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The pups gathered in front of the old wolf. Every so often, after the hunt had returned, the old wolf would tell the story of the Ones. The Ones who opened Paradise and let the world begin anew. Sure their parents told them, but the old wolf told it so well, the parents couldn't get their pups to eat unless they heard the story from him. They all quieted down as he started to speak.

"Long, long ago, when the world was dying. Wolves had to hide themselves with disguises. Living off the streets like dogs. This story begins with a certain four wolves who longed to find a place called Paradise," the pups all gasped, knowing that they were the only ones who had ever made it to Paradise. The old wolf continued until the end of the tale. He finished it with," And he passed all of his friends who he thought were dead. He passed them with grief coursing his veins. He finally rested on a pile of snow as the moon turned white and the flowers bloomed. That was when he realized that Paradise was opened." The pups all jumped around crazily and played with each other as the talked about the story.

Grace knew it was a story, but it was also a legend. There wasn't really a Paradise. It was just nonsense made up by some crazy wolf. The Ones were made up too, and she knew it. There was no way that they could go all that way with a girl made from flowers. It was just nonsense. Grace walked until she was behind bushes and looked at the stars. Sometimes she wished she could believe like those pups. Believe in all of it, the Ones, Paradise, the flower maiden. She sighed before going to the dead elk that was taken down by the hunt.

Later that night, Grace lay in her den. It was a small den, but it worked for just her. She woke up, but she was still drowzy. Something was telling her to look to the stars. She tilted her head back and was sure that she saw four wolves and a human girl running through the stars. It was then that the song got in her head. She hummed it al little before going back into her den.

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