June 6

Chuck Norris fact of the day . . .

Chuck Norris doesn't blink . . . reality pauses.

Hello! It's Kankuro here!

Gaara can't write in this journal right now because he's currently hiding from the wolf Temari brought home a few weeks ago.

Apparently, Gaara somehow managed to tick her off.

Something about her going through that time of the month again.

Anyway, Temari is currently busy videotaping the wolf chasing Gaara.

She wants to show it to all the council members at the next council meeting.

Anyway . . . I bet you're all wondering how I got a hold of big sis' journal huh?'

It's quite simple . . . I found it hiding in an old cookie box in the kitchen cabinet.

Gaara . . . really has to work on his hiding places.

Your taking over author,

Kankuro (yep, that's me)