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Harry and Hermione

Our favorite couple got married one week after the trial ended. The wedding was small and intimate, with a few friends and family.

Fred was the best man and George was man of honor.

The guest included, Neville and his family, Hermione's parents, a few teachers from Hogwarts. There was also the house elves and the fire cats.

The wedding was beautiful and drama free.

4 months later….

"Push! Hermione."

"I am pushing! Harry so shut up!" Hermione cried.

"Oww! that's my hand Mione!"

"Well you try pushing a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon then maybe I'll care about your, DAMN! HAND!"

The nurse started laughing and the healer just shook her head.

"Okay Mrs. Potter, I see the head. A few more good pushes and we'll be meeting your baby."

Harry kissed Hermione on the lips as they waited for the next contraction.

Ten pushes later…..Waaaah! Waaaah!

"You have a beautiful baby boy!" The healer says laying the baby on Hermione's stomach.

Harry and Hermione kissed each other as they cradled their son.

Harry cut the cord as the nurse took the baby to get cleaned up. Harry followed the baby, he didn't want him out of his sight.

Once Hermione was cleaned up Harry brought the baby back to her.

"He has a clean bill of health, and we can go home in a couple of hours," Harry was crying.

"I hope those are happy tears love," Hermione says, reaching up to wipe Harry's tears away.

"They are, I love you both so much."

"We love you too," Hermione says kissing Harry and the baby.

The baby had little sprouts of hair the same color as Hermione's.

He opened his eyes and they were just as green as Harry's

"Wow! I thought it would take a while for his permanent eye color to come in," Hermione said.

"I guess the Evans" genes are pretty strong," Harry laughed.

"Evan… that should be his name," Hermione said suddenly.

"Evan James Sirius Potter," Harry said with a smile.

The couple kissed as they cradled their son, right before Fred and George burst through the door.

"Uncles in the house!" They shouted.

Evan got scared and started crying, Harry stuck the jokesters to the wall upside down as punishment. Hermione laughed and covered herself to feed the baby.

An hour later the Potters were at home introducing Evan to Fire, Ice, Dobby and Winky.

Fred and George were made godparents along with their fiance's, Alicia and Katie.

Two month's after Evan was born Harry found out Dudley had a child that he was abusing. The mother died giving birth to the little boy and Dudley was taking it out on the child who also had magic. The boy was one year old. Harry called magic child services and the baby was removed from Dudley's care. Harry and Hermione petitioned for guardianship and it was granted. Daniel was so small for his age, he looked like he was 6 months old, instead of a year old. Once Harry knew the baby was okay, he found Dudley and kicked his ass, not only for himself but for Daniel as well.

Before Harry left Dudley in a pool of blood, he hexed him to be impotent and un-fertile. Harry wanted to make sure Dudley wouldn't be making anymore babies. He then called an ambulance to take the asshole to the hospital.

Upon returning home he told Hermione what he did before breaking down crying, vowing that would be the last tear he ever shed because of the Dursley family.

Hermione took him to bed to show him that he was loved, always.

The Potters eventually adopted Daniel and had one more child, a girl. Jade Lillian Marie Potter was born three years after Evan. All was well.


Ginny gave Birth to a little boy. She and Blaise went on to have 3 more kids, 2 girls and another boy.

Blaise mysteriously died of some illness no one ever heard of.

Blaise was in Amsterdam, a trip he took many times a year.

Ginny knew he was cheating on her but she really didn't care.

Hermione had a potion she marketed to women that protected them from STD's if they felt their husbands or boyfriends were cheating on them. Ginny took it religiously every time she had sex with Blaise.

It was believed Blaise died from AIDS because he was in Amsterdam fucking hookers without condoms.

Ginny never remarried and lived a lonely existence with her children.


Percy died in Azkaban five years after the trial. The fire cat bites had him in so much pain by then his heart just gave out.

Fred and George became millionaires, married Alicia and Katie and had 2 children a piece, one of each.

Bill and Fleur moved to France. They had 3 more children, 2 girls and a boy.

They own a branch of banks in the muggle world and are doing well for themselves.

Charlie married a guy named Tomas that he met on the dragon reserve in Romania. They now live there with their two boys they adopted.

Ron was injured in the line of duty. He never married. Sally Anne told him she could never marry him, that what they had was just sex. She lost the baby in her third month and moved to the U.S. to start a jewelry making business. Ron never saw her again.

Ron's injury was so bad he went on disability and became a hermit.

Although records of his injury are sealed, some say his privates were severed. They say he would never be able to make love to a woman again.

Workers comp paid his bills, which included a house elf to take care of him. He was hardly ever seen in public.

Molly Weasley went into a deep depression after Percy's trial, she just couldn't get over the fact her family was destroyed. She felt she ruined her children, Arthur retired to take care of her, but no matter what he did the depression continued.

Nothing helped, a year after Percy died they were both found dead in their bed cuddled together for all eternity.


Lavender married Victor Krum, which made Hermione laugh when she heard. They had two boys that ended up going to Hogwarts.

Mrs. Greengrass…

Amanda Greengrass was a happy woman, she joined the Malfoy family as an honorary grand mum to Pansy and Draco's children.

Amanda missed Daphne terribly, but being a mum and grand mum helped a lot. The two little girls and one boy Pansy gave birth to over the years was a blessing to her. The oldest was named Daphne Narcissa.

When she heard of Percy's death, Amanda just didn't care. She felt pity after hearing about Molly and Arthur though.

Her life was great and she wanted to keep on living it, and she did.

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