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Zack Morris. That is me. Kelly Kapowski's boyfriend. Basketball and track star at Bayside High School. Screech Powers and AC Slater's right hand man. I'm up for anything with my cohorts, my 5 best friends. My life is awesome but why do I feel so empty?

Zack stared at his reflection in his bathroom mirror. It was almost time to head to the Max to meet up with the gang before school. There were circles under his eyes. He was tired and he looked it. He sighed as he ran his hands through his blonde hair trying to get it to do something. His arms felt so heavy and it wasn't working. He finally just combed it back and hoped no one would notice.

He shuffled out into his room looking for something to wear. He opened his drawers and sifted through khaki pants and light colored jeans. Nothing appealed to him. He fished a pair of baggy black sweatpants from the bottom draw and threw those on. He grabbed a long sleeved t-shirt and found a short sleeved one to go over it. He sat on his bed and put on his new favorite pair of shoes; Red converse sneakers. He stood up and gave himself the once over in the mirror. He didn't look like a preppy today. He felt more like a grungy rocker with his slightly greasy hair and red sneakers. He noticed how baggy everything looked on him. Oh well, he thought, grabbing his backpack and heading down the stairs to meet everyone at the Max.

Jessie Spano, AC Slater and Kelly Kapowski were sitting in a booth at the Max, drinking root beer and waiting for Zack. Kelly sighed, twirling her straw around in her glass. Zack was almost ten minutes late and counting. Jessie looked up and Slater followed her gaze to Kelly.

"What's wrong, Kelly?" She asked. Kelly sighed.

"I'm worried about Zack. He seems so sad and I don't know why. I ask him if he's okay and he just smiles and says yes but he's lost so much weight and every time I call it seems like his Mom says he's sleeping."

"I've noticed that too." Jessie said quietly. Usually Zack was the one with all the ideas and plans and lately, he just didn't want to do anything.

"Maybe we should try talking to him?" Slater said. Kelly looked down at her hands.

"I…" She started then paused. "I think he's depressed."

The three sat there in silence. It was obvious to them what was going on but they didn't know how what to do. They looked to the door as Zack walked in. They saw him give them a small smile and he walked over to them sliding into the booth next to Kelly.

"Where's Lisa and Screech?" Zack asked as he leaner toward Kelly and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"They left early for Christmas vacation." Slater told him. "Lisa's in Colorado skiing with her parents and Screech went to Maine to visit some uncle. Don't you remember Zack? They told us on Friday."

"Oh." Zack said shaking his head. "Yeah, I must've forgotten." Slater gave him a weird look eyeing his backpack.

"Why do you have your backpack, Preppy? You losing your mind? Today is the first day of vacation." Again he got a puzzled look from Zack.

"Right. Yeah, oh, I was testing you. You passed." Zack looked at his three friends who were all staring at him now. How could he have forgotten they didn't have school today? The days blended together. He hoped his mistake would soon be forgotten.

A waitress walked up to their table.

"You guys ready to order?" she asked, pen ready in hand. Kelly nodded her head and looked at Zack.

"Go ahead Zack." Zack put his hand up.

"Just a water please. I'm not hungry." Again he got three looks from his friends.

"Zack, you need to eat something. " Kelly told him. He just shrugged.

"Just water."

"But Zack-" Kelly started. Zack stood up, grabbing his backpack and speaking at the same time.

"I'm tired guys. Stayed up late last night playing Super Mario Brothers. Since it's vacation, I'm gonna go home and crash. Call me later okay?"

Zack didn't have the energy to deal with the questions. His mind was foggy and he just wanted to sleep. He turned to go when Slater grabbed him by the arm. Before Zack could process what was happening he winced. Slater noticed frowning.

"Preppy, can we talk a minute?" Zack nodded, trying to ignore the throbbing in his arm. Slater stood up and they walked outside. Once outside, Zack leaned up against the wall. He shivered a bit. It was cold that day and he wished he'd worn more than a long sleeved t-shirt.

"Zack, what's going on man?" He tried to avoid Slater's gaze but he knew he was staring at him.

"Nothing. Hey-" Slater cut him off.

"No, Seriously. You have us all worried. Why did you wince when I grabbed your arm?" Zack closed his eyes and sighed. Not now Slater, he thought, not now. It was so stupid and he didn't even know why he did it. He was crying. Crying. Of all things he thought he would never do. It was like once it started, he couldn't stop it. He felt so hollow and lost. Like nothing would ever be okay. He couldn't pin point when it all changed but he knew something had. It was then he saw the scissors. On an impulse he had grabbed them and dragged them across his forearm. If he couldn't stop the pain inside then maybe feeling pain on the outside would help. He had surprised himself. The hot pain stopped everything and he sat staring at blood dripping from a 4 inch cut. Then in shock he cleaned it up the best he could. That was 2 days ago. He couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Zack?" Slater said his name again. Zack opened his eyes. He saw the concerned look on his friends face. He didn't want to lie to his friend but he felt like he couldn't talk about this to anyone.

"Slater, I'm fine." Zack said, his voice breaking. Oh my God, Zack thought. Not now. Don't cry. Not in front of Slater. Zack could feel his eyes welling up. He blinked hard trying to get the sting to go away but a few drops fell. He couldn't look at Slater. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay. Please, I'm your friend." Zack shrugged the hand off.

"I gotta go." Zack put his hands into his pocket and left Slater standing there. Slater felt confused and worried, something was seriously wrong with Zack and he couldn't shake the bad feeling he got in the pit of his stomach. He sighed and walked back inside the Max.