed?"

"I have no idea; I've just been incredible flexible since birth; I can do other things, but that's all the demonstration you're getting for now." Said Tilly as she looked up at the clouds.

"Our next contestant is gonna be playing this game by the book, give a hand for Joanne!" Announced Chris as the twentieth boat docked and a tall twelve year old stepped off.

Joanne wore a moss green shirt that had an onwards pointing orange arrow on it; her skirt was pink and her legs were light blue. Her shoes were orange and she socks were dark grey. She was a brunette with neat and somewhat curly hair. She had a confident and calm expression on her face.

"Welcome to the show Joanne, you ready to compete for the money?" Asked Chris.

"I'm ready." Nodded Joanne. "I've researched reality shows so I think I know what I'm generally supposed to do."

"Well good luck, you're gonna need it." Replied Chris.

Joanne approached the other contestants while trying to keep a calm expression.

"Ok Joanne, you know what the book said. Before the competition even properly starts it is a good idea to get in good with your competition; it said to use flattery and be polite and not suggests an alliance until midway through the first challenge ... here I go." Thought Joanne to herself.

"Hi Joanne, you look like you've got a lot on your mind." Noted Flynn. "For £4.99 I'll listen to anything you have to say."

"Oh, I was just looking at you all; you all seem like a delightful bunch of people. You just look so interesting." Smiled Joanne. "I don't care what team I'm on, with people like you I'm sure I'll be happy no matter where I end up."

"That's really nice of you." Smiled Kelly.

"A good first impression in my opinion." Said Veedle. "You seem smart, is likely you'll be good in a mental challenge."

"Hmm." Pondered Ned.

"So guys, do you have any game plans?" Asked Joanne while instantly thinking. "Was that too obvious?"

"Not taking sides." Said Ned.

"Being the swing vote and an extra number." Said Sampson.

"Being nice and innocent ... hopefully I won't do too bad." Said Walter. "Do you have a game plan?"

"Not really, I'll just take things as they come." Said Joanne while thinking. "Good, that gives me some idea of how my competition thinks. But who should I ally with?"

"Our next contestant likes her phone and also enjoys fishing, give a cheer for Zanna!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and an eleven year old girl stepped off while fiddling with her cell phone.

Zanna wore a purple t-shirt with a small orange Z in the chest area; she also wore a pair of light orange short shorts and dull blue shoes. Her hair was bright blond and went down past her shoulders.

"Welcome to the show Zanna." Greeted Chris.

Zanna didn't respond because she was too focused on her phone.

"Yo, Zanna, you listening?" Asked Chris as he snapped his fingers next to Zanna which got her attention.

"Huh? Oh, hello Chris." Greeted Zanna as she walked over to the other contestants. "Hello everyone; first thing to know about me, I like my phone a tad too much; you'll have to squeeze my shoulder or snap your fingers by my ears if you want to get my attention."

With that Zanna started pressing the keys on the phone at an incredible speed.

"What are you doing?" Asked Yoko.

"Sending a text." Replied Zanna.

"What's a text ... and how does that cell phone work?" Inquired Yoko.

"I'll tell you later, I'm about to play minesweeper." Stated Zanna.

"How come you can get signal on this remote island?" Blinked Ricky.

"It's custom made." Said Zanna simply. "It can do so many things like scan objects for germs, act like a tazer, can get a weather forecast, can access the internet, sends out a sonar to show where the fish are, tells the time and has an unlimited texting plan ... oh, and it can hack into stuff as well."

Everyone looked impressed by this. Ub looked thoughtful.

"I'd best get rid of her very quickly or she could become a problem." Thought Ub. "That or just get rid of her phone. She sounds like she'd be helpless without it."

"Our next contestant causes more damage than a tactical nuclear strike simply by walking, it's Harvey!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and a twelve year old African Canadian guy stepped off … or at least he tried to because he ended up tripping off the dock and falling into the water.

"Well, that was … different." Said Ned. "How did he trip anyway? There was nothing to trip on."

"Maybe he was just clumsy." Guessed Joanne.

Harvey hauled himself back onto the dock and wrung out his shirt; his shirt was orange with many cyan polka dots while his pants were a nice shade of purple. His shoes were light blue and his socks were yellow; his shoe laces were notably undone.

"Hi everyone!" Greeted Harvey. "Sorry about that, I'm just a little clumsy."

"Chris said you cause more damage than a tactical nuclear missile strike." Said Yoko innocently.

"Well, I did destroy the school once when I tripped into the wall of the classroom … I wasn't held accountable since it was an accident. My dad usually uses me for demolition at his business; I just have to walk around and soon everything is destroyed." Admitted Harvey. "My house has been fortified heavily so that it doesn't break apart."

"Have you ever thought of tying up your shoe laces?" Asked Ned.

"I don't know how to tie them." Admitted Harvey before he slipped over on nothing and fell over. "At least I can take pain well since I'm always getting hurt."

Joanne helped Harvey back up to his feet.

"Thanks, you wouldn't believe how often I fall over." Said Harvey as he tried to steady himself.

"I think I can imagine." Said Joanne.

"Next up is a girl who thinks she has a future in politics and definitely won't be a follower, here's Quadesh!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and a slender twelve year old stepped off.

Quadesh wore a golden honey colored t-shirt and copper brown pants; her shoes were pink and looked expensive. She had chocolate brown hair with was cut short but put into two pigtails at the top.

"Welcome to Total Drama Quadesh; in your audition you mentioned that you were going to run Wawanakwa like a president … Wawanakwa has no political system sadly, but you'll be pleased to know it's within your rights to lead an alliance." Stated Chris.

"Fine by me; hopefully I'll be given the best possible team mates instead of the weak ones … then again, weaker contestants have their uses in different things." Mused Quadesh as she approached the rest of the contestants and looked over them, as if sizing them up.

"What's she looking at?" Asked Edith to Ned who shrugged.

"I can see some of you who stand a great chance at winning the game … and some who don't. A word of advice to those who are weak, though I won't name names, winning immunity would be in your best interests. I plan to have an alliance, anybody is welcome to try out … though I only accept the best." Stated Quadesh. "I know which of you I'd like to be on a team with."

"Me right? I'm soooooo manly." Bragged Alfie.

"I think she meant me, I'll do whatever she says." Stated Sampson.

"That's a good quality to have." Nodded Quadesh.

"So Quadesh, Chris mentioned you like politics; what side do you go on?" Asked Larry. "I have to admit my politics knowledge is lacking; I prefer trolling losers on Xbox."

"Well, I prefer dictatorships and right wing power. The only reasons dictatorships don't work is because the dictators are either evil or let power consume them." Stated Quadesh. "I would keep everyone in line and if anyone disobeyed and cause crime there would be dire consequences."

"Could you arrest people who eat meat?" Asked Betilla hopefully.

"That's not really a crime." Said Quadesh flatly.

"Who would your vice president be?" Inquired Penta. "I'd pick Jack Black, he's dreamy."

"Nobody, I don't need any replacements; I am irreplaceable when it comes to leaderships." Stated Quadesh. "So, when does the game start? I'm ready to take control of the game and win."

"Very soon, we just have three more campers left to arrive." Assured Chris. "Our next contestant is on the low rungs of popularity but is on the higher tiers of academics, here's Charles!"

Another boat docked and a ten year old guy stepped off; he wore a pink shirt with a lab beaker on it and bright yellow pants. His shoes were light brown and his hair was red and curly. He wore thick nerdy glasses and he had a fair few freckles on his face.

"Hey Charles, are you ready to succeed where Harold failed?" Asked Chris. "And just so you know, the comparison wasn't an insult."

"Why would I take it as an insult? Harold is an inspiration." Said Charles as he adjusted his glasses. "Not to mention his beat boxing was really cool."

"Well, good luck; I say that because this is gonna be a tough game." Stated Chris as Charles walked over to the other campers.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Asked Charles.

"Neeeerd!" Yelled Alfie. "Sorry, but nerds are not manly at all."

"I have the upmost respect for nerds, it was them who invented cell phones." Stated Zanna without looking up from her phone. "Sporty guys aren't as useful to society, they just get people angry when their favourite team loses. If only fishing was as big a sport as football and soccer."

"Thanks … say, that's a really cool looking phone; is it running on a Pentium five nanospectra connection drive chip?"

"Pentium five." Replied Zanna.

"Back at'cha; where would we be without technology … probably on a farm come to think of it." Mused Charles.

"I do not know whether to ally with him for his smarts or vote him off for being deadweight in physical strength." Said Quadesh so quietly that nobody heard her.

"I like your freckles." Said Ivy cheerfully. "They wonderfully nerdy."

"I always thought they were dorky." Admitted Charles.

"You thought right." Said Alfie.

"At least they aren't pimples, those things are like fleshy volcanoes." Mused Otis.

"That's a pretty good metaphor." Nodded Charles.

"Our final female contestant is the 'Izzy' of the season, expect yourself to be confused very often, meet Gilda!" Announced Chris as another boat docked and a ten year old girl stepped off.

Gilda were a red shirt that had a light purple question mark on it; she also wore a long blue skirt that went down near her shoes. Her shoes were dark brown. Gilda had curly black hair and wide aqua blue eyes.

"Hello everyone, how are you doing?" Asked Gilda politely.

"Pretty good, can't complain." Said Ricky while wondering if she was going to do something crazy.

"That's nice to hear; hopefully the first day won't be anything too bad. Lasts season's first challenge was very dangerous, but I'm hoping our first challenge will be a little bit easier." Stated Gilda. "Personally I'd like something we could all do, like a go-kart race or a water fight; most of us probably have experience in those."

"So … who was your favourite contestant last season? Was it Izzy?" Asked Edith.

"Nope, it was Bridgette; she was just so nice and fun, like a big sister of some kind." Replied Gilda. "though I also liked Cody, he was funny."

"Hey Chris, I thought you said Gilda was cuckoo … but she seems pretty normal ... you sure you didn't mix her up with whoever the next contestant is?" Asked Otis.

"I was being serious … just watch her as the days go by and you'll see what I mean." Assured Chris.

"So Gilda, what challenge do you think you could be most useful in?" Asked Quadesh curiously.

"Definitely acting, it's one of the things I quite like to do." Smiled Gilda. "Say, it looks like I'm the twenty fifth to arrive. That's cool; twenty five is my lucky number. Looks like the competition is about to begin, are you guys excited?"

"I am." Nodded Edith.

"Me too." Agreed Yoko.

"Me three!" Cheered Kelly.

"I am neither excited nor bored." Stated Ned.

"Well, it's nearly time to begin the game, we only have one contestant left to arrive … say hello to Donald!" Announced Chris as the final boat docked and a twelve year old guy stepped off … and promptly tripped and fell flat on his face. With a groan he got back to his feet.

Donald wore a purple jacket with red buttons and a green shirt underneath it. His pants were also green but his shoes were red. His hair was cut short and was a dark shade of blond.

"Hey Donald, you had a pretty good audition, especially when the cat started to attack you. Trust me, after a few weeks here you'll be missing that cat." Sniggered Chris.

"It's not my fault I accidently stepped on its tale." Frowned Donald. "I'm still feeling the scratches; I would have done a retake by my big brother sent it off without my permission … just as well he did I suppose."

"Well, head over to the other side of the dock to meet your competition; once you're all chummed up we'll start the game." Stated Chris.

"Fine." Nodded Donald as he approached the other contestants. "Hello all; how are you?"

"What's this about a cat?" Sniggered Otis.

"Nothing, it's not important." Said Donald quickly. "Let's just say my mother could have chosen a better and more sane pet. Regardless, it doesn't matter. So, what have I missed?"

"Nothing really." Said Veedle. "Just a few introductions, but we have plenty of time to introduce ourselves da?"

"That's good to hear … what's your name?" Asked Donald.

"Veedle." Said Veedle.

"Well, nice to meet you Veedy." Nodded Donald.


"Don't call me Veedy!" Yelled Veedle.

"Ow! Oh my God that hurt!" Wailed Donald. "Don't you think that was an overreaction?"

"Probably … but it was funny." Said Quadesh. "This proves to me you cannot take pain very well."

"It's not my fault she's as strong as Mike Tyson." Hissed Donald.

"It could be worse; she could have used a weapon." Pointed out Harvey before tripping over and knocking into Donald which sent them both to the ground. "Oof!"

"Not one minute and I've tripped, been slapped and have been crashed into … just my typical luck." Sighed Donald as he picked himself up as did Harvey.

"I can skin yeh a rabbit if yeh want; rabbit meat is mighty tasty." Offered Xadrian.

"… No thanks." Said Donald calmly while thinking. "Trailer trash? … Crud."

Chris walked over to the crowd of twenty six tweens and clapped his hands to get their attention.

"Ok everyone, now that you're all here the game can begin!" Announced Chris energetically. "I hope you've finished your introductions because the game is going to start right now. Follow me and I will explain the rules of the game … and let me tell you, things are going to be a lot different than last season."

"How much different?" Asked Mist curiously.

"Well, to name a one thing the prize is a different amount." Said Chris with a grin as he led the kids off the dock and onto Wawanakwa Island.

A few minutes later the twenty six tweens were standing on board the remains of a beached pirate ship; it was just as big as the ones you would see in pirate movies like Muppet Treasure Island. There was a captains room, ripped sails, a few weak planks and all in all it looked very authentic. There were also several lanterns hanging around, though they were not lit since it was daytime. There were several wooden blocks with cushions on them to sit on; some of the tweens sat on them and others simply stood up since there weren't enough chairs for everyone. Chris stood in front of the tweens in front of the door of the captains quarters. Next to him as a podium with wooden skulls carved into it, it looked like it had been done by a professional woodcarver. Chris flashed a pearly white grin for the camera and began to speak.

"Welcome to Total Drama tweens; this is not Total Drama Island, but instead it is Total Drama Tweenabet as you already know. This is because you are all children aged ten to twelve. Now, as I previously mentioned, this season of Total Drama is different from the last one … but I'm gonna go over the basic rules first. For one, the prize is now five hundred thousand instead of one hundred thousand. Also; you will have a challenge just about every day, though some challenges last more than one day. The winning teams will be safe from elimination whereas the losing teams will have to come here … to the S.S. Elimination."

"So there are more than two teams then?" Asked Ivy.

"Indeed there are, and Ivy's very good question brings me along to introducing one of the first big twists of the game." Grinned Chris. "There are no teams!"

"But that contradicts what you just said; you mentioned the word 'teams'." Pointed out Quadesh.

"Indeed I did … but I meant there are no permanent teams." Stated Chris. "After every challenge the teams will be reshuffled, this way you never know who your next team members will be. Alliances will be important, but at the same time you may want to avoid making enemies since they could be the ones who hold your fate in their hands in the next challenge. Usually there will be two, three or four teams, but there may be even more than that in certain challenges. There are twenty six challenges in all, counting today's challenge, so you guys have your work cut out for you."

"So we have no permanent teams? I think I can work well with that … as long as I'm not on a team with Xadrian." Said Betilla.

"I can't promise that, it's all luck of the draw." Stated Chris.

"So, if there are like four or five teams, how many teams will attend vote off ceremony?" Asked Veedle.

"Veedle's right, we have to know how hard we need to work." Agreed Ricky.

"I hate working hard." Muttered Sampson.

"Well, at the start of each challenge I will tell you any specific rules you need to know." Assured Chris. "Anyway; if you lose a challenge then you will come here and vote somebody off. I will explain vote offs when some of you actually lose a challenge."

"Any other big twists?" Asked Flynn. "For the low price of $1.99 you can tell me what to expect in this game."

"Well, me and Chef were up late last Sunday brainstorming ideas for what could make things exciting. We considered launching losers out of a catapult, making you sleep in the wild, having you hunt for your own meals and even getting rid of the toilets."

"Did you go through with any of those dare I ask?" Gulped Otis.

"Nope! We came up with something better." Said Chris as he wheeled up a board that had photos of idols on it. In total there were ten Idols. The idols were each the carved wooden head of a previous camper; there were idols of Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Bridgette, Harold, Beth, Tyler, Ezekiel and, of course, Chris himself.

"I bet you all recognise these guys right? Or at least you will if you watched the first season." Stated Chris. "To shake things up a bit, ten idols have been hidden around the island. Each of them has a different effect that will greatly help you in the game. They won't be easy to find though, they're everywhere … and once you use one it will be taken out of the game."

"So, what do they do? I'm guessing your idol is the most powerful." Guessed Donald knowingly.

"That's a matter of opinion, but I'll explain what they do and let you be the judge." Stated Chris. "The Owen Idol will let your vote be worth double it's normal value. The Gwen Idol will subtract two votes from anybody you want, including yourself. The Heather idol can be used at any time; just show it to me and I'll give you some information about the next challenge which will give you time to prepare a strategy. The Duncan Idol will allow you to vote for two different people, but only one vote will be added to each total. The Bridgette idol will give you a two minute head start in a challenge. The Harold Idol will save you from elimination if used … but if you use it you'll get your team a big disadvantage in the next challenge; if you use it then the person with the next most votes will be eliminated. The Beth Idol will give you or your team an advantage in the challenge though you won't know beforehand what the advantage is. The Tyler idol will give another team a disadvantage which, again, you won't know beforehand. The Ezekiel Idol will take away the voting privileges of two other campers for one ceremony which could be the very thing to save you. And the Chris Idol is the most powerful, which is fitting since I'm awesome. If you have the most votes you can use it to save yourself … but there will be no negative effects with it; consider it a 'get out of jail free card'."

The campers were silent as they thought about the idols; there were indeed a lot of them and this revelation, combined with the teams shuffling, was going to make the game very unpredictable.

"Ok then, with that said and done it's time for your very first challenge." Announced Chris. "Don't worry though, because this one is non-elimination, nobody is going anywhere today."

"Then can I not participate? It sounds like too much work." Said Sampson dully.

"Sure, if you don't mind sleeping outside in the wilderness." Grinned Chris.

"… Fine." Muttered Sampson.

"Now, everyone follow me and we'll get the challenge started." Said Chris.

"Hang on; what about sleeping arrangements and lunch? Where is the camp?" Asked Edith in confusion.

"That's part of the first challenge; you'll all be there by nightfall … hopefully." Chuckled Chris as he led the campers off the S.S Elimination.

Presently the campers were at a starting line; it was a simple black and white checked line on the beach with an arrow in the sand pointing towards the woods. The tweens stood behind the starting line while Chris stood off to the side.

"Ok everyone, your first challenge is very simple … all you have to do is find Camp Wawanakwa." Said Chris simply.

"Could you be a bit more detailed with your instructions?" Requested Ub.

"Sure; currently you are on the opposite side of the island than Camp Wawanakwa." Explained Chris. "All you have to do is set foot past the finish line perimeter around camp and you win. There is a nice roast dinner waiting for you when you get back to camp. Now, the first person to get back to camp will win a special prize that will take effect tomorrow. I'll explain what it is once the challenge is over, but I'll just say that I think all of you will like it."

"Which is the fastest way to camp?" Inquired Mist.

"Can't tell you that." Grinned Chris. "However, you are free to go any way that you want. It's all good as long as you reach camp. If you are not back by sundown we'll send interns out to come and get you, but I doubt that will happen."

"Do we get any provisions?" Asked Ned. "We shouldn't be ill equipped to deal with the great outdoors."

"Don't worry; you'll all get some gear." Assured Chris. "Here it comes now."

At that moment Owen walked up hauling a large crate of backpacks filled with survival gear. After catching his breath he gave a wave to the tweens.

"Hey kids!" Greeted Owen. "I bet you're excited huh? It reminds me of my first day of Total Drama, man that was the best day ever! Woohoo! I wish I could compete again, but being an intern is pretty cool as well."

"What's Owen doing here?" Blinked Penta.

"Owen, along with the rest of last season's competitors, are interns for this season." Stated Chris. "You'll probably see them from time to time. Anyway, before we start the challenge, look over to your left."

The tweens looked left and noticed the confessional.

"That's a confessional; enter it and you can tell everyone exactly what you are thinking and in complete privacy. Since there was often a line to use the confessional last season, this time we have a lot of them dotted around the island so you'll never be too far from a few moments of peace and privacy. If you want to use it now then feel free." Offered Chris.

(Confessional: First!)

Joanne: Ok, before coming here I bought a book all about winning reality shows. It was written by J.T, Yul Kwon and Russell Hantz. (Joanne takes the book out and shows it to the camera). With this book and all of its strategies I think I can get all the way to the end. I just need to make an alliance by day four according to the book.

Ned: My game plan relies on a balance; in the same way that law needs chaos to exist and vice versa, the same is true for good and evil … I hope to maintain a balance between them and also play safe; I wouldn't want to be the star of the show, I'd prefer playing quieter than that. Hopefully I can get into a position as swing vote because I'm not that strong.

Ivy: It's way too warm on this island! Why couldn't Total Drama have a season in Antarctica? It'd be cool … no pun intended.

Otis: I'm not really sure about game plans or strategy, but I just want to cause as much mayhem as I can. I'm just a free spirit; maybe I could call Veedle Veedy three times in a row. Who knows, maybe playing for myself and being free will land me in a good position. And if there's a movie night I'd like to watch a zombie film.

Walter: (He grins). I had them totally fooled! As if I'm that much of a cry-baby; I can fake cry so easy that I could represent Canada if it was an Olympic sport. I intend to fake cry my way to victory; people always take pity on the underdog and I intend to milk as much sympathy as I can. I'll use my talents to get strong people like Veedle voted out quickly as well as just getting rid of annoyances like Alfie. But who is the most kind, one that I can easily get on my side? Hmm … further observation is required.

Zanna: (She is texting on her phone and doesn't look up). There are a lot of people in the game currently; I'm gonna stay quiet and let other people make mistakes. If I watch closely I can see who is nice and who isn't; maybe I'll make some great friends while I'm here, my phone has sucked away a lot of my social life, ironic as that may seem.

Quadesh: My plan is to get a big alliance together; people I can take control over, but also people who I can sacrifice if they aren't good enough. This game is like politics … right wing politics to be exact.

Ricky: Ok, I have to admit that me and Charles know each other outside the show … but I'm not gonna tell anyone because if I do people may vote one of us off. We have the element of secrecy and I'm not ruining that. Hopefully my building and mechanical skills will come in handy at some point.

Gilda: Hello everyone, I have something to say. There are things online called edgics which predict how somebody is doing by the edits they get … I'm gonna attempt to get every single edit and still win the game so I can ruin the edgics. So today I'm going to be UTRP which means 'Under the Radar Positive'; but as for tomorrow … who knows?

Larry: I miss trolling people on Xbox … but if I win the money then I can buy software to bypass blocks and troll them even more! This is gonna be a fun summer, almost as fun as a marathon of … well, you don't need to know.

Donald: First things first, I need an ally in this game, a right hand even. I've looked at the contestants and from a first glance I think it would be wise to ally with the guy with a skull shirt and red and black hair. I just hope I don't get too hurt … I have really bad luck; I feel like the universe is out to get me sometimes. (Donald loses his balance and falls in the toilet.) Doh!

Edith: Those Idols sounds like they could be useful … you know, maybe getting to camp first isn't the point of the challenge; maybe I should look for the idols first. I think I can do without the advantage and having multiple idols would be pretty cool. I'll be walking through the forest; hopefully the trees will give me some shade from the bright sun.

Ub: I bet you think I'm a nice blind boy … and I am; but I know that if I don't start playing the game hard then I'll be voted off for my disability. I'm gonna get an alliance together and use the sympathy card if I have to, though hopefully it won't come to that. I'm gonna be a force to be reckoned with.

After the tweens had been given their equipment they stood at the starting line ready to begin the challenge.

"Ok everyone, first person back to camp wins the reward." Reminded Chris as he took out a starter pistol. "On your marks … get set … go!"


The tweens quickly set off running and also getting into groups; after a minute they were all off on their way around the island towards their destination. After they were gone Chris turned to the camera.

"And so another season of Total Drama has begun; we've got a wide variety of people playing the game but only one will win it all. So, what friendships and conflicts will be formed? Will anybody find an Idol in the first episode? Who will get back to camp first? And will any alliances form? Find out after the break on Total Drama Tweenabet!"

And so begins another epic story! There sure is quite a cast isn't there? If you need a reminded on who's who here is a list.

Alfie- the Super Manly Guy

Betilla- the Villainous Vegetarian

Charles- the Bashful Nerd.

Donald- the Unlucky Chessmaster

Edith- the Illiterate Albino

Flynn- the Advertiser

Gilda- the Edgic Ruiner

Harvey- the Lethally Clumsy

Ivy- the Cryomaniac

Joanne the By the Book Strategist

Kelly- the Kind Hearted Cuddler

Larry- the Xbox Live Arcade Troll

Mist- the Fright by Night

Ned- the True Neutral

Otis- the Skullduggery

Penta- the Sporty Vietnamese Tomboy

Quadesh- the Right Wing Politician

Ricky- the Grease Monkey

Sampson- the Leech

Tilly- the Twister with a Temper

Ub- the Blind Jewish Genius

Veedle- the Strong Slapping Machine

Walter- the Sneaky Crybaby

Xadrian- the Animal Abuser

Yoko- the Oriental Oni

Zanna- the Cell Phone Addict

Also, here is a reminder of what the idols do.

Owen idol- Makes your vote worth two votes

Gwen Idol- Subtracts two votes from your total

Heather Idol- Get information on the next challenge.

Duncan Idol- Vote for two different people.

Bridgette Idol- Get a two minute head start in a challenge

Harold Idol- Immunity from being voted off but gives your team a disadvantage in the next round.

Beth Idol- Gives your team an advantage in a challenge.

Tyler Idol- Gives another team a disadvantage

Ezekiel Idol- Stops two others from voting

Chris Idol- Immunity from being voted off

Next: The campers get acquainted with each other as they try to find camp Wawanakwa.