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Grace's P.O.V

I was panting so hard, I thought that my heart was going to leave my chest. After I calmed down and slowed my breathing, I checked my surroundings. Tsume was leaning against a tree in human form, Toboe was attempting to build a fire, and Hige was just off in his own little world. I was bandaged all over. Every little move I made only brought pain.

"Don't try to move," Toboe commented. I lay back down and looked at the stars. I knew that the Ones were right beside me, but something in me just wanted to see them running again. That perfect pack, the dream team, beside me as we ran on a journey thought paradise, right above the stars. I sighed as I searched the sky for something that wasn't there.

"So, what happened with the zoo?" Tsume asked. I had forgot about it until now, but suddenly, my tranquility of watching the stars vanished. What had happened came down on me like a brick wall, and it hurt. I searched until I made sure Toboe was in my sight. I let a sigh of relief loose before telling my story.

"Well, I was almost an escapee, but I got surrounded and shot by several darts. Then, they made me preform for humans, but this guy bought me and told me that he was sent by Cheza, but when I asked him how they met, BOOM! We crashed into a semi," I shrugged, although, I could still remember the terrible pain.

"Wow," Hige sighed. I couldn't turn my head to look, but I could feel someone watching me. I ignored them and continued my merriness by watching the stars, but that dream still lurked within the farthest reaches of m mind.

"Wake up, Porky, get up," Tsume kicked the sleeping form of Hige who only rolled over. Tsume sighed and went back to the tree. I sat, watching them silently. Toboe rubbed his eyes as he streched, Hige snored away, and Tsume moped by his tree, although I caught him once or twice staring.

Toboe suddenly broke the silence by asking, "So what happened on the mountain after I died?" I was shocked, but I wasn't the only one. "Did anyone really make it?"

"I don't think so, or really, I don't know," Hige answered.

"Hold it, just wait right there, if you guys are going to tell some kind of story, you have to start from the beginning," I piped up.

"That would take too long. Our journey seemed to never end until... okay. I'll tell it from the start, or really, where we met him," Hige replied. As he told the story, hours seemed to go by as I listened to details from the wolves who lived them. When he finished, I couldn't believe it.

"I never made it," Tsume spoke up at the end of the story, "I don't think Kiba did either. We all died." I wanted to cry, thinking about how awful it was to go on that journey, only to die at the end.

"So, no one ever made it. I mean, we could never talk to each other until now," Toboe replied.

"You guys couldn't talk to each other? Tell me what paradise is like!" I begged.

Tsume was the one who said, "It's not at all what you would expect, but in a way, it is. A never ending field of flowers lies ahead, and all you can do is run. You never stop because, well, you never tire. We never ate, we never slept, and we never stopped, until that light appeared. The flowers all died and we finally stopped. Kiba told the light that we would help the wolves of today by stopping the evil. That's the last we saw of Paradise." I felt like I was going to cry. Paradise was nothing like I would expect.

"The sun's going down," Toboe piped up in the sudden silence.

"And I'm hungry. Three hundred years makes one hungry," Hige complained.

"Then go hunt," Tsume replied.

"Why don't you both go. We haven't eaten all day, so go find a buck or something," I replied. They both got up and ran out to who-knows-where while I sat with Toboe. We didn't talk, but really, I kind of wished he would say something. After a while, I just watched the stars.

"Why do you do that?" Toboe asked.

"Do what?" I replied.

"Watch the stars like that. It's like you're searching for something, what?"

"Oh, uh, well, before any of you guys were here, a few years ago, there was this old wolf in my pack that told stories to all the pups. I would listen, although I didn't believe the stories, but there was one story that I wished with my entire heart to believe, but I couldn't. It was the story of the Ones, or you guys. One night after the story, I went out of my den and watched the stars, and there were four wolves and a human running across the sky. That day, I wished I could be up there, too. Shortly after, hunters wiped out my entire pack, except me. I don't know why, but I survived. A few days ago, I saw the star wolves again. I have always wanted to be part of that pack that runs across the sky. If only I could have gone to Paradise, but Paradise aparently as good as I thought, but something inside me still wants to go," I answered.

"Whoa, that's pretty deep," Toboe said.

"Sorry," I apologized for an unkown reason. It was silent until the two came back with a doe. We all ate before falling asleep.

Kiba's P.O.V

Ramisha has gotten even angrier every time her troops return empty handed.

"YOU! Where have your friends gone! You must know! I need that grey one to call the flower maiden again!" Ramish practically screamed at me. I growled even louder, but she snapped her fingers and my voice was gone yet again. She had taken up a habbit of practicing her magic on me. A few minutes ago, he had practiced her fire balls. Thankfully one one hit me. I wished that my pack was here. I am starting to regret my decision of leaving Paradise.

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