Three Little Words

Summary: All their most important truths, she thinks, come in three little words. Hodgins/Angela.

A/N: References/spoilers throughout season 6, but only in regards to the Hodgins/Angela relationship.

It's just three little words, three glowing little words, and in that moment she knows for certain that perfection does exist. In truth, she probably should have accepted it before now, should have known from that first swing date, from all their nights spent together, from everything she's ever seen in his eyes.

For all his science and cynicism, she's come to learn that Jack Hodgins is a poet and a lover at heart. He's everything she wants, now and always, and she's never been one for commitment, but his three little words assure her that their love is enough. She wants to marry him, wants a huge wedding, wants to make a memory of it and file it away in her heart, right next to this one.

And she still loves him more than he knows, more than she could possibly express with words, but he's proven time and time again that love and truth are best conveyed in simple ways. A single white rose, a date on the swings, and three perfectly chosen words. Between kisses in the darkened lab, she whispers his own words back to him.

Be my love.

He smiles and assures her that he already is, now and always.

A/N: Few more chapters to go, each focusing on three little words between them. You can probably guess the ones for chapter two. :) Reviews much appreciated.