Chapter 16 The Order

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Isabella sat on top of the bus watching the sunrise. It was a cold sunrise for her. She felt naked, alone, lost, fear, sadness, despair, regret, anger, hate, whatever negative feeling a person can feel she felt it now watching this sunrise. She sat there holding her father's old ring that has seen many things. She then looked up and around seeing the gang in little groups together talking. They were scared and so was she.

'I'm so sorry I failed you. You kept me safe for nineteen years and when it was my turn I failed you. I don't know what I'm doing dad. I thought I did but… I'm so lost I don't know anymore. I should have saved you I know I should have. I'm not strong and I'm tired of pretending that I am when I'm not. I'm not strong like you. I don't know what to do anymore. Please forgive me I…I wasn't me and I stopped being the daughter you loved.

I promised myself when this was over I would open up, I would keep you safe. I love you daddy, you were my best friend the only person in this world I could ever trust and when you needed me I failed. I'm so sorry. But I'm not going to fail again. I will protect Dawn, I'll protect mom. We're leaving the states. I just hope if you're listening you'll help somehow. May not help me but help Dawn and mom. I need you right now, I wish you were here. I love you so much daddy.'

Isabella looked to the ring on the chain and kissed it. She then put the necklace back on and stood up watching the sun fully rise and then turned away from it. It was time to leave and time for her to step up. No more kid's stuff, it's on. Buffy saw Isabella walking over and both stood in front of each other and Buffy held out her hand and Isabella took it. Buffy pulled her in for a tight embrace and kissed her head. She had her mother and she will not lose anyone else she loves.

They didn't need to speak as they looked to each other. They then faced the rising sun as Dawn came over. Angel's girls all stood side by side ready to face whatever this was. It was going to be one hell of a fight for all three.

The bus was back on the road and again it was a gloomy day and no one talked to each other. Everyone was in sorrow sitting with each other but not talking. The idea of Angel being dead hadn't fully hit them; they couldn't wrap their minds around it. Angel always came out of any situation; he was immortal even as human.

'Angel was smiling at the four year old. He had a bad day but she could always make the bad day end well. She was dancing and then started to sing to her dad.

"I'm a vampire, I'm a vampire, I'm a vampire, I'm a vampire, I'm vampire, vampire, I'm a vampire, I have lost my fangs." Isabella sung and Angel smiled bigger. "I'm a vampire, I'm a vampire, I'm a vampire and I have lost my fangs." It takes all kinds and she was something else. No matter what happens she always made it better for him. Angel bent down and picked her up and she hugged him and rested her head on his shoulder.

His arms were the safest place in the entire world. Their worlds were centered around each other and all Isabella wanted at the end of the day was daddy. He walked with her as he took her upstairs to go back to bed as it was late. She knew when things were wrong and would wake up and finds him in those early hours. And for him just seeing her in her little pink princess night gowns made it all worth it. He carried her to his room where she'll fall asleep.

Once Angel got into bed Isabella crawled over to him and he started to tickle her and she laughed. He just wanted to squish her she was cute and adorable. He let up and got to his back turning the light out. Isabella rested her head on his chest and was half on him. She would keep him warmer than the blankets ever will. He kissed her and closed his eyes with a faint smile hearing her heart beat.'

Isabella sat in a seat all the way in the back with Dawn next to her. This wasn't happening to her. Buffy was with her family as well sitting quietly. The bus so quiet and all you heard were the wheels turning on the street, the creaking noises inside the bus and hear just complete emptiness. How could they talk right now? What could can you say to Buffy, Dawn and Isabella. If Angel wasn't the champion of the world then he was their champion. Isabella was naked with without him and she wasn't sure how much longer she could take heartbreak and pain.

She knew her father would die someday but she wanted to be after she had kids and her kids had kids. But he was taken down before he really started his life as a man. He died for the ones he loved and that's something he'd always promised to do but when it happened Isabella wasn't ready for it. No one was ready for it. While the people sat in silence Levy reached for the blankets that covered the windows to keep Spike safe and opened it.

"Oh, God!" Spike yelled as he backed away from the sunlight. That scared Levy and he felt bad. Willow and Tara tried to comfort her as she started to cry.

"She didn't mean it." Willow told Spike and he nodded.

"It's ok Levy, just a flesh wound and it's healing. You can play peek a boo with the sun." Spike assured her.

"All dark, all dark, sun is gone, sun is gone." Tara repeated and that caught Isabella's attention. Isabella got up and walked down the isle of the bus to the front and Buffy knew something was up. But then a sword went through the back door and Dawn screamed. Buffy pulled her daughter close and moved away from the back and saw men on horses.

"Giles, drive faster!" Isabella ordered and ran to their bag of weapons and started to get swords. Levy looked out the window and smiled.

"Horsies!" She said smiling and Giles looked back to Buffy and she gave him the approval to kill the horses.

"Doyle!" Buffy called and she handed Dawn to him but she protested. "Dawn, stay with Doyle." But Dawn didn't want any of it. Isabella took out a sword and threw it to her mother as she grabbed the scythe and Buffy was already opening the roof to bus. The bus was rocking as the men on the horses were climbing it. Buffy got up on the roof and sliced one man down and Isabella joined up with her.

Both of them recognized the men, Isabella killed one of them not that long ago. Buffy didn't want to kill them but if they were threatening her daughter then she would. Buffy was having a hard time seeing black and white at the moment with Angel gone. Things were blurring together like this. They were human and she was ready to kill them. It felt like with Angel gone some of her own sense of morals and humanity went with. Isabella threw one man off the bus and the horses were slowing down as the bus sped up.

Buffy and Isabella looked around making sure there were no more men on the bus and Buffy grabbed Isabella and pushed her inside. Buffy jumped back inside as well looking around. Everyone seemed ok.

"Giles!" Isabella screamed as a horseman was in front of them and threw a spear at Giles. The bus hit the man and with Giles catching the spear he lost control of the bus. Dawn screamed even louder as the bus slipped and started to flip. The bus rolled five times and was about to roll for a sixth time but didn't. The bus was upside down now and everyone grunted.

Isabella opened her eyes and looked around hearing everyone moan. She rolled over and could feel a burn on her head and reached for it and saw blood on her hands. Isabella then looked and saw Giles not moving and she crawled over to him not caring about the broken glass that was already tearing her up.

"Giles," She reached for his hand and he squeezed it. He was alive but not ok. Some of the spear broke off but the tip was still inside. Everyone was slowly getting up and then Buffy looked out the back and in the distance saw the horses.

"Everyone get out," She ordered but that wasn't going to be easy. "Willow, Tara blow a hole in this thing." Willow and Tara whispered something and the windows frames fell apart. Everyone started to crawl out and Isabella dragged Giles.

"Leave me, go," Giles grunted.

"I lost my dad I'm not losing my granddad," Isabella stated as she pulled him out. Everyone crawled out and Spike grabbed his blanket to cover himself. Doyle and Gunn grabbed hold of Giles and they looked around and saw an abandon gas station just up ahead and started to run as fast as they could to it. The scrambled what weapons they could salvage and ran into the broken down place.

"Willow, Tara get a spell up now!" Buffy demanded as Spike threw his blanket off and helped Giles to the ground. Xander took off his outer shirt and handed it to Isabella and she took the rest of the spear out and then put pressure on the wound.

"What do we do now!" Anya asked.

"We stay here for a moment then we leave." Buffy answered.

"Where are we going to go?" Fred asked.

"I don't know." Buffy answered.

"We have no car, no way to get out and Giles is hurt, what are we going to do?" Xander asked.

"We'll figure something out." Buffy was trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

"Well this is it? We can't leave we're sitting ducks, there is no plan. It's game over, game over! Angel always had a plan!" Xander yelled and then he was shoved against the wall and Doyle was in demon form.

"You finished?" Doyle asked and Xander nodded. "We're doing our best, now shut up and help." Xander nodded and Doyle let up.

"Spell's up but they're already here." Willow informed Buffy. Isabella wasn't talking at the moment as she had her hand on Giles' wound. Giles was going into shock and she didn't know how to stop it. Dawn was crying in Cordelia's arms having no idea what was happening and everything was falling apart. But then Isabella looked up, one man got in.

Buffy charged at him and he looked like a leader. She punched him down and really just wanted to kill him but didn't. She maybe able to get answers from him so she was going to subdue him at the moment.

Giles was stable but they didn't for how long. The man Buffy knocked out was tied up and in another room. Outside the men waited but couldn't get in because of Willow and Tara's spell. Night was settling in. Isabella sat off to the side alone and Buffy could feel it, she was slipping and fast. In the other room Doyle was beating the man up to get information from him. Buffy tried to get Dawn to rest but who could rest at a time like this?

"The Key must die," The man said to Doyle. Doyle nodded and then punched the man hard in the face knocking a few teeth out. The Key wasn't a thing it was a scared little girl who just lost her father and nearly died in the bus crash. Doyle left the room and everyone looked up.

"They call themselves the Ancient Order," Doyle started as everyone listen. "They're here to destroy the Key before Glory can use it." Doyle finished. So the men were half on their side but not completely. But to destroy the Key it meant to kill Dawn. Isabella got up and walked into the room to see the man.

"My father is dead because you!" She yelled at him and then punched him. Buffy ran into the room to pull her back.

"We will destroy anything in our path to destroy the Key." The man sounded like he wasn't afraid of Isabella.

"She's not a thing." Buffy corrected the man.

"In our world she is." Then Buffy walked right up to him.

"You're not in your world anymore you're in mine. Our worlds clashed your world took someone from me and from her," Buffy pointed to Isabella. "And your world will pay for that." Buffy then stared at the man.

"If you are god and a good one you'll destroy it." The man told her and Buffy punched him hard.

"She's not a thing anymore. There is no memory of it. She only has the memory of a father, of a mother and of a sister that love her. She's not evil!" Buffy yelled. "If you are working for something divine then why destroy a life like that. I am not your enemy; we are not your enemy. But if you don't back down I will become your enemy and so will she. She was born from a vampire,"

"Yes, the champion of man, I know who Angel was. But like the Key she too is an abomination, a half breed from a vampire." The man wasn't pleading his case very well to stay alive.

"Yeah, and that half breed is pissed off, I just say the word and you're gone." Buffy threaten.

"No matter what form the Key is in, it is too dangerous to keep in existence." The man finished and Buffy got closer.

"You want to hurt one of my girls I'll kill you, I'll kill all your men." Buffy had enough. But a scream caught their attention and they rushed into the other room. Levy was going crazy screaming trying to get out.

"Time! Time!" Levy screamed and Willow and Tara were holding her down crying.

"What do we do? We can't stay here." Willow looked up to Buffy in tears. Isabella felt her chest crushing. Things were falling a part and she couldn't stop it. Isabella was in tears as she walked over to Giles and took his hand. He slowly opened is eyes seeing her.

"I'm sorry," Isabella told her Watcher.

"For what?" He asked.

"I can't do this, I'm not…I'm not him." Isabella sobbed.

"No one asked you to be Angel, you are strong and we'll figure something out." Giles assured her and Buffy came over. Buffy took Isabella's hand and sat down next to her former Watcher.

"Giles we need you, please just hold on." Buffy begged. She lost Angel and was on the verge of losing Dawn. She couldn't lose Giles let alone the rest of her people. "We should have never went back."

"No, no you did what you had too. You both place yourselves before others to save them. I never taught that to you two, that's something in you both and that can never be taught." Giles had a smile on his face. "I'm so proud of you both, you both made me proud but not as a Watcher but as a father." Isabella lowered her head in tears and started to cry and Buffy reached out touching Giles' face. Buffy got up and walked over to Willow.

"We need help and I know who can help Giles. But I need your help." Buffy explained to Willow and she nodded.

An hour or so went by and Isabella looked up as she held Dawn and they sat close to Giles. Her mom, Willow and Ben came back. Willow managed a rather successful teleportation spell but the three of them looked a little lost and confused. Ben rushed to Giles and Isabella sat up with Dawn. Buffy went to her daughters and hugged them.

"Will this work?" Isabella asked.

"I hope so." Buffy sounded so tired. They were all tired right now and needed a break but that wasn't going to happen. Isabella got up and walked over to Giles as Ben worked on him.

"Some party huh?" Ben asked and Isabella tried to smile but there wasn't much to smile about. "Not how I pictured seeing you but I'll take what I can get." Spike heard the comment from the other side of the room and rolled his eyes. Since Angel was gone he felt the need to protect Isabella and Dawn from everything including boys.

After a while Ben took his gloves off and looked to Buffy and Isabella.

"There's still damage but I think he'll be ok." Ben assured them.

"Thank you," Isabella then hugged him.

"We should still get him to a hospital though." Ben reminded them but that wasn't going to be easy. Willow could try to teleport them all but that was risky in a time like this. Everyone took a seat waiting for some sort of plan to get out. They couldn't just run for it they wouldn't make it far. They may just have to fight the men off have Buffy, Isabella, Spike, Gunn and Doyle take them on.

Isabella sat in the corner again and Ben walked over to her and sat down with her. Buffy explained to him a little bit about what was going on.

"I'm sorry," Ben spoke up. "About your father, he sounded like a good man." Isabella wiped a tear away.

"He died for me and my sister. Just wish there was a little bit more time." Isabella just wanted another minute with her dad.

"There's always time." Ben added but then he started to breathe heavily and stood up. Isabella stood up with him.

"Ben? Ben are you ok?" Isabella asked.

"You've got let me out!" He screamed.

"Mom!" Isabella cried out and Buffy came rushing over.

"Get them out! Get them away!" Ben cried. "Now!" Then Ben disappeared and Glory was standing before them. Isabella grabbed Dawn and Buffy went after Glory. Glory grabbed Buffy smiling.

"You call yourself a god?" Glory then threw Buffy away as Spike vamped out and ran to Glory with Doyle in demon form. Glory took them out easily and Willow and Tara started to cast a spell but Glory held out her hands stopping it. Isabella ran with Dawn and Glory followed. Dawn clung onto her sister for dear life and Isabella slipped into a corner and held Dawn. She saw a shovel and slowly picked it up.

"Izzy!" Glory cried out. "Killing daddy was so easy. He begged for death on his knees." Isabella knew her father would never beg especially on his knees. "Spare my daughters is what he begged for, killing him was like slicing butter, so easy." That sent Isabella over the edge and jumped out and slammed the shovel into Glory's face and then threw the shovel down. Isabella jumped up and with both feet kicked Glory away. Isabella went to throw one more punched but Glory caught it. "Are you a beggar too?" Glory asked with a smile and threw Isabella hard enough that she went through the wall. Glory then rounded the corner.

Isabella heard Dawn scream in terror and she rolled over and spat out blood. Isabella got up feeling wobbly and unfocused. She ran to the hole that was created by her own body and crawled out. Isabella started running and saw her mom get up and run with her. Isabella ran outside and saw Glory with Dawn in her arms crying. But in an instant they were gone. Buffy looked around and saw the Ancient Order dead.

"Dawn! Dawn! Dawn!" Isabella screamed as she ran to the spot where her little sister was taken. "Dawn! Dawn!" Isabella looked around and the sky was black and quiet. Isabella then fell to the ground and went quiet staring at nothing.

"Izzy! Izzy!" Buffy ran to her and saw that her daughter's body was here but she knew inside Isabella was gone. Buffy looked around and stood up and became a mother frantically looking for her daughter. "Dawnie! Dawnie! No! No!" Buffy too went to the ground and fell onto her back crying. "Dawn!" Buffy sobbed as it all hit her. Angel was gone, Dawn was taken and Isabella was slipping into a dark place that she may not come back from. Buffy sobbed on the ground having no idea what to do. She wanted Angel back, he knew what to do, he could stop this. Glory was taking everything from her and she felt powerless to stop it.

Isabella sat on the ground in tears but she couldn't hear anything. She heard swells of sounds but it was all meaningless. It was over, Glory had the Key, her dad was gone. She's failed.

Glory has Dawn, Giles is hurt, Buffy is in shambles and Isabella is gone. We still have 9 chapters to go. That means more will happen. What will happen in the end? No chapter in review because I think you all can see where Buffy and Izzy are at this point. Isabella is losing so much in so little time that it's taking its toll on her physically and mentally. It's doing the same for Buffy as her family is getting picked apart. So what's next? Either Izzy stands up and takes some sort of charge or the whole word goes down.

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Chapter 17 La La Land

Isabella saw her father before her and he reached out and put both hands on her shoulders.

"Where's your little sister?" He asked and Isabella shook her head and tears were already escaping.

"She was taken, I lost her." Isabella answered.

"She's out there alone she needs you to protect her." Angel was trying to push her.

"It's my fault she's gone. I couldn't protect her, I didn't protect you and I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm failing, I can't…" Isabella sobbed.

"You're strong Izzy, you are so strong, you always were to me. Failing is giving up, you'll never fail." Angel assured her and she looked up at her father. "You'll never fail me, ever." He then reached out and touched her face. "My Inion," She wanted to stay in his arms forever and ever, just stay here.

"Daddy," She sobbed.

"I'm with you Izzy," He still held her. "I'll never leave you, ever," He kissed her head and she pulled back. "You stay alive in here." Angel pointed to his head and she nodded and put her hand over her heart.

"And in here," She finished their little phrase.

"Now," Angel's voice was stern as it was time to quit playing games, it was time to stop being sad and feeling helpless. "Get up, you heard?"

"I heard." Isabella answered back.

Anyone recognize that moment? You've read it before a long time ago. Interesting how certain things are echoing. So can you name where this scene was from, it's a little different but very similar? Give you a hint; it happened when Isabella was very, very young.

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