Kahlan continued tugging at the skirt that clung to her thighs. No matter how much she pulled, it wouldn't get any longer.

"Sorry, I wish my clothes had fit you instead of my roommate's. She likes to dress like a skank. Not that you look like one, just, never mind."

"It's fine Kayla."

"You ready?" Kayla asked, flattening the front of her flowy blouse that was the closest thing she had to dress. Kahlan nodded and the two entered the dorm where people were filing in and out. The music vibrated the floor as they headed in. And Kahlan started to worry she wouldn't blend in, and neither would Kayla. For all the women she saw here were much more scantily clothes than either of them were. "Do you know if Ricky is here yet?" Kahlan said as loud as she could as they passed by a speaker. Kayla shook her head and the pair huddled off in a corner. The sun was setting outside, and the room was growing dark, except for the multicolored light above the designated dance area. Kahlan held onto the straps of her backpack that held her knives and dress, there were so many people about and any one of them could be dangerous.

Before they knew it, the sun had set and the room had turned into a club-like scene. Countless people bustled about with drinks, the music grew louder and almost the entire room was dancing. Well, their version of dancing. Kahlan just made her mind go quiet at all the strange things she was observing. It had been nearly an hour and still no sign of Ricky or Richard.

"I should call him." Kayla said, pulling her phone from her alien face printed purse.

"I don't think you need to..." Kahlan pointed to a table halfway across the room. There was cheering and chanting as the man on top jumped about with a beer in his hand. But he wasn't alone, someone else was getting shoved onto the table. Ricky cheered when Richard was finally forced on the surface. He grabbed his arm, yanking him up as he jumped about before slapping his bare torso.

"Hella fine! What fine lady wants to come have a little fuuuun with Richard?" At the sight of so many womanly hands reaching up towards Richard, Kahlan barged her way through the crowd.

"Yeahhh!" At the sound of so many screams, and so many jumping heads blocking her view, Kahlan quickened her pace and began shoving people out of her way. When she finally reached the end of the table she clenched her jaw. A girl was grabbing onto Richard, stroking his abs. Richard trying to appear happy, but Kahlan knew the false look and climbed onto the table and was followed by a cheer from Ricky.

"Oh competitioooon, or are you for me?" Kahlan ignored him and called out above the music.

"Richard!" He spun about, not even noticing there was now a girl grabbing him from behind.

"Kahlan!" He ran to her, knocking over the two drunken girls.

"Are you all right?" He asked, cupped her face in his hand.

"Yes, are you?"

"I'm fine." He kissed her on the lips which made Ricky jump up and down. "I found Zedd. He should be waiting for us outside." Kahlan nodded and the pair tried to make their way off the table. Richard paused by Ricky.

"Ricky, I'm so sorry. But I have to go." Ricky's brow rose and he smirked.

"Bro, you don't need an excuse when you're leaving with-hey!" He stared at Kahlan and before he could be any more confused, Kayla climbed onto the table.

"Kayla! I'm so sorry, but I have got to go." She grabbed her hand.

"I understand. I'm so happy I got to meet you. Are you going to be able to get home okay?" Kahlan nodded. "Our wizard is waiting for us." Kayla smiled.

"So cool. I hate to see you leave, but I know you have to." Kahlan nodded and pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you for everything."

"Anytime." The two pulled away.

"Hey," Richard said, tapping Kayla on the shoulder. "He may not seem like it, but he truly does care about you." He smiled and Kahlan nodded.

"I see it too. And where I come from, I have the ability to see the truth in anyone." Kayla smiled a little. "And I see there's more to him than, well this." She gestured to Ricky who was bouncing in circles. "You just might have to dig around first. I wish you the best of luck, Kayla."

"Thank you, you too." The two Kahlan's hugged one more time. "You know, I do think Ricky is kind of..."

"Attractive?" Kahlan said a smirk. "Go for it. You'll be glad you did." She took Richard's hand, and to her surprise, Kayla took in a deep breath, spun on her heels and kissed Ricky on the mouth. Richard shouted goodbye to Ricky as the couple hurried off the table and through the crowd. When they finally reached outside Zedd came zooming at them like a hurricane of robes.

"We must hurry!" He yanked on Richard's arm as he passed, leading the pair down a set of stairs onto a sidewalk.

"What's going on, Zedd?" He asked as the wizard's pace quickened.

"I am a fool. An utter fool. Something has just occurred to me that I never should have forgotten. It is nearly midnight and by the start of the next day we will all slowly fade away until every Kahlan, Richard and Zedd in this universe have vanished forever."

"What, why would that-"

"As I said, parallel universes are not to be meddled with. And somehow the consequences slipped my mind. Perhaps I'm more similar to the Zedd here than I thought..."

"Do you know how to get home, Zedd?" Kahlan asked as they turned a corner and faced one of those awful streets again. Richard cringed.

"This device," he pulled the phone from his robes. "The one that led us here is the key to sending us home. And there is a voice that keeps sounding from it, speaking of that, location." He pointed to a Dollar Tree store across the road. Somehow, I think our answer to home lies in that building." The Wizard, Confessor and Seeker all managed to safely cross the busy street and hurried into the Dollar Tree. The received many stares as they entered considering their trio consisted of a old man in robes, a young man in leather pants and a brunette in a mini skirt. But they ignored the looks and also tried to ignore the overwhelming stimulus the store brought them. Countless items, most of them they didn't even know what they were, were piled on shelves all about. "Somewhere in here...I think we can-"

"Ricky...?" Called an almost soft but nasally voice from the corner. The trio turned about to see a man heading their way, wearing a green vest, his dark hair shoulder length and tidily kept. As the man neared them, each one of them had to try their hardest not to sprint, attack, scream. Darken Rahl stood before them, with a slight smile on his lips but a look of confusion in his eyes.

"Hey," Richard said, trying his best to mimic Ricky's tone while trying to control his mind at the sight of Darken Rahl, looking so harmless and peaceful before him. "I thought I'd um, stop by to say hello. These are my friends." He nodded to them.

"Hello, my name is Ralph."

"It is nice to meet you, Ralph." Zedd said with a nod, his hair falling in his face.

"Haven't we met...at Thanksgiving the year before last?" He asked, fingering with the price scanner in his hand.

"Oh yes, of course." Zedd said with assurance. Ralph nodded, looking at the wizard incredulously.

"You seem...well."

"Medicine does wonders." Zedd grinned, but his head was spinning about, gathering pieces of information from different parts of his mind, forming together what had caused this to occur. And at the look on Ralph's face when he spotted the phone in Zedd's hand, he knew he had it all worked out. "Does this belong to you?" Zedd asked, Ralph nodded hastily, trying not to appear as he felt. That his phone was his best friend, his only friend. In this world Darken Rahl was a lonely Dollar Store clerk who had stranger anxiety and a fear of kittens.

"Yes, where ever did you find it? I lost it this morning and couldn't find it." Zedd smiled.

"It was just outside. You must have dropped it." Ralph nodded and took it in his hand. "So, Ralph, what is the most recent call on your phone?" Ralph scrolled through.

"Well that's funny, it says I called work. Here, the Dollar tree." The memory of a voice on the phone, speaking on the Dollar Tree as the trio were spat into this world from their own echoed in all their minds. Zedd quickly made eye contact with Richard and Kahlan, loudly clearing his throat.

"Do you mind if you call that number, again." Ralph appeared perplexed.

"All right...but its just going to ring over there. If you have a question you can just ask-"

"Please do it Ralph."

"If you are so desperate." He hit redial and Zedd took the opportunity to play the part of the crazy Zedd this world knew. He screamed something that sounded like Spanish and swiped the thing from his grasp.

"Grab onto it!" He whispered holding the thing out in front of the two.

"What are you-" But the rest of Ralph's words went unheard by the trio, and the man was left with a cracked phone as it hit the floor, and a confused coworker on the other line. Richard, Kahlan and Zedd on the other hand landed with a thud on a cushy bed of grass. Their grass. The threesome looked about and simultaneously grinned at the sight of their own trees, their own dirt, their own sky. Without a growling machine, a cellphone or loud stereo in sight. But something was glinting in the sun.

"The Sword of Truth!" Richard exclaimed crawling over to it. "Why don't you think it came with us?"

"No magic was brought with us beyond our universe. So in truth, you were no seeker I was no wizard and you were no Confessor in that world. And yet we all made it out without a scratch."

"I've never been so glad to be home." Richard said as he fastened the sword to his belt.

"I've never been more happy to be so intelligent. If that hadn't worked, we'd all be dead." Zedd sat up, dusting off his robes.

"What even did happen, Zedd?" Richard asked as he started trying to wipe the gel out of his hair. Kahlan smirked and crawled over to him and tried to help it back to its regular state.

"A grave mistake. I believe that Darken Rahl had been trying to use some form of Dark Magic, by conjuring something from another world such as," he smirked, "Ralph's phone, that would immediately take us somewhere else. However he did not succeed. Instead of sending us somewhere that would result in instant death, such as a world without air, somehow he connected with Ralph or should I say, Rahlph, and the magic got kinked. That's what happens when you meddle with magic and are not a wizard."

"Do you think Darken Rahl will have recogniZedd his mistake?" Kahlan asked, wiping her gel covered hands off on the grass.

"I'm certain he will, but only time will tell."

"Ricky and Kayla, will they be all right now that we're gone?" Richard asked.

"Perfect as a persimmon." Richard smirked.

"Hungry, already?"

"I think we all could agree that a good meal would do us some good. Especially while Darken Rahl thinks us dead." Zedd grinned, his brow raised and the threesome strode off, veering out of the meadow they had first wandered into earlier that day. The reached the crest of a hill discussing all the strange things they had witnessed when Zedd paused in his tracks, observing a flock of black birds hopping about a clearing. "For all the bizarre people I saw today, I am thinking I can truly relate to one man I came across. He reminded me to never let the spice in life go dull." Zedd unfastened his belt. Richard and Kahlan exchanged a look, but only Richard had a hint at what was coming. "Sometimes, the best teachers, are ourselves." And with that he grinned, slipped off his robes, and bolted down the hill, naked and straight into the flock of birds.

"You know," Richard began putting his arm around Kahlan as the pair turned away from Zedd who cackled as he chased the birds too and fro, screaming any Spanish words he could remember. "In a robe, or not, I think he'll always be a crazy old man."

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