A/N: Hi everyone. I'm back again with another story to tell. This one is a Harry Hermione. I always thought those two should've been together, that's just me though. J.K. Rowling owns all characters unless there is someone you don't recognize, then that is probably a person made-up by me. Ron cheats on Hermione, she turns to Harry and finds what she has been looking for all along. Lots of drama and some loving. Ginny and Molly bashing. Bad ass Harry. Rich powerful Harry. On with the story.


Hermione walked into the flat that she shares with her fiancé Ronald Weasley. She heard noises so she put a silencer and disillusion charms on herself. She crept towards her bedroom. The noises got louder.(yes! yes! yes!Oh Merlin I'm almost there. Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhh!) Hermione couldn't believe her eyes. Ron was pounding Lavender Brown into the mattress. The mattress that she picked out, on the sheets her mother gave her as a house-warming gift. Her fiancé was fucking someone on the bed that she bought and paid for. A bed they shared! Fuck that somebody is gonna die. Hermione took off the charms and started throwing hexes.

"Ronald Weasley! I work hard and do things for you and this is how you repay me," she cried. Fuck you! You small dick asshole! And to think I could've been with someone who loved me."

Ron jumped up pulling on some sweats, as did Lavender.

"Hermione I'm sorry I was gonna tell you, I swear, he sighed. "I've fallen out of love with you, so I went looking for someone else."

Hermione gave Ron a death glare after he said that. She turned to address Lavender.

"You knew Ron and I were together, how could you do this to me?"

"Honestly Hermione, Ron told me the two of you were over. He said you were just roommates sharing the flat until one of you found something else. I would never have been with him had I thought you were still with him," she sobbed.

Ron moved to hug Lavender but she pushed him away and continued to put her clothes on.

"Hermione I'm sorry you had to find out this way, and I'm sorry Lavender that I lied to you. I really do like you and want to continue seeing you."

"I don't think so Ron," Lavender sobbed. "If you did this to Hermione, what would I expect you to do to me?Goodbye Ron." Lavender left quickly after saying that.

Soon as Lavender left the flat,Hermione screamed at Ron to get the fuck out. "I don't have anywhere to go Mione and besides this flat is in my name."

"Fine," Hermione screamed, "I'll leave."

"Where will you go?" Ron asked. "your parents live in Australia now," Ron stammered. Hermione didn't answer him she started to summon her things, shrinking them and packing her bags with everything packed and shrunk she moved towards the door, but not before she hexed Ron into the wall after he had the nerve to stick out his hand and say he hoped they could still be friends.

Hermione looked at Ron's crumpled form on the floor and hoped he'd broken his neck,before she turned around and walked out slamming the door,knocking it off its hinges.

What do you think? Should I continue? This is also done on paper as all my stories are. I never start a story unless it's done on paper first. We will see Harry in the next chapter. Those Ron lovers don't worry she didn't break his neck. I hope this story gets good feedback, or I might reconsider posting anything further. Constructive criticism is appreciated,please no flames or cursing. Thanks. Love Mrs Moonie.