January 7

I've decided to start my own journal, just like my brothers have. Except, it's not a journal, or a diary. Diaries are for stuck up prissies who use way to much hair spray. This book will be known as my Tantalizing Tales. Don't ask why.

My littlest brother Gaara and his journal have been going on very well ever since he started it a few months ago. If you threaten him with a therapist, he's like putty in your hands and will absolutely do anything to avoid the therapist. Or in his words, the man with the creepy stare and pompadour hair. Bright pink pompadour hair, that is.

On the other hand, I worry for my brother Kankuro. He has recently started to write his own diary, not journal, diary.

In a bright pink and purple notebook with frills at the end with unicorns and butterflies decorating the cover no less.

Gaara laughed his insomnia butt to no end at the sight of it.

I instantly burned it.

Now he writes in a suitable journal for young men like himself.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I have no idea what he is.

Your unsure author,