Aurora: Dei Donum; The Gift Sequel

By Jen

Summary- Three years have gone by since Angel and Buffy's daughter Isabella closed the portal to hell. But a new evil threatens the world and something tiny can end it. AU. I own nothing of Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. Rated T.

Chapter 1 Good Night and Joy be with You all

It's been three years since she's return, three years that the First was defeated, three years and somehow it feels like a life time ago. But three years isn't that long it's rather short when you think about it. All is quiet well quiet considering what a few people have gone through. The slayer line was activated so instead of one you had thousands. But for now the fighting has stopped and all was quiet here. The little cottage stood on the edge of the world facing the ocean and all you had here was a family. This family has been through enough in their days but they knew it could never truly be over. Things were still in question, questions that need some sort of answers. The answers came slowly as she became older.

Isabella, one of the strongest slayers was outside in the cool air of Galway Ireland riding her horse. It was summer time but here it felt like winter and she liked it. Isabella has grown from the cute little girl with a button nose to a teen with a feisty attitude to a young woman. She looked like her parents but it depends who she stands next to. Standing next to her mother Buffy, they looked like twins except she had long brown hair while her mother had blonde. But standing next to her father, they were one in the same except she had those green eyes where her father had those smoldering brown.

Isabella came up to the cottage and dismounted her horse and led it into the stable. Once that was done she headed for the cottage knowing dinner would be ready. Inside the cottage was a man. He was a man now no longer a demon. The weight of the world lifted from his shoulders three years ago and now he was human. He felt whole and complete now with his family. He had his wife and two daughters and has yet to go crazy. Angel was still the cook and was finishing up as Buffy the first slayer as some would say came in holding a young child in her arms. Angel was blessed with two daughters and when his second was born it felt like he was having Isabella all over again. Those were some good times when she was young. Dawn, the little girl in Buffy's arms wriggled to get out. Of course she liked to be held but sometimes that put a hamper on her tasks she needed to do for the day whatever that was. She was given the name because right as the sun rose she was born so Dawn was her name. Buffy set Dawn in her chair but that's not what the three year old wanted she wanted big sister but before she could protest Isabella walked in. The family of four was about to sit for dinner once again.

Now that Isabella was back Dawn was getting agitated because she was hungry. Angel already raising a three year old knew the signs of hunger. And if he could raise Isabella then Dawn should be a cake walk…maybe. She was Isabella's clone he swore to it. No one would believe that one little girl could make so much noise but Isabella did when growing up and it looks like Dawn would be too. Isabella was still loud and still gave Angel a run for his money and was still the boss. Well now Angel had three bosses to be exact.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Dawn called out as Isabella helped her mother set the last of the table up.

"What?" Angel asked as he came in and she stopped and looked around. She looked liked a mini Isabella when Isabella was three, al the cuteness in world which when she learns if she hasn't already comes in handy. Yeah it was like having a second Isabella which was really good or bad depending on the day and hour.

"I want the pink plate." Dawn was clear and Angel nodded and Isabella smiled and placed Dawn's plate in front of her. Angel came over and went to put Dawn's bib on but it was battle lost. She didn't want it but if she didn't wear it then that shirt would be ruin in two seconds. Angel managed to get it on and then pulled back her long hair which he knew how to style well just the basics. Tomorrow was going to be hectic because they were leaving to go back to the States and it was too soon. The four sat down and were ready to eat. After dinner it was family time with some packing in between.

"Izzy!" Angel called.

"What?" She answered and walked into her parent's room as they packed.

"Are you done packing because we have an early flight tomorrow." Angel reminded and she had that look meaning no. "Well then move it."

"It doesn't take that long." Isabella defended herself and Angel looked at her, if he had a dollar every time he heard that he would be rich by now. The two looked to each other for a moment he pointed meaning go. Isabella maybe nineteen but she still obeyed her father. She hated packing and wished someone else would do it. As Isabella left Buffy came into the room putting some of her stuff away. Angel knew were Isabella got her packing skills from. Buffy would just throw it all in a bag, sit on it and then zip, done easy.

"It works." Buffy said as she grabbed her suitcase off the bed and set it on the ground. Angel took a while to pack making sure he had everything. When Isabella was younger it felt like he had to pack everything down to the kitchen sink. Then they heard the scream of Dawn running down the hall and she stopped at the entrance of her parent's room. She then giggled and ran off again. "Should we get her to stop?" Buffy asked and Angel looked up shaking his head no.

"Let her wear herself out." Angel answered and Buffy smiled. Then there was another person joining in on the fun making more noise with Dawn. How did he get himself into this mess?

After the packing and the family being ready for the flight home well home away from home. They considered this place to be their home they were in the living room together. Isabella sat with Dawn and on another couch Angel and Buffy were together.

"Oh all the money that e'er I spent, I spent it in good company." Dawn started to sing and Angel looked up at her. The fire was going and it was nice. "And all the harm that e'er I've done," Isabella joined in with her little sister as she held her. Dawn could speak very clearly for such a young age just like Isabella when she was that old. "Alas, it was to none but me." Angel taught Isabella that song and then both Angel and Isabella taught Dawn and she picked it up fast. "And all I've done for want of wit to memory now I can't recall. So fill to me the parting glass, good night and joy be with you all." Her little voice sung in harmony with Isabella's voice. Buffy was cuddled in Angel's arms and smiled, this was perfect, this was what a perfect life she had always wanted and now had.

"Oh all the comrades that e'er I've had," Isabella continued with Dawn. Angel purposely forced this memory into his head so he could look back on it forever. "Are sorry for my going away and all the sweethearts that e'er I've had would wish me one more day to stay." The two girls sung and Buffy smiled. "But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise and you should not. I'll gently rise and I'll softly call good night and joy be with you all. Good night and joy be with you all." The sisters finished. Angel smiled as Buffy clapped and Isabella smiled. She could feel that Dawn was getting sleepy in her arms. Isabella made sure she took Dawn out today so she could sleep tonight and hopefully through some of the flight. Isabella looked to her parents as the TV was on with the volume almost off. They were mostly watching for the weather to make sure tomorrow would be clear for take off. Dawn fought sleep but sleep won and Isabella went to put her little sister to bed. While that was going on Angel opened up a bag and took a DVD out and smiled. Buffy wondered what it was she knew it was Isabella but that was it. Isabella's entire childhood was disks. Angel put it end and there she was and Buffy smiled as Angel sat back down.

"When was this?" Buffy asked looking to Angel.

"She just turned three and I'm about to tell her what her gift is." Angel answered and Buffy looked back to the screen.

'Angel held the camera up and found his three year old sitting on the ground playing with a new doll.

"Izzy," Angel said and she looked up and smiled. "So I have one more gift for you." Isabella got up and stood on her little two feet. "Can you guess?" And she thought about it and smiled shaking her head no. On the outer part of the camera you could see everyone of AI waiting because they all knew. "Well where's the one place you've always wanted to go?"

"Disney." Isabella answered quickly because for a year now it was all about Disney.

"Well guess what we're going to Disney World." Angel said and Isabella stood there stunned and in the background you could hear laughing.

"We are?" Isabella asked still shocked. "I get to see my princesses?" She asked.

"All of them." Angel answered and she was still shocked.

"And Mickey Mouse?" Isabella asked just to be sure.

"Yes." Angel confirmed and then she walked right up to her dad and hugged his leg.

"You're the best daddy ever." She said and Angel smiled. "I love you."'

"Best week ever." Angel said to Buffy and she smiled. Isabella watched the tape too smiling and she could remember Disney. It was the best week ever.

Morning was here and the sun wasn't up yet. Dawn was downstairs in the kitchen with her dad as Angel got the coffee ready so he and Buffy wouldn't be zombies. Dawn was trying to get up on the little island but it was failing. Like Isabella, Dawn had energy in the morning well for Isabella that last until she hit about middle school and then all she wanted to do was sleep until noon.

"Dawnie, don't climb that." Angel said and the little girl gave the look of disproval, yes it was like having Isabella all over again. And he should be a seasoned vet but Dawn kept him guessing and he still hasn't figured out Isabella yet. Buffy came into the kitchen looking half dead and yawned.

"I hate mornings." She grumbled. "Dawn, don't climb that." Buffy said to her as Dawn was still trying. Dawn's name was more like "No Dawn" just like Isabella's name for a few years was "Isabella no." Angel wondered what Buffy was like when she was that age because it could explain a lot. Isabella wasn't even down stairs yet which meant Angel needed to go fetch her. While Angel was human Isabella was still half vampire which meant sleeping when the sun is out. While he went to wake sleeping beauty Buffy was going to pack food for the ride home. Mornings were always a rush and today would be no exception. Buffy started to pack the food as Angel came back to finish breakfast so they could leave in forty minutes.

"Ok," Buffy started as she needed to do the run down with food. Her daughters don't eat the same thing. "Izzy loves carrots Dawn doesn't. Dawn likes tomato on her salad Izzy doesn't. Dawn doesn't seem to like dairy right now." Buffy went through some of the likes and dislikes because god forbid she gets it wrong. Then Isabella came down into the kitchen.

"Hi Izzy!" Dawn greeted and that woke Isabella up.

"It's alive." Angel joked and Isabella walked to her mom and rested her head on her shoulder and Buffy kissed her.

"Why do we leave so early?" Isabella mumbled.

"Ask your father." Buffy answered because she agreed with Isabella they should leave later and sleep longer.

"I want a banana." Dawn spoke up but no one said anything as Angel was getting the breakfast ready. It was oatmeal for all, quick to make easy to clean up. But Dawn didn't want it. "I want a banana,"

"Dawn stop," Angel demanded but like that did anything and Dawn started to tear up.

"I want a banana!" Dawn stated again and Angel sighed and looked to her as she glared at him.

"Say it again and you're done." Angel made it clear and Dawn backed down. "Go sit in your chair." And Dawn did as she was told. Then he looked to Isabella and she shrugged.

"I was not like that." Isabella stated and Angel rolled his eyes. "I was not."

"Set the table." Angel said and Buffy smiled as she packed the snacks and Isabella went to set the table.

"What's breakfast?" Dawn asked.

"Oatmeal." Angel answered.

"I don't want it." Dawn protested.

"Ok then go get dressed." Angel gave her the option but Dawn didn't move.

"Daddy," Dawn started.

"It's oatmeal or…oatmeal." Angel gave the variety of options and Isabella rolled her eyes as Buffy sat down with her coffee. At least Dawn was the only little kid. It use to be Isabella, Evan and Levy and back then sometimes Angel wished he could cut his ears off it was loud. So this was much easier. This was a typical morning and it wasn't even a Monday morning. And somehow they could get it together and out the door and be on time and that was a complete mystery of the universe in itself.

Back in the States in Cleveland Ohio the old gang was prepping for the return of Angel, Buffy, Dawn and Isabella. The place was much quieter without them. They left for Ireland for the summer for almost three months and now they were returning. Giles and Wes were researching and Brian joined them as he was studying to become a Watcher. Evan was just like his father and Levy has become a powerful witch these days. The kids were slowly taking over the business as the adults would retire or at least they hoped to retire someday. Cleveland had it's own Hell Mouth but it was nothing like Sunnydale's. Two slayers stayed back in Sunnydale to watched that Hell Mouth and slayers went all over the world to watch and keep safe the places with the most demon and vampire activity. Giles and Wes were coming up with a system to locate all the slayers and the new ones born with the help of Willow and Tara. Also a school for the girls would be set up so they could train and study someday.

Brian was out with a young slayer. It was somewhat like an internship thing as he was learning the ropes. He couldn't help the slayer unless she was in extreme distress. They were at the local cemetery looking for some vampires to kill. The slayer found a few and started as Brian stood guard and watched. But while he stood there he was being stalked. Brian slowly took out a stake ready and then turned quickly to stake the vampire. His move was blocked and the he lost his stake but he smiled.

"Becoming a Watcher is making you lose your touch." Isabella said and he lunged to her and they hugged. She smiled holding her guardian and then pulled away and kissed. Their teen days were about ready to be put behind them. And their feelings for one another went from the gushing teen love to something more serious now. Being nineteen versus sixteen was a huge difference in maturity. They pulled away and Brian smiled seeing her again.

"You're back." And she nodded with a smile. Isabella loved Ireland but this is where she belongs. "How was Ireland?" He asked.

"As always perfect." Isabella answered and she had a hint of an accent and that made Brian smile it was cute. Angel came home in his full accent and it would take a week or so for it disappear but you wouldn't hear Buffy complain about it. Isabella then saw the young slayer kill the last vampire and she had the itch to find and kill a vampire herself.

Back at the huge mansion the group was back together ad it was like they never were apart. Angel and Spike were talking well arguing like that wasn't new news, they acted like brothers come to think of it. Gunn walked into the bickering and it seemed like Angel never left for three months but it was weird to hear an English accent and an Irish accent going at the same time and a little amusing. Gunn then cleared his throat and the two looked at each other holding a file.

"Sorry you don't get a day off in between real life and vacation but nothing says welcome home like a case." Gunn stated and the two walked over to him.

"Where's Cordy and Doyle?" Angel asked as he went to take the file. Those two were also on vacation.

"Bahamas remember." Spike answered as Angel opened the file and then felt someone at his feet. He looked down and saw Dawn holding onto him.

"Do I know you?" Angel asked looking down and she smiled at him. Angel went back to the file to read about it. "Great," Angel deadpanned at the case.

Everyone was gathering around for a meeting, yup it was like Angel, Buffy and Isabella never left. Dawn was wide awake and it would a few days to get back in United States time. Buffy picked her up as she sat down at the table along with the gang except Cordelia and Doyle.

"A psychotic vampire slayer." Spike said and Isabella rolled her eyes as they walked into the room together.

"How many times are you going to keep saying that?" Isabella asked.

"Just trying to wrap my lobes around it." Spike answered as they were in the conference room. "A psycho slayer."

"Repeating it isn't going to change it." Isabella said to her vampire uncle as they sat down Angel sighed as Isabella sat next to him and the others waited for the meeting to start. Once the old AI team sat down the meeting would begin. The kids joked once in while that they looked like a mafia or something, a difunctional mafia but a mafia.

"Well I've killed two slayers so I think I can handle one that's lost it." Spike added and Angel looked to Spike.

"You're not handling anything." Buffy told him as Giles stood up ready to start the meeting.

"Ok well first Angel, Buffy, Isabella and Dawn welcome home." He said and now it was time to start. "Ok so we all know slayer mythology right?" Everyone nodded. "Well it seems we have picked up another slayer but the problem is, Dana was kidnapped and tortured when she was little. Now that's traumatizing but when we activated the slayer line she became a slayer."

"She's been either reliving her torture," Wes stated.

"Or what were dreams are now suddenly real." Buffy added and Giles nodded.

"Yes and if she's unstable then those dreams are real to her." Wes stated.

"I concur." Giles said and looked into the file.

"So what do we do?" Isabella asked. "She's one of mine so,"

"We do this very carefully." Angel jumped in. "Meaning Lorne and Spike are sitting this one out." Lorne seemed to approve he didn't want to come up against a psychotic slayer, a sane one is brutal enough.

"Well that's no fun." Spike deadpanned.

"Last thing she needs is to come up against a vampire good or not." Wes said to Spike.

"So who's going on this mission?" Fred asked.

"Our top three slayers, Buffy, Izzy and Faith." Giles stated and everyone seemed to agree.

"Well I'll find Faith and let her know what she's volunteered for." Buffy spoke up and stood up still holding Dawn.

"And I'll grab the gear." Isabella stood up ready for a mission. Relaxing and doing nothing is fun but after a while she gets bored so she was happy to take this one. Plus she would get to fight with her mom it should be a good night. Angel watched as Buffy and Isabella left the room and Dawn stayed sitting in the chair Buffy was in. She smiled at him and he smiled back. It was just another normal night.

So that's the start of it. It's a little slow but it's build up and get good just need to get the ground work going. More to come soon. So what do you guys think? Comments and reviews are welcomed.