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Note: Three episodes done already, this is quite a record for me! In this chapter one character does something I'm sure a lot of you will either think is clever … or just controversial. Whether you like it or not, it's for the story's sake and it adds a lot to the plot and will future things very interesting. With this in mind, let's get started.

Treasure hunting, now with colour!

(Rowdy Reds)

"Ok guys, we're gonna need to look for those chests. Hopefully they won't be too heavy." Said Kelly as she and her team mates walked along.

"Don't worry Kelly; I'm so manly that I could probably carry all of them at once." Bragged Alfie.

"But the rules state that each of us have to carry one." Stated Penta. "We have to do the challenge properly."

"Your butt is proper." Grinned Alfie.

"… Excuse me?" Frowned Penta.

"Don't worry about the challenge Penta; I'm manly so I could do it myself; you guys just show me the treasure chests and I'll pick them all up." Assured Alfie.

"I can see one over there." Said Ned as he pointed a short distance away. "You can lift that one if you want."

"Can do." Grinned Alfie as he ran over to it.

"Finally, though he'd never shut up." Sighed Ned.

"I thought you were neutral." Said Larry as he walked along with the others with his hands in his pockets.

"I try to be, but I don't know anyone who can stand an egotistical bragger." Stated Ned.

"Not me." Agreed Kelly.

"Ok everyone, stand back; I'm gonna turn up the heat to an extremely macho amount!" exclaimed Alfie as he got down and attempted to pick up the chest.

He couldn't even move it a milometer.

"I think it's glued to the ground." Frowned Alfie as he kept trying to lift it but to no avail.

"Oh let me do it." Frowned Penta as Alfie stood to the side.

Penta bent over to lift up the chest; as she did so Alfie let out a whistle.

"The woods has a lot of nice things, a great view is one of them." Grinned Alfie. "How about it Penta? A pretty girl and a manly man?"

Penta kicked her leg out backwards which hit Alfie in the nuts; due to this he let out a (predictably) girly scream. He dropped to his knees while Penta got back up.

"I hardly know you." Stated Penta. "And you're not a real man, you're just egotistical. I recommend you don't do that again."

"She's right Alfie, that was kinda a stupid thing to do; and you couldn't even pick up the chest … not too manly." Stated Ned.

"I was only pretending; I wanted to see Penta pick it up." Grinned Alfie weakly since he was still reeling from the kick to the nuts. "And you hit hard girl, nice kick. Can you pick up another chest?"

Penta looked annoyed at Alfie's remarks.

"You remind me of a boy I know at school; Craig is his name. He started out much like you; egotistical, but also a huge flirt. Then the girl he truly liked jostled him into reality. After that he changed his ways and is now one of the nicest people I know. I recommend you do what he did and change your ways. Please don't comment on my body again." Said Penta firmly.

"… I don't need to change; I'm fine as I am. I'm really manly and strong so I'm pretty much a big deal." Said Alfie as he flexed.

"Jerkass." Muttered Kelly.

"Eh, he could be worse; he's no worse than me on Xbox." Stated Larry. "But still, I wouldn't recommend pushing your luck with Penta; she could kick your ass."

"I don't fight girls, nothing manly about that." Stated Alfie.

"I prefer to not get into fights in general." Said Ned. "I think the world would be better off without fights and war."

"Tell me about it." Nodded Penta. "You have no idea how uncomfortable I felt in class when we studied the Vietnam War and every other student kept staring at me."

"I don't blame them, you're very attention grabbing." Grinned Alfie.

"That's not what she meant you nitwit." Said Kelly. "Let's just keep going and try to find the other four chests."

"Kelly's right, if we argue we'll only end up losing." Nodded Ned.

"Let's keep looking then; I'll carry this chest." Agreed Penta.

"Is it as heavy as Chris said?" Asked Kelly.

"I can feel the weight, but it's not really that bad." Assured Penta.

(Confessional: Penta's got an admirer!)

Penta: Alfie can look if we wants; but if he touches me I'm using the hand to hand combat techniques my dad taught me. Well, that or curse at him in Vietnamese. I think he likes me because I'm a 'tomboy' … if I was able to act as girly as I wanted maybe he'd lose interest. I'll try and stay calm for now, the challenge takes priority.

Larry: Alfie is egotistical, that much is true. Gee, just when one big annoyance is voted out another immediately takes his place … is this gonna become a common thing? I just hope we don't lose due to arguing; attending a second elimination ceremony is not high on my priories list. I'm willing to bet that when Alfie is inevitably voted out some other annoying person will step up … will this ever end?

Alfie: I think Penta's just shy, all girly girls are. I have a choice of thirteen girls and she's the best, but if she's not interested I can go for the second best which is Edith all the way down to the least attractive which is Mist. I'm so manly that I am entitled to a choice like this, I'm just that manly.

(Grimy Greens)

"I don't know if this challenge is going to be very easy; the chests might be heavy and I'm not exactly what you'd call a powerhouse." Murmured Charles.

"Me neither." Agreed Zanna.

"Don't sweat it you two, I happen to be good at picking locks, so I can open the chests without us having to pick them up." Assured Otis.

"Isn't that cheating?" Asked Zanna.

"Who cares?" Replied Otis.

"Chris did say that we're allowed to open them by ourselves; I guess he didn't take into account that one of us is talented at lock picking." Stated Tilly. "It's not cheating; it's just bending the rules to our advantage."

"Precisely." Nodded Otis.

"How come you can pick locks anyway Otis?" Asked Mist.

"When you mess with people as much as I do you kind of have to break into their lockers and fill them with water balloons; it took a bit of practise but now I can open every locker at school." Explained Otis.

"It's good to know we won't have to carry the chests; I suddenly feel like our chances of winning have gone up by over sixty percent." Nodded Charles.

"How do you figure that?" Inquired Zanna.

"My psychic nerd powers." Stated Charles.

Zanna cocked her head to the side and looked confused.

"Just joking; it was an estimate." Stated Charles.

"How come nerds are always smart?" Asked Tilly.

"Comes with the territory." Grinned Charles. "Hang on; I can see a chest up ahead."

The group quickly walked up to the green chest and Otis took out a paperclip; he unfolded it and began attempting to pick the lock.

"Just give me a moment; I'll pick this lock just as good as Ezekiel picks his nose." Assured Otis.

"That's kinda gross." Frowned Tilly.

"I know." Nodded Otis.

"So guys, do you think we stand a chance in this challenge?" Asked Mist. "Because if Otis can't pick the locks I could probably carry all of the chests if you want; I'd just need somebody to tell me which way to go since I'd probably be unable to see past them."

"That's a good idea Mist." Nodded Tilly. "It's always good to have a plan B, good thinking. I think we've got this challenge in the bag; with you and Otis on the team I doubt that we'll lose."

"Just don't get overconfident; we don't want to tempt fate, it has a rather nasty and ironic sense of humour." Cautioned Zanna.

"Hey Zanna, can your phone find the chests for us?" Asked Charles.

"It probably could, but isn't that cheating?" Asked Zanna.

"Not at all, it's just playing to your strengths." Assured Tilly. "It might be the very thing that keeps you safe from elimination; are you sure you want to risk it?"

"Well, when you put it that way … I guess I could use the radar just this once." Nodded Zanna as she pressed some buttons on her phone. "Ok, there is a blue chest due East of here, but there is a green one to the North West."

There was a sudden click as the chest opened; Otis nodded to himself as he took a bad of puzzle pieces out of it.

"I know I wanted a hard challenge … but if I'm gonna completely demolish the competition by doing what I usually do, then who am I do complain?" Grinned Otis.

"One chest down, four to go." Nodded Mist. "Let's keep going; if we're quick we might be able to get the all within one hour."

"Then let's set out; at least these chests don't run around a collapsing environment." Mused Charles.

"Huh?" Blinked Tilly.

"Oh, it's a Rayman Origins joke." Stated Charles.

(Confessional: The 'Bodacious Nymphs were the best part of the game from a male's perspective.)

Otis: My lock picking may have been useless yesterday, but it's effective today. It can be useful in many situations; maybe I could sneak into the staff area, pick some locks and cause a bit of mayhem? They'd never see it coming!

Tilly: I mean every compliment I say; but if I can flatter Mist enough she'll ditch Quadesh and ally with me. She seems useful. And Zanna is very useful to the team, but if it is against the rules I won't be targeted. After all, I didn't say she had to use her radar.

Zanna: I like to play fair … but if this isn't breaking rules I suppose its fine. And I'd rather not go to elimination again. Still, our team is doing very well, so it's a good thing I didn't use my Idol, it would have been a waste.

(Blobby Blues)

"I do not much like this challenge." Frowned Sampson as he and his team walked along. "I do not do well with heavy lifting."

"But you're the heaviest camper." Said Yoko innocently.

"And I also have the heaviest brain while yours is as light as a pile of paper clips." Stated Sampson. "I think one of you guys should carry two of the chests, it'd be more efficient that way."

"No, it would be more efficient to spread out the weight; I could carry two but you will do your fair share. If you don't I'll slap you; understand da?" Frowned Veedle. "Hard work is not a thing to fear; it rewarding."

"Veedle's right; you should do your fair share of work." Agreed Quadesh. "Tell you what; you can carry the final chest; that you you're helping but you're technically doing the least work."

"… Fine." Grumbled Sampson. "Still, we'll need to think about who we'll vote for in case we lose; anyone got any ideas?"

"We should vote for someone on a different team." Stated Donald. "But it depends what team we end up going to elimination with; if it's the 'Yucky Yellow's' we'd best vote off Gilda; Otis told me that she's grouped herself, Ivy, Edith and Betilla into an alliance."

"Thanks for telling me that … and thanks for confirming that you and Otis are in an alliance." Nodded Quadesh.

"… Crud." Muttered Donald. "So much for the element of surprise."

"I've heard that Otis can lock pick so he'll probably be safe; I don't think you're going to get anyone voting with you tonight." Stated Sampson. "Your best bet is to carry my chest as well as yours."

"And what if I got you voted out?" Threatened Donald. "You'd best not cross me; I assure you that I am quite dangerous."

Quadesh and Sampson laughed while Veedle chuckled a little. As they walked ahead Yoko put a comforting hand on Donald's shoulder.

"Don't listen to them Donald just because you're a bit clumsy and accident prone doesn't mean you're not good at the game; I'm sure you'll give them the old one-two." Smiled Yoko gently.

"Thanks Yoko." Nodded Donald. "But I'd recommend keeping a distance from me; disaster follows me like a stalker and I wouldn't want you to get hurt."

At that moment a branch fell off a tree and missed Donald by an inch.

"See what I mean?" Said Donald.

"I have several good luck charms from the monastery; I could give you a few if you want." Offered Yoko.

"… I'd appreciate that." Nodded Donald.

"Hey slow pokes, hurry up. We have challenge to do!" Called Veedle. "We found chest and I'm carrying it. Don't fall behind because we need you."

"Let's get going; if we cause the team to lose we'll only be targets." Suggested Donald.

"Good idea." Agreed Yoko as she and Donald ran after their team mates.

(Confessional: I think Donald might need more than a good luck charm.)

Quadesh: Donald is no threat to me; he's got such bad luck he'll probably be medivacked. But since I have three members of my alliance on this team I think I will be safe if we lose; it just depends who we go to the S.S Elimination with.

Yoko: Poor Donald; I've seen him get into all kinds of painful situations. He looks like he needs a hug; maybe I could get him into my alliance. Four votes are better than three after all.

Donald: Yoko seems nice … she could be a great ally, and a friend too … I have quite a lack of the latter. It's beyond obvious Quadesh and Sampson are allied; I may need to do something about this. But perhaps I could vote with an opposing team to get some favour with them. It all depends which two teams lose.

Sampson: I think now would be a good time to stop trying to be nice and to put my plan into gear.

(Yucky Yellows)

"Ok girls, this doesn't seem like such a hard challenge; all we have to do is look for the chests and bring them back to camp … hey Betilla, what are you doing?" Asked Edith.

"Setting traps." Said Betilla as she finished making a rope snare. "This should stop the other teams from making progress."

"But won't that hurt them?" Asked Ivy.

"Nobody who won't deserve it." Stated Betilla.

"How do you know that?" Asked Edith.

"Because I'm using pepperoni pizza as the bait; that way only people who eat innocent animals will go for the trap." Explained Betilla. "It's my hope I can use traps to take out strong competition come the merge; and if I'm eliminated before then the traps will still work so I can still take people out without being here."

"… That's both crazy and clever." Stated Gilda. "But we need to … in fact, never mind; why don't you continue setting up traps."

"Roger that." Nodded Betilla as she took out a shovel. "I could dig a pit trap if you want; though it'd take some time."

"Maybe you should try making a boulder trap; that'd take out Xadrian pretty well." Suggested Gilda.

"Sounds like a good idea; but I'd need time to find a proper place to put the trap." Stated Betilla. "Say Flynn, do you have any catapult building supplies? I have an idea for a trap involving one."

"Including shipping fees and teleportation taxes it would cost $49.99." Stated Flynn

"I think we should look for the chests first; we don't want to go to elimination." Suggested Edith. "Our chests are yellow so they should stand out pretty well so we should find them easily."

"Edith's right, we should probably pick up the speed a little." Nodded Ivy.

"I wonder how Ub is doing." Pondered Flynn.

"Why do you say that?" Asked Gilda.

"We're allies." Stated Flynn. "For $7.99 you can join our alliance."

"… Who else is in your alliance?" Asked Gilda curiously.

"Alfie, Ub, myself and Harvey." Stated Flynn. "We're the Shopping Channel Bunch."

"An alliance of four; interesting." Mused Gilda. "Ok guys, let's get going."

Gilda stepped forwards and 'accidently' tripped over and got caught up in Betilla's rope snare and ended up dangling upside down. While using her hands to keep her skirt from falling down she looked sheepishly at her team.

"Can one of you guys give me a hand? I'm so sorry about this." Mumbled Gilda.

"For $4.99 I'll get you down." Offered Flynn.

"I'm on it." Said Betilla as she started climbing the tree.

(Confessional: Most people don't get caught intentionally.)

Edith: We're not making much progress; I would have thought the four of us being together would make things easy, but we're going quite slowly. I just hope we can make up for lost time soon; it took a minute or two to get Gilda down.

Betilla: Yeah, my traps can sometimes cause friendly fire. Thankfully Gilda wasn't mad.

Gilda: Throwing a challenge is easier than I expected; if we lose we'll hopefully be able to vote out somebody from Flynn's alliance; Flynn himself isn't a threat, but if he's the only option I'll do it. An alliance of four is too risky to leave intact … unless it's my alliance of course.

(Pesky Purples)

"Ok guys, you're gonna have to give me a hand in this challenge; not only can I not see the chests but I don't know what purple looks like. This is a challenge where the odds are stacked against me." Stated Ub.

"Don't worry about it; we'll be your eyes." Assured Ricky. "I just hope you don't mind carrying one of the chests since we're gonna need to carry one each."

"I can cope with that." Nodded Ub.

"I'll carry the first one, I'm pretty well built." Offered Harvey.

"Good idea, but try not to trip." Said Joanne. "I mean, your shoe laces are untied."

"Well the thing is … I can't tie my laces; I've never been able to figure it out." Admitted Harvey in embarrassment. "It part of why I'm so clumsy."

"Not a problem, we all learn at different rates." Assured Ricky. "I only mastered tying my laces about a month ago, so you're not alone."

"That makes me feel less embarrassed." Nodded Harvey. "So, what order will we pick up the chests?"

"I'd say the strongest should pick one up first and the weakest should pick up the last one; since the ones who pick up a chest first will carry them for longer we should go in order of strongest to weakest." Suggested Ricky. "I think that means Harvey will be going first."

"Ah 'gree with'at. He has a bit'o muscle about him." Nodded Xadrian. "But ah think that we should think 'bout who we'll vote outta the game if we lose. Ah think we oughta hope that we go t'elimination with some bit threats; it oughta take the heat'ff us. Ah would recommend voting out Betilla; she ain't that nice; pappy says ya c'n't trust'n animal lover or someone with colourful 'air."

"It'd probably be a better idea to get you out since you love hurting animals." Frowned Joanne.

"Ah know, but ya c'n take me out't any time; ya might not get another chance ta take out a big threat. What would ya prefer t'do; take out'a guy who nobody likes, or somebody who is a big threat? Ah know what ah'd do; ah'm hopin' you'll see it mah way."

"Yeah, you would since your stay on the island requires us to listen to you." Nodded Harvey. "You're actually kinda clever; I would have thought somebody from a trailer park would be uneducated."

"I ain't what ya'd call 'book sm'rt'; but ah know things and ah gots skills. Ah think ah'm more accu'tly described as dirt smart." Stated Xadrian. "Ah would nev'r harm a person, just a stupid anim'l."

"I'll consider what you have said." Nodded Ub. "In the meantime, does anybody see a chest?"

"I see one over there." Stated Joanne. "Good thing purple stands out so well."

(Confessional: In an environment of green purple sticks out like a coconut in a pile of strawberries.)

Joanne: Ricky sure has a lot of good strategic ideas and he's kinda buff ... I should ally with him; but there's the possibility he could turn on me. Maybe I should get him voted out if we lose; my first choice would be Xadrian but his words make sense; I guess I'll vote for Ricky if we lose.

Xadrian: Ah just gots ta make myself look like less'o a threat. If ah make people think they gots no chance o' losing 'gainst me they'll keep me around. And with all this confusion about the fake idols that'll be startin' soon I ain't gonna have no problems; nobody would think'a 'dumb piece of white trash' would be capable o' being smart. After all, I never said ah was a genius. Maybe ah should try'n look dumb ta make the target on mah back shrink a little bit?

Ub: Perhaps I should ally with Xadrian; he's got no chance at winning and if I'm in the finals with him then even if they are bitter with me they'll all support me over Xadrian. After all, I don't hurt animals. Perhaps I'll extend the hand of alliance invitation soon. He seems pretty dumb so I can probably take full control over him.

(Rowdy Reds)

"Ok guys, that's two chests, we're doing pretty good so far." Said Kelly cheerfully. "I'll carry the next one of you want."

"Fine by me." Nodded Ned. "But perhaps the next should go to Larry; he's stronger than you and he'll put with carrying it for longer than you would."

"I understand." Nodded Kelly. "How are you two holding up with carrying the chests?"

"I can manage." Stated Penta. "My dad usually has me lift up barbells in the morning so this is nothing."

"Yeah, you're quite well built." Nodded Larry.

"And very toned." Grinned Alfie

Larry elbowed Alfie.

"Tact." Frowned Larry.

"I don't need tact; a manly man doesn't need to be polite; the world bows to his manliness." Bragged Alfie. "Penta is the girly girl to my manly man."

Penta rolled her eyes.

"Uh, Alfie? You might want to watch what you say; no amount of manliness makes you immune to damage and I think that Penta could dish it out in spades." Cautioned Ned.

"But she's a girly girl; don't they prefer tea parties?" Asked Alfie blankly.

"Oh my god you are dumb." Muttered Larry. "I can only hope I don't get paired with you again."

"Can't we just get along?" Asked Kelly. "We don't even have to be friends; but if we don't work together we'll lose. We all want that prize money so we're going to have to work together. We may not have much in common, but neither did the Breakfast Club at first and they become the best of friends."

"How do you know about that movie?" Asked Ned curiously.

"Oh, it was my mum's favourite movie." Stated Kelly.

"Exactly; we don't even have to get along. We can insult each other too; what is important is that we work together and place within the top three spots." Nodded Larry. "If anyone has something to say then say it now."

There was silence for a moment.

"Well I have something; Penta, your surname is Polestar right?" Asked Alfie.

"Yes it is, why?" Asked Penta.

"Well, do you think you could demonstrate a pole dance?" Asked Alfie. "It's very manly to know how to do them."

Penta looked like she was going to snap but then an idea entered her head.

"Sure, I'll show you." Nodded Penta with a purr. "But first I'd like you to carry all of our chests; surely a big and strong manly man like you would be strong enough to do that."

"Not a problem my cutesy Vietnamese Warrior." Grinned Alfie with a salute as he puffed up his chest. "Hand over your chest and let's keep going."

Penta smiled as she handed Alfie her chest; Alfie didn't seem to be weighed down by it at all.

"I found one as well." Said Ned as he heaved another red chest over.

"Good job Ned." Nodded Penta as she passed the third chest to Alfie. "Ok team, let's keep moving; we've still got two more chests to find."

As the team moved onwards Larry walked beside Penta.

"That was a genius idea; I'm surprised he was stupid enough to fall for that." Complimented Larry. "You're alright in my book."

"Thank you." Smiled Penta. "After him glancing at me inappropriately, being egotistical and making a rather rude comment about my name I figured a little payback was necessary … I'm also surprised he fell for it."

"You know what they say; the bigger they are the stupider they fall … or something like that." Stated Larry.

Penta could only giggle in response.

(Confessional: Manliness does not equal a lot of brain cells.)

Penta: Sometimes the best way to deal with a bothersome guy is to just give him what he wants, except don't give him anything. I admit it's kinda bad to mislead someone … but come on, he asked me to do a pole dance, as if I'm gonna do that. At least it took some weight off me; both metaphorically and literally.

Larry: I have a feeling that me and Penta are gonna get along very well. Maybe I could pitch an alliance offer to her at some point; I'll just have to work on my people skills a bit first I must admit that trolling kinda ruins my social capabilities a tad.

Kelly: That was smart of Penta, I wish I'd thought of that … but I don't know what a pole dance is and I wouldn't want to get myself into something I don't know about. Well, at least it stopped the arguing.

Ned: Once the arguing stopped balance was restored … just the way I like it.

(Grimy Greens)

"I have to say Otis; your lock picking has really made this challenge a cake walk." Noted Mist. "We've already opened four of the chests in such a short time."

"Not a problem, I'm just good like that." Grinned Otis.

"And my radar too." Added Zanna. "It isn't just about unlocking the chests, but finding them too. The last one is just up ahead."

"I think I lucked out with my team mates today." Stated Charles. "It's nice to have a challenge where everything goes right; I guess we're just lucky."

"Green is my lucky colour." Nodded Tilly. "Once we get all the bags we'd best high tail it back to camp as quick as possible; we might get a special prize for coming in first."

"I don't think Chris mentioned that." Said Mist. "Maybe he didn't tell us everything."

"Or maybe there isn't a reward." Said Zanna.

"It never hurts to be optimistic." Shrugged Tilly as they approached the last chest. "Ok Otis, do your thing and let's win this challenge."

Otis nodded and began picking the lock; suddenly he stopped.

"Why did you stop?" Asked Tilly.

"I broke the paperclip." Stated Otis. "Do you mind carrying this chest?"

"You what?" Frowned Tilly. "This might cost us our lead!"

"Good thing I'm just messing with you then." Sniggered Otis as he opened the chests and passed Tilly the bag. "Here you go."

Tilly was silent for a moment before she scowled in annoyance and walked back towards camp.

"Any reason you did that?" Asked Mist.

"Just having a bit of fun; I love being a skullduggery." Stated Otis. "She'll get over it."

The grouped quickly began to head back to camp; as they walked Charles walked beside Tilly.

"You ok? You seem tense." Noted Charles.

"I'm fine; Otis just annoyed me a little." Assured Tilly. "I don't see why he thought that was funny; I was worried we'd lose our lead."

"We're all kids." Shrugged Charles. "But we're still doing fine; hopefully this won't affect us."

"I guess you're right." Nodded Tilly. "You're a good friend."

"Thanks; lots of people back home say I'm a good friend, like ... err ..." Trailed off Charles.

"Something on your mind?" Asked Tilly.

"Oh noting, nothing at all; I'm all alone in this contest, no secret allies I know from elsewhere; I'm innocent ... so, nice weather we're having huh?" Said Charles quickly to change the subject.

"Yeah, I suppose it is nice weather." Said Tilly with a raised eyebrow.

(Confessional: ... Face palm.)

Charles: ... I really don't have the best 'people skills'; hopefully Tilly didn't catch on to anything. Hopefully this won't matter in the short and long run.

Otis: Pranks and messing around are fun; in Survivor the Jury would hate me, but in this game it doesn't matter that much. And I have an idol so in a worst case scenario I can have a reassurance. Maybe I should have picked the locks of the other team's chests and hidden their pieces; that would've assured our win ... but that'd make things too easy and I don't want that.

Mist: Tilly's been quite social with me today; I think she might want to know a bit about my disorder. I don't mind telling her the facts and details, but hopefully she won't think I'm a 'special case' like my shrink does. It's nothing big, but I'd rather not be considered a living medical text book. She seems quite nice though so I'm sure it'll be fine.

Tilly: Based on what Charles said I think that there is someone in the game that he knows outside of it. I'd suspect its Ricky ... but is that too obvious? I'll keep an eye on Charles and hopefully I can think of a way to exploit this to my advantage. I admit it may be mean, but in the end only one of us can win.

(Blobby Blues)

"Why have we only found two chests?" Frowned Sampson. "I was hoping that we'd have found at least four by now."

"Rome wasn't built in a day." Stated Yoko as she carried a chest. "We're searching as fast as we can; it's just that we can't run very fast when carrying these chests, they kinda weigh a bit."

"That's exactly why I'm reluctant to carry one." Stated Sampson with a nod. "Glad to hear you understand my point of view."

"Back in Austria my family liked to work hard; we follow a simple motto, 'work hard, get rewarded ... work little, get punished'." Stated Veedle. "But maybe I won't vote you off; you'd be good person to go against in finals since you're very unfit."

"But I'm brainy." Stated Sampson. "I excel at the mental side of the game; unfit people have won reality TV before."

"I cannot deny that is true, but you have a habit of rubbing people the wrong way." Stated Donald. "At least I have the common decency to pretend to be polite; you're just rude."

"Guys, shut up." Frowned Quadesh as she walked over holding a chest. "While you were all arguing I managed to find a chest; only two left to find now. Can I rely on you to not act like children?"

"... But we are children." Stated Yoko. "None of us are even teenagers yet."

"She's right; acting like kids is within our nature." Nodded Donald.

"She means she wants us to be civil." Said Veedle. "I can agree with her; arguing solves nothing, is just a big distraction from victory."

"Fair enough." Nodded Donald. "But I just want to make it clear that I'll be voting for Sampson if we lose."

"Watch your step." Said Sampson as Donald tripped over a root. "Oh, too late."

"You ok?" Asked Yoko as she helped Donald up.

"I'll live." Stated Donald. "I can withstand a lot of pain since I'm so accustomed to feeling it."

(Confessional: That makes sense.)

Donald: I'm trying to play the role of a respectable villain ... but Sampson is lousing it up by giving villains a bad name with his laziness and uncooperation! Does he even realise that making allies is part of the game? Ok, granted you have to turn on them eventually, but he's just making no effort. He doesn't realise how valuable friends are; he isn't avoided for being a 'curse' like I am! ... He's got my vote if we lose the challenge.

Sampson: It's all going according to plan; I may be lazy, but I'm brainy and I have a strategy to keep me around till the near finals that doesn't require me to do anything. I will put it into effect at the first sign of me being in danger of elimination; I'm hoping to get everyone annoyed with me so when I unleash my master plan it will shake up the dynamics. Quadesh won't want to backstab me if this works. The next time I lose I will start my plan. (He takes a small bottle out of his pocket that has a riled up piece of paper inside of it). Let's just say that my key to victory is in this bottle.

Quadesh: I hope Sampson realises he's putting a big target on his back; no matter what way you look at it four isn't a majority of ten and I doubt the vote would be spread out. Still, it keeps the target off me so I can't complain too much.

Veedle: Quadesh told me Sampson is in the alliance; that does suck. I'd love to vote him out, but if keeping him makes me safe, so be it. Even so, he must work!

(Yucky Yellows)

"Ok girls and Flynn, we've got to speed up a bit; we've only got one chests so far and the other teams might be ahead of us." Stated Ivy. "If we all vote together we might be safe tonight, so I'd rather not risk it. Besides; if I was voted off then nobody would get any ice cream anymore."

"I could get everyone ice cream for only $1.99 each." Advertised Flynn. "And for $4.99 I'll carry the chest."

"I don't have that much money on me." Stated Betilla as she held the chest. "These things are heavier than they look; hopefully the others are bunched close together."

"It seems like we're falling behind a bit in the challenge; so, who should we vote out if we lose?" Asked Gilda. "I know it depends on which team loses with us; so which team would you most like to go to the S.S elimination with?"

"The Pesky Purples; then we can vote off that pest Xadrian." Stated Betilla. "I'm sure everyone would vote with us."

"But what if he has the Chris idol?" Asked Edith. "I've seen some of the others go looking for the idols already so I think we can't rule out the possibility of him having it."

"So what would we go if he had it?" Asked Ivy.

"We'd best split the vote so he has to use his Idol; after that he'd be helpless next time." Suggested Gilda. "I mean, it's only able to be used once anyway."

"Good point; that sounds like the best idea." Nodded Edith.

"When did you become so strategic anyway Gilda? This is kinda the opposite of what you were yesterday." Noted Ivy. "You're like a strategic snowman of some kind."

"What can I say; I'm just good at the game." Boasted Gilda with a grin.

"For $5.99 I'll let you into my alliance and make you even better at the game." Offered Flynn.

"A huge alliance would attract too much attention, wouldn't it?" Asked Betilla.

"Betilla's right ... besides, we don't have any money to give you; stop trying to get money off us." Frowned Gilda.

"For $8.99 I'll stop advertising." Advertised Flynn. "Also, I can see a chest over there."

"Excellent; at least we're making some progress." Nodded Edith as she walked over to the chest and, with a little effort, picked it up. "Ok then; two chests down, three to go. We've still got a chance."

"Exactly ... you know, I think I saw a glint of yellow over there." Said Gilda as she pointed a distance away. "Maybe we should check it out."

"Good idea." Nodded Ivy. "After all; how many yellow things can there be in the forest?"

"Flowers for one." Stated Betilla.

"And sunlight for another." Added Ivy. "I don't like sunlight though, it's too warm and it's responsible for the unforgivable crime of melting snow."

"That's hardly a crime." Said Gilda flatly.

"It is to me." Shrugged Ivy.

"For $1.99 I'll agree with you." Offered Flynn/

(Confessional: This team sure is funny eh?)

Gilda: I had to lead them off course; I may not get another chance like this. And they didn't have to believe me anyway. If we lose we'll have a good chance of eliminating whoever we want; if we can take out somebody ranked high in another alliance the game will become child's play ... that's a good thing since we're children.

Ivy: We really aren't doing great in this challenge; we may be able to vote together if we lose, but I'd rather not take any chances. Still, Gilda's is pretty good at strategizing so she'd probably keep us safe ... and if not I just have to hope I'm not a major target.

Flynn: (He holds up a flower). For $23.99 I'll sell you this island flower; the rice is high because stocks are low. Hurry up and order now! Offer must end soon!

(Pesky Purples)

"Three chests is a good amount to have; we just have to hope that the other teams aren't already on their way back." Said Joanne hopefully. "If we go to elimination then I'll vote how you guys want if you don't vote for me."

"I'll think about it; besides, you haven't really done anything wrong this challenge so I doubt anyone will vote for you." Assured Ricky. "I think we're doing good enough to come in first or second place, maybe third in a pinch. I'm certain we won't be going to elimination."

"How do you know that? You have no way of knowing." Stated Ub.

"I'm just being optimistic." Shrugged. Ricky.

"Optimism will only make a failure hurt more." Replied Ub. "You should expect the worst because then a victory will be all the more sweeter."

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it." Nodded Ricky. "But I prefer to stay optimistic."

"Same here." Nodded Harvey. "It isn't over until Chris says so. We have three chests already so I think we're making good time. It's simply a matter of finding the other chests before the other teams find all of theirs; good thing purple stands out easily."

"What exactly does purple look like?" Asked Ub.

"Well it kinda looks like ... purple; I'm not sure how to explain it's appearance." Admitted Harvey.

"Gee, that was helpful." Said Ub sarcastically. "It sure isn't easy being blind; you guys are lucky."

Harvey tripped over.

"An' clumsy." Noted Xadrian. "Ya ain't missin' that m'ch; see no evil an' all that. I bet'cha don't even know how horrid the sight o' a dead animal is; sometimes ah ain't even the cause o' it's death ya know and that's what makes it worse, knowing ah ain't the only one with strength. Ah comes from'a rough neighbourhood; trailer parks'a full'a aggressive folk; pappy is the on'y one ah can trust."

"Gee, your neighbours sound more tough and tasteless than Chef's food." Noted Ricky.

"Like ah said, in'da land o' the Blackwater Swamp Trailer Park ... trust no one 'cept ya pappy." Stated Xadrian. "If ya wants survival skills ah'll teach ya what ah know; ah have seen some mighty nasty st'ff. If we have a wilderness surviv'ahl challenge ah'll be the best team mate ya could 'av. Ah mean, how many o' you 'av had experience with catching and gutting a fish from a dirty creek? Fish guts make one hell'a a mess on mah shirt ya know."

"You seem to know some stuff about strategy." Noted Joanne.

"Ah don't both with that fancy stuff; ah prefer t'just let things happen. Ah ain't one to plan for the long term." Shrugged Xadrian. "Ah is just a trail'r park trash boy, not a fancy shamncy strategist, ah'll leave that to the r'ch folk."

"I see; so, does that mean you don't care about the idols?" Asked Joanne.

"Not 'ticularly." Lied Xadrian. "If ah find one ah'll just give it a someone else'r just throw it in the river or somethin'."

"Well, if you find any could you give me one?" Asked Joanne.

"You could give me one too; since I can't find them myself it would be only fair." Requested Ub.

"Ah'll see what ah can do." Stated Xadrian. "In tha' meantime ah see anoth'r chest and it's'a mighty fine shade'o purple. Ah gots this one."

"Alright!" Cheered Harvey. "Four down and one to go; I think we've got this one in the bag."

"I agree." Nodded Joanne as she leaned over to whisper to Harvey. "If we lose then I won't vote for you if you don't vote for me."

"Sounds good." Nodded Harvey. "Hey Ub, you can carry the final chest, alright?"

"Sounds fair." Nodded Ub.

"Ok guys; there's only one chest left; everyone should face a separate direction so we can see as much of our surroundings as possible; the chest should be around here somewhere." Suggested Ricky.

"Good idea." Nodded Joanne.

(Confessional: This is quite a strategic team; 'pesky' doesn't really describe them.)

Ricky: So Joanne and Ub both want the idols ... maybe I should go and look for them sometime; I'm sure me and Charles would benefit from them ... but if I find the Chris Idol I'll keep it since I'm stronger and thus more likely to be targeted. I wonder if anyone has found any idols yet.

Joanne: My book recommends using other people to find idols for you in exchange for their vote, but also recommends never fully trusting them. Xadrian seems kinda ... uneducated, so I think I can get this to work. If he doesn't want the idols who am I to let them go to waste? I'll need to search for them as well sometime; maybe tomorrow."

Ub: Xadrian, from what I can tell, is quite dumb and gullible; he'll be a perfect idol hunter for me since he probably doesn't even realise how valuable they are. It may be mean to say it, but dumb people are a great asset in this game. And people are gonna target him before me. Speaking off, playing the sympathy card is effective, people here all have morality ... granted I do too, but this is a game ... one that I will win.

Harvey: I would have expected a lot of fights with Xadrian on the team; but we're all getting along. Keeping calm and getting along with definitely help us progress. (Harvey starts to get up but slips over and falls over below the camera.) I'm ok!

Xadrian: Ah got' em eatin' outta the palm o' mah hand. They all think ah am stupid so they ain't gonna target me. Ah gots two people who won't vote fur me and ah can just give them a fake Idol to keep them loyal. Ah think they're underestimating me or thinking that ah am dumb and stupid; nothin ain't used to. Ah ain't here t make friends ... besides, would any of'em even want ta befriend me anyway? ... Ah didn't think so.

(Grimy Greens)

The grimy greens quickly ran back into camp holding the five bags of puzzler pieces; they ran up to their team's station and emptied the puzzle pieces out of the bag. Chris walked up to them.

"You guys are back fast ... and how did you open the chests without the keys?" Asked Chris curiously.

"Otis picked the locks and Zanna used her phone's radar to find the chests." Stated Charles.

"Bet you wish you'd thought out this challenge better huh?" Grinned Otis.

"... That's actually really clever; but you guys haven't win yet, you still need to finish the puzzle." Stated Chris. "Let me know when you've completed it."

With enough being said the team got to work; however, it quickly became apparent that they did not know where to put the puzzle pieces.

"What is this puzzle supposed to be anyway?" Asked Mist. "The pieces don't even connect together so how will we know?"

"We'll have to figure out what it is before we start putting it together." Stated Zanna. "Any ideas what Chris would make a picture of?"

The group minus Otis stepped away from their station as they began to think.

"The Total Drama Logo?" Guessed Mist.

"A tub of hair gel?" Pondered Tilly. "We know how much he loves his hair."

"You might be onto something." Nodded Charles.

"Finished." Said Otis.

Chris walked over and glanced at the puzzle and gave the thumbs up.

"You guys win." Nodded Chris. "You five are safe and win a special prize that I will reveal later."

The rest of the Grimy Greens looked at the puzzle; it was a picture of Chris's face.

"I should have known." Muttered Tilly. "Good job Otis."

"Not a problem; Chris loves nothing more than himself and he's the 'face' of Total Drama so the puzzle was kinda easy." Shrugged Otis. "But you're welcome."

"I wonder what our reward is." Pondered Zanna. "Maybe it's another Idol."

"I doubt Chris would give one to each of us." Said Mist. "Though it would be nice; maybe our reward is a few luxury items, like chocolate or a TV."

"Maybe our reward is being immune tomorrow and getting to mess with the teams in the challenge." Guessed Otis.

"I'm sure we'll find out once the challenge is over; good job today guys." Said Charles in satisfaction.

(Confessional: Two more teams will be safe and two will not; place your bets!)

Zanna: It's nice to be immune and be largely responsible for the win; hopefully this will make other people keep me around. It's been a god day; I won, I will have a prize in a while and I still have my idol; all in all a good day.

Otis: Now that was a good challenge; I think this puts me in good favour with the others. I just have to hope Donald's luck didn't screw him over or I might lose an ally. Then again, with that lazybones Sampson on the team I don't see why they'd vote him off.

Tilly: Once again I'm safe; I'm glad to not have to worry about elimination today. Now I can just relax and be friendly like I normally would. But I wonder what our prize is ... and there is still the fact Charles knows someone from outside the show. Well, I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Mist: That's two days in a row I've been safe and now I have a prize to go with it. Hopefully this is the start of an immunity streak; I hear reality show winners are often safe from elimination a lot, like Owen last season since he was on the winning team. There will be twenty four of us left tomorrow so that means either two teams of twelve or four teams of six ... I wonder what the challenge will be.

(Rowdy Reds)

"Ok guys; that's the last chest; let's head back." Said Ned. "You sure you can carry all of those Alfie?"

"Positive." Nodded Alfie as he held all five chests. "Penta promised she'd dance for me if I carried them and I never let a hot girl down."

"I wonder if any of the other teams have finished yet." Pondered Kelly. "As long as we finish in third we'll be safe … so don't drop the chests, ok Alfie?"

"Don't worry, I'm manly so I'm incapable of messing up; I'm the manly man to your womanly woman." Assured Alfie.

"That's kinda sexist." Stated Larry. "And you're not exactly what I'd call manly."

"One person out of the billions of people in the world isn't a glowing statistic." Stated Alfie.

At that moment the intercom system around the woods crackled into life.

"Attention teams; the Grimy Greens have completed the challenge and have finished in first place. You may want to get a move on since only two spots for immunity are left?" Announced Chris.

The intercom shut off and the Rowdy Reds exchanged a glance.

"Full speed ahead; I am not losing the chance to see Penta dance!" Exclaimed Alfie as he charged forwards.

… Right into a tree.

"That didn't count, it was in my blind spot; I'm still manly." Stated Alfie as he dashed off towards camp with his team mates following.

"Anyone want to bet he'll bump into any more trees?" Asked Larry with a snigger. "It's satisfying to see an annoyance run into a tree, I don't know why but it is."

"I feel the same my good sir." Agreed Penta.

"Let's hope we can keep up with him; he's going pretty fast and I don't think he has the brains to finish the puzzle by himself." Stated Ned.

"That's kinda mean … but you know what, I'm ok with that." Said Kelly with a nod.

(Confessional: Watch out for that tree!)

Alfie: I'm so manly that when I run I stay where I am and it's the world around me that moves. Oh yeah!

Larry: This is good; either we win immunity and vote out a guy who is an annoyance and a physical threat all in one. I like how things are going … but what is a pole dance? I'll admit that I do not know.

Ned: Sometimes it pays to just sit back and watch other people move things along.

"Ok guys, there's the final chest." Said Yoko as she and her team walked up to a blue chest. "All we need to do is pick it up, head back to camp and complete the puzzle; if we're speedy then it shouldn't take too long."

"Ok then, which one of you is going to pick it up?" Asked Sampson.

"You are." Said Veedle. "You're the only one not carrying chest, thus this one is yours."

"… Naw, I'd rather not carry it; one of you can do it." Stated Sampson.

"Samson, if you don't pick that chest up and we end up losing I can guarantee that all of us will vote for you." Stated Donald with a frown.

"I'm not going anywhere tonight; you couldn't vote me out if you tried." Said Sampson confidently. "Quadesh, you're strong; you can pick it up."

"Sampson, it's just a short walk back to camp; even you can manage it." Stated Quadesh in annoyance. "Just pick it up and we can get this challenge done."

"Nope, not gonna do it; if you need me I'll be back at camp waiting for you all to pick up the pace; if I'm back first it won't be fault if we lose." Said Sampson without interest.

(Confessional: He has a plan … but he sure is unreasonably cocky.)

Sampson: I may seem like a delusional fool, but I know what I'm doing. If they all hate me then they won't consider another person to vote off. My strategy is to get people to hate me but then make them see that I cannot be voted off; not just because I'm smart and strategic, but because I cannot be voted out. I'm hoping we lose since I'd like to vote out somebody from an opposing alliance; I heard Quadesh telling Veedle that Ub has an alliance and I know who is in it. Hopefully I can eliminate one of them. It's all part of the plan, you'll see.

Donald: Ok, so we were nearly complete with the challenge and I'm thinking 'cool, we'll be immune' … but then Sampson refuses to work and ends up just leaning against a tree insulting us. Does he even realise how detestable he is being? Geez, there's a difference between a classic villain like me and a completely lazy troll like him … I can't wait to see the look on his face when he gets voted out.

Yoko: I thought coming onto this show I would make some friends … instead I've made a big enemy. What is his problem?

"Pick up the damn chest!" Yelled Quadesh.

"Not gonna happen, you do it." Said Sampson.

"Maybe we should beat him with a stick." Suggested Donald.

"I wouldn't argue that at this point." Nodded Veedle. "Get working!"

Sampson just yawned and lay down.

"I think I'll take a nap; wake me when the challenge is over." Stated Sampson as he closed his eyes.

"Ok Sampson, you know what? If you don't pick up that chest right now you're kicked out of the alliance!" Screamed Quadesh.

A snore was Quadesh's response.

"Urgh! That's it, you're gone tonight!" Yelled Quadesh.

"You don't scare me." Stated Sampson still with his eyes closed.

"You'd best start working Sampson; how do you think your friends and family are going to react to seeing this?" Frowned Veedle.

"Veedy, Veedy, Veedy." Said Sampson simply.


"Don't call me Veedy!" Yelled Veedle.

"Ok guys; how about one of us picks up two of the chests and we just leave him here?" Suggested Yoko.

"Good idea" Nodded Donald before he lost his grip on his chest and dropped it on his foot. "Ow!"

"Butterfingers." Sang Sampson.

(Confessional: I'm sensing a few edgical eliminations…)

Sampson: I harbour no personal grudge against the others, but my game rests on them hating me … besides, after tonight Quadesh will be begging me back into the alliance. All I need to do is just sit tight until we lose.

Quadesh: Ok … I'm pissed off! Excuse my language, but how am I to work with somebody who does nothing? Forget an alliance numbers advantage, he needs to go!

Veedle: This confusing and annoying; why does Sampson not work when he knows he'll be voted out if he doesn't … is he just here to stay at the Playa Des Losers or something?

(Yucky Yellows)

"This isn't good, we only have three chests and one of the other teams has already finished; hopefully some of the other teams have hit some speed bumps in their progress." Said Edith hopefully.

"Sorry for leading you guys the wrong way; I really thought that I saw a chest." Apologised Gilda. "But since we're presumably losing we should think about who we're going to vote off."

"We don't know that we're losing; I think that we should talk about it on the Subway of Woe." Suggested Edith. "At least then we'll know who our choices are."

"Fair enough." Nodded Gilda.

"For $9.99 I'll vote with you." Offered Flynn.

"For the last time, we don't have any money." Stated Betilla. "But by any chance do you have any free samples of fruit?"

"If my free you mean $1 each then yes." Nodded Flynn.

"… Never mind." Said Betilla. "I wonder if any of the other teams are ahead of us."

At that moment the intercom crackled into life again.

"Attention teams, the Rowdy Reds have now completed the challenge so you may want to seriously get a move on; that is all." Announced Chris as he hung up the intercom.

"Ok girls, we'd better get a move on; we have two chests to find and not much time to do it. We can do this!" Declared Ivy. "We need to have the eyes of a snowman if we are going to avoid elimination.

"Don't you mean the eyes of a hawk?" Stated Edith.

"That too." Nodded Ivy.

(Confessional: Hawks can see thing that most people don't ... it comes with having a Birdseye view, being that they're birds and all.)

Gilda: I think it's safe to say that we lost this challenge … all according to plan. Tonight's ceremony is gonna be dramatic! I just have to play my cards right and get my girls to vote with me.

Ivy: I kinda know we've lost this, but I didn't want to upset the others. We just need to have hope. At least we have a good voting power if we lose.

Edith: One comfort I can take from losing is that I'm not a target; I'll just have to figure out who the target is and vote for them. Hopefully nobody has the Chris Idol.

(Pesky Purples)

"Ok guys, keep it moving; there's only one more spot for safety." Urged Joanne as she and her team ran back towards camp.

"I'm trusting that you know the way." Said Ub as he blindly ran after his team.

"Ah'm sure Joanne knows what she's doin'." Stated Xadrian. "And would ya lookit that, we're here."

The Pesky Purples ran into camp and over to their station; the members of the Grimy Greens and the Rowdy Reds were standing next to their stations with their puzzles finished. A quick glance at the finished puzzles told them what they needed to do.

"Ok guys, it's a puzzle of Chris's face; I think we can do this pretty easily." Stated Harvey.

"Let's hope so because the other teams could be here at any moment." Said Joanne as she quickly got to work on the puzzle. "Remember, in the case of us losing I'm open to any voting offers you guys want to make."

"Ah doubt we'll need that; the other teams seem t've gotten lost. Ah bet those saps have got a poor sense o' direction." Chuckled Xadrian.

"And … done!" Announced Joanne.

"That's perfect." Nodded Chris. "The challenge is now over and you fifteen are immune; I'll get the interns to bring the other teams back into camp."

After Chris left Alfie walked up to Penta.

"So, how about that pole dance?" Asked Alfie.

"Sure, here you go." Said Penta as she passed Alfie a metal pole. "I hear it likes to do the tango; knock yourself out."

"Please do." Added Larry.

(Confessional: There were winners and losers.)

Penta: Maybe that'll show Alfie that I'm not interested. Manly or not he just isn't my type.

Alfie: Evidently Penta isn't who I thought she was; she's just a meanie face out to cause problems. Well, looks like I can move onto Edith. Also, we won immunity so I can stick around and continue being awesome.

Joanne: Excellent, I'm safe. And now I HAVE Xadrian as my Idol hunter … but he might get Idols for Ub too … I'll just have to get him to see that I can offer him more. Maybe I could promise not to vote for him until the merge or something.

Ricky: Third place isn't bad, and it looks like Charles finished in first. This is great, both of us are safe and our secret alliance is still a secret. Hopefully we'll have just as much luck in the next challenge.

Soon enough all twenty five of the campers were in camp centre; Chris stood in front of them to announce the results.

"Well guys, you all tried your best today … and for some of you your best wasn't enough. The Rowdy Reds and the Pesky Purples are safe which means that the Blobby Blues and the Yucky Yellows will be seeing me at the S.S Elimination tonight." Stated Chris.

"What about the Grimy Greens?" Asked Yoko.

"Since they were the winners of the challenge they get a special reward." Said Chris. "They will be joining the losing teams … but rather than being votable, they will be immune and will watch what happens; they could gain valuable info this way."

"Sounds good to me." Nodded Mist.

"It's now dinner time; but after dinner the fifteen of you must board the Subway of Woe." Continued Chris. "Oh, and the Grimy Greens don't have to bring their Life Idols. That is all."

Chris left the area while the twenty five campers headed into the Mess Hall for dinner.

(Confessional: This is gonna be interesting.)

Otis: So not only do I win the challenge but I get to watch the other teams vote somebody off? Sounds like good entertainment. Hopefully it'll be suspenseful. Let's hope Donald won't say the wrong thing and get voted out.

Veedle: This won't be so bad; we know who going and Quadesh is going to enforce our point that Sampson must leave.

Sampson: This is good; not only did we lose but I have an audience of fourteen for my plan. If all goes well then through word of mouth I will become the most feared person in this game. I'm not out of this yet.

Dinner was a rather mild affair; there wasn't really much talking going on. The winners ate their dinner quietly as did the losers. Soon enough however Quadesh broke the silence.

"Ok guys, we need to talk about who's getting voted out … but tonight that isn't a very hard decision; Sampson has got to go." Stated Quadesh. "He did nothing to help out today and just lazed about and lay down for a nap during the challenge. Trust me; you don't want him on your team."

"He's a hindrance." Nodded Donald. "Let's see if we can make this a unanimous vote shall we?"

"I'm not going anywhere; I'm the most important person in the game." Stated Sampson. "If I were you I'd vote off a real threat."

"You're a threat to whatever team you end up on; you do nothing in challenges." Frowned Yoko. "I try not to be mean, but you're a jerk; you've got my vote tonight along with everyone else."

"Enjoy your last short while on the island Sampson; there's no way you're getting out of this." Agreed Edith.

"At least I'm not a human ghost." Shrugged Sampson indifferently. "I'm not going anywhere."

"De-flippin-lusional." Muttered Betilla.

"For $100000000 I'll vote for someone else." Advertised Flynn. "I charge that much because I'm voting for you."

"Whatever; do your worst." Shrugged Sampson.

The intercom inside the Mess Hall crackled into life.

"Attention campers; will the member of the Yucky Yellow, Grimy greens and Blobby Blues please make their way to the Subway of Woe? It is time for the ceremony; that is all." Announced Chris as he hung up the intercom.

"Well, let's get doing this; it should be entertaining." Said Otis cheerfully. "I say that because I'm immune, haha!"

"Oh bite me." Muttered Sampson.

(Confessional: Time for a subway ride.)

Betilla: Well, this is going to be a rather simple ceremony. Good to know I won't be going anywhere. I just wish Xadrian was votable … oh well.

Gilda: This isn't good; I need to take out a threat and Sampson is no threat at all … I'll have to talk to the girls about this.

Soon enough the fifteen campers attending the ceremony had boarded the Subway of Woe; currently Betilla, Edith, Gilda and Ivy were in the same cart talking about the vote.

"I've never been on a team with Sampson, what is he like?" Asked Gilda.

"Lazy, useless and rude; that sums him up quite nicely." Stated Ivy. "Voting him off will be good for everyone."

"But will it really." Pondered Betilla.

"What do you mean?" Asked Ivy.

"If he is what you say then he is not a threat at all; we could vote him out at any time we wanted … but if we were to vote out Flynn we could weaken one of the opposing alliances and have the majority in most challenges depending on team sizes. We should vote strategically rather than emotionally." Suggested Gilda.

"Gilda makes a very good point." Nodded Betilla. "Sure, I'll vote for Flynn … but it won't make much of a difference since the other five are voting for Sampson and five is more than four."

"You're right … well, maybe next time I suppose." Nodded Gilda.

"Trust me Gilda, it's better this way; at least now we won't get stuck with dead weight in a challenge." Stated Edith.

(Confessional: Emphasis on weight.)

Gilda: Dammit! I wanted to take out a threat, but I can't because we don't have the stinking majority! Why must my plans always go wrong? Well, he won't be so lucky next time I decide to play CPN.

Edith: As if I'd vote for anyone but Sampson; he called me a ghost … I don't much like people making fun of my Albinoism. Hopefully Gilda won't mind.

Sampson: Time to put my plan into action; this is going to be the biggest move in the history on reality television.

A short while later the fifteen campers had arrived at the S.S elimination; the Blobby Blues and Yucky Yellows were sitting on ten chairs that had been set out while the Grimy Greens were sitting on a bench at the side of the top deck to watch the ceremony. It was quite a calm and starry night and the moonlight reflected nicely in the water. After a minute of waiting Chris exited the Captain's Room with a tray of nine Doubloons and his mallet. He set both objects down and faced the campers.

"Welcome to the S.S elimination everyone." Greeted Chris. "In a few minutes you will cast your votes and one of you will hand over your idol, take the Smash of Sorrow, go down the Stairs of Despair walk the Path of Failure and board the Boat of Losers … and you can't come back ever … and this season I mean that. But before that I'd like to ask you some questions."

There was a short silence.

"Gilda; how do you think this vote is going to go down?" Asked Chris.

"I'd say the outcome is both obvious and inevitable, but I'd much rather vote for a bigger threat than Sampson." Stated Gilda.

"Donald, do you feel like you are in any danger tonight?" Asked Chris.

"I don't think so; I've played my cards well … and my luck wasn't so bad today. I think I'm safe." Nodded Donald.

"Betilla … you've been here before; do you feel safer or more worried than you were yesterday?" Asked Chris.

"I feel quite safe; we all know that Sampson is going." Stated Betilla. "I feel quite calm and collected."

"Veedle … why do you think your team lost the challenge?" Asked Chris.

"Because Sampson decided he would take nap." Said Veedle flatly.

"Sampson; your name is getting bought up a lot tonight." Noted Chris. "Do you think this is the end of the line for you?"

"Not at all, I think I'll be perfectly safe." Assured Sampson.

"Idiot." Muttered Quadesh.

"It's true though, I'm not getting voted out." Stated Sampson.

"If I may interject." Said Charles. "You've got no allies, no friends and presumably no idol … unless you have one of the idols that grants immunity then you're toast; stop being in denial."

"He's right." Nodded Mist.

"Sampson, do you have an idol?" Asked Chris.

There was a brief silence.

"No, I do not." Said Sampson calmly.

"Very well … shall we get to the voting?" Asked Chris.

"Yes, let's," Nodded Veedle.

"I'm ready." Nodded Flynn.

"Same here." Stated Yoko.

"Not so fast; there is one last thing that I need to do before we vote somebody out." Said Sampson in a sudden tone of seriousness.

"What is it Sampson?" Asked Chris.

Sampson took a bottle out of his pocket, opened it and took out the paper.

"I was instructed by the producers to read this at the first ceremony where it looked certain that I was going to be voted out … or if I got the most votes at the first ceremony." Said Sampson as he cleared his throat and began to read. "Total Drama Tweenabet has not got twenty six contestants; it has twenty five contestants and one plant. Sampson James Knight is not a contestant; he is merely here to cause drama and enhance the show for the viewers at home. He cannot win nor be voted out; at the final three he will be taken out of the game and leave the final two to progress; on that way there will be a reward challenge instead of elimination. If Sampson gets the most votes during a ceremony then the person with the second most will be eliminated; if a vote is unanimous to get rid of Sampson then only his vote will count."

Sampson finished reading and everyone was stunned into silence.

"Son of a runner bean." Whispered Betilla.

"This isn't good." Gulped Veedle.

"So … what happens now?" Asked Quadesh.

"I say we pass it to Chris and see if it's official." Stated Donald.

"Fine by me." Nodded Sampson as he passed the letter to Chris. "Sorry I didn't tell you guys about this; but I wasn't allowed to."

Chris read it over and shrugged to himself.

"Looks legit to me." Nodded Chris. "With that being said, it's time to vote; just enter the Captain's Room and write the name of the person you want to vote out, and then put your vote in the ballot box … Yoko, you're up first."

(Confessional: … This sure has shaken things up a bit eh?)

Yoko: (She holds up a vote for Quadesh). After Sampson you are my next choice.

Donald: (He holds up a vote for Sampson). Plant or no plant I'm still voting for you; let's see if you're as immune as you say you are. I've told enough lies in my life to know when someone is lying.

Flynn: (He holds up a vote for Quadesh). For $5 I'll give you a soda to lighten the bow.

Gilda: (She holds up a vote for Flynn). This couldn't be more perfect.

Ivy: (She holds up a vote for Flynn). I guess I'll have to go with Gilda's plan.

Sampson: This is perfect … now, who should I vote for?

Veedle: (She holds up a vote for Gilda). You seem quite smart, da?

After the last vote had been cast Chris entered the Captain Room to tally the votes; after a short wait he exited it and looked over the campers.

"If you have an idol you want to play then now would be the time to do so." Said Chris.

Nobody said anything.

"Ok." Nodded Chris as he picked up a Doubloon. "The following campers are safe."









Quadesh and Flynn both remained without a Doubloon and both looked nervous.

"This is the final Doubloon of the night." Said Chris dramatically. "And it goes to…


Quadesh looked relived as she caught her Doubloon while Flynn looked disappointed.

"Flynn, please hand me your Life Idol." Stated Chris.

"I'll give you $9.99 if you let me stay." Offered Flynn.

Chris just frowned.

Flynn sighed as he handed over his Life Idol; Chris raised his mallet and then smashed the idol to bits.

"Time for you to go Flynn." Stated Chris.

Flynn turned to look at the other campers.

"Good luck guys; I'll be sure to have lots of merchandise to sell you when I next see you." Said Flynn as he took his leave down the Stairs of Misery.

After Flynn was gone Chris turned to the rest of the campers.

"Well guys, a heck of a lot has happened tonight … from the looks of things none of you but Sampson were expecting it." Noted Chris. "You may head back to the Subway of Woe and head back to camp."

The campers got up and began to leave for the subway; all eyes were on Sampson who looked rather passive.

"He stirred up a lot of trouble." Murmured Otis.

"This is really gonna change the game." Agreed Edith.

(Confessional: Two down, a lot more to go!)

Sampson: I am lucky … but also very smart, who else would have had the idea to make up a FAKE twist as part of their game plan? This twist is gonna carry me to the end of the game while I can eliminate other players as I see fit. This is gonna be as easy as sleeping. All I have to do is not tell anyone it's not real … and I keep a secret easily.

Quadesh: Ok, Sampson has got a lot of explaining to do tomorrow. That little stunt nearly got me voted out! Still, this is really gonna make things interesting … I hope I can survive. Wait, what am I saying? I'm a right wing politician, of course I'm gonna survive!"

Otis: Man; that was a lot of mayhem. This was enjoyable to watch … and also quite shocking. Sampson is gonna be here a while so I may as well take that smug grin off his face and show him what total Drama really is; after all, I'm a real player and I intend to make a mark. This is gonna be fun.

Betilla: Normally I like plants … but this is one plant I don't like.

Mist: … Oh dear; if Quadesh gets Sampson back in the alliance like I'm sure she will then I'm gonna have to be near him a lot. This is gonna be tough.

Tilly: That was interesting; I was hoping Quadesh was gonna be voted out, but at least somebody very annoying got the boot. Hopefully it'll be Quadesh tomorrow; third times the charm.

Chris stood on the Dock of Shame ready to give the episode outro. He looked quite pleased with all the drama that had been caused.

"Now this is interesting; Sampson was doomed to go home second, but then he tricked everyone with a fake twist that is quite clever actually, and so Flynn has taken the fall instead. I had to play along with it; it's my job to cause as much drama as possible after all. Haha! The game is only just starting to heat up! So, what will the next challenge be? Will Sampson's fake twist keep him around for a long time or for just one more episode? Will anyone find any more idols? Or will they find one of Xadrian's fakes? And who will be the next person voted off? Find out next time on Total Drama Tweenabet!"


Betilla: Flynn

Donald: Sampson

Edith: Flynn

Flynn: Quadesh

Gilda: Flynn

Ivy: Flynn

Quadesh: Flynn

Sampson: Flynn

Veedle: Gilda

Yoko: Quadesh

Flynn- 6

Quadesh- 2

Gilda- 1

Sampson- 1

Voted Out: Walter, Flynn

Goodbye Flynn. Flynn was probably the least important person in the cast; he was kinda filler really. He had one joke which would have probably gotten annoying if he was kept around any longer. But also, his role was to be the victim to a power move that nobody in the contest saw coming … as well as Gilda's personality changing. So yeah, he was just filler.

Also, I can TELL that some of you might not like Sampson's fake twist; I can explain it though. I got the idea from the BEST web comic ever (Survivor Fan Characters by SWSU Master)) where one character did a similar thing. Sampson had no other way of sticking around and he was more important than Flynn. At the very least it'll make the story interesting, right?

Next: The campers take part in an old favourite challenge; the awake-a-thon!